Aunt Vanessa’s Seduction

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Aunt Vanessa's Seduction
It was a normal, standard wedding for the time; about sixty guests attended, mostly family members.
Mr and Mrs Hardacre, otherwise known as Jenny and James left for their brief honeymoon on the coast, before returning to life back home. Home was a rented flat in Chingford, Essex.
Although some organisations in the late 1930s insisted that women that got married had to leave (for example the Post Office), Jenny was fortunate to work as a secretary at a small company, who valued her conscientious and accurate work. James on the other hand returned to his job driving a bus for London Transport. Life seemed good.
But then came the War. James had been in the RAF until 1936 and was called up as a Reservist. He did not actually fly, although he had been in quite a few aircraft. He was aircrew, specifically an armourer. He was posted to 87 squadron where he quickly learned about the new Hurricanes. Then he was sent as part of the BEF to France, where he experienced the "phoney war".
Meanwhile, back at home, Jenny had not been feeling very well. It did not come as a surprise to the rest of the family when she told them she was pregnant. James found out by letter but, of course, was stuck in France. Two months later the phoney war came to an end. James was slightly wounded and was captured during the retreat towards Dunkirk.
So, James was a POW when Jenny gave birth to Jake. Unfortunately, conditions in the camps were not great and disease and illness were not uncommon. It was during the Winter of 1944 that he contracted pneumonia and died.
Jenny was left on her own to bring up the four-year-old Jake. She had family, who offered help, but she was too proud to accept it — other than for looking after Jake — and returned to work. This was unusual for the time; most women were expected to give up work once they started a family, but that norm was about to change, and Jenny had no difficulties finding a good employer who valued her services. However, this did mean that she had to leave Jake with her Mother for extended periods during the day.
As Jake grew, it was clear that he was an intelligent young lad and that he was expected to excel at school.
That was until he was ten years old, when the whole world seemed to come caving in around Jenny. Jake had been poorly for a few days, but he had continued to go to school. But then, on the Thursday when she arrived home, she found Jake unconscious on his bed. He had contracted Tuberculosis.
The medical profession had been battling against the deadly infectious disease for some time, and now had many weapons in their armoury. However, not all of these were successful, and Jake had one complication after another. For three years he was on a roller-coaster ride with periods of recovery followed by relapses. Eventually, due to the efforts of the NHS, he came through.
When he was well enough, Jake returned to school. The problem with this was that he was almost three years behind and was therefore placed in a class that was many years lower than his actual age.
Intelligent and hard-working, by the time Jake reached the age of 15 (when a lot of children left school) the authorities were prepared to move him up a year and to continue his education.
By the time he reached 18, he was only a year behind. But it meant that he would have to stay on another year to complete his "A" Levels which he needed to attend the Technical College he wanted to go to (he would eventually gain Distinction in all four subjects). His interest (like his Father) was in aeroplane engineering and he already had Bristol in mind.
So, one more year at school for her son and then he could go off and make his own mark on the world. Perhaps then Jenny could relax a little, no longer having to work all hours to support her son. But, in the meantime, she had a week's holiday due to her and she decided to take Jake and spend it with Henry (her late husband's brother and his wife Vanessa. She had already written to them and asked if Jake could stay with them for the remainder of the Summer holidays. She felt he needed a complete break after all his hard work.
The big problem with Jake, one that his Mother was acutely aware of, was that he was not really able to communicate with people of his own age. When he started back at school, his already deep voice had stood him apart from his younger classmates. Bullying was not a problem; his size made sure of that. Although he had been very weak at first after his illness, a program of diet and exercise had been followed rigorously and his muscles and lungs developed rapidly. But he did not really talk with anybody else and he went through puberty alone.
Working so hard to catch up left Jake little time to socialise. Even at eighteen he was not mixing with young people of his own age.
Jenny knew this was a problem but had no answers. Jake seemed happy in his own company, but this was originally forced on him with Jenny having to work long hours to be able to keep him at school, rather than have him leave at the age of fifteen and wind up in a dead-end job with no future.
When younger, Henry and James had been very alike. So much so that people sometimes had difficulty telling them apart. Henry, unlike his brother, came through the war without a scratch and afterwards carved out a career in the textile industry. His success brought financial rewards and a seat on the board. The couple moved to a large house in the Shropshire countryside. They had no children, so naturally it looked immaculate.
Vanessa was standing at the door when the taxi pulled up into the driveway carrying Jenny, Jake, and their luggage. The two women kissed in greeting and then Vanessa looked at Jake.
"Good heavens! My, but you've grown!"
Jake gave a brief smile in response, but that was all. He picked up the cases and followed the women into the house. He watched Vanessa from behind as she walked. Her movement was almost hypnotic. His eyes swept down from the brown ponytail, past the shoulders and the narrow waist, to the flaring hips and independent movement of each buttock. The flared skirt held out by a petticoat ended just below the knees, but below the nylon clad calves looked shapely, yet firm. The stockings were sheer, and the seams pointed down to the reinforced heel that disappeared into the deep blue stiletto shoes.
Inside, Vanessa showed Jake and Jenny to their rooms. The house was large and had five bedrooms. Indeed, the bedroom that Jake was given was almost three times the size of his own back home. And the bed was a double; much better than the small single that he had recently begun to outgrow.
Vanessa left them both to unpack and have a rest from their journey and told them that she would see them in the kitchen when they were ready. Jake quickly unpacked (there was not much to take out really) and then waited until he heard his Mother make a move to go downstairs. He followed her and went into the kitchen.
"Time for a cup of tea, I think. The kettles on," stated Vanessa. "I hope the journey wasn't too bad?"
Jenny replied, "No. Not bad at all really. A lot better than during the War, anyway."
Vanessa turned to Jake, "And I haven't seen you for such a long time, Jake. I can't believe how you've grown. You're even taller than Henry now. How has school been going?"
"Oh, ummm, well, all right, I suppose, but I need to stay on another year. Do my "A" Levels."
"And have you thought what you want to do, if and when you get them?"
"Err, well, University. Bristol maybe. Engineering." His answers were not exactly monosyllabic, but certainly brief.
Jenny assumed that Jake was merely displaying his lack of social skills, but the truth was that Vanessa was making him nervous. Up until now, he had not really thought about the female sex. Oh, he understood the mechanics, but thus far it was all simply a theoretical problem to study. However, for the first time in his life, Aunt Vanessa had managed to kindle his interest in a woman. To him she was beautiful, and he found himself wondering what she looked like beneath her fashionable (and probably expensive) clothing.
The kitchen was large enough to have a breakfast table and the three sat around it to drink their tea and nibble on some Rich Tea biscuits. Vanessa was explaining that Henry was at work and would be home later.
"He's very precise. Comes home at the same time every day — give or take five minutes." She glanced briefly at the clock on the wall, "I'll have to get the dinner on soon. He doesn't like to be kept waiting."
"Oh, can I help at all," asked Jenny.
"No, you're both our guests. You two go along into the lounge and relax. You can watch the television if you like."
Jenny and Jake looked at each other. They had never had a television set themselves. They could not afford it. They tried not to show excitement, or to rush too quickly to the lounge.
Jenny let Jake take charge, as she had not a clue how these things worked. She could only just about use the radio. Having turned it on, they waited for the valves to warm up and for a picture to appear. When it did, the programme was Watch with Mother, designed for pre-school aged children. It fascinated them and they watched with silly grins on their faces.
The programme that followed was Blue Peter. This was aimed at older children and they were so engrossed that they hardly notice the purr of the Mk1 Jaguar engine as the wheels crunched across the gravel driveway.
Vanessa called out from the kitchen, "Henry's home. Dead on time as usual."
Henry stepped through the front door, placed his briefcase down and place his hat on the hook. As he saw Jenny a broad smile broke across his face, "Jenny! How wonderful to see you again!"
She felt more than a slight pang; Henry and her late husband had always looked alike, but there was more to it than that. Back then, both had wanted her and she ended up having to choose between them. Occasionally, she wondered what her life would have been like had she married him instead. Invariably, she quickly chastised herself and went through a period of heart-wrenching guilt.
"Hello Henry. You're looking well," she replied and gave him a peck on the cheek, leaving a small smudge of lipstick.
He turned to Jake and his smile froze. While he himself had aged, he still remembered his brother as he was when he last saw him — in 1940. And Jake was so like him that it was uncanny.
Regaining his composure quickly he spoke to Jake, "You definitely look like your father."
Henry held out his hand and Jake took it.
"Nice firm handshake. That will always stand you in good stead," he told Jake.
Just then, Vanessa called out from the kitchen, "Henry, would you take our guests into the Dining Room? I'm just about to serve up."
Vanessa had prepared quite a meal for them; soup and rolls to start, followed by a lasagne, something they had never tried before. It was delicious and although the portions were far larger than they were used to, Jake happily tucked into seconds. Dessert was jelly and fruit salad.
Fairly quickly, both Jake and Jenny relaxed into their holiday. He could come and go as he pleased and took pleasure in going for long walks or sit reading in his room. It was on one of these days that he heard voices in the garden below. He stepped to the window and looked out.
The garden was large and stepped down through three levels. The top tier was a paved terrace with a stone balustrade. Six steps at either side led down to the next level, which was laid to grass. Here there were a couple of easy chairs and a sun umbrella. Six more steps on each side then led down to the larger, lowest part of the garden where there were mature trees and a pond.
Jake could not quite make out the conversation, but he guessed that his Mother was sitting in the shade of the umbrella, sheltering from the low evening sun. Henry and Vanessa were standing in front of the balustrade, looking down at Jenny.
Henry had his hand around Vanessa's waist, but as Jake watched, his hand slid down onto Vanessa's buttock. She reached behind to move his hand, but he simply moved it to the closer cheek. His large hand began massaging and groping, sliding from one side to the other.
Jake had very quickly gained an erection watching them. He felt he should not really be spying, but he could not tear his eyes away. Then, Henry seemed to whisper something to his wife and his hand pushed down into the cleft of her buttocks. Vanessa parted her feet and then leant forward to place her hands on the balustrade. Now, Henry was pressing his fingers between her legs.
He hardly even noticed that his hand had wrapped around his cock. He had never seen anything like this; Henry was obviously touching his wife through her clothing. And then, he thought his heart would stop as Henry leaned forward and brought his hand lower, down to the hem of Vanessa's dress, where he began try and slide his hand up her stocking-clad leg. She reached back to try and stop him but failed. Jake had no doubt that his hand was now between her legs and that he was fingering her. The dress was hooked on Henry's arm and Jake could see her stocking tops and a hint of flesh above.
It was noticeable that Vanessa had stopped talking and that Henry was maintaining the conversation. Clearly, his hand was right between her legs rubbing gently, but insistently.
Henry ended the conversation and the couple turned and headed inside. Jake stepped back away from the window to avoid being seen. Soon, he heard Henry ushering Vanessa up the stairs, past his room and along the landing towards their own bedroom. Once their door had closed, he quietly opened his own. He could hear muffled noises and the odd squeal from Vanessa, but that was all. He went back downstairs into the kitchen to get a drink of water, taking his book with him.
Jake sat reading, sipping the cool water. A while later, Vanessa came back downstairs and gaily stepped into the kitchen.
"Time for a pot of tea, I think," she said happily. She continued to talk almost non-stop as she went about the task. She was happy, bubbly, sparkling and Jake was fascinated. She even seemed to walk differently as she moved about the kitchen, with what seemed to be an exaggerated swing of the hips. Her cheeks showed a slightly pinker hue than before and her hair was no longer in a ponytail but hanging loose upon her shoulders. She had obviously re-applied her lipstick and touched up her minimal make-up, but she seemed to glow.
The book, all but forgotten, Jake watched and listened to Vanessa. His eyes roved (when she was not looking in his direction) across her shapely curves, the dress she wore accentuated her hourglass figure. And, although he could only see her legs from just below the knee, they seemed so…sexy? It was only mere seconds after this realisation that he had gained an erection. He did his best to hide this, particularly when his Mother came back in, somehow knowing that it was time for a cup of tea. He wondered how women did that?
After seven days, Jenny was driven to the station by Henry so that she could make her way home and return to work the next day. As arranged, Jake stayed on for the rest of the summer holidays.
That first day without his Mother was gloriously sunny and he went for a walk. He left the quiet lane and climbed over a stile to follow a footpath. He wasn't exactly sure where it led, but the day was beautiful, and it seemed such a treat compared to the built-up area in which he and his Mother lived.
Jake was fit nowadays. After his illness and throughout the long recovery, he had exercised regularly. Swimming had been encouraged at first and he had become quite competent, indeed, he was now a strong swimmer. So, when the overgrown path surprisingly led him to a river, he began to wonder about having a dip. He was sensible enough to know that he had to look for a safe place (it was not the first time he had been wild swimming), but soon found a slightly wider and deeper section flanked by trees and undergrowth on both sides where a bridge had been built to carry a road across. The water was clear and almost weed free.
So, without a second's hesitation, Jake stripped down to his underpants. There was nobody else around and the road over the bridge was probably merely a farm access, so there was no traffic. He stepped into the water. It felt cold after the hot sun, so he walked in slowly, taking one step at a time, allowing his body to get used to the temperature. Eventually, when he was waist deep, he sank down to immerse the rest of his body. The cold almost took his breath away, but he relaxed and let his muscles and skin adapt. After ten minutes, he hardly noticed and began to swim. At first, he just warmed up by breast-stroking near the side of the river, but then switched to crawl and made his way to the middle, where the water was flowing faster as it passed under the bridge. Now he was able to work harder. The speed of the water was an almost perfect match to his powerful freestyle stroke, and he stayed in place for around thirty minutes, until he felt he had done enough.
Jake cruised back towards the riverbank from where he had entered but remained immersed for a while longer. Finally, he stood and walked out of the water and onto the bank, stretching his arms and back as he did so. There was nobody around to see him, but he had developed rapidly over the last three years and was now tall and statuesque, with broad shoulders and well-defined muscles. Although swimming was his main form of exercise, he also did a lot of walking and his legs matched the physique of his upper body. If anybody had seen him, the word Adonis would have jumped into their head.
Jake lay on the soft grass, allowing the sun to dry his body (and underwear). He did not worry about his hair as it was cut fairly short and he was able to run his hand back through it and smooth it down into some semblance of normality. Three hours after he left Henry and Vanessa's house, he dressed and began walking back.
That evening, Jake was not tired so much as well-relaxed. He was ready to go to bed early and made his apologies before climbing the stairs. He was still awake an hour later, having been reading and finding himself engrossed in his current book. He had heard Henry and Vanessa making their way to their room a little while ago and decided it was probably time to go to sleep. He had only just switched off the light when there was soft knock on the door.
He called out, "Yes?"
It was Aunt Vanessa. She opened the door and stood there without entering the room.
"I just wanted to check that you were all right. I mean…now that your Mother has gone. I hoped you weren't feeling lonely, or homesick?" she asked.
Behind Vanessa the landing light was on. At first the brightness blinded Jake, but then he began to see more clearly. What he saw was Vanessa standing in the doorway, wearing a knee-length nightdress. What she obviously did not realise was that the light from behind her made the thin silk of her nightie translucent — almost transparent. Jake's answer to her question was monosyllabic, as were his subsequent replies. Thinking that he was not in a talkative mood, Vanessa bade him good night and turned to leave, thus giving him a perfect profile view of her body, her breasts and bottom showing deliciously erotic curves. As the door closed, he found that he was squeezing and rubbing his erect penis.
Jake heard the now familiar sounds coming from further down the landing and guessed what Henry and Vanessa were doing. That night he fantasised about it being him in bed with Vanessa instead of Henry.
It was a few days later that he noticed that Vanessa was not quite as bright and chirpy as usual. He had come into the kitchen for breakfast, just as Henry had left for work. He had heard the couple the night before, slightly noisier than usual and, it seemed, for quite a bit longer. While his Mother was still there, they appeared to have been a lot less active.

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