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Laura stood in the shower. The cool water that burst out of the shower head in a massaging pulse felt wonderful on the back of her neck. Looking down, she watched small streams of water trickling down and dripping off her nipples.
The unpleasant thought of going to work made her take a deep breath and exhale with a sigh of discontent. On a positive note, it was Friday.
Slowly turning in circles under the relaxing stream of water, she rinsed off and stepped out onto the cool floor.
David had just finished shaving. He pulled a soft towel from the shelf and stepped next to Laura. She smiled and admired his lean body in the mirror as he gently dried her back and legs.
David gently patted the drops of water off her neck and breasts with the towel. He stood smiling, admiring her gorgeous body.
After twenty two years of being married to Laura, she still made him hard with desire. Her large breasts, slender waist and round ass were exceptional for her age.
He was still in love with her.
Time and gravity had caused her breasts to droop. Her nipples no longer pointed up but now pointed slightly downward. He loved them. He felt fortunate that their relationship had survived the years.
Unlike most of his lifelong friends that were divorced, lonesome and unhappy.
He hugged her damp, naked body and kissed her.
Laura knew she was lucky to be married to David. He was sweet and caring. Probably the most kindhearted man she had ever known. He was an attentive lover and loyal.
She stood letting David dry her. Silently admitting to herself that it wasn't David that pushed her over the edge and gave her the intense orgasms that she had been enjoying Lately. She still loved him dearly.
At forty three years old she was still proud of what was once a tight, lean body with full, firm breasts and a nice tight ass and long, toned legs. She knew she still looked good because she still caught guys turning their heads to check her out.
She knew her face was still pretty. She didn't have any crow's-feet beside her eyes and her skin wasn't wrinkled. She always got compliments on her green eyes and comforting smile with perfect, white teeth.
The problem was that it wasn't her loving husband that caused her body to shudder and whimper in total sexual bliss when they made love.
It was reliving in her mind the young cocks she sucked while David lay snoring in bed that gave her the best orgasms. It was remembering the hard young cocks spewing into her mouth and the taste of their sweet, thick cum as she eagerly gulped it down like a starving puppy that sent her into a state of sexual bliss. It was the wrongness of playing with David's sister's two boys while her husband slept.
It was the visions of the young contorted faces with eyes held open wide in shock from the electrifying, thunderous orgasms that she administered to the young men while David slept that always pushed her over the top. It was reliving it in her mind while David made love to her.
She could never tell him how much she loved the feeling of slipping out of their bed in the wee hours of the morning while he lay in a deep sleep, drooling on his pillow and snoring while she crept into the living room where their nephews were sleeping on the floor. They always fell asleep on the living room floor after a long day that always ended with a few hours playing video games on the huge, flat screen TV that David had bought just for them.
She could never tell him how much she enjoyed lifting the covers off them, fondling their young dicks and balls, having them wake up with their flaccid cocks growing in her mouth. He could never know how much she loved to suck them until they couldn't take any more, with their bodies trembling and jerking, when not another drop could she suck from their bone hard cocks.
Her worst fear came from the chance of one of the young men slipping up and saying something to David. Thoughts of David catching her in the act, unknowingly standing behind her, watching his sister's boys with fingers clawing into the carpet as she extracted every last drop of cum from their young, rippled bodies. Her lips closed around the base of their dicks while she tickled their nut sacks with the tips of her fingers.
Laura kissed David, she told him that she loved him as she got dressed for another Friday at work.
They chatted over a quick cup of coffee at the dining room table.
David asked. "Would you mind if Samuel and Thomas stayed over tonight? Samuel called while you were in the shower and asked. I can pick up pizza on my way home so no need to cook." He shook his head and sipped his coffee. "I'm glad they feel comfortable here! They are really growing up fast,"
He smiled. "Can you believe they will be going off to college in a few months?"
Laura sipping her coffee, "You know you don't need to ask David. They are always welcome. Besides that I'll be happy that I won't be cooking tonight."
Thoughts of his sister's two boys spending the night again made her smile. Both were so sweet and helpful around the house. She had always wondered how they ended up being such good boys, considering what a total bitch their mother was.
"Would you mind picking up some beer to go with the pizza too? I'll probably need a few after work. Its been a really long week and the new boss has been horrible." Laura asked with a pleading look.
Thoughts of Samuel played through her mind as she rinsed out her cup and closed the door on the dishwasher. "Love you! Have a good day!" She said as she picked up her purse and headed out the door to work.
Around noon her phone vibrated on her desk. It was a text from Thomas.
(Hi Auntie, is there anything we can bring you when we come over later?") The young men were always so thoughtful.
She texted back. (I Can't think of anything we need. Uncle is picking up pizza.)
(Okay Auntie, love you!)
David loved all the nieces and nephews. He really enjoyed taking them all fishing in the summer and skiing in the winter. He always insisted on spending more than he should on them for birthdays and Christmas. He never missed a school football game when they were playing. To be honest, the majority of them spent about as much time at David and Laura's as they did at their own houses growing up.
Laura vowed to never again do what she had done with the boys. She knew it was wrong. The family would be devastated if any of them ever found out.
The day had been in the upper 90s and the humidity made it feel like hell on earth.
On the drive home after work she told herself that it couldn't ever happen again. It would break David's heart if he ever found out. And the stress of getting caught was taking its toll on her. It had to stop.
It all had started few days earlier. Laura had come home after work. It was sweltering hot that day and the humidity made it worse. She went straight to the shower to rinse the day away. The cool water was heavenly.
She slipped on some panties and the loosest, short summer dress she had. She couldn't make herself put a bra back on in the heat. It was just too much.
The two boys and David were changing the oil in Samuel's pickup.
Laura went out to the garage to ask what they all wanted for dinner. Apparently none of them had noticed her come in. She stood looking at all the legs sticking out from under the pickup. One set of tanned, muscled legs were bent with knees up and parted.
She assumed it was Samuel. He usually wore bright colored baggy sports shorts.
Stepping closer she glanced down. The baggy shorts had slipped to one side. She froze. She couldn't take her eyes off the cock and oversized nut sack that was being unknowingly displayed for her viewing pleasure while David and the boys talked under the truck.
She felt her pulse quicken as she stood, unable to take her eyes off the dark, thick cock that lay in all its glory at her feet.
When had the boys grown into young men? where had the time gone?
She felt her face flush and a warm feeling seemed to rumble up her spine.
Why wasn't Samuel wearing underwear? Probably because it was a hundred fucking degrees out.
"Is there anything in particular that you guys want for dinner?" she asked, still taking in the view of the young, flaccid cock that was on full display below her.
The guys agreed on pizza and David suggested they have it delivered as he answered from under the truck.
An hour later they were all In the kitchen. Laura smiled and kissed David. The boys were all loading up on pizza. David opened a bottle of beer and handed it to Laura before getting himself one.
Laura realized that it was Samuel who sported the bright orange shorts. He was such a handsome young man. Knowing now what he had in his shorts made her tingly. Her face blushed as she watched him getting pizza and thinking about the size of his cock, she couldn't help wondering what he would look like with a full erection.
A few minutes later David joined the boys in the living room. The sounds of laughter echoed off the wall as the video games became competitive and zombies exploded on the screen. David was actually pretty good at keeping up with the boys.
Laura didn't hear Thomas come into the kitchen. She was bent over putting dishes in the dishwasher when she was startled by him. He smiled as he got another slice of pizza.
"I love you Auntie!"
"I love you too! Take your uncle another beer." She said as she bent to put the last of the silverware in the dishwasher.
She knew that the more beer David drank the harder he would sleep tonight. She also knew the thoughts she was having were wrong as she wondered if Thomas was hung like his brother.
It was sweltering hot outside and the air conditioning was just keeping the house bearable.
Thomas stood facing her. She couldn't help glancing at the crotch of his baggy shorts. He left the kitchen with pizza in one hand and a beer for uncle in the other.
It was starting again she couldn't stop the thoughts from playing through her head. She felt the gentle pulsing of her own heartbeat in her pussy.
"Just fucking stop it!" she said to herself.
Laura knew it was wrong, thoughts of sucking the boys off was wrong, It was incest, it would make her a bad person. Not to mention, probably cause her a divorce.
She argued with herself as she went into the living room to see what game they were playing. She stood watching the TV from behind the sofa that sat in the middle of the living room.
"No!" She argued with herself as she looked at the boys. "Its wrong, it must never happen."
David downed the last of his beer as he watched Thomas and Samuel killing zombies on the screen. He turned to Laura, "I love you!" he mouthed.
"I love you too!" she replied as she took his empty bottle and went to get him another.
She went back to the living room and handed David the cold beer.
Laughter filled the room. She bent over and rested with her arms folded under her chin on the back of the sofa behind David to watch the game.
David reached up and held Laura's hand. It wasn't long until David's grip on her hand relaxed. Looking at him, Laura noticed that his eyes were slowly closing. It had been a long week for both of them. The pizza and a few beers were getting the better of him. He was falling asleep on the couch.
She looked back at the two young men sitting on the floor. Visions of Samuel's legs sticking out from under his pickup rolled thru her mind. When had he gotten so big? She recalled her desire to squat down beside him, slip her hand into his baggy shorts and fondle his young cock. His balls had appeared to be bigger than average. They had looked so full and swollen.
Oh how she wanted to suck on that beautiful piece of meat. She wanted to make him cum, empty his balls in her mouth.
"No! Stop this, its wrong, its wrong!"
Laura nudged David, "Wake up sweetheart, let's go to bed."
They told the boys good night and slowly made their way to the bedroom. The evening seemed as hot as the day had. They went to sleep with only a sheet covering them.
Sometime in the night Laura woke up. Looking at the clock beside her bed it was 1:00 AM. David was snoring.
Thoughts of Samuel made her push her hand between her legs. It was thoughts of sucking him off that filled her head.
She listened to David snoring as she quietly rolled out of bed. She slowly slipped her robe over her shoulders. She stood still, looking at David. He was dead to the world.
She turned and tip-toed to the living room.
Again she found herself standing, looking at sleeping bodies. Samuel and Thomas were sprawled on the floor. Neither of them were covered.
She moved to try to get another peek at Samuel's cock. He was dead asleep. The orange material that covered him was loose.
Laura knelt beside him. She carefully lifted the loose material and held it to the side.
Her heart raced and her hands were shaking as she carefully bent over
Gently she grasped the flaccid cock in her hand. She lifted it, opened her mouth and gently closed her lips around the head.
Samuel moaned a little but didn't wake up.
She felt his cock growing in her mouth. He groaned again but this time he parted his legs and raised his hips just a little. Laura held still with only her tongue gently playing on the sensitive spot just below the swelling head.
He moaned again as he raised his hips just a little. He appeared to be dreaming.
She dropped lower, the swelling head now filling her mouth. It jerked in her hand, growing longer and harder with each pulsing twitch.
She wanted to take all of it but she had never been able to push a cock past her tonsils. She had tried in high school and again in college. She had tried several times with David but it always gagged her.
Samuel groaned again, this time he raised up and looked at his auntie. He was about to say something but stopped and only watched.
His hips raised again, his fingers at his sides clawed into the carpet. His scrotum drew up tight and his cock started pulsing. An electrical shock shot up his spine and cum began pouring into his auntie's mouth.
She began swallowing. The shear volume of it surprised her. She sucked and swallowed, breathing through her nose. The cock continued to spirt warm cum across her tongue. She made a "Umm." sound between each swallow as she squeezed, milking his oversized balls.
She squeezed the rigid, veined, pulsing cock with her hand, her tongue feverishly rubbing the sensitive spot under the swollen purple head as she milked his balls. She was sucking and jacking him off into her greedy mouth.
"Oh my God! This is so fucking good!" She thought to herself. She felt a heat and wetness between her legs. She felt something stirring in her that she hadn't felt in a long time.
Samuel groaned as his auntie's stroking slowed, her fingers gently squeezed his balls in time with the gentle milking. She wanted more of the rich, thick cum, but It had all but stopped. His cock still jerked occasionally but he had obviously been milked dry. He lay panting on the floor.
Laura was kissing her way up his stomach when she noticed Thomas laying on his side with his head propped up on his hand.
He had a full teeth grin. She wondered how long he had been watching. Looking down she noticed he had his hand in his shorts.
She kissed Samuel's forehead and whispered. "That was delicious!"
She turned her attention to Thomas. On her hands and knees she crawled to him with her large breasts swinging below her and an evil, seductive smile on her face.
Nothing was said. She only smiled as she reached for his manhood. He must have been watching for awhile. Pre-cum covered the swollen head and hung in a string that stuck to his upper thigh.
He watched auntie. She seductively licked it off his Leg before turning her attention to his waiting cock. Her warm mouth felt exquisite as it engulfed half his dick. The sucking and stroking he had been watching was now sending his own body into convulsions.
Auntie's mouth was magical and the real magic started when he began to cum. She literally extracted and drank from him until absolutely nothing was left, not another drop could she squeeze from him as his stiff body seemed to shake as if all control had been lost, sucked from him.
The sucking continued until he finally pushed her off his over sensitive cock.
For her, the best part was when she felt their young cocks expand in her hand. When she felt the first blast surge thru her nephews cocks and erupt into her mouth. The first blasts were the most powerful as they spewed into her mouth. Their warm cream was thick and sweet as it covered her tongue. The flavor, the nastiness of it all seemed to seep into her soul.
She closed her eyes and let the last of it trickle down her throat. It left her pussy having little spasms.
She kissed his forehead, "Sleep well sweetheart!" she whispered.
She vanished down the hall. David was still snoring.
She carefully lifted the cotton sheet and climbed into bed. She lay beside her husband thinking about what she had just done. She knew it was wrong. Still, she couldn't deny the fact that she hadn't been that sexually excited in years. The taste of cum lingered in her mouth. She could smell it on her breath. She licked her lips.
Laura rolled close to David. His snoring stopped when she began fondling his cock. He woke up when Laura climbed up and straddled him. She began rubbing his growing cock between her slippery, wet lips. He reached for her breasts with both hands as she lowered herself, slipping his familiar dick into her pussy.
Awake now, David wondering why she was so wet and horny that she should wake him at that time of night. It had been years since she had needed him like that. There was a sense of urgency in her as she threw her head back and began whimpering as she literally fucked herself with his now throbbing cock until they both exploded into ecstasy.
Both Samuel and Thomas were at Laura and David's house when she got home from work the next day.
The boys were playing video games when she came in. Laura enjoyed a shower and pampered herself with her best lotion.
She had spent the day working but thoughts of the night before made it difficult to concentrate on her work. Last night had left her horny and anxious feeling. It had been years since thoughts of sex had completely filled her day.
She didn't care about right or wrong now. Honestly, was there a forty three year old woman in the world that didn't dream of having two eighteen year old boys in her bed? Or on the floor? She had convinced herself that as long as it was kept between her and the boys it would be okay.
Besides that, David had been extra attentive that morning. He had thanked her more than once for the early morning surprise sex and commented, saying, "It hadn't been that good in years!"
Laura got a cold beer from the refrigerator and went into the living room.
David wasn't home from work yet so she took a seat on the sofa to watch the boys battle it out playing games on the television.
Neither of them said much other than "Hi Auntie!" they seemed a little shy and reserved. Maybe a little nervous.
She stood up, walked over and sat down between them on the floor.
"I have a new house rule!" she said.
They both stopped playing and turned their attention to her.
"Are you two okay with last night?"
They both grinned and nodded a "Yes."
"I really enjoyed it too!" she smiled, "Our secret?"
Again they both nodded a "yes" as their smiles grew bigger.
"So, from now on, if your going to spend the night here there will be no masturbating."
They both grinned but were obviously embarrassed.
Laura added, "Really, no jacking off!"

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