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Jill Morton slipped deeply into a reverie as she stared out her kitchen window at the young man mowing their lawn. He wore only a brief bikini swimsuit and his muscles rippled under his sun-tanned skin as he worked. The beads of perspiration that glistened on his body only enhanced his sensuous appeal. Jill responded unconsciously by caressing her breasts through the fabric of her robe for several seconds before pulling her robe open and slipping one hand down to play with her pussy. Although she didn't masturbate very often, her hands knew just what to do and it took only a few minutes for them to get her off.
Jill was so engrossed in her fantasy that she didn't notice her husband standing in the doorway. When his wife's spasms ceased Jerry Morton spoke.
"Well, that was interesting."
Jill's face turned white and then bright red when she realized she'd been caught.
"Ohmygawd Jerry!" she gasped. "You frightened me."
"Would you mind telling me what it was all about?" her husband asked calmly.
"Oh…ah…well, ah…I just was noticing how much Johnny reminds me of you when you were that age," his wife explained sheepishly.
"Oh. Well I guess that stands to reason," Jerry replied. "After all he has good genes," he added, referring proudly to the fact that Johnny was his nephew, the twenty-year-old son of his younger brother Joe. Jerry and Joe Morton shared the same angular features and muscular body types of their father and many of their ancestors, but Johnny was the only one of their four sons who looked anything like either of them.
"I guess," Jill responded meekly.
"Gee, I sure don't remember you reacting like that to me back then," Jerry teased. "In fact, I think if you'd ever seen me dressed like that you'd have raised hell about it and told me to get dressed."
"Sweetheart, I'm sorry," Jill sighed. "Things were a lot different back then."
"Yeah, tell me about it," Jerry responded glumly. "Back then I think I spent half my waking hours with a hard-on, and I was lucky if I found something to do with it once or twice a week. Now, if I'm lucky I have a hard-on once or twice a week and it seems like you're horny all the time."
"I know Jerry. I said I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject."
The subject of sex wasn't exactly a sore subject around the Morton household but it wasn't a favorite one either…especially for Jerry. At fifty-two his sexual appetite had diminished, as had his ability to perform. On the other hand, his wife was undergoing one of those mysterious quirks of aging, as her sexual appetite seemed to have blossomed as she reached menopause.
This wasn't the first time that Jerry had suspected his wife of fantasizing about some guy she'd seen, although it was the first time he'd caught her with her hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. He'd never seen her masturbate before and he found the sight quite exciting. In fact, the entire episode had been strangely arousing. If he hadn't been certain that Jill would brush him off as weird, he would have suggested they go upstairs for a quick fuck.
Jill Morton quickly put that embarrassing episode out of her mind, but Jerry couldn't forget it. In fact, he thought about it a lot and each time he did, his cock got hard. A couple of times that week, Jerry used the memory of that erotic scene to inspire an erection that he then used to satisfy his wife. Although she didn't question her good fortune, Jill noticed the change and was curious about it. Normally she had to work diligently with her mouth and fingers to get Jerry up enough to penetrate her, and even then he never got really hard like he used to.
Early the next Saturday morning Johnny was back at his aunt and uncle's house doing more yard work. Since his first job was to clean the pool, he was again stripped down to a skimpy bathing suit. This time Jerry watched for his wife's response and was disappointed that she stayed in her study upstairs in the front of the house appearing to take no notice of the young stud. He decided to call Johnny's presence to her attention just in case she hadn't heard him arrive, but Jill brushed him off.
"So? I'm sure he'll do a fine job without my supervision," his wife replied curtly. Jill was embarrassed at even this indirect reminder of her previous behavior.
"I'm sure he will," Jerry countered. "It's just that you took such a keen interest in him last week."
"Jerry, I really wish you wouldn't keep reminding me of that silly episode," Jill rebuked him.
"Sorry. I wasn't aware that I had," Jerry said as he closed the door to his wife's study and beat a hasty retreat down to the den. He didn't know what to make of his wife's erratic behavior.
There is one place in the upstairs hallway of the Morton's home where the floor squeaks slightly whenever anyone steps on it and as Jerry sat watching TV he heard the telltale sound of his wife stepping on that spot. He assumed she was coming down, perhaps even to watch Johnny, but when she didn't appear, he became curious. He waited a few minutes before removing his shoes and silently climbing the stairs. The door to their bedroom was open just a crack so Jerry peeked in and instantly his suspicions were confirmed.
Jill Morton was staring out the window into the backyard. She had to be watching Johnny. Her robe and panties were lying in heap at her feet leaving her completely naked. Even from the back Jerry could see one hand massaging her breasts and between her slightly spread thighs he could see her fingers working feverishly in her cunt. Jerry watched and listened as his wife worked herself toward orgasm and felt himself getting aroused as well. When Jill came, Jerry pulled back from his vantage point and prepared to make a hasty departure thinking she might leave the room. Instead after a minute or two he heard muffled sounds of pleasure again emanating from their bedroom so he looked back in. When Jerry noticed that his wife was back at it with even more vigor than before, he made a fateful decision to intervene. His cock was the hardest it had been in years and Jerry needed relief too. He slipped off his pants and shorts and quietly pushed open the door.
Jill Morton didn't know of her husband's presence until she felt his touch. She shrieked and made a futile attempt to cover herself as he grasped her arms and pulled her to the bed.
"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" she wailed as she tried to push him away but Jerry wouldn't release her. Instead, he pressed her back onto their mattress and forced her thighs apart with his knees. Then he climbed over her vulnerable body and rammed his cock into her wet pussy. Jill's protests immediately ceased.
"It looks like my horny wife really does like watching her hard-bodied nephew, doesn't she. Is this what you were imagining doing with him?" Jerry sputtered as he pumped in and out of his wife's cunt.
Jill didn't answer her husband's question. She was consumed by the pleasant sensation of a really energetic fuck…the kind she hadn't been getting lately. It wasn't until they'd both cum that her husband's words really sank in.
"Jerry, how could you say such a thing?" she said as the two of them lay catching their breath.
"Say what thing?" he asked.
"Say what you did about Johnny," she explained. "That was a terrible thing to say."
"Oh yeah? So you tell me what was on your mind then. Surely you didn't get yourself off by thinking about him as your bridge partner, now did you?"
Jill didn't answer.
"I thought so. So what's the big deal? It's not like I'm upset about it or anything. You should be able to figure that much out. Right?"
'You're not?" Jill said quizzically. "No, I guess you're not, are you," she answered her own question. "But why aren't you?"
Jerry didn't answer that question because he really didn't have an answer. He knew that he was grateful for any respite he got from the tremendous pressure he'd been feeling to satisfy his wife, but he also sensed that somehow his ability to do that had dramatically improved in the last few days as well. He'd just fucked his wife for the third time in a week and she'd cum more times than she usually came in a month. This wasn't all bad.
Jill Morton gathered up her robe and panties and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. She suddenly felt extremely dirty. Although she could hardly admit it even to herself, her husband had been right about her thoughts about their nephew. She'd imagined herself sucking Johnny's cock…which she just knew must be a big one…and just when Jerry had interrupted her, she was imagining Johnny getting ready to drive his tool into her cunt. Just remembering her fantasy got her excited again, and Jill brought herself to another self-induced orgasm while she was in the shower.
"I can't believe what I've been thinking," Jill thought as she stepped out of the shower and toweled herself dry. "This is no way for a woman my age to behave."
While his wife was pondering her strange thoughts and behavior, Jerry was scheming. This was something Jerry was very good at. He'd made a small fortune scheming things…mostly electronic sorts of things…but also business deals and things like that. Being a very practical guy who also had an intuitive sense of what people wanted he'd put together a string of companies that had flourished to the extent that already at his relatively young age he was semi-retired.
It was because of Jerry and Jill's comfortable financial situation that Johnny was spending so much time around their house. Johnny needed money to continue college in the fall and Jerry was happy to provide it. His brother Joe, however, had made it very clear that he didn't want his son to get any hand-outs. "Make him earn it," had been Joe's explicit directive so Jerry was happy to let Johnny take care of the yard and other things around the house. He was tired of doing that sort of work.
Most of the pieces of Jerry's scheme were already in place. He'd known of his wife's heightened sexual appetite for more than a year and her demands to provide her satisfaction were becoming more and more of a burden on him. Jill's recent vivid demonstrations of her erotic interest in Johnny suggested an obvious, although quite irregular, outlet for that appetite. Jerry's discovery that his wife's physical interest in his nephew excited him rather than threatened him was a bonus and the catalyst of his scheme. As for Johnny, his need for money was well known. The only hurdle…and Jerry knew it was a big one…would be getting Johnny to think of Jill in a sexual way.
Jerry didn't view the age differential between Johnny and Jill as much of an obstacle at all. He was very proud that, at forty-nine, Jill Morton still got men's attention when she entered a room. She exercised regularly and watched her diet carefully for this and general health reasons. In fact, Jill wasn't above pointing out other men's interest in her as a way of punishing Jerry for his sexual inadequacies.
The major obstacle to getting Johnny interested in sex with Jill would be overcoming the obvious taboo created by their relationship. Jerry knew this would require some careful groundwork and might take some time. He sensed that his wife was already at a point where she could overlook this issue if she was confronted with the opportunity to make her fantasy a reality. He spent several hours that day pondering the best way to gain Johnny's cooperation.
Fortunately, as things turned out, fate gave Jerry's plan a boost the very next day. Jill decided to spend a couple of hours working on her tan out by the pool and since she assumed she could do so in complete privacy, she put on the most revealing two-piece suit she owned.
"I don't want tan lines to show when I wear my new dress for the block party next weekend," she explained to Jerry as she headed out the backdoor. Jill was concerned because the top of the new sundress she'd bought just for the party fit like a bustier. The tops of her other two bathing suits were cut straight across the top of her breasts which would leave an unattractive white "V" showing in her cleavage. Jill couldn't have that.
While Jill got some rays, Jerry retreated to the den to read the Sunday paper and watch a little of the baseball game. Neither of them had any idea that a broken coupling on the pool vac had prevented Johnny from completing his pool-cleaning duties the day before. Johnny hadn't said anything because he was afraid he might have done something wrong to break the part. Instead he went to the pool store and picked up a new part at his own expense. When he arrived that afternoon and rang the doorbell, he was surprised at how pleased his uncle was to see him. Jerry brushed off Johnny's attempted apology and sent him around the house to the backyard.
"Aunt Jill's outback getting some sun, but I'm sure you won't bother her," he said with a sly smile thinking this was the perfect chance for Johnny to see his aunt at her sexy best. Jerry sprinted up the steps and headed for the window in their bedroom so he could watch Johnny's reaction when he saw Jill.
Jerry had no idea that his wife had decided to provide herself a little insurance regarding the tan line over her breasts by pulling the top of her suit down so that it revealed the top of the brown rings around her nipples. Since Jill had the radio playing and was lying with lotion-soaked cotton balls covering her eyes, she didn't notice that she had company. Jerry and Johnny noticed Jill's nearly scandalous exposure at the same time and Jerry watched with glee as his nephew stood transfixed by the sight. Then slowly Johnny walked around behind Jill's chaise and stood a few feet away hoping to see even more of her breasts. He even knelt down trying to get a better perspective. Jerry laughed at the sight. His scheme wasn't going to be nearly as complicated as he'd thought. Johnny was quickly taking Jill's unintended bait.
As Jerry sat grinning with delight at this unexpected turn of events, Johnny realized the embarrassment he would cause his aunt if he were within eyesight when she became aware of his presence so he retreated through the gate and closed it. When he reopened it to reenter the pool area, he purposely swung it against the fence causing enough noise to announce his presence. Jill heard him and instinctively pulled up her top as she sat up. The cotton balls fell from her eyes just as Johnny appeared around the corner of the house.
"Oh, hi Aunt Jill," Johnny announced buoyantly. "I hope I'm not disturbing you," he added.
Their unexpected visitor startled Jill but her first reaction was to take advantage of this opportunity to more closely examine the firm youthful body that she'd admired from within the house the two prior occasions. Only when she realized that Johnny was staring right back at her own body did she become self-conscious about her skimpy attire.
"Oh, Johnny! I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting anyone to drop by and I'm not dressed for company," she blurted as she started to get up.
"No problem, Aunt Jill," her nephew responded. "That's a really nice bathing suit," he went on. "It makes you look…ah…really…ah…sexy," he concluded as he started to blush.
"Why, ah…thank you Johnny," Jill replied as her cheeks also reddened. "Your suit is pretty sexy too and you look a lot better in it than I do in mine," she added modestly as her eyes fixed on the bulge in Johnny's Speedos. It appeared to be growing right before her eyes.
Johnny sensed his condition at that same moment and quickly turned away before his arousal became too obvious. It was one thing to impress his girlfriends by letting them watch as the end of his cock erupted out of the top of his trunks, but this wasn't a game to play with his aunt. He knew she wouldn't be amused and neither would Uncle Jerry.
Her nephew's sudden embarrassment triggered her own causing Jill to jump up and dash into the house. As the backdoor slammed behind her, she nearly ran down her husband.
"Ohmygawd. I can't believe this," she exclaimed breathlessly as she ran on by Jerry.
"What's the matter?" Jerry asked as he turned and followed his wife up the stairs.
"It's Johnny," Jill answered.
"What about him?" Jerry pressed.
"I think he was getting hard," his wife answered. "I didn't dare to look for sure. Oh, this is so embarrassing," she continued as she reached the door to their bedroom.
"Why are you so embarrassed?" her husband asked as he grabbed her from behind and turned her around to face him.
"Guys that age aren't supposed to get that way over a woman my age, and besides he's my nephew," Jill explained sounding as much excited as distraught.
"Oh, guys that age are that way most of the time, and besides, actually he's my nephew. You're only his aunt by marriage," Jerry rationalized as he sensed that his wild scheme just might work. "Besides, I'll bet he's not the only one who got excited out there, is he?" he added as he grasped the waistband of his wife's bikini bottom and yanked it downward. Before Jill could object Jerry placed his hand in her exposed crotch and ran a finger up and down her slit.
"Ah ha! Just as I suspected," he gloated when he felt how wet she was. "Johnny's gotten my horny wife all excited again." Jerry pushed Jill's suit down further until it fell to the floor around her feet and then he picked her up and carried her the few feet to their bed.
"At least this time you won't have to do the dirty work yourself. Your loving husband will gladly do it for you," Jerry announced as he pushed Jill's knees apart and dove head-long into her cunt.
Jill Morton got a healthy dose of sexual pleasure again that afternoon thanks to her husband's agile tongue and raging hard-on. It was the first time either could recall having fulfilling sex on successive days in at least ten years.
"Remarkable," is how Jill described the accomplishment although afterward she steadfastly refused to acknowledge any interest in Johnny. "I'm married and married women don't even think about things like that," was all she'd say.
Jerry didn't pay much notice to his wife's protests. To him, her behavior when she was watching Johnny revealed her true feelings. Judging from Johnny's reaction when he spotted his aunt, it sounded like Johnny was interested too. It was time to have a heart-to-heart talk with his nephew.
The next Saturday turned out to be a rainy day which meant that Johnny would be doing indoor odd jobs. Jill felt very self-conscious when she realized that her nephew was going to be working inside their house for much of the day so she excused herself and went shopping. This made it the perfect opportunity for Jerry to have his talk with Johnny.
"Johnny, how are you coming with your college fund for next year?" Jerry began the conversation as he and his nephew sat down at the kitchen table for an iced-tea break.
"Pretty well," Johnny replied. "Thanks to you and the extra hours I've been able to get at the store, I should have all but a thousand dollars covered and I guess I'll just have to borrow that."
"I have an idea of a way for you to make up that difference," Jerry said as he took a deep breath and prepared to lay out his plan.
"What's that?" Johnny said.
"Well, it would involve doing me a big favor…a very big favor, in fact," Jerry replied.
"Gee Uncle Jerry, I'll always be glad to do you any favor you ask, but I really couldn't expect you and Aunt Jill to help me any more than you already have," his nephew responded.
"Johnny, the favor I have in mind is worth every cent of that thousand dollars to me…and to Aunt Jill too. You see your Aunt Jill has a very keen interest in you, in case you haven't noticed."
"No, I really haven't," Johnny answered, "but if there's anything I can do for either of you, just name it."

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