Aunty fucked in the garden! | incest story from Mat&Aunty

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About 20 days aunt called to tell me she was at home all day and if I wanted to come by. I gladly accepted.After a while I went to her, it was around 3pm and I saw that she had just returned and had left the car near the porch of the house.I rang and entered. M: “Hi Aunt”A: “Hello, I’ll be right down. I have to show you something”After about 10 minutes, my aunt came down with a dress, overalls, in the shape of a unicorn. Very cute and exciting.M: “That’s cool aunt, you’re very sexy” I said. A: “Thank you dear, these go together though”She put on black heels, I as a foot lover was thrilled.A: “Come out, I’ll smoke a cigarette”, I went with her.I looked at her all the time, also to understand how we could do it with that costume on.M: “Aunt? But how the fuck are we gonna fuck in that on?”A: “Look here”, she threw away the cigarette, leaned against the hood of the car and I saw a row of buttons, I unbuttoned them, a piece of about twenty centimeters fell down. A small window was formed where one could see all the beauties of the aunt, who was without underwear.M: “It’s perfect aunt”. A: “I know. As soon as I saw and took it, I immediately checked if it could be used like this ”.I pulled down my shorts just a little, pulled my cock out and plunged it in. We enjoyed a lot and the pace increased. A: “Stop stop, I’m shattering my ankles in these heels.”I stopped. Aunty took off her heels and we went into the house. She sat down on the table in the hall, took my cock between her feet and wanked me. I stopped her not to cum, I bent down and put her face on her pussy starting to lick it. She liked me and I became more and more A: “Matteo I’m here, let me cum please”, she said moaning, I got up and went to masturbate her with my fingers. A few minutes and she exploded in a great orgasm. She hinted a squirt, the board and her swimsuit were all wet.We stopped to catch our breath and not to make me come right away. I took my aunt’s hand and grabbed a tablecloth. We went out, I spread the tablecloth on the floor and my aunt sat on it. She led the rhythm and kept me on edge of orgasm.She gave a sudden acceleration. M: “Aunt I can’t anymore” I shouted.I accelerated again and cum inside her.She stayed like that until my cock came out because it had deflated. I saw her pussy leaking my cum. She put her foot on my face and I gave it one last lick.We stood outside naked for a while.

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