Aunty Helps Me

About my aunt, she is 39 years old. Typical South Indian lady with innocent face and she has a great figure 36-30-40. She has a great Ass. She was my only fantasy during masturbation. I always dream of fucking her Ass. She is my mom’s elder sister. My uncle was a doctor and he worked in a govt. hospital. It was my semester holiday when I visited her home. I was supposed to stay there for about 1 week.
When I entered her home, she greeted me with a great smile. I some how wanted to fuck her this week. My uncle was not at home. On seeing her alone, I was already made horny. Then after chatting with me for some time, she went busy in preparing dinner. I was enjoying her swaying Ass from her behind. Mean while, my uncle came back home. We all had our dinner and went to bed.
That night, I was making plan to fuck her. I was sure that only way to seduce her was to expose my cock to her. I ended in masturbating when I made a plan.
Day 1: It was 8 Am when I heard my uncle bye to my aunty. I was in my bed. I was sure that my aunty would come and wake me. I had my morning erection and my dick was in full temper. I quickly removed my shorts and made sure that my dick was making a tent under the blanket. I pretended to be in sleep. As per my plan, my aunt entered the room. I closed my eyes.
She suddenly removed the blanket and stunned seeing my dick. She stood there for about 5 minutes. Then she woke me up. And she started laughing at me. I acted that I was feeling shy and covered myself with the blanket.
Day 2: After my uncle when out, I did the same thing. But this time, after seeing my erect dick, my aunty questioned me.
Aunty: Dai, why are sleeping like this?
Me: Sorry aunty. I feeling itchy near my sunny (dick). That’s why I did not wear my shorts.
Aunty: Ajay, hat’s a serious problem. You should get treated immediately.
Me: But aunty, I feel shy to show this to a doctor.
Aunty: Don’t worry da. You can show me. I’ll give you an ointment.
I suddenly took off the blanket and sat on the corner of the bed. My aunt sat on the floor and started examining.
Aunty: Enna da Ajay ne paaka sinna paiyan madhiri irukka aana un sunny ivlo presusa irukku ? (You look like a small boy, but your dick looks so big)
Me: I apply castor oil on it aunty. That’s why it has grown big.
Aunty: You have fungus infection near your penis. That’s you feel itchy. I’ll give you an ointment. But you should bath before applying it.
Me: Ok aunty. I’ll bath and come.
Aunty: You are infected because you are not bathing well. This time I’ll help you get good oil bathing.
We both went inside the bath room. I was already nude under my waist. I also removed my t-shirt. She lifted her nighty up to her waist and tied it there. My dick became completely tempered on seeing her sexy thighs. She smiled on noticing my growing penis. She poured some castor oil on my head and started massaging. Then she poured the oil all over my body and started massaging. I was sure that she was made horny on seeing my dick.
Aunty: Ajay Ne kai adipiya da? (Do you masturbate?)
I was feeling very happy as she asked me that question. But I pretended to be shy and did not reply. She patted me on my dick and insisted to reply.
Me: Only once or twice in a month aunty (I laid)
Aunty: You should do it regularly Ajay. That is good for health.
She suddenly caught my dick and started giving a great handjob. I was in the peak and I was about to cum. I removed her hand from my dick and relaxed. I said the I need to see something, otherwise I’ll not be able to cum. She just smiled and took off her nighty. She was in her bra and panty. Then she poured the castor oil on my dick and started massaging. I shot my load of cum on her face.
Within a minute, my dick got hard again. This time, my aunt was out of control. She started taking my cock in her mouth. I began to press her tits while she was sucking my cock. I tore her bra and panty. When she took out my dick, I poured all the oil on her Ass and inserted my cock into her Ass hole. Within 10 mins of fucking her Ass, I came there. Then I fucked her pussy and we both came at the same time. She praised me for my great dick size.
We both laid there itself in the bathroom and fuck till the evening. I came nearly 5 times. Meanwhile, I drank her urine and she also drank mine. That really tasted great. That night she mixed cum and her urine while making food for dinner. We all ate it. I’m having regular sex with her till now when I get holidays.
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