Aunty or her daughter clunt

Hi iss readers I’m sending my first story and I’m nervous about it.. I’m a regular iss reader since past one year. And I thought its now my turn my real experience should be shared with my friends

This experience is with my aunty….now let me tell u about my aunty. She has married my uncle two years ago by running away from the home so their relations and my uncle mom and dad did not like it so they were against them but my father used to support them so they were one the person who signed when they both were married and now coming to the structure of my aunty her name is vasu, around 26-28 yrs old, good looking, got a good average figure (36-36-38) but got a flat tummy, fair complexion & got a very wild & seductive pair of eyes. I believe she can talk with her eyes. Any way lets get to the incident.

My aunt had given birth to a daughter 4 months back and I did not see the daughter since its birth and my uncle and my father along with my mother had gone to the funeral of one of the closest friend to a nearby town so they told that they would be back next day evening so my uncle said me to be with my aunty so that I could help her So I reached her home in the morning itself so that I could spend more time so when I rang the bell my aunty came and opened with a broad smile she was wearing a transparent nighty and there was no bra inside so I could see the structure of the boobs easily. so by seeing this I got aroused and became mad of her from that moment….by afternoon v had the lunch and were watching the TV by the time that baby pissed on my aunty while feeding milk so she requested me to take care of the baby so that she could take bath now I was playing with her daughter suddenly my eyes lit up when I saw her nacked I knew that my aunty would be back only after about half an hour so I took that baby to their bedroom so that if it cries the voice should not reach its mother and closed the door partially so that I could now when her mother comes so now I laid that baby on the bed and made it fully nacked and now straightly started to suck its clunt since it was very small my tip of the tongue could only go but I enjoyed it I continued it for about half an hour but after some time when I was about to suck it for the last time my aunty came suddenly by seeing this she screamed and came near me and slapped me and after dressing the baby she said that she will call my uncle and dad and say I requested her that I’ll not repeat it but she did not listen and went and picked the phone and dialed the number now I was very scared because if my mom comes to know they would slap me left and right and my uncle would loose hope on me so I gained courage and ran towards her and cut the phone wire.

She became angry and said that she will call the neighbors so before she could say anything I grabbed her waist and closed her mouth she did not resist much since she had baby on her waist now I became horny and took her to their bed room she placed her baby on the bed as soon reach her near the bed so to avoid the baby hurting….as soon as she did it with the help of the other hand she began to pinch now I became wild and threw her on the bed and with the help of the towel she was having I tied her legs and I went quickly to room and brought the phone wire and now I tied her tightly to the ends of the bed and closed the mouth with the help of the sticker and I begged her to not to say anything about the incident but she did not listen now I became angry and thought to go further as she would say anyhow to my parents so I closed her mouth again and now I began to make her naked now with the help of my teeth I began to tear her nighty slowly I came near the boobs and now I stooped there and now I began to suck her nipple and her lovely milk began to enter my mouth and finished the right one and went to the left one by the time she began to resist more and more and I went further down and reached her private part I tore apart her panty and her pussy was wet by the time now and her hairs were shining now I thought to make it more interesting so I went and opened her dressing drawer to search for the blade by to my surprise I got veet hair remover so I took it and applied on her private hairs by the time now she began to shake like a fish outside the water and her resistance became more and more but I ignored it and removed the hairs now her pussy was cleanly shaven now I wanted to eat it so as I began to suck it she resisted it by the way I got hit by her hip on the nose and tears began to flow from my eyes by seeing this I slapped her and shouted at her by listening this her baby began to cry. Now an idea struck on my criminal mind I went near that baby took it and placed her next to her mother hip made it naked and I said her that if u not allow her to suck I will finger fuck ur daughter or I’ll suck hers.

Now I began to suck my aunty’s clunt deeper and deeper and by this her hip was shivering and afterwards she cummed raising her big fountain. Now I opened her mouth she said me to let her free I said her5 that now the party has began and again started to suck it harder and harder and I also warned her that if she calls anybody I would fuck her baby by hearing this she kept quite without any further resistance as I sucked her clitoris hard and harder she cummed once again I continued it as she cummed 6 times in last 90mins but as I carried for the seventh time but this time she began to moan she started ‘ummm and became hornier and began t o say suck me suck me harder even harder by hearing this I began to suck and at last she exploded this time with a big moan ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh her cum was all over my face ,bed ,her thighs, and some parts of her baby face after this she fell flat. Now I began to clean her pussy after that she was closing her eyes now after this I turned my attention towards her baby face and began to suck it hardly after this her baby began to cry hearing this she opened her eyes but hits time she did not say any thing I continued it now I parted her legs and removed her tied legs and hands after I released her hands she caught my head and gave a deep kiss v continued this for an half an hour and when v broke the kiss and saw the clock the time was already 7:00pm so we got put had our bath and decided to complete this act in the night

So please wait for my next part of the story and please mail ur views to [email protected] and any boys, girls, aunties, uncles, nearby Bangalore mail me I’ll satisfy u as I did my aunty