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Hello Guys.
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As it was explained in my earlier on how I fucked my Aunty Smitha and played with her huge boobs of 36DDD, it’s now time I tell you about a threesome experience between Smitha Aunty, me and her another Hot Friend just like her…

I fucked Smitha Aunty in every vacation after the previous incident and visited their house a lot. It was all good until Smitha Aunty once suggested me that we should try new things which will help keep the interest in our sex. We started trying different things.. Roleplays, where she was my mom and accidentally I squeezed her boob/saw her naked which led to sex. Femdom, where she tied me and played a dominant role and fucked herself by sitting on my dick. But we both started feeling bit uninterested. It was one such day when after sex we were laying naked to each other watching porn and I searched for a threesome sex video. Smitha was turned on by that and we had another round of sex, probably the best after so many days..
This led me thinking about bringing another sex partner in our sex life. And eventually, I asked Smitha for it.. She agreed and was too excited for it. But she wanted a female partner. I felt terrible bcoz finding female partner for a threesome was nearly impossible for me.
But it all my fear was dissolved when a couple of days later I saw her visiting Smitha Aunty’s place. Her name was Shivani Aunty. She was 5’5″ tall, fair in complexion, about 55-60kgs, waist-length hair and another perfect ideal combination of hot Indian mature wife.

She was wearing a black kurta over tight black leggings. Her hair tied with in a single white bow. She had a scarf to cover up her front but when she entered the house she took it off.. What an amazing front view it gave me. The black color of her clothes enhanced her assets. There were only three of us in the house. And we started talking. Smitha Aunty started talking about all the naughty things they did when they shared the same hostel room and Shivani Aunty was being shy at those moments and giggled sweetly. Oh how badly did I wanted to fuck her straight away.. I wouldn’t care about any consequences if it wasn’t for my morals. I would’ve tore those kurta to fondle to perfectly shaped tits and the leggings to fuck her fair and pink pussy. I was dreaming about it while looking at her boobs when Smitha Aunty called my name and I was back to my senses. Shivani Aunty stayed for an hour or so and left..

As soon as she left, I pounced on Smitha Aunty and undressed her completely and went a couple of steps back. She waited in anticipation with her DDD boobs hung in front of me. I pictured Shivani Aunty instead of her and started kissing her, squeezed her boobs until it hurt her.. I was gone wild and I fucked her for 20 long minutes, dreaming about Shivani Aunty. Smitha Aunty loved that session and we laid next to each other when she asked me if the reason for such amazing sex was Shivani. I nodded. She smiled and said, “Yahi toh reason tha usse aaj bulane ka, chalo achhi baat hain tumhe pasand hain.. Main kuch karti hoon.” I thanked heavens.
Smitha Aunty kept on calling her to her house for next 3-4 days and we kinda grew in confidence to take her on. Abd the way she dressed in those days was so awesome, it helped us in getting awesome sex as well.

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The day finally arrived. Shivani Aunty came to our house as usual. Today she sat next to me on the couch and Smitha Aunty sat in fron of us when usually it was the opposit. So while talking, Smitha Aunty asked Shivani Aunty, “Aur bata apni sex life ke baare main.” I was shocked and so was Shivani Aunty, and she blushed looking at me. Smitha Aunty said, “Arre tu iske baare main mat soch, isse sb pata hain, bohot smart hain, isse mat sharma.” Shivani Aunty told us about her sex life. It was awful, her husband never satisfied her fully and she said she was drained with all the housework she had and no enjoyment of her own. Smitha Aunty suggested, “Mera bhi kuch aisa hi hota tha lekin ab dekh, sb kuch thik chal rha hain”, looking at me and winking. Shivani Aunty was confused and said, “Aisa kya hua jo ekdmse sb kuch thik ho gya?” Smitha Aunty smirked and got up and next to me and pushed me towards her and we three cramped on a single couch and gently hovered her hand on my pyjamas over my genital area and said, “Yeh hua hain.” Shivani Aunty looked at what she did and was shocked to see that and she looked at me. I was blushing at the very moment and gave her an awkward smile. Smitha Aunty continued saying, “Kaho toh tumhe bhi kuch help karde?” Shivani Aunty gave a disapproved look saying, “Nahi yaar, aise nahi hota.. This is cheating.”

Smitha-“College main toh bohot kaand kiye the aise wale, bhul gayi kaise uss Rahul ko chudwa kr liya tha jbki tu already Samir ke sath relation main thi.”

Shivani-“Tab ki baat aur thi yaar, now I am married.”
Smitha-“Married toh main bhi hun, pr jbse yeh hua hain tbse I feel happy about my life.”
Shivani-“I don’t know yaar……

She looked the other way in maybe a disgraceful look. Smitha Aunty took my dick and started licking it slowly. Shivani Aunty eyes widened when she looked at this but continued looking at it. Smitha Aunty started sucking my dick real nice and in no time made me hard. While sucking she looked for Shivani Aunty’s hand with her own and once found placed it on my shaft of a dick, all while sucking it. Shivani aunty just held it for a minute or so and started squeezing it. I was going crazy and couldn’t believe what was happening with me. I started both aunties backs. I was too keen on seeing Shivani Aunty’s boobs and started squeezing her them over clothes.. Until then she had her mouth on my dick and both aunties were sucking my dick together. Shivani was wearing a Tshirt and Smitha was in a kurta. I squeezed Shivani’s boobs continuously. She stopped sucking on my dick and undressed topless, her boobs were 34DD in size and then continued sucking. I stopped her and squeezed her boobs and started sucking on them. She moaned in pleasure. Smitha too undressed completely and kept on sucking my dick. Shivani’s boobs were softer than any pair of boobs I’d ever fondled. I loved every second of it. I sucked, squeezed, pinched, bit those boobs…

I even spanked them. Shivani loved it. I stopped Smitha and as she sat upright, I told both of them to stand up and sucked their boobs simultaneously and together too. Squeezed one, sucked other. It went on for a few minutes and then I sat on the couch, my dick rock hard. Shivani sat on my dick and rode me. I fucked her brains out while sucking on Smitha’s boobs and fingering her pussy.
It was Smitha’s turn now and she sat on my dick and started fucking herself. Shivani and Smitha, both my aunties looked awesome then. Shivani sat my face and I licked her pussy while fucking Smitha. I was about to cum when I stopped Smitha and took the dick out and splashed my cum over Shivani’s boobs. It was an amazing threesome after all.

All three of us took a shower together and I kept on squeezing and pinching both aunty’s boobs. I dressed both of them with my own hands.

So how was it, guys? Do like it and don’t forget to send a feedback on how the story really was and did it help make you cum. I am writing this story while Shivani and Smitha Aunty by my side, naked. They say that they want some good feedback and hoping to get dirty comments about them and their bodies.
Their Description-

Smitha:- 36DDD-32-38, 5’4″ , fair skin, bra length hair and a bit on the chubby side.

Shivani:- 34DD-30-36, 5’5”, fair skin, waist-length hair and well toned.

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Thank you for reading.

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