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Some time ago, they gave my aunt a box of Smartboxes for a night in a hotel with a spa.About 40 days before, Aunty booked a hotel in Alto-Adige for a weekend in January and asked me to go with her.Arrived on Friday evening, we loaded my car with everything, including skis.We left early on Saturday morning so that we could spend the day in the snow since they were waiting for us at the hotel for the late afternoon.We were very happy and curious to see the place since we chose one of the few structures in South Tyrol present in the box set code.We had our day of skiing and around 5pm arrived at the hotel.Beautiful and very characteristic structure, super welcoming and very modern.We checked in and went up to our room.We hadn’t even realized what a spectacular structure we had ended up in: a breathtaking room with a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains, huge windows, all wooden walls and floors, gigantic bathroom with a whirlpool tub separated from the room by glass.At the reception they told us that the spa was accessible 24 hours a day and without a reservation.After seeing the room and its details, we realized what a super place we ended up in.A: “Tomorrow we’re not going skiing, we’re having fun like crazy in that beautiful pool”, M: “Of course aunt, this place is spectacular”.We sorted out the few bags and put the snowsuits to dry.Aunty was already inside the whirlpool tub, I was looking at her from the bed through the glass.She moved in a sensual and provocative way, she showed me her feet on the glass, she spread her legs and showed me her shaved pussy, she leaned and rubbed her butt on the glass.I made up my mind and went inside too, with my cock already erect and ready for my aunt.I didn’t even enter when my aunt leaned on the edge of the tub with her elbows and took my cock between her lips. She kissed and licked making me enjoy a lot.I entered the water and sat down stretching my legs, she got on top and put my cock inside. She started to do a slow up and down also to not let out all the water.She fucked me the same way but with her back to me. I gave her light pats and squeezes on her buttocks inviting her to increase the pace. Aunty was panting and moaning as she touched her boob.She took off from that position, I pulled myself up a bit until my cock came out of the water. Aunty started to lick my cock again until I had her, she removed her mouth and with her hand she sawed me until my cum spurts started high. She gave the last lick when the orgasm was over and we stayed in the tub to relax.Between one thing and another it was time for dinner. We didn’t have the strength to get dressed, my aunt picked up the phone and ordered a simple and quick dinner to eat in our room.Dinner came and we ate in our bathrobes.A: “Tonight I’m tired, but if we wake up early tomorrow morning I would do a trip to the spa” said my aunt stretching her foot on my package. M: “Okay yes” I retorted.We were exhausted from the day of skiing and also from the journey, at around 9:30pm we fell asleep.The following morning, at 7, my aunt woke me up. She was already wearing one of her swimsuits ready for a couple of hours at the spa.We went down to have a very quick breakfast and immediately went to the floor dedicated to the spa.We went down, looked for two beds where to leave the bathrobes. We immediately realized that there was no one else besides us. M: “There really isn’t anyone, it will be the time” A: “You’re right. Well, better for us,” retorted aunt.We immediately jumped into the pool for just enough time to raise our excitement levels.A: “Sauna?”, I said yes with a nod and we looked for the sauna. They were small but numerous, almost private.We took the last one in the corridor dedicated to the sauna. We entered and lay down.After a few minutes, I closed my eyes and something hit me in the face. I jumped up and realized that my aunt had stripped naked throwing the swimsuit in my face.I straightened up, made her lay back and rushed over to lick her pussy. I felt my aunt’s thighs tightening around my head. I licked and licked until I felt my aunt try to pull my swimsuit down with her feet.I took off my swimsuit, aimed at my aunt’s pussy and entered with one blow, we moaned together.I was going at a much faster pace than normal, the situation excited me too much and my aunt was squeezing like crazy.In order not to cum immediately, I took off and went back to lick my aunt’s pussy and anus.I sat down and my aunt got on top, inserted my cock and started riding me. I held her against me, squeezed her ass and licked her nipples.Aunty matched her rhythm, moaning and moaning louder and louder. She stood up slightly and came on my belly in a long orgasm.She recovered herself, and sat down on the bench. I put my cock on the soles of her feet and rubbed it for a few seconds.I aimed at her anus and penetrated it. I pumped and made my aunt moan more and more, maybe too much.To try to make less noise and risk being heard, I took it off and put it back in her pussy. I took the ponytail of her hair and pulled it towards me pouring all of myself into my aunt’s tight pussy.I threw myself back and admired the line of cum coming out of my aunt’s pussy and dripping a little on her thighs and the rest on the wood of the sauna.We hugged and stood in silence to catch our breath.We dressed and went out.As we walked we saw a bikini bottom on the floor of one of the saunas next to ours, visible through the door. Auntie and I gave each other a “we’re not the only ones” look.We relaxed for about half an hour and went back to our room.Aunty lay down on the bed and I immediately rushed on her. I still wanted to get laid and my aunt got it.I concentrated on her feet, licking them from her toes to her ankles.Aunt underneath her likes to have her feet licked.I stood up on the edge of the bed, my aunt stretched her feet and started wanking my cock. She alternated between a two footed movement and a single footed movement. She turned her on her stomach and she sawed me again with her feet.I brought myself up to her ass, pushed her costume aside, started preparing her anus. A few minutes and aunty is ready. Quick shot and I was inside.I alternated very slow movements with some dry and decisive ones. Aunty gasped and moaned.A: “Imagine if anyone heard or saw us at the spa today, maybe just the ones in the swimsuit in the box next to ours. Seeing you fucking your aunt” she told me to provoke me.At these words I was super excited and I refrained from cumming in her ass.I lay down on the side, spread my legs, aunt positioned herself in the middle of my legs, her back to me. She placed her feet on the base of my cock with the tip of it grazing her ass. She began to move sawing me. Heavenly vision, I reached out my hands to touch her feet and butt.She turned and sat down in the middle. She took the cock between her feet starting a footjob made entirely of ankle movements.M: “Go aunt go, I’m cuming” I urged her.Aunty continued her footjob. I cum: the first powerful streams fell on my belly, then later she dripped everything between her fingers.Aunt, proud of her result, showed me her dirty feet.I took my aunt to the bathroom to clean up. We arranged our things a bit, as soon as we finished I went to the shower, which was exactly next to the hydromassage tub.I saw my aunt turn on the water in the tub and come towards me. She came under the spray and we embraced.When my aunt hugs me I can’t help but touch her and I did.My fingers went everywhere, pussy, ass, thighs, boobs. With my cock I was rubbing on her.The tub filled up and my aunt lathered up the soap.I turned off the shower and sat on the edge of the tub. Aunty came in and took the cock in her mouth starting a great blowjob.We both went down to the water. I took my aunt’s feet all full of foam and she started to lick them while under her water her hand was massaging my cock.She stood on top of me with her back to me, moved her big ass rubbing it on my cock and turning me on even more.I stopped her and immediately thrust her cock into her anus. Aunty started her beat moaning and moaning louder and louder.A: “No Matteo, I just can’t keep up anymore”, she told me.I took it off immediately, made her lie down just outside the tub and started licking her. The more I licked the more I felt all the taste of her that drove me crazy, my cock throbbed.I masturbated my aunt with her hands, and she with me, bringing her to orgasm, a squirt that hit my legs and mixed with the foam and the water in the tub.Aunty was still there panting and half-exhausted.I aimed at her pussy and penetrated her. I was already at my limit and didn’t get far.I sat on top of her and came on her face.M: “Oh Mamma mia aunt, what a weekend! You are amazing,” I told her. She winked at me with all the cum in her face.We washed quickly and returned the keys just in time.We set off on the return journey talking about what we did and joking about it.

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