Aunty’s hot leggings! | incest story from Mat&Aunty

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A few days ago I went to my aunt’s house, so after lunch I went there but I didn’t see her. I got a text saying she’d be there in 10 minutes.Auntie arrived and we said our goodbyes. She was wearing super skintight black leather leggings.A: “I went shopping! I ordered some leggings from a sex toy site. They are leggings specifically for fucking, they tear easily” she told me.While I looked at the contents of the package, my aunt settled down to only her leather leggings. Bare foot and boobs out.I took off my pants and was left with my cock free. Zia got bent over on the bed and I started slamming my cock on her ass covered by her leggings. I pulled down her pants and ran up her big ass to lick it, I love to lick her.I was very hard and I immediately rushed to penetrate her, dry blow and perforated anus. She enjoyed it but I enjoyed it a lot.A:” Pause pause. I’m wearing leggings.” I got off and put on leggings. I went back I’d hate the dick on her pants.I lay down and she, giving me her back gave me a great footjob, I was over the moon.I stopped her, she turned around and spread her legs. There was a mini hole in the middle of her leggings, aunty tore her pants. I approached and penetrated her pussy full of humours. She brought my foot to my mouth which I licked driving me crazy.I took my cock out of her pussy, caressed my aunt’s beautiful ass, spread her anus a little and penetrated her again.I couldn’t resist any longer, M: “Aunt, I’m cuming, don’t move”, I said. I took the dick out. I pulled down the leggings and came over her ass profusely.Aunty laughed as I came. I knelt down, kissed her pussy, put my cock on her feet and then lay down next to her, happy with the great orgasm I had.

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