Avatar TLA: Cut For Time; Episode 1: Boy in the Iceberg

Avatar: Cut for Time

Episode 1: Boy in the Iceberg.

**This series will consist of sexual encounters placed into the context of the show. Each episode in the series will be covered in order. All underage characters from the show have been aged up to at least 18. **

Katara sat staring into the water. Looking back at her was a young woman she barely recognized. It had been years since the men of her tribe left and now that she was blossoming into a woman, she thought more and more about what kind of future she would have. With long beautiful hair, and soft, blue eyes she would be considered a real catch if only there were any available suitors. She had always been a romantic though, and she had come to know that this world wasn’t filled with many like minded souls. As if the universe wanted to reinforce this point, she suddenly felt a hand squeeze her tight, plump backside. She looked back over her shoulder to see Sokka massaging her ass-cheeks through her thick winter coat with one hand, and rubbing his crotch with the other. “Sorry Sis.” He said in an unapologetic tone. “I just saw you bending over the side and I couldn’t resist.”

Katara frowned at him. Ever since she had become a woman, this had been a regular occurrence. She couldn’t blame him too much however. All the women left in their tribe were either too old or too young, leaving Katara as the only viable option. And Sokka was at a point in his life where sex was almost always on his mind. She remembered the night he had started their taboo affair. Two years ago, as they were sleeping in their igloo, she had felt him cuddling her a little closer than normal, and he began thrusting his hips into her side. She had tried to act like she was still asleep, but he started fondling her small breasts and then moved his hand down towards her pussy. At this point she had stopped him and asked him what he was thinking. It was a hard talk to have, but by the end of it she could understand his frustrations. She had agreed to let him use her as he needed, as long as he didn’t fuck her. If their father ever came back it would have been hard to explain why she had a baby, also she wanted to save herself for someone she loved.

“Shouldn’t you be focused on the fish?” She asked him, knowing he wouldn’t care. “They aren’t biting right now, besides I’m a too distracted.” Sokka said gleefully as he shoved all her furs out of the way and pulled her pants down to expose her round, bronze ass. He pulled out his dick, an impressive seven and a half inches with respectable girth. He then started rubbing it on her ass as she continued leaning over the side. “Well if you have to, just make it quick.” She said dismissively, peering back into the water. He continued exploring her lower body with his cock, even moving down to her thighs and occasionally prodding up against her labia. She was used to it at this point and knew he wouldn’t go any further than that, as he had promised never to penetrate her. Still, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement when he did this. After he had had his fill of appreciating her ass, he grabbed her hips with both of his strong hands and slid his cock in between her buttocks. He pressed up against her and started violently thrusting, causing her to abandon her thoughts and get a firmer grip on the canoe. “I know I shouldn’t be saying this Katara, but I really love your ass!” He exclaimed as he continued shoving his member through her cheeks. She sighed. He said that almost every time he did this. While she could appreciate how attractive Sokka was, his routine with her had become so dull and repetitive that she usually zoned out while he pleasured himself. He moved his hands further down so that he was gripping an ass-cheek in each hand. He squeezed them together around his dick, maintaining his pace the whole time. “Oh shit, here it comes Sis!” He grunted, pressing into her ass even harder. He shot out streams of cum into the folds of her ass, pumping his cock a few more times in the process. He broke away from her and then gave her ass one last squeeze before pulling his pants back up and returning to his seat. “Thanks Sis.” he said. Katara didn’t even bother responding. She still felt the cum coating her inner buttocks, and was a little pissed that he had finished on her, as she had told him multiple times to cum anywhere but on her. She thought about using some water to clean herself, but it was too cold to be worth it, so she just pulled her pants up and leaned back over the side. “Lets just get back to fishing.” she told him.

Ever since she had seen him come out of the ice, Katara had been amazed by this strange airbender. Aang’s carefree attitude had become so infectious, that he had even managed to persuade her to come with him onto the Fire Navy ship that she had been warned about her whole life. He also had an innocence to him that Katara thought she had lost a long time ago, and it made her feel like a girl again. She could tell he liked her by the way he would blush a little when he looked at her, and she had caught him staring at her a few times when they were back in the village. He also looked so exotic and different that she couldn’t help but stare herself. Not to mention this was the first male she had seen around her own age that wasn’t her brother. Although, he was a little short, she thought. As they browsed another one of the empty rooms, Katara decided that for once she would make the first move, and walked behind Aang as he was looking at a set of old armor.

“I cant believe I missed out on all of this.” He said. “It feels like yesterday I was playing with my friend Kuzon in the Fire Nation capitol.” “Well Aang.” Katara said confidently. “I think being here, now, might have its own benefits.” “What do you me-” Aang stopped what he was saying and tensed up. Katara had moved in closer behind him and reached around to his groin. She was rubbing it with her hand and hugging him closely. “Um, Katara. What are you doing?” He asked her nervously. “Whats wrong Aang? Does this not feel good?” She said softly into his ear, knowing the answer by the slight swelling she felt. “Its just, I-I never did anything like this before.” He said embarrassed. “The monks taught us that we shouldn’t distract ourselves with bodily pleasure.” “If want me to stop just say so Aang.” Katara whispered. Aang hesitated and then relaxed a little. Katara took this as her cue and she spun him around to face her. As they looked each other in the eyes, Katara got a little nervous herself. She had never kissed anyone before, even Sokka in her intimate moments with him. She got over this and leaned in, planting her lips on his. It felt a little awkward and she could tell this was clearly Aang’s first kiss too. Nonetheless she could feel her heart racing, and she saw the dumb look on his face. They stared at each other another moment and then they both laughed. “Sorry, this is kinda weird for me.” Aang said shrugging. Katara pushed him against the wall and then kissed him again, this time more confidently. “Why don’t you just let me take it from here then.” She said. Katara took off her gloves, squatted down and pulled off the airbender’s pants, revealing his six inch dick already hard with anticipation. Aang looked down at her nervously. She chuckled under her breath at his clear inexperience, and then took the shaft in her hands. She kissed the head, and then moved her sultry lips around it, making his cock even harder in her soft hands. She wasn’t too used to giving blowjobs, as she only did it on occasion for Sokka, usually to speed things up or to break from their monotonous routine. She could tell he was enjoying it so far though, so she continued. Katara used her tongue to lick up and down his shaft, and used her hand to massage the head. She felt herself getting a little excited by this, and she doubled her efforts. She never felt like this when she did it for Sokka, and the feeling caused her pussy to start trembling a little. She used her free hand to rub herself through her pants. Aang was beginning to moan now, and he held her head in both of his hands. She felt him softly stroking her hair, which she thought was really cute. Katara then took it to the next level, grabbing his cock by the base of the shaft and taking four inches of it into her warm mouth. She continued sucking on it vigorously, and soon she felt the young monk start to spasm. “Ahhhh!” He moaned as he shot load after load into her mouth, gripping her head tightly. He let her go and Katara stayed there, tasting the hot semen on her tongue. She never minded the taste of Sokka’s although she thought it was gross whenever he came in her mouth. Aang’s cum tasted alright too, so she swallowed it all down, while she continued to rub her moistening groin.

“Sorry about that Katara, I didn’t mean to be so rough at the end.” Aang said, ashamed. Katara laughed. “You were fine Aang, what you did was completely natural. Don’t worry about it.” She removed her hand from her crotch, and stood up, giving Aang a kiss on the cheek. He smiled bashfully and then pulled up his pants. “Lets see what else is on this ship then!” He said with his usual boyish expression, running off to another part of the armory. Katara chuckled and ran off after him, envisioning a new future for herself that she had never dreamed of.

*I know this wasn’t too hardcore but i plan on spicing it up as the story progresses. Stay Tuned!*