Avatar TLA: Cut For Time; Episode 2: The Avatar Returns

Avatar TLA: Cut for Time Episode 2: The Avatar Returns

Katara couldn’t believe her luck. Just after she had her moment with Aang, they had triggered a booby trap that shot a flare into the sky. She knew at that point that her tribe was going to be furious, but she didn’t realize at the time that they were going to blame it all on Aang. She was laying face down on her bedroll, crying and thinking she would never see the fun, young airbender ever again. After a few minutes, she heard someone come in behind her.

“You really messed up today Katara.” Sokka said, sounding angry and disappointed. “Its wasn’t enough that you signaled the Fire Nation, you also had to yell at Gran Gran and make her upset.” Those words and the way he said them with such venom just made her cry even harder. She buried her face in the pillow to try to hide her shame. “I just don’t get why you went and disobeyed everything we’ve said to you over the years just because some stupid kid you met today told you it was alright.” As Sokka said this Katara could hear him undressing. She flipped over to see what he was doing and came face to face with his rock hard erection. “Sokka what do you think yo-” She was stopped mid sentence by a firm slap to the face. She just stared ahead vacantly, eyes already welling up with more tears. “If you wont listen to your own people, then I clearly need to teach you a lesson in obedience.” He said sternly. Katara didn’t say anything in reply. She was so stunned by what was happening she couldn’t process what he was saying. “Open your mouth.” Sokka said. Katara looked up at his face, which looked back down at her in frustration. “Listen Sis, I’m only doing this because I love you and I want to help you.” He said, a little calmer than before. “Now open your mouth.” Katara looked back down at the seven and a half inches of cock dangling in front of her eyes. She hesitantly opened her mouth. As soon as she did, Sokka roughly took hold of her head and stuck his meat halfway into her gaping mouth. She quickly adjusted herself and braced against his legs. She wasn’t used to him being this rough with her, and her sadness quickly turned to anger. Sokka saw this change in her expression and quickly shoved the rest of his cock down her throat. Katara wasn’t ready for this and started gagging and choking, having never deepthroated her brother before. She started hitting Sokka’s legs to try to get some air but he just responded by pressing harder against her, and holding her face flat against his pelvis. Katara really was struggling now. She could feel his large dick pulsating inside her throat, and she felt herself start to black out. It got to the point where she stopped even trying to resist Sokka when He finally pulled out. She sat there coughing and gasping for air, spit dripping on to the furs she used as blankets. She had barely caught her breath when she felt Sokka’s strong arms take hold of her body, pushing her onto her back and then dragging her up against the pillow so her head was propped up.

“Stop it Sokka!” Katara exclaimed. “He’s already gone! Just leave me alone!” “You cant just betray your people like that Sis.” Sokka said. “I don’t care how much you liked that little punk, we’re still your family.” With that he knelt down, planting himself on top of her chest, resting his dick on her face. Katara took these last words hard. What had she done? Running off with a stranger and endangering her loved ones? Maybe she did deserve this. She wiped the tears away and opened her plump lips again, this time with complete submissiveness. Sokka nodded and moved his cock into her mouth again. He started orally fucking her as fast as he could, his dick hitting the back of her throat with every thrust. She was constantly gagging and spitting from the sheer force of this violation, but she gave no resistance. To add to her already great discomfort, Sokka took hold of her hair loops and pulled on them as leverage for his face fucking. She started tearing up again, this time from the pain. She began to cry out quietly in between his movements, but it just made him go even faster. She now noticed something else through the pain. Her pussy was actually getting a little wet. She had rarely ever had this happen before when Sokka was using her, but maybe it was because this time he was being rougher. Maybe she now felt joy in being useful after being shamed by her whole tribe. Giving her brother pleasure was the least she could do to make up for it. She stuck out her tongue now, licking more of his dick as it slid in. She also grabbed onto his rear and bobbed her head in rhythm with his thrusts. Sokka kept going for five more minutes, always keeping the same dutiful look on his face. After all this time had elapsed, Katara could actually feel the moistness around her thighs. Despite this though, her throat was hurting and her chest was hurting from the weight. Now she just wanted it to be over, but she wouldn’t dare tell Sokka that. Her luck changed however, and Sokka began to let out some reserved grunts. He pumped again a few more times and then pulled out of her, letting her go. He jerked his dick in her face for a few seconds and then let out one of his biggest loads yet onto her cheeks and upper lip.

Katara thought that it was over but again she felt his hands on her head. He pushed her head back down off the pillow, and stuck his emptied balls into her awaiting mouth. She decided not to argue and started licking his scrotum while he slowly jerked his shaft. He looked down at her cum covered face in disgust. “Your such a dirty whore Katara.” He said in a harsh tone, using his free hand to smear the cum from her cheek onto her nose and into her eye. “You probably fucked that airbender didn’t you? You slutty little bitch.” After saying this he started slapping her face roughly with his cock. Despite how gross and harshly she was being treated, Katara found herself getting even hornier than earlier. She started sucking on his large, warm balls, doing everything she could to be the dirty slut he had just called her. He let out a groan, clearly loving the treatment he was getting. Katara was getting so excited by this that she was about to beg Sokka to take her virginity and fuck her brains out. Before she could do this however, he suddenly stood up. “Well Katara, all is forgiven in my book.” He said, his face returning to his usual smirk. “But aren’t you still hard?” Katara asked, without caring that it sounded like she wanted more. “We don’t have time for round two Sis.” He said bluntly. “Fire Nation might be here any second now!” He started to get dressed and Katara just sat there rubbing her agitated pussy. She reflected back on the whole experience, and decided her luck still hadn’t changed.

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