Awesome Experience with Friend’s friend

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I am reading stories more than the decade. I am a big fan of sex stories and Thankful to SS giving me a chance to post my real story.

Dear Readers If any grammatical mistakes in my story kindly excuse me.

Well, am Single/Never Married male from Secunderabad. I met a woman through one of my friend ’s friend one. She’s mind blowing.. was introduced to her by my friend’s friend. We both greeted each other and spoke for sometime and we departed.

Let me explore how she look likes 5’9, Fair, Sparkling eyes, long hairs and stat’s are 36-30-38. The first time is flattered. I reached my home and masturbated thrice, I haven’t slept whole night thinking of her.

I had to visit one of my friend’s place for weekend’s party met few old friends. Some female calling my name when I turned to see who’s calling me… to my surprise same women, I met her at other friend ’s place. I excused my friends and just moved with her to the balcony we both were sipping scotch and knowing each other very well and exchanged our contact numbers. We were the last people to move out from the party and I dropped her at the place said good night to her.

I received a text on my mobile from her stating thanks for your presence with me and it was nice to be with you in a lovely evening wish I could spend some time with you. Have replied to her.. you have some many lovely evenings ahead. We chatted almost another few hours random topics and suddenly diverted to Adult topics and knowing each other liking’s in Romance, Foreplay, Penetration, after play etc., we both literally flirting with each other having fun over phone till 4 am. we both said to each other good night. Morning my phone ringing at 11 am she’s the one calling have answered call hello and said one moment someone at my door…. doorbell is ringing when I opened to my surprise my sweetheart at the door I welcomed her and closed the door.. she hugged me from back wow what a feeling… was in seventh heaven. I asked her what do you like to have Tea, Coffee, soft drinks or Liquor ?….. She answered me in a different way… which made me aroused like anything .. we started smooching and it was lasted for 20mins we both were crazy and from the living room to the bedroom while smooching and we both ripped off our clothes and became naked while smooching… she kneels down and started giving me a blowjob which is amazing I was in heaven the way she playing with my cock which is 7+ inches in erection… her tongue is mesmerizing my cock was moaning like anything which is experiencing the first time in my life… she is awesome after 15mins have told her am going to cum now… She wants me to shoot it completely in her mouth which I did and she ate and licked entire cum.

It’s my turn now… was kissing her from neck to spine, lower back, ass crack her body is shivering like anything her moans were resounding in the room… have to suck her boobs for a long time which she never had… areola are stiff and steady was pulling with my teeth and my tongue is playing with nipples….. she says it one of the best feelings ever had. Slowly have licked her navel too…. Coming to heaven hole which is cleanly shaved and its shining slowly I made my way to between her thighs have started licking her pussy… again she was shivering the moment my tongue started exploring her around pussy. My tongue started licking upper part of her pussy wow what feel it was while licking upper part of her pussy my index finger slowly exploring inside of her pussy which is warm hmmmm…. She was sounding like aaaaaaaaah hmmmmmm Ummm Ummmmmm Please don’t stop please go ahead it’s a great feeling which is making me feel like floating in air ….. more than 40mins licked her pussy she loaded her orgasm’s twice I ate it completely it was yummy.

Ump humph !” She was riding on me such which is one of the best pleasure which I had first time in my life Grunting my cock like anything…. I shove my cock deep into her heaven hole. I bumped into Cervix with each thrust. She was holding me tightly and wrapped her legs around my waist… Oh, God… It’s mind-blowing … you are getting such a Cock that has never been used before to fill your thirsty pussy. Filling her pussy with my high nutrients sperms which is making her crazy and wants more more more …. Moans like aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah hmmmmmm

I inserted my cock into her pussy entrance which is tight have slowly pushing and she’s shouting with pain I pushed with more pressure it went more than half cock …. Wow and tears are coming from her eyes I didn’t stop started ramming with more pressure entire cock inside her pussy which is getting more and more lubricated functioning awesomely and she started enjoying penetration which is making her crazy…… she started saying fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me hard …. Enjoying. I want this fuck every day. Doggie is Marvellous she has lovely ass 38… we had doggie for almost 20mins… had on the sofa for sometime…. Under shower too…. The great sex we had until Sunday evening.. which was unforgettable.

She moved to another state now.

I haven’t mentioned the names. Privacy is Important.

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