Awesome First Time

Hi to all readers of this site. I m Sumith, I am a regular reader of this site from past some months as i stay alone this site is a great helper for me to pass my time. Any ways let me start the story; I stay at a small town in Karnataka district called Sirsi its in Karwar dist. All this happened when i was in my MBA 2nd sem ,I was been to Bangalore for a management fest and we had a nice time there but the best thing happened was i met a girl there named Shruthi, Initially we exchanged eye sights, Basically i m a reserved person i never talk to girls much and stay in my own world but that evening i don’t know what happened to me we were at the dining place she was also there fortunately we both came at the same table a gathered all my strength and smiled, but she didn’t, I was ashamed then after sometime i saw her then she smiled at me. God i was happy. then we talked and on the last day of fest i taught of asking her number and she gave.., we had a chat daily then we spoke on

phone then we got to know that we both were single then gradually we began to speak naughty as time passed we were in a relationship like something and one fine day we decided to meet again as she was studying in Bangalore, I needed to visit that place to meet her. I was comfortable as one of my best friend was staying there and he was alone so I taught of taking her to his room as he will b in office whole day.
so one fine day we met She was wearing a Green top and a black jeans and i was in black shirt and blue jeans. God..!! she was looking hot I picked her up, we smiled at each other spoke for sometime casually then we took a auto and been to a Cafe for some breakfast and after some time we moved to my friends room she didn’t ask anything as I had explained her earlier that we will spend some time in my friends house, we reached in small time as she was walking up the steps i was her backside and my eyes went on her butt.. Awesome..!! as she was climbing the steps they we

re bouncing in her jeans I was staring at her butts!

devil then we were at the door I unlocked it and we were inside now I locked the door and Switched on the fan as it was hot inside we sat on a couch spoke for a while, then I said her that her hand was like a kids hand with small cut fingers she was blushing and i touched her hand and was rubbing it then I slowly moved towards her I moved my hands on her silky hairs while rubbing her hairs I moved more close to her and I was breathing near her ears she was closing her eyes I slowly started breathing near her neck and moved her hairs to the left side with my hands and kissed her gently on the right side of her neck she was closing her eyes again then i slowly moved my lips all over her neck and started kissing them
 then I bit her gently on her neck she moaned AHHhhhh, hearing that I got charged and started biting her neck all over again she grabbed me face and stared kissing me on my lips i was smooching her too, if sucked her lips gently first then i started biting her lips gently she was moaning high while smooching her my hands went on her boobs I began rubbing them on her top, top was silky and slippery I was grabbing her boobs again and pressing them now more harder then i slowly made her raise her hand and moved her top upwards and removed it now I could see her in her bra . she moved her hands on my shirt and unbuttoned my shirt I removed it further and kept it aside now I took my face near her boobs and was smelling her boobs I kissed it gently on both sides then i started licking it and squeezing them on her bra she was holding my face and rubbing it. then my hands moved to unhook her bra I did it in a sec and now i could see her naked boobs they were 34 at once i took them in my mouth and started sucking them when i was sucking the right boob i was squeezing the left boob in my hand she was moaning like hell then i started this process hardly i was biting her boobs harder she was moaning louder now then i stopped biting her boobs and then i started licking her tits heaven they were all hard and straight i had a bite on them gently she screamed ouch
then I started pinching it with my fingers she was mad now i don’t know what happened to her she grabbed my face and pushed it towards her both boobs my face was pressed very hard i started sucking her boobs harder and biting it more she pressed my face more and u wont believe friends i was unable to breath my was still for some minutes then i took my face back and stopped for a while. she understood and moved her nails on my chest and started pricking it then slowly i moved my face on her belly kissing her biting it too then u moved my hands on her jeans i didn’t wait for her permission i unbuttoned her jeans button and moved my hands inside her pant i sensed her panty i grabbed her pussy on her panty and rubbed it for a while she was with all AHHhhhh ahhha.. i grabbed it hard again she screamed a bit louder now then i moved my hands inside her panty and touched her pussy skin guys believe me i was in this process for the very first time.. i rubbed her naked pussy and then slided her pant downwards and her panty too in a flash ..
I was watching her naked pussy she was shy and smiling at me. Then i moved my face to her pussy she asked what i was doing..? i said Shhh..!! and started moving me face on her pussy slowly, i started kissing it gently she was moaning again now i started sucking her pussy opened her pussy lips and moved my tongue inside and licked it she grabbed my head and pressed her to her pussy harder i was licking it faster then ever i started biting her pussy skin and pulling it out gently she was screaming then i moved my finger inside her pussy and she was screaming like hell again then i rubbed my finger inside her pussy hardly she was biting her lips and closed her eyes then i took 2fingers and inserted inside she said not to do that but i didn’t listen and as i inserted the second finger she started screaming again i rubbed it vigoursly I was enjoying it then she said me to stop and she undressed my pants and pulled my jockey too she saw my dick it was all ready i m a normal guy with average dick i wont fake the size of my dick is 5inch she took it in her hand rubbed it and said that i had a fat dick and she will die today. I said that i will not let her die and make love gently she smiled i was on top of her she opened her legs and her eyes invited me i took my dick and inserted in her pussy…
She started screaming i got scared as it was my first time and i pulled it out soon.. she smiled at me and kissed me and said to smooch her and insert I did that and started pushing my dick inside her pussy she was smooching me hard too i could sense her screaming even her lips were locked my mine, now i pushed it hard inside and kept it inside for 3secs or so .. Then i started moving my dick inside out gently she was enjoying i could make it out by her eyes and lips then she said me to hit harder.. i did so my dick was getting more harder and i was trying to reach her pussy fully i increased my speed started hitting my dick harder to her pussy she was screaming like hell whole room was full with her scream i was getting more Horney by her screaming sound…
I fucked her in full speed again she grabbed my back and moved her nails harder she began to prick my skin with her nails i was at the peak.. caught her hips in my hands and gave her 4-5 hard in shots i was abut to cum she grabbed me hardly and hugged me tight i moved my dick faster and i was out ….. AHHhhhh it was total heaven for both of us we both were Happy for each other we slept on each other for a while and i kissed her on her forehead and slept on her boobs for a while took some rest and then we got dressed up and went our for a lunch, and came back again to the room and had sex again.. Guys it was my first time full sex and it was awesome. but it was the last time too because after this we didn’t meet again as she was from a orthodox family she got married and i didn’t bother her too as i don’t want to be a reason for a problem in her  married life.. I deleted her number too… Now i m all alone again, leading a decent life.. This was my first story ever and I guess it will b last too… thanks to the founder of this site and all the readers.. Good work people keep it up..