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Hello All,

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!! This story is all about how I ended up in a sensual relationship with my cousin bhabhi. I am a college student with normal physic. My bhabhi is so beautiful and awesome and she has got all the assets to satisfy a man in all the possible way. She has got those pink nipples and awesome pussy.

Coming to the story, my bhabhi is newly married and friendly in nature. I don’t know if she had any affair before marriage but I was always in the search of something that can make me get closer to her. We talk about so many things.

She use to ask me about how the college is and how my studies are going on. She use to ask about my after college plans, job, marriage etc. She asked me if I have any girl friend. I said no, since I really don’t have any. I told her that I do talk with girls in my college and in fact I like a girl but so far I could not dare enough to tell her. Then my bhabhi told not to delay if I really love her. Then I told my bhabhi that I am not sure about love. It’s not that I always think about her. It’s just a mere attraction and may be infatuation.

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Day by day, my desire to become sensually closer to her was increasing and I was always trying to find the ways and means of looking at her breast or other body parts. I was not getting much success. Then slowly I started to help her in some of the house keeping stuff. We had semi-automated washing machine and I use to help her in washing clothes. While washing clothes I use to observe at her chest area. Sometimes I got lucky when she use to bend and she did not paying much attention. She use to wear chudidar kameez and most of the times she do not wear oodni while doing house hold things. So yeah, sometimes I got lucky to take a glimpse of her tits. She never use to bother about it. (She may be thinking poor fellow, let him watch it as this is common in that young age). So her silence gave me some braveness to take it further.

One day, we all were having lunch in the hall and I got a call from my friend to go out. I finished lunch pretty fast and has to change clothes. Since all were eating, I took the clothes and intentionally went to bhabhi’s room to change clothes. I was in my track and was not wearing underwear. I did not bother to use a towel and removed my track and started wearing jeans. I was almost finished with wearing jeans and suddenly my bhabhi came and she saw my huge cock. She said sorry sorry sorry…..and went away. I did not say anything and kept quiet.

After that day, I could see a little change in her behavior. She started to be more closely with me. She often asked me to help her in household things. One day we were done with work and were relaxing. She then went to kitchen and prepared tea. She gave me the tea. While taking tea cup, I touched her hands and hold it for some time. She did not say anything and was not resisting. One day I had to drop the family members to a function including bhabhi but bhabhi was not ready. Then I told that I will drop bhabhi in the second round and in the first round everyone came in the car. I dropped everyone at the function and came pretty fast to pickup bhabhi. I rang the bell. I guess she was taking bath. She came to open the door in a towel covering her boobs half. Oh man…what a view was that.

I went near bhabhi and stood very closely to her and told bhabhi…kya bhabhi abhi tak tayyar nahi huye…. She said…ha hogaya…tum abhi do minute wait karo. She went to bathroom and did not close the door and started to take bath. I said bhabhi jaldi karoo…and asked her if she need any help. She said haa..tum meri peet saaf karney main madad karoo…I was very happy and went inside. She was in her panties and bra…she said vicky…tum sirf meri peet he saaf karna aur kuch math karna…I said ha bhabhi…I started to rub her backside slowly. Then I tried to slowly clean her boob area but she was resisting. Then suddenly she got a call and her husband called. I brought her the phone and she said she and vicky will be there soon. She then asked me to go away and she got ready in no time and I dropped her at the function.

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Few days later, there were no one in the house and we were watching some photos on my laptop in her bedroom. The laptop got stuck. I told bhabhi to press alt+ctl+delete to cancel all the programs and then start over again with photos. She said that alt control and delete is not working. She was pressing alt ctrl delete one after the other (I am not sure if she was genuinely not aware of how to press all together but whatever she needed help there). The laptop was on the table and she was standing infront of the laptop. I stood behind her and then I told, arey bhabhi alt ctrl delete ko ek saath press karna chahiye. Let me show you, I took both her hands and then hold her fingers and guided her how to press alt ctrl delete once and then go to task manager and then cancel one by one window as many windows were open.

While doing all these, I was pressing my cock to her ass from behind and my cock was full on erect. It was throbbing. I started to rub her ass slowly with my huge cock. She was focusing on the application. She did not say a word. I got more strength. I started to rub her ass more with my cock. Then slowly I hold her shoulders and started to kiss her neck area. I suddenly made her turn and started to kiss her. She was liking it. I started to press her boobs and I was not in control. I asked her to remove the salwar but I had no patience. While she was removing her chudidar, I started to untie her nada and started to remove her kameez. I removed the laptop from the table and threw it on the bed and lifted her and made her sit on the table. I removed her kammez, panty and inserted my huge cock in her pussy. She was at once shouted and made aaaa….noise. I kept my hand over her mouth and started to fuck her so hard. At that moment, I was not thinking of anything in the world and was purely lost in lust. I was in a different world altogether. I then started to suck her boobs and face.

Then I asked her to stand on one leg and the other leg resting on table. I then inserted the cock from behind in her pussy. I was even rubbing her pussy. She was enjoying it to the core. I then took her to bed started to fuck more and more. Finally I was about to cum and did remove my cock out of her pussy. In this whole process I was so tired and just laid over her body and started to take rest. I guess my bhabhi still wanted more. I asked her to give me some time. In the meantime she said that I will be waiting in bathroom.

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After some 10 to 15 minutes, my cock got erect again. By that time, my bhabhi removed all her clothes and was rubbing her pussy in the bathroom. That made my cock throbbing. I went near her and started to rub her pussy mouth with my hand. She was moaning like anything. I was rubbing her pussy hard and at the same time sucking her boobs. She then begged me to put my cock inside. I lifted her one leg and inserted my cock in her pussy from behind. I was fucking her so hard and by then I guess she had her orgasm. I did not care about it and started to fuck her. I asked her to bend over on bathroom on her knees and started to fuck her harder and harder until I cum again. After having an awesome fuck we both were very tired, took shower went to respective beds.

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