Awesome Twosome With Bhabhi And Her Sister

I am very happu that i received a lot of response for my previous story I nailed my bhabhi. Here is another exciting episode. My bhabhi has a younger sister Nisha (name changed) who is 24 years. She’s a bit plump 34 30 32, but she has seductive eyes. She comes to my bhabhi’s place every 6 months and stays for a week.  She had come to my bhabhi’s place and I was super excited to see her. I also heard that she broke up with her boyfriend and I had to do something to fuck her.
I rang the bell and Nisha opened door. She greeted me with a smile and I managed to steal a hug her. She was a bit surprised as I hugged her for the first time. Bhabhi was in the shower and I was having a general chat. After sometime bhabhi came with her semi wet nighty and I kissed her on the cheeks in front Nisha. Nisha teased ohhhh see devar’s love towards bhabhi we looked at eachother and smiled. 
Bhabhi had disclosed everything to her, except our love story. I whispered bhabhi I’m going to fuck her” She replied “You can’t and it’s impossible” I smiled.  We 3 had some general talks. That evening we 3 went for a movie and bhabhi was sitting in the middle. Bhabhi was resting her head on my shoulder and I was kissing her frequently. After the movie Nisha was feeling uncomfortable. 
She was confused by the way we were behaving. We went to a restaurant and Nisha was talking about her past with her boyfriend. She also said you both behave like lovers. I immediately replied yes, we are like husband and wife. Bhabhi was stunned. Bhabhi was in tears while I was wiping her tears, I said life has never been fair to her and I don’t think there’s harm in keeping her happy. We silently had our dinner and left home.
Next day, I got a sms from Nisha I came to know everything last night and I’m glad that you are there for her. Thanks” I was super happy and excited. I rushed to see bhabhi and gave her a lip lock. I didn’t bother to see if nisha was seeing us or not. I just wanted to remove her nighty and fuck her. Bhabhi resisted saying not now please.  Luckily Nisha was not around.  
We had our breakfast and sat in the living room for talks. I said bhabhi why don’t you sit on me and she initially hesitated but she sat on me facing towards me. I started kissing bhabhi’s face slowly and nisha was sitting silently with a smile. After a lot of hesitation we both had a long lip lock, bhabhi removed my shirt. I slowly slid my hands inside her nighty and I was squeezing her breasts. 
Bhabhi started to moan and nisha started to get excited. I could see nisha feeling uneasy and her right hand was on her breast.  I ignored her and I removed the nighty slightly bhabhi was half naked and her breasts were begging for a massage. I slowly undid her black bra and starts sucking her tits bhabhi were moaning ummmmmm bite it on the other hand Nisha was excited and I knew she wanted a piece of action. 
As nisha was not far to reach, I grabbed her hand and made her sit next to us bhabhi started to squeeze nisha’s breasts over her tight top bhabhi took my left hand and placed it on nisha’s pussy my right hand was massaging bhabhi’s breasts bhabhi stood up and removed my pants she also removed nisha’s top and her milky boobs were such as feast. I just couldn’t take it anymore I stood up and made sure all of us were naked.
Nisha’s pussy was bit hairy and bhabhi as usual was trimmed. Bhabhi was giving me a blow job and I was kissing Nisha all over her face managed a liplock and man she responded well. Since it was my first 2 on 1 it was hard to concentrate. I had to give equal attention to each other. I slept on the sofa and made nisha to place her pussy on mouth and bhabhi was still giving me a blow job, we stayed in the position for some time. Nisha and I came together.
We were slightly tired but we were getting hornier by every minute. We shifted to the bed room; I started to fuck bhabhi in missionary position. Nisha was kissing me it was nisha’s turn I started to stroke her slowly the room was filled with her moans she was aggressive I banged her merciless we enjoyed for 15 mins and she came like a fountain by now we were exhausted, we 3 slept and I was in the middle it was about 2 pm Nisha was hugging and sleeping bhabhi was preparing lunch I wrapped a towel and I hugged bhabhi from back. 
She was very happy and said you won I replied you are my only wife ever. I woke Nisha she was glowing. She was about to go to the toilet to refresh while going she grabbed me inside made me sit on the toilet seat and she started to give a blow job. I got turned on again and she slowly guided her pussy on my cock. We hugged and I was fucking her hard after some 10 mins we came when we opened our eyes bhabhi was standing by the door and watching us play from then on I have the pleasure of making love with 2 sexy angels.