Baby Sitting Job

Beep Stories

Taylor yawned and stretched.  “Gosh it’s nice just to relax,” he thought to himself.  He settled down into the cushions of his big comfy couch and yawned again.  He had never thought living on his own could possibly be so peaceful!  He was free from everyone in is family bugging him.  He was done with having to give up his privacy.  Suddenly, he panicked.  He couldn’t find the remote!  Gosh, where was it? 
He searched through the couch cushions and then under the couch.  There it was, under the coffee table.  He spotted it.  He giggled; it was right next to his huge pile of animal balloons that he had left there the night before after having a little fun.  Suddenly, the phone rang.  Taylor rose up suddenly, knocking his head on the table.  “Yowl!” he said, annoyed with him.
What? He answered the phone, annoyed with it too, Chill out, bro, he heard his little brother’s voice saying.  This made him further annoyed.  Why was the little brat calling? What do you want, Jordan?” Taylor asked I need you to do me a favor forget it! I just wait I think you’ll want to do it after I finish telling you how much money you’ll get I doubt it.
Shut up and listen to me, jerkface! That’ll be the day, Taylor muttered all you have to do is help out at this little kid’s party for three hours, and you’ll be paid $75. The offer did sound pretty tempting, Taylor had to admit.  He glanced at his nearly empty wallet and sighed. What do I have to do? He asked I just show up and help out the parents. Taylor gave in.  He wasn’t busy that day after all, and $75 was nothing to frown upon. So, he acquired the necessary information from his brother and jumped in his car.
When he arrived there, he explained to the boy’s parents that his brother had come down with a stomach virus and that he was there to fill in for him.  They told him that he would be helping them watch the children and run the games, and then after the party was over, he and the other babysitter would do the cleanup. “How convenient for Jordan not to mention that,” he thought to himself.  But oh well, $75 was $75!
After they were done briefing him, they took him into the living room.  “This is Samantha,” Mr. Waters said.  “She’ll be sitting with you, and near the end of the party, she’ll be tying balloon animals for the kids. Taylor instantly felt his penis start to respond. “Crap,” he thought.  “I’m Never gonna be able to contain this! Hi,” Samantha said.  She was a few inches shorter than he was with dark hair and eyes.  Her build was about average and her skin was sort of olive colored.
Hi, he said I’m Taylor nice to meet you. They got to talking.  She had also just graduated from college maid and was living in the city.  She told him that she did the balloon animals thing and kids parties on the weekends to supplement her rather scant income.  Taylor’s penis grew even more as she talked about her ballooning. Fortunately, the 8 year olds started to arrive.  Their yelling and screaming was enough to turn anyone off.
The party wasn’t bad.  Taylor and Samantha chased the kids and kept them under control.  They fed them cake and made sure the favors were distributed.  During the pin the tail on the donkey game, Samantha disappeared.  Just after the game was over, she appeared in full clown dress, ready to make balloon animals.  Taylor watched in awe.  He had never seen anyone so adept with the animal balloons before.  
Each child left with the balloon object of his choice, some taking three and four balloons to make after the party was over, Mr. and Mrs. Waters and Timmy left for a birthday dinner, and Taylor and Samantha were left to clean up. Before they got started, they sat down at the kitchen table and drank some water.  They were exhausted from chasing the kids.
That was fun,” Samantha said Yea,” Taylor agreed, thinking of the balloons more than anything else. Samantha smiled, wondering which aspect of the party he had enjoyed the most.  She wasn’t sure but she thought she had seen a bulge in his pants during and after her balloon show.  She wondered if balloons turned him on the way that they did her.
Taylor looked at her, a soft smile on her lips, and oh a smudge of clown paints on her face.  “You’ve got a bit of paint left on your cheek there, under your right eye,” Taylor told her. She giggled and attempted to wipe it off.  After several attempts, Taylor reached over and wiped off for her.  Their eyes locked.  Taylor breathed faster, not knowing what to do.  Samantha leaned forward and kissed him.  There they sat, in lip lock for several minutes.  
Taylor’s mind was going insane with lust.  All he could think of was this lovely girl and her lovely balloons! Suddenly, she drew away, embarrassed. She felt sure the kiss was unsolicited and blushed hotly as she got up.  Flustered, she said, “I guess we’d better get working, eh?”  Her laugh was nervous.
Taylor got up, and this time, she was sure.  There was a definite bulge in his pants.  He grabbed a box and said he was going to take it downstairs. Taylor’s mind swam with pure horniness.  He couldn’t take his mind off her, or the kiss or her lovely balloons.  He could hardly get the basement door closed behind him fast enough.  He fled down the stairs, dropped the box and unzipped his jeans.  He pulled his penis out of his boxer shorts and started to stroke it fast and even.  
He was just on the verge of cumming when he heard Samantha.  Taylor? What’s taking you so long (as if she didn’t know?)  She got downstairs just in time to see him shove his penis back in his jeans. I was umm just uhhh trying to find the right place for this box, he said. She walked over to him and put her hand right on his bulge, which was oozing precum in his shorts.  “I don’t think that’s what you were doing,” she said.
What uhhh do you mean? He stammered I think you were getting off and what I want to know is what got you so horny? Taylor blushed a deep red come on she coaxed, you can tell me! You and your loons!” he said. He looked down at his feet, embarrassed. She giggled and unzipped his jeans.  She pulled them and his boxers down to the ground and he stepped out of them.  She ran her hand gently up and down his penis.  He moaned my, you’re horny; she said you know, balloons turn me on too.  
It’s all I can do to not strip naked and start fingering myself when I do the balloon animals. He moaned louder, picturing her words in his head.  She took a long green animal balloon out of her pocket.  In seconds, she had it blown up. Deftly, she wound it around his penis and began to stroke it up and down, slowly and evenly with the balloon.  His mind was going insane.  He felt the pressure building in his groin.  
His body tensed, and as it did, suddenly her lips were around his penis, sucking the cum out and swallowing mouthful after mouthful.  His moans were louder than ever.  “Oh yes!” he said. She swallowed once more and then kissed his penis gently. Thank you,” he said. That was wonderful! Oh we’re not done yet,” she said, grinning while they waited for Taylor to recover, they slipped off all their clothes and she began to tell him of all her ballooning escapades.  
It was not long (thanks to the stories and Samantha’s fingers) that Taylor was hard again. Samantha pushed him on his back and stood above him. She took the used green animal and wound it around her breasts in an 8 shape. Next she blew up two more balloons, one purple, and one yellow. She wound the yellow one around her waist.  Next she sat on Taylor’s tummy, facing his penis. Her legs were spread and her vagina was pressed right up against him, leaking some sticky wet fluid onto his stomach.  
Samantha bent over and wound the purple animal in a tight sort of basket around the end of his penis. She tested her work, moving it and making sure it would stay on. Then she stood up. Taylor looked at her body, so nicely shaped.  His penis was aching for some action. She lowered her body down over the balloon-covered tip of his penis.  She started to rub her vulva back and forth across it. She moaned, obviously enjoying what she was doing.  
Then she reached between her legs and spread her outer lips. The tip of his penis pushed inside a little. Slowly, she started to coax the balloon basket into herself.  The balloon basket was at least 4″ in diameter and Taylor could hardly believe it as it broke through the opening and was shoved inside her.  She groaned and her muscles clamped down on his penis as it followed inside.
He was in heaven. He had never before in his life been so turned on!  He started to thrust up into her, with slow, steady thrusts.  He could feel his head bouncing into the balloons. Suddenly, she leaned down and presses her whole body against him.  As they moved back and forth, he could feel her hard nipples and the animal balloons rubbing his skin.  He moaned louder and louder.  
Her muscles squeezed him, and her reached between them and started to pinch and rub her clit. The instant he did, the moaning grew louder and louder. Soon, he could feel the pressure building again. He squeezed her thighs and he could tell by the expression on her face that she was very close to orgasm. The pace increased still further and in a few thrusts, they were deep in orgasm. Taylor squirted spurt after spurt into her. Their combined juices dripped between them, and they moaned for several minutes, unbelieving. Oh! Thank you, Jordan! Taylor thought.