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tagIncest/TabooBacchus Villa Chronicles Ep. 01

Episode One:
"Sandra & Chase"
July, 2018
Saturday 3:40pm
Sandra Gianna thought Chase Sprung was gorgeous the moment she set her eyes on him. She watched the nineteen-year-old from her lawn chair that rested next to the poolside. Her younger sister Tanya's backyard wedding reception carried on, where many of the vapid and wealthy guests danced and helped themselves to a stocked bar under the humid summer sun. Tanya had just married Chaz Sprung. That made Sandra a newly crowned auntie of sorts toward Chase (not that she was embracing the title either).
No. For Sandra Gianna, the forty-something divorcee, she had other ideas toward that young man.
It was quite the grand year for Sandra's younger sister. She not only married the CEO of one of the most prominent boating companies along Florida's First Coast but also inherited their late mother's luxury villa that rested right along the shoreline of the St. Johns River. It was a modernized Mediterranean-style mansion, complete white stone walls, iron-framed windows, and tan ceiling roof tiling. A thick stone fence line ran around the expansive property complete with a front metal gate and security guard booth. It held in the contents of an in-ground pool, boathouse, a pool cottage, a greenhouse, and golf green. The mansion had no neighbors and lay shrouded in the surrounding wetlands, willow, and palm trees. It was rather isolated with the driveway being about a quarter of a mile to the nearest public road. Sandra and Tanya's mother preferred it that way and made it a case to buy as much of the surrounding acreage as possible.
She named dubbed the mansion Bacchus Villa — a tribute to the ancient Roman God of parties, excess, and a representation of their family's internationally praised wine company Dionysus Vineyards. Sandra knew that that moniker was far from just a business ploy. Sandra and her sister lived most of their summers residing within the wall of Bacchus Villa. They both knew long ago the mysterious allure the property had on guests as they partied while surrounded by sub-tropical isolation. There was a moniker back then that was still used today: "What happens at Bacchus Villa, stays in Bacchus Villa".
Even Sandra herself had to repeat that mantra from time to time.
Putting aside such thoughts of the past, Sandra reminded herself not to focus too much on nostalgia. It didn't matter now. Her mother had passed; her father lost his mind a long time ago but rested comfortably in a Miami retirement home. What mattered to Sandra was figuring out what kind of "man" Chase Sprung was. He was the younger of Chaz's two sons.
Chase's older brother Cook was about three years older than him. He had deeply tanned skin, spiky black haired that looked dyed, and diamond studs in each ear. Cook wasn't necessarily hard on the eyes from what Sandra could see. He was well-built with strong arms, wide shoulders, over six feet, and barrel-chested, but it was his boisterous and cocky personality that made Sandra cringe.
He strolled from crowd to crowd, bobbing his head, smiling at nothing, and gave corny joke after corny joke, pick up line after pick up line. When someone said something back to him, Cook would laugh loud enough for others to look over. He'd then flex in his sleeveless tuxedo and go, "boom!" Then he'd go right to the next group of guests and do the same thing.
Chase was different from his older brother from what Sandra could see. He wandered through the crowd and stood around the dance floor by himself. Chase ignored most of the other guests, sipping from his beer. She watched him leave the dance floor and walk to the river's edge. He took into the surrounding nature, sipped his beer again, and sighed. He looked bored with the party, and probably out of place with what normally entertained him. Chase then returned to the dance area where he watched his father and new step-mom dance along to some tropical dub beat. He then found a seat in one of the empty outside tables and sat down.
Sandra continued to watch him. Chase began to let his eyes wander from the empty table. He moved to his brother who bobbed and strutted up to the bar. He pointed toward his two new step-sisters Elise and Maya Travieso, who enjoyed the company of two gentlemen enticed by their Mediterranean beauty and Latina allure. Their third and youngest sister Holly had disappeared early yet again.
"What up, fam!" Cook called out loud enough for everyone around him to hear. "Cool party, riiiight?"
Elise and Maya just rolled their eyes and left with the two male gentlemen to rejoin their mother and new step-father. Tanya and Chaz continued danced across the cobblestone courtyard that pressed against the backside of Bacchus Villa. Chase turned his attention away from the large cluster of people that surrounded and let his eyes wander some more. He finally settled them upon Sandra who peeped him from the other side of the pool. She was the only one except him who remained on the outside of the party, enjoying her solitude next to the still pool that radiated in still blue water.
Sandra was well into her late-forties yet wore one of the tiniest bikinis his emerald eyes ever set on it. It bore a lime green and yellow trim design and accentuated Sandra's curvaceous hourglass figure. She was neither overweight nor toned, but somewhere in the middle that made her doughy around the hips, flat in the stomach, and thick in her thighs. But there was barely a tinge of cellulite across her deeply tanned body. Sandra's long and wavy platinum blonde hair gleamed in the sun, but it was her gigantic tits that took Chase's attention the most. The smooth fabric of her bikini barely did them justice or concealment. Instead, her heavy-set breasts seemed to muffin top over the material, while her large globular backside smooshed out from underneath with vibrant buoyancy.
The two met eyes at that moment. Chase looking on like he had just found a diamond in the ruff and Sandra grinning like he was fresh meat.
Keeping her grin, Sandra raised a hand and waved him over with her long pearl-colored fingernail. Chase paused at the gesture, his eyebrows rising. He looked over his shoulder and glanced around to see if anyone else (and older) had been looking her way. The majority of the guests remained focused on the dance floor, giving their full attention to his dad and new stepmother. Chase returned back to the older woman. Sandra looked on as Chase's image reflected off her sunglasses. He pointed to himself and Sandra nodded. Chase looked around once more to see if anyone was looking. There was not a single lingering gaze except for Sandra watching and waving him over. Chase stood up and followed the pool's edge around to his step-auntie.
"You look bored," she said to him when he arrived.
"Yeah, a little bit." He shyly looked down from her, focusing on perfect glossy white toenails that rested off the edge of the lawn chair. "I, uh, I don't really know a lot of people here."
"You know your brother."
Chase looked back over to see Cook with rock-hard spiked hair and aviators pounding Vodka shots at the bar and flexing afterward and going "boom!" Chase cringed and turned back around shaking his head.
"He's a showoff. And a douchebag, if you haven't noticed."
"That I've seen. Seems you can't miss him."
"No, you can't. That at least says something about him."
Sandra laughed. He could make her naturally laugh, that was a plus.
"Well, what about your new three sisters. Maya, Elise, and Holly?"
Chase scoffed and laughed. He glanced over again to see Maya and Elise walking off inside with the two men.
"They have their own friends. And I don't even know where Holly went."
"She likes to disappear early. They all do, by the looks of it."
Sandra looked at the young man over once more. He was thin and lean but barely broke five-foot-eight. That really didn't matter to Sandra, not at her age. She found his dishwater blonde hair, slightly tanned fair skin, and bright emerald green eyes alluring. His droopy hair curls were what she loved, along with his squared chin and broad shoulders. It gave him a look reminiscent of a "young Roman emperor" and his blue swim trunks, gray shirt, and strap-on sandals mimicked his un-assuming, laid-back persona.
"You know me," Sandra finally said.
Chase laughed out the corner of his mouth. "Yeah, for like two days so far."
Sandra only continued to smile. "That's enough."
The two grew silent, both continuing to grin and looking at each other over. Sandra then pulled her legs apart and placed them on concrete. She pushed herself slowly up, running a hand down and between her drooping tits for the young man to see. Chase took it all in without a shred of shame.
"Tell you what. If you're bored, you can come with me. Maybe we can entertain each other together."
Chase's grin vanished as if the very thought Sandra was thinking at the moment filled his own head.
"W-w-what did you have in mind?"
"Just follow me to the pool house. I…need your help with something."
Chase followed her without hesitation. They left the celebrations to the far side of the yard where the squared pool cottage stood like a mini-version of the villa. The squeak of the door handle followed as Sandra pushed the door in. A furnished inside bore nothing more than a small lounge and TV room and inside bar.
"So, new nephew what do you like doing for fun, besides wandering around your parent's wedding reception, drinking beer, and looking at trees?"
"Well, you know I like chilling, I like smoking bud and listening to classic rock. I like jamming on my guitar, going to the beach, surfing."
"Being a standard Florida beach bum?" Sandra teased.
The soft sound of moaning followed.
Chase laughed. "Yeah, I mean I like other stuff, too. Reading eastern philosophy, tai chi, rock climbing, mountain biking if I didn't live in Florida, I — WHOA, what the fuc—"
Sandra walked right over to the bar and Chase followed but froze the moment he stepped on through the doorway.
A tall and swole black man sat just off to his left completely naked with aviators and a shaven head. Straddling on top of him rocked Chase's third and youngest step-sister Holly. She was the same age as him with a tight and petite figure. Her natural raven-haired roots contrasted her long bleached blonde hair and her perky tits rounded to a fine point. The man she rode was huge. His pan-sized hands cupped her soft ass cheeks — ones that fitted snugly on the inside of his palm's like two softballs. Even Holly's tight, compact pussy couldn't take the entire hunk of meat and instead bounced up and down over the quarter top.
Sandra continued to strut passed the sight, laughing.
"Fucking the help again, Holly?"
Holly moaned, both cringing and smiling at the same time. Chase stood there dumbfounded.
"The property monitor!" the man corrected underneath her.
Sandra walked behind the bar, continuing to laugh. Her niece's moaning grew louder and sharper.
"I didn't know wedding bouncers had shift breaks."
"OOOOH!" Holly moaned. "He's property security, Auntie Sandra. OOOH! Not wedding. OOOH!"
Sandra shook her head as she rifled through the shelves under the bar counter.
"You just watch yourself with him. He looks a little too much for you."
"OOOH! That's the way I like them! OOOH, FUCK!"
Holly continued to ride the large cock, her eyes rolling briefly. When they resettled she looked over her shoulder and saw her new step-brother standing there with his mouth wide open, watching them.
"Oh…hey, Chase!" she said cheerfully. "I bet you're as bored as I am with this dry wedding reception, huh? OOOOH!"
"Um…I…er, yeah."
"OOOOH! Well, join the party. OOOH MY GAWWD, YOUR SOOOO HUGE!"
The security guard groaned, squeezed Holly's perfect ass cheeks, and picked Holly up. She interlocked her hands behind his head, and with his hands still grasping her ass cheeks, and he began to pound her narrow snatch with his hard dick.
"Who's that over there, girl?" the security guard asked.
The security guard nodded upward and swung one hand out from under Holly and raised it in the air.
"Whazzup, man! I'm Johnson, but everyone just calls me Big around here. I patrol the property. "
Chase nodded, finally turning away to see Sandra continuing to riffle through the shelves. "Where are they? Come on, they always move them."
"Hey, bro. You ready get in on that?" Big Johnson asked.
Chase turned back to him confused. "What?"
"You ready to get in on that?"
He grew numb for a second, watching Holly's blonde hair flail as her face melted into pure orgasmic pleasure. Chase reluctantly pointed toward his step-sister but Big Johnson shook his head.
"Nah, man. The older one over there."
"Ha, found it!" Sandra finally said. Chase looked over to her and her hand raised to see her holding a condom. "Now we're in business."
The numbing sensation changed to strange excitement. His own cock stiffened as he watched the older women come walking out from behind the bar. Sandra bore a come hither grin, sliding the condom along the inside of her bikini top, and fluttered her eyebrows. Pulling her sunglasses off, she approached Chase right up until her own tits were just out of arm's reach. The two looked at each while Big Johnson continued to pound Holly.
"Too loud in here, don't you think?" Sandra asked.
"Y-yeah," Chase stammered along.
She took a step forward.
"I think we can go up to my guest room."
Holly continued to moan and wail in the background as Sandra took another step forward. The smooth fabric that covered her ginormous tits pressed ever-so-slightly against the young man's shoulder blades. She watched as his beaming green eyes settled upon the two balls of sun-kissed cleavage that lay pressed together.
"Are you okay with all this?" Sandra asked him.
Chase's hands responded by reaching forward and tracing them across her thickly taut thighs. He took in their volume, their vibrancy, and then gently palm grasped them. Sandra responded by reaching up and guiding his face between her tits. The moment the younger man pressed in between the tender cleavage, he lost himself. Chase kissed along the inner edges of tits, rising and meeting her mouth. They softly kissed, feeling each other's bodies pressed against one another for the first time. Even Sandra briefly lost control the moment the young man reached around and grasped her ass cheek and raised up her thigh. He proceeded to kiss down her neck and it made her knees tremble.
Sandra almost fucked Chase right then and there. But Holly's screechy moans and Big's hot deep breathes brought her back. She regained her composure and pulled back.
She chuckled at herself and took in a deep breath. "Oh, you're too much and I want you sooo bad, but we can't do this here as I first thought!" Grabbing his hand, Sandra lead him out from the pool house. "Just follow me. Don't make eye contact with anyone or attract attention. We have to do this on the down-low."
She hushed her niece the moment she reopened the door, pulled Chase through, and quickly slammed it shut again just before Holly bellowed out a satisfying "OH, FUCK, I'M CUMMING!"
Sandra shook her head. "She's not going to be walking right for an entire week."
Chase laughed and Sandra looked back to him. "And you won't either by the time I get through with you."
The younger man smiled and palm slapped her ass. Sandra enticed him with a satisfying moan as they walked around the far side of the pool house. They continued until they reached the shrubbery that nestled just before the fence line and moved back toward Bacchus Villa.
He followed the older women in every step, watching as Sandra's globular ass cheeks bounced through her green and yellow bikini. Her tan skin glinted even in the artificial light as they slipped through a side door and headed up the grand staircase.
By the time Sandra pulled the nineteen-year-old down the long corridor, she looked behind and already saw the ginormous bulge that sprang beneath his blue swimming trunks. His breathes were heavy and his eyes remained fixated upon that ass of hers. Sandra could tell that there was no need for elongated foreplay. He was ready to slide right up in her.
Pulling him into her guest room, Sandra walked toward her king-sized bed, spun Chase toward her, and placed her hands atop both shoulders. The young man went with the motions and lowered himself down on the edge of the bed. His hands took in her body, running them over Sandra's curves, squared stomach, wide hips, and enormous tits. Sandra then stepped back from him, returning to the door and locking it. A dresser stood to the right of the door and she turned to that next. Sandra brought up the music app on her smartphone, putting on some up-tempo but easy on the ears lofi beats. It changed the aura in the quiet guest bedroom, one that faced out toward the front yard, and was as far and away from everyone dancing away at the wedding reception below.
They were completely alone.
When Sandra turned back to Chase, he was leaning back into the bed, keeping his upper body propped up by his elbows. His legs dangled off the edge and Sandra strutted right up to them, spreading them at the knees and grabbing his own hips. She scooted him upward every few inches until there was enough room for Sandra to place her own knees upon the maroon comforter. By then she was nestled deeply between his own lanky legs, her crotch rubbing against the bulging hard-on. She then lowered herself into him, feeling the tightness of his legs around her. Sandra's tits pressed up against his chest and they returned to kissing and massaging tongues.
She slipped her hands up under his shirt, feeling Chase's toned abs and pecks underneath. The young man responded by pulling his shirt over his head as Sandra leaned back.
Tossing his shirt aside, she smiled and fell back into him. They kissed as Chase scooted again upward to the other side of the bed. Once his sandy blonde hair pressed into the pillows Sandra rose back to her knees. She pulled away her top with ease, holding the condom with one hand, and tossed her top aside with the other. Her sun-kissed tits and saucer-like areolas sagged downward over her flat stomach and wide, full-figured hips. Chase looked up toward the older woman, his skinny legs gently hooked around her waist. He spoke no words to it but he was welcoming Sandra to take full advantage of him. She embraced it fully.
"I hope you don't mind role reversal," she said. "I can be a lot to handle for most men. I'm used to just taking control."
"Not at all."
Sandra ran her hands over his swim trunks, feeling his hard cock through the fabric for the first time. "Do you like women controlling you?"
Chase just shrugged his shoulders. "It's cool. I guess."
"You guess?"
"I do like older women, so it's cool."
Chase nodded, smiling back up to her. "It's a fantasy of mine."
Sandra laughed, leaning back into him and kissed along his chest. She raised back up again.
"I'm going to give you a grand Amazonian welcome to the family," she said. Chase grinned handsomely. "All you have to do is let me know when. You understand?"
"Will do."
Sandra's hands reached downward, buttoned the top strap of his swim trunks. Her hands gripped the fabric and tore away the velcro. The tearing made a perfect ripping sound in the room that beamed in the soft late-afternoon light. Chase's hard cock flopped out. It wasn't the largest she had seen, but it was above average and wide in girth. Sandra wrapped her fingers around it, feeling the rigidness of it within her hand. She stroked it slowly, dropping some saliva upon the pink and puffy head for lube. The more she stroked the more the young man grew more excited. She then brought the condom back into play, tearing it open, and rolling the thin rubber down over the hard cock.

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