Bachelor Party Gone Wrong Pt. 02

tagGroup SexBachelor Party Gone Wrong Pt. 02

The next day, the girls all left mid-morning and those of us in the bachelor party slept til noon. We ordered room service for brunch as the guys made jokes about which model was a "better fuck." Logan and I just sat there as Ricardo, Drew, and young Jared all bragged about their exploits fucking the sexy models.
"Vegas is even better than I expected!" Drew said. I was glad my boss and co-worker was having such a good time, but wish that I too had gotten a piece of the action. After all, I'd never had sex with anyone besides my fiancé, and this was my last chance before tying the knot.
Jared meanwhile looked quite happy that he'd fucked such a sexy and voluptuous model. "She was so much more experienced than the girls in college," he said.
"With the size of your cock, I bet she needed to be experienced!" Ricardo joked. While all the groomsmen laughed, I didn't find the joke funny and wanted to minimize all talk of dick sizes (or the lack thereof).
Thankfully, Ricardo had a plan for the day that could take our mind off things. He got us tickets to a "day club" pool party on the rooftop of one of Vegas's premier hotels. "There will be tons of hot babes there," he explained, "and endless drinks."
"The only catch is that the attire is a little skimpy…no board shorts allowed." Ricardo explained that he brought a bunch of swimsuits and speedos for the groomsmen to try on, and of course a leopard-print speedo for me.
The guys cheered when Ricardo pulled it out and encouraged me to try it on. I went to the bathroom to change, even though my groomsmen had basically already seen me naked. I was heartened when putting on the speedo that it didn't diminish my bulge as much as the thong. If anything, it revealed it perfectly: showing my three-inch flaccid penis nestled on top of my balls. I tried to fluff it up a bit by giving it a few jerks before going out to model for the guys. But there was no mistaking what was in my swimsuit: the bulge perfectly reflected my average-sized dick.
The guys all clapped and hollered when I exited the bathroom. "Looking good, bro!" Jared said.
"It looks better than the thong!" Drew joked.
The guys all changed into various speedos and tight-fitting swimsuits, which we wore underneath our shorts en route to the club. Once there, we grabbed towels and bottles of high-end vodka before finding a spot by the pool.
Ricardo was right that there were tons of gorgeous babes there. There were also a lot of muscular guys in tight-fitting swimsuits—people who must've do nothing with their time except party and work out. My bachelor party looked pretty attractive, too, but we were by no means the hottest guys there. That is, until we revealed our swimsuits.
The guys made me strip off first since I was the groom: revealing my leopard-print speedo to the entire pool. Just like before, my average-sized penis was clearly visible through the swimwear, and you could even make out every feature of my cock, including my cut cock-head.
Ricardo went next to reveal a bright-yellow speedo that greatly accentuated his massive bulge. Unlike my swimwear, his didn't reveal the exact imprint of his dick but instead just showed that he was packing some serious heat.
Drew too chose a very skimpy red speedo that had a nice-size bulge. His looked prominent but more subdued than Ricardo, which made sense because Ricardo's softie was an inch bigger.
Young Jared meanwhile revealed a ridiculous gray speedo that did almost nothing to conceal his absurdly large cock. Gray tends to accentuate rather than hide things behind it, and Jared's thick and lengthy softie was definitely not in hiding. The pouch of his speedo was overflowing as his huge dick and balls were so constrained that they folded in on themselves. Combined with Jared's toned lacrosse muscles and youthful looks, he looked like an absolute stud with a colossal chunk of meat.
As Jared displayed his prominent bulge to the entire pool—causing plenty of heads to turn and people to surreptitiously pull out their phones—Logan quietly pulled off his shorts. He was the only one not to wear a speedo, opting instead for short swimsuit trunks that didn't have much of a bulge. I was thankful once again that at least one of my groomsmen wasn't some horse-hung stud. Logan was just very attractive and toned.
All combined, we were a good-looking group and got plenty of stares and surreptitious pictures. I attracted a lot of attention with my leopard-print speedo, but the real stars of the show were the bulges in Jared and Ricardo's speedos. Tons of girls swam over to talk to them, and some even sent us drinks for free. Ricardo joked that he and Jared should just give out business cards to all the ladies in Vegas.
As I drank and lounged by the pool with Logan and Drew, Jared and Ricardo were working the scene. Jared loved walking to the bar to get more drinks and talk to babes. He said that he wanted to "use his fake ID," but I wondered instead if he just loved the attention he got as he walked across the pool in the obnoxious gray speedo. Both girls and guys stopped mid-sentence as Jared walked by with his burgeoning package.
Before I knew it, Jared and Ricardo each had two gorgeous babes on both sides of them in the pool. These girls claimed to be "actresses" from LA and told us about a must-see party later that night.
"It's some crazy party thrown by a Silicon Valley billionaire," Ricardo explained to me.
This peeked Logan's interest, since he worked in Silicon Valley, and also appealed to me and Drew, since both of us work in tech. Not only could we meet hot chicks and have a good time, but maybe we could even make some business contacts.
Ricardo told these girls that we were definitely in, and he and Jared got their numbers. We then went back to the hotel to change clothes, hit the casinos, and go out to dinner. As we lounged around our hotel suite drinking cocktails, it felt just like a normal bachelor party. The only difference was the guys still made me change from my leopard-print speedo into my leopard-print thong.
I won big that night at the casino and was a few hundred bucks ahead. Logan joked that my luck was finally changing and said that maybe he and I would get laid tonight instead of having to sleep on the couch. I certainly liked the sound of that!
I hadn't planned on taking any liberties away from my lovely fiancé, of course, but after I had seen Ricardo, Drew, and my little step brother all fuck voluptuous models last night, I was jealous and hungry for a little action of my own.
After an incredible dinner at a fancy restaurant, we hit up a few more bars before heading to the party. Jared and Ricardo were both stoked to reunite with the hotties from the pool, and I hoped that there would be ample girls for me as well.
The directions to get to the party were a little sketchy. We had to go to a dive bar off the strip, where a limo would pick us up. From there, the limo would take us to an undisclosed location that was somewhere in the hills outside of Vegas. Once there, we would see a large mansion with bushes, cacti, and mountains on all sides.
"Holy shit," Ricardo said when we arrived, "This is gonna be legit!"
"I just hope we don't get kidnapped!" Drew joked.
The limo driver opened our door and showed us towards the door of the mansion. Once inside, we met a gorgeous, red-head babe who claimed to be our hostess for the night. "Welcome, boys," she said. "Have you been to one of X's parties before?"
"We haven't," Ricardo replied.
"Well, no worries," our hostess said. "X is very particular about his parties, and the most important rule is not to tell anyone about what happens here."
A bit surprised, we all nodded and shook our heads. "If that sounds good to you, there's a room just to your left where you can grab a cocktail and a coat check where you can leave all your clothes. You'll get a wristband to claim them at the end of the party."
"What?!" I almost screamed out loud. Did she just say that we need to coat check all of our clothes?!
Not wanting to look like idiots in a billionaire's mansion, we walked casually to the bar in the room next door to grab a drink.
"Holy fuck!" Jared said. "This is crazy!"
"Oh my god," Logan echoed. "I've always heard about naked parties in Silicon Valley but have never been to one myself!"
It looked like we had somehow stumbled into an invite for a super secret naked party, and I was not loving it. "Guys, do we really want to do this?" I asked.
"Dude, this will be amazing!" Ricardo said. "There must be tons of hot babes and insanely rich guys here. Let's just go have fun, and if we hate it, we can get back in the limo!"
I kinda wanted to get back into the limo right then and there. Although I wanted to see hot girls naked, I could do that at any strip club on the Strip. Here, I would have to reveal every part of my body in front of my unusually well-endowed groomsmen. Worst of all, I knew that my cocky, 19-year-old step brother was willing and eager to flaunt his absurdly large cock. My penis, meanwhile, felt smaller than ever in my skin-tight leopard-print thong.
Everyone wanted to stay at the party but me, so I relented and decided to go on. I downed the rest of my single-malt scotch to bolster myself with a little liquid courage.
The five of us entered the room next to the bar. Jared and Ricardo were already halfway naked, eagerly stripping off their clothes. Drew also seemed excited, taking off his shirt to reveal his strong pecs and washboard abs. Logan and I were a bit more sluggish but we also started removing various articles of clothing.
Before I knew it, all five of us were once again in our underwear, and at least two of us had enormous bulges. Ricardo's massive cock was clearly visible in his white Calvin Klein boxer briefs, and Jared was sporting a once-again obscene bulge in his tight, black briefs. Drew was sporting a more modest bulge in his baby-blue trunks and Logan's bulge wasn't visible at all through his red boxer shorts. I was once again thankful that he seemed to be as modestly endowed as I was, especially since the bulge in my leopard-print thong looked like a tiny little 1.5-inch nub.
I turned away from my groomsmen as I lowered the leopard-print thong over my ass. "Owww owww!" Ricardo joked, slapping my butt. This was the first time that all of my groomsmen would see me totally naked, even though I had seen three out of four of them in their birthday suites.
As I slowly turned around to face the other guys, I belatedly noticed that my penis looked even smaller than usual. The thong had really constricted it so that it now hung down only an inch. On my tall, 6'3" body, it looked practically invisible.
As we all stood in a circle, it was obvious that my cock was much, much smaller than the rest of the bachelor party. Drew, to my left, still boasted his insanely thick four-inch softie. It looked practically huge on his short, 5'7" frame.
To his left stood Ricardo, who had been flaunting his big, Latino cock all weekend. It still hung nice and low at five, thick inches.
Next to Jared, however, even Ricardo looked a little small. At 5'11" with blond hair and blue eyes, Jared was the cute college jock of the bunch, but his manhood was bigger than everyone else a decade older than him. The massive shaft hung down nearly seven inches—halfway to his knees—and looked like a thick slab of salami.
What really caught me off guard, however, was Logan. Standing in his boxers, he had no bulge at all, and I praised the gods that at least one of my groomsmen might be the same size as me, if not smaller. But how wrong I was.
Standing next to Jared in all his glory stood Logan, with a huge slab of meat that was bigger than Ricardo's but just a hair smaller than Jared's. It looked to hang about six inches soft, moderately thick, with a huge, cut head on the tip. I couldn't believe that Logan had been concealing this python the entire trip!
As the bachelor party saw each other fully naked for the first time, our sexy, red-headed hostess entered the changing room. We were now in our birthday suits whereas she was fully clothed. Unwittingly, we had also lined up in order based on cock size: me, Drew, Ricardo, Logan, and Jared.
"Wow," our hostess said as she took in the sight. "I can see why you were invited. It's not every day we see bachelor parties as, um, equipped as yourselves."
It was obvious that our hostess was flustered by the size of Jared, Ricardo, and now Logan's cocks. She stared right at their three colossal softies as she kept talking.
"I'm not sure if you've been to a naked party before," she said, "but the rules are simple. Anything goes but we prefer no erections in the pool, gardens, or dance floor. If you do get aroused, there are plenty of bedrooms upstairs to…um…relieve yourselves."
This voluptuous woman licked her lips before she said the last two words. She clearly had something in mind as she stared directly at each of my studly and horse-hung groomsmen, but she didn't seem to give my cock much more than a passing glance.
As we entered the party, we must have looked like quite the entourage. We had at least three mammoth softies in the group and Drew's looked pretty good too. I was thankful that my flaccid cock had expanded to its regular size: a perfectly average three inches. And once we walked around the pool area, it was clear that my penis was by no means the smallest of the party. A lot of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs had been invited, and not all of them were well-endowed. Some had only one, two, or three-inch softies that made them look small to average. I imagined that it was their wallets and not their dicks that had gotten them into this party.
The girls were a totally different scene. They were all insanely hot, and possibly even more gorgeous than the models we had played strip pool with last night. "Holy shit," Jared remarked. It was obvious that all these babes were way hotter than the ones he met in college.
A huge-titted babe came over to us and offered us jello shots, which we readily accepted. Then some girls in the pool started hooting and hollering at Jared, yelling for him to come in. "Bye guys!" he yelled before taking the plunge. Part of me was thankful that he had now left the group, as his big-swinging seven-inch cock took all the attention away from us. Ricardo also walked over to talk to some babes in the garden, his low-hanging cock leading the way.
Logan then saw a girl across the pool that he recognized from Google. He had asked her out but she had repeatedly turned him down. But seeing him fully naked from afar, with a thick, six-inch softie, she rushed over to say hi. "Logan!!" she yelled. "Fancy seeing you here!"
I couldn't believe that such a gorgeous chick worked in tech. She looked to be half-Chinese with enormous tits, kind of like Lucy Liu. As she spoke with Logan, she pressed her boobs right against him, leaving only a view of her ass to me and Drew.
"Have you seen the secret dungeon?" she asked Logan.
"No," he replied, somewhat surprised that this hot babe was now hitting on him.
"They have jello wrestling and so many toys in the basement," she said. "We should go!"
So off Logan went with this voluptuous babe, now leaving me and Drew standing naked by the pool. With drinks in hand, he suggested that we hit the hot tub, where plenty of hot girls were already hanging out.
When we entered the hot tub, the girls (and guys) there got a good, prolonged view of our cocks. I was thankful that mine had grown back to three soft inches, whereas Drew's had maybe fluffed up beyond his original four inches. There wasn't such a stark difference now between our dicks, except for the fact that Drew's was easily twice as thick as mine.
The girls in the hot tub happened to be from Atlanta, the same place that Drew is from. One of them seemed very interested in him and they really hit it off. After twenty minutes of chit-chat, she said that she wanted to use the sauna and asked if he would escort her. I was shocked that this mansion had a sauna, but I guess mansions have everything.
"Are you gonna be okay, man?" Drew asked me, before leaving. He was acknowledging the fact that my entire bachelor party had now deserted me on my special weekend.
"No worries, dude!" I said, trying to be a good sport. "Have fun!"
Drew's dick had now grown quiet a bit as he exited the tub. It was now semi-erect and big and thick, and the girl who was hitting on him just laughed and grabbed his dick as she led him to the sauna. They needed to go seek "relief" before they committed a party foul, but it was surprising to see my long-time friend and CEO with nearly a full-blown erection.
This left me in the hot tub with a dwindling number of babes and several older guys. I was thankful that for now, my average-sized cock was no longer in sight or surrounded by my insanely horse-hung groomsmen. But I also started to get a little bored with the party as the night wore on. At one point, I actually fell asleep in the tub, and only woke up when a naked waitress came to offer me another drink. I gladly accepted and realized that there were only two of us left in the tub: me and an older guy who looked to be at least 50 years old.
I had no conception of what time it was or where everyone went. Maybe they were all busy fucking or maybe they had left the party completely. All I know is that this older gentleman started chatting me up.
"Fun party, huh?" he asked.
"I guess so," I said, nonchalantly.
"Have you not gotten any action?" he continued.
"Ummm," I hesitated. "Not yet."
"Well maybe you just haven't seen anything you like yet."
The man then sat up on the edge of the tub, revealing his torso to me for the first time. Between his legs hung a thick, 4.5-inch softie with big, low-hanging balls.
"If you are a good boy, I might let you suck on it," he said.
I sat there in shock as he said this, but then quickly hurried out of the tub. As I stood up, my thin, three-inch softie was now visible to this older gentleman.
"Looks like you got a nice little cock there," he said. "How bout we make a deal? If you suck my manmeat, I'll pay you $10,000. And if you let me fuck your ass, I'll make it $20,000."
I looked again in disbelief at this man and his meat. He must be some Silicon Valley billionaire with near limitless resources to pay a guy like me to suck his duck.
"Ummm, this is actually my bachelor party," I feebly explained.
"That's even better," he said. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it doesn't hurt to suck some dick before you marry a chick."
It sure would be nice to have $10 grand to help pay for my wedding. $20 grand could really go a long way towards buying nice things for my fiancé. But I just couldn't bring myself to suck this dude's dick, especially a week before my wedding.
"I'll take a pass," I said, exiting the tub.
I walked back naked towards the mansion, where some people were still milling about. When I got back to the changing room, I was surprised that Ricardo, Drew, Logan, and Jared were all standing there, fully clothed.
"Where've you been?!" Ricardo asked me. "Did you get some serious pussy?!"
"Ummm, something like that," I replied. It felt awkward to be standing in front of my wedding party fully naked, but I had to wait five minutes in line to retrieve my clothes. Finally, I put them back on and we hopped into a limo that was waiting to take us back to Vegas.
Once inside, Ricardo popped what looked to be an expensive bottle of champagne. "Okay, gents!" he declared. "It's story time! Tell us what happened at the party!"

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