Back Door to Heaven

Beep Stories » I stared at the stucco wall, exhaling loudly, ridding myself of the toxic energy I’d built up during the week. Finals were finally over, so I stole a moment for myself. I sat down in the lobby outside the lecture hall and did nothing but breathe. Seconds before, I was a student crumbling under pressure of academia, and in the final stroke of a pen, I was a person again. I closed my eyes and embraced the darkness that followed. In its place, my image appeared, glowing with the passion I had to put away for the sake of academics. With a beat up, nylon-stringed guitar in my hand, my soulful eyes gazed back at me, giving back all the energy I lost. Just behind, hidden by my form, Taya peered from behind my shaved head, lightly gripping my firm chest with both hands. She locked eyes with me, her slender, brown face weathered by stress and sleep deprivation.

Behind her docile eyes was a knowing stare; she needed my touch to relieve her stress. I gave an affirming nod, both in my vision and in reality, then I reopened my eyes. I stood up from the cushioned chair, and made my way across the tiled floor to the exit, moved by purpose.

Discovering that Taya, the pastor’s daughter, was having sex with her meat-headed cousin came as a shock, but one that presented a life changing opportunity. I blackmailed Taya and Marcus, demanding that Taya be my sexual outlet in exchange for my silence. As teenage boys go, my hormones were raging and I was too impatient to form a steady relationship, so in anticipation of my first sexual experience, especially if it was with Taya, I threw the possibility on the table. Marcus was an easy sell. The way he saw it, he didn’t have to give anything up and what happened to Taya wasn’t his problem. Taya’s reaction was harder to read at the time, her silence and unwilingness to look me in the eye seemed mysterious. I recognize now that she was too embarrassed to refuse, and too hurt to protest. I was her “friend”, a beta that provided a shoulder to cry on and a fresh compliment here and there. In a way, I was betraying her, and I’m not proud of it, especially with the attitude I had going in to our arrangement. I then became her “owner” and she became my sex object. After the one-sided negotiation with Marcus and Taya, Marcus spoke for a speechless Taya, agreeing to the deal.

“Good, no need to rock the boat,” he said, with his crooked grin. Without acknowledging Taya, he scurried away from behind the church, scuffing his sneakers as he went. I watched as he hurried into his Kia and swung it out of the empty parking lot.

I turned to see Taya staring at the ground in defeat, her dress still hiked up and her makeup running from sweat and tears. I took a few confident paces until I was close enough to feel her body heat. “You’re mine every Friday night, from 7 to 10,” I asserted. She didn’t look up, but she gave a slow, single nod. This began our…relationship. I planned to forbid Taya from fucking Marcus anymore, but it he ended up leaving for good. He told Pastor James he’d give Cleveland a try. With him out of the picture, I forbade Taya from fucking any other guys. She could date, but she had to save herself for me.

Regrettably, I’d used Taya like a fleshlight in the beginning. I would basically lube up, jack-hammer into her ass, mouth, or hand, pull out and cum into a sock a few minutes later. Every time, she was silent, somber, and judging. In my shame, I wouldn’t interact with her. She would leave without a word spoken between us. But with time, our encounters changed for the better. After being sexual satisfied for the first time, the hunger disappeared, and I could think more rationally.

It didn’t feel good to fuck somebody who wasn’t satisfied, so I tried to listen to her body. Likewise, Taya seemed to learn my habits and preferences. I studied her slim frame, her firm brown buns, her delicate breasts. The smell of her body became my aphrodisiac, and her orgasms became my orgasms. Her puckered asshole became my favorite thing to lick, her neck became my favorite thing to kiss, and her engorged clit became my favorite thing to suck. She knew, without prompting, when to finger my ass or lick my nipples, when to bathe my cock with her sticky little tongue, when to swallow me. We rarely spoke, but we began to snuggle afterward, bonding in a way. We shared a sort of telepathic connection, leaving no room and no purpose for dialogue. She became an extension of me, hosting a piece of my spirit when I would cum inside her. Our bond transcended the initial blackmail arrangement as she began showing up early to our sessions, and her mood lightened the more we bonded. These exchanges continued through our senior year of high school.

We went to separate colleges and live in different parts of town, but we continued our sessions over our breaks. Now, as both of our semesters end, I have the chance to touch her again. As I ride on the noisy metro, space-time moves at a blurring pace. I see none of the faces getting on or off, I see none of the streets I cross or the pavement I walk. I just see Taya’s Volkswagen parked in front of my house. She must be very eager because she’s 21 hours early. I go to open the door, knowing she left it unlocked for me. I drop my bag on the coffee table, leave my leather jacket on the couch, and head right to my bedroom. Inside, she’s sitting on my bed facing the window. Black boots, shapely faded jeans, infinity scarf and knit sweater. She’s garnished with bright red lipstick, my favorite. She turns to look at me when I enter. Her tired face is still beautiful. She looks divine with her illuminated natural hair, turned a golden reddish hue at the ends by the sunlight.

She stares at me momentarily, then she promptly undresses. First the scarf, then the sweater, the boots, and the pants. I walk over to her, close enough to feel her heat, and rest a hand on the small of her firm, naked back. I lean in slowly and she meets me half way. Her plushy lips meet mine and we begin to kiss and lock tongues. My hand leads down to one of her warm, firm cheeks. The lace of her panties rub my palm as I squeeze her tight ass, and her lacy bra rubs against my flannel shirt. Taya pulls back slightly from the kiss. She’s ready for more. With a free hand, I unhook her bra and toss it to the side. Her coal colored nipples protrude from her perky breasts, and I give each a long swirl with my tongue. Taya moans, her syrupy sweet voice just as pleasant as before. I alternate between smooching her neck and sucking her nipples before working my way down to her firm belly. I give her navel a good lick, and lead my tongue down to the top of her panties. I know what she needs.

She turns around and crawls onto the bed. Removing her moist, fragrant panties, she daintily throws them to the side. She then gets on her hands and knees, arches her back, and sticks her ass in the air. Her black pussy lips glistened, and her crinkled asshole slowly relaxed. I lapped at her asshole, massaging my tongue with it. She was clean, and that’s how I preferred her. She tastes better that way. Giving her hole broad licks, I began thumbing through her labia. She was slick, some of her juices were dripping onto my sheets. I let my tongue roam and trace her hole, my hot breath caressing it.

“Oooh, Xavier,” she purred. Her muscled tensed, and gradually relaxed. I worked my way to her pussy, planting kisses all along her taint and accordingly, she slid onto her back and spread her legs. With her slick mound in my face, I took her lips into my mouth, sucking and flicking them with my tongue. She bucked her hips, tilting them towards me. I slid my hands under her, gripping both of her tight ass cheeks and pushing her pelvis into my face. I let out a long slurp, sucking her sweet labia. She moaned again, this time giving my shoulder two light taps.

“Let me suck you,” she cooed. Giving one more slow lick, I stood up, kicked off my boots and socks, swiftly unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it, shed my pants and boxer. I was already hard, but I hardened even more, anticipating Taya’s mouth. I got on the bed, and swung my leg over Taya, forming a 69. My cock and balls dangled just above her face, and she planted a kiss right on the tip and licked the meatus. As she swirled her tongue around the head, I lowered my body onto hers, sliding my hands where they rightfully belonged. While gripping her tight ass, I resumed my assault on her pussy. In tandem, Taya took half of my length into her mouth, massaging the underside of my cock with her tongue while gently rolling my balls in her hand. I took it up a notch, and started sucking on her clit hood, slurping and lapping at it hungrily. She stepped up as well, slipping her saliva slick finger into my ass while taking my cock into her velvety smooth throat.

The room was filled with the sound of light smacking and slurping as we pleased each other. In tandem, we began to buck our hips, her grinding her pussy into my face, I fucking her throat. We reached our orgasms, our body began to seize and tighten. We let out loud, long moans of sensual satisfaction. My sphincter tightened around Taya’s slim finger as it prodded my prostate, and I unleashed powerful spurts of semen directly into her throat. She sucked with such intense force, drawing all the liquid from my balls. Likewise, I swallowed the gushing nectar from her twitching mound. Panting, we lay skin to skin for a few minutes.

“I’m ready, use me,” Taya said between breaths. We shuffled accordingly, and she resumed her position, arching her back with her ass tooted up. As I took my place behind her, I used some of her dripping wetness to moisten my palm and slathered my cock with it. With ease, I pressed the head of my rod into her tight ass and past her sphincter as she loosened her muscles, permitting my entry.

“Ssssss,” she sucked in air through her teeth. Firmly griping her narrow waist, I gently shoved until her buns pressed against my belly and my cock was buried to the hilt. I pressed further, letting her know how I wanted it. She responded, gliding downward until she was prone and I was lying on top of her. I took both of her hands, smooched her neck, and started to fuck her ass. I slid in from the head to the base, her ass cheeks slapping my stomach as I pounded her. She worked her sphincter to the rhythm of my stroke, gripping my shaft with every plunge. Taya was sandwiched between my mattress and my body weight, feeling the full force of my pelvis, shifting with every measured stroke. The passage was tight and smooth, she ensured that I enjoyed this “therapy” as much as she did. I continued fucking her ass, nibbling her ear and planting soft kisses on her cheek and neck. Approaching another orgasm, I grabbed her hips and fell back into a seated position, pulling her into my lap with my rod still inside her. Taya spun around to face me, my cock stiff and slippery enough to withstand the twisting.

I gazed at her beautiful, slender face, locking eyes with her. Within a span of 5 seconds, we exchanged thoughts through eye contact, shared a piece of our pain with each other, touched and caressed each other’s souls. Within a split second, we were healed by our complementary energy. Taya moved closer, wrapping her arms around my neck, and started grinding. Her pussy rubbed against me as she did, and my cock slid in and out of her tightly gripping ass. I squeezed her strong back, holding her tightly as her soft tits pressed against my pecs. She rode me, bringing me closer to heaven. A single tear rolled down my cheek. Her tight hole, her naked body pressed against mine, her scent, her love, all of it overwhelmed my senses. This was a true religious experience, I realized, as I reached the brink of orgasm. I held her tightly as she frantically slammed her ass on my dick, and I roared, bursting with molten seed. Taya let out a loud, shrill moan, squirting onto my belly while her sphincter forcefully milked my cock, drawing my cum deep into her bowels. She squirted until her moist, fragrant cunt could only produce as slow dribble. She milked me until every ounce of cum had been wrung from my balls, then her muscles relaxed.

Taya let go of my neck, locked eyes with me once again, her face lively and content, a single tear rolling down her cheek. I gently wiped away her tear with my thumb, and she moved in for a deep kiss. We kissed for a few minutes, then we snuggled, sharing heat, sharing energy. I held her tightly, and rested my lips on the nape of her neck.

“That was the best ‘session’ we’ve ever had,” she mused. “The best…orgasm I’ve ever had. And I’m still a virgin, we still haven’t disappointed God.” I subtly cringed at her misguided remarks, but I loved her regardless. She turned her head, and pressed her soft lips to mine for a quick peck, and then we both drifted to sleep.