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My wife and I were getting our lunch together in the kitchen on a lazy Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang.
"Who could that be? I'll get it." My wife Kim said." You finish up here."
"Oh my God..Aaaaaah!" I heard my wife scream.
I ran out into the living room to see my wife embracing a young woman.
"Look! Look, it's Christy!" My wife bellowed from across the room. "It's so good to see you!."
Christy, was the kid from next door. Well, definitely not a kid anymore. She had been studying fr her sophomore year abroad. I hadn't even recognized her when she was hugging my wife. She was like a new person. Her mom was a single parent and my wife and I helped where we could.
Christy looked over to me when I entered the room and came running over.
"It's so good so see you, I missed you!" She said as she wrapped her arms around me in a hug and punctuated the embrace with a kiss. A kiss on the lips that took me a little aback.
"Oh, Christy yes, umm ,good to see you're back." I sputtered. She was still hugging me. I looked over at my wife who was sheepishly grinning.
"Oh I hope I'm interrupting anything?" She asked looking back at my wife.
"No, no honey, Just getting lunch together. Would you like some?" Kim asked.
"Ugh, I'd love to, but mom has plans for me and lunch. But maybe I could stop by later?" Christy asked hopefully.
"Well, why don't you and you mom come over for dinner?" Kim asked. "We'd love to have you two over."
"Well I could, mom has a shift at the hospital, if that's ok?"
"Um yeah, sure. We look forward to hearing about your adventures!" I said.
"Cool!" Christy said.
Christy gave me another hug and kiss and ran over to my wife for another hug.
"See you in a while!" And she ran out the door as quickly as she had come in.
Kim was grinning from ear to ear. "Um, well I guess someone was glad to see you." She was giggling uncontrollably.
"Um, well, I guess. She looked glad to see you too." I stammered.
"Pfffft, babe, I thought she was going to make out with you for a second there."
"Oh come on honey, she…"
"Bullshit, I mean Christ, did you see what she was wearing? Half her ass was falling out of her shorts, that thin top with her black lace bra underneath. That was defiantly not the Christy who left here a year and a half ago wearing baseball hats and sweats. I'm mean, I know she is 20 now, but wow."
"Oh come on hon, it's Christy from next door…" I argued.
"Well, not anymore." And Kim slinked over to me. "She's definitely a woman now, and I think she has her eye on my man. Hmmmm wouldn't you love a little of that sweet young thing?" She said as she leaned against me, teasing.
"Kim, I would never. You're my wife, um, ya know. I'd wouldn't with…"
"I don't know, it kind of turns me on to think about it." She said giving me a peck on my lips. "You with all grown up Christy. Hmmm seems like you are a little turned on…" She said as she rubbed her hand over my cock. "I think you may like this idea."
Kim always liked talking a little fantasy sex with me. Fifteen years of marriage hadn't changed that. It was just never this close to real life.
She kept rubbing my cock and it continued to stiffen. "Come on baby, wouldn't you like to see her lips hanging off your prick? Hmmm I would, that'd be hot don't you think?" By this point she had taken cock out of my pants and was stroking it. "Yes baby, I'm thinking about seeing that ass, maybe seeing you as you fucked her from behind taking all of your cock." Kim fantasized, stroking my cock, her other hand inside her yoga pants. "Hmmmm babe, I'd be there watching you, right there, fingers in my pussy like I'm doing now…"
She abruptly stopped.
"I'm hungry for lunch!" She smiled as she headed toward the kitchen.
I stood there dumfounded.
I staggered into the kitchen. "Kim, what was that…?"
She was sitting at the kitchen island and looked at me while holding her sandwich. "Um, that was me jilling myself a little, stroking you a bit, putting a little thought into your head about the neighbor girl, or woman, who is coming over for dinner." And she bit into her sandwich.
"Hi honey." Kim said talking as spoke into her phone. "Yeah sure we have that, are you sure you don't want something else. Ha, ok, sounds good. Whenever you want, you know that. Yeah sure, no that's perfect, bring the wine. See you in a bit sweetie."
I was busy getting a salad ready and Kim came up behind me and kissed my ear.
"She wants hamburgers and hot dogs tonight. She said she was missing that since she was abroad. I wonder what else she wants?" Kim laughed. "It's going to be fun watching you squirm a little tonight hon."
"Why are you doing this you little wench?" I asked playfully.
"Because it's fun. And it turns me on. Don't worry, I'll give you a nice big blowjob after as a reward for letting me torture you!" She said laughing, rubbing the front of my pants and semi-hard cock when the doorbell rang. "I'll get the door, you're a little too excited."
"You're going to kill me tonight darling." I said joking, but not joking.
Kim and Christy walked into the kitchen talking away at high volume. Christy was wearing a little slip of a black dress with strappy heeled shoes. I had never seen her dress like, well, a woman before. I tried not to stare as she walked in.
"I brought the wine!" Christy declared holding up the bottles.
"Hey, you're not old enough to buy wine, you steal from your parents?" I teased.
"Ha…ha, it's some of what I brought back from Italy. I learned so much over there. You know, about wine." Christy said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek while I finished up making the salad. "I always loved when you cooked Mr. Simmons."
"Christy, you're an adult, call me Tim."
"Hmmm I don't know, you'll always be Mr. Simmons in my mind." She coyly said.
"You girls want to open the wine and join me outside while I grill these? If the rain holds off we can eat outside." I asked as I headed out the back door.
They quickly followed and we heard all about Christy's trip home and how she was adjusting to life back home. especially living back with her parents fro now.
"Yeah, It's driving me a little nuts. I was on my own for a year and a half, with just a roommate to worry about. Having someone grill me about where I'm going when I leave the house is killing me. I get that they are getting adjusted to me now, but, you know. In the mean time I'm trying not to murder them." She smiled.
We all laughed.
"Well Christy, I have to say I'm having a hard time adjusting to you being so, well, adult really. You are carrying yourself in a pretty mature manner, so confident." I said.
"Yeah, Christy, absolutely and that dress looked pretty amazing on you!" Kim added as she stroked Christy's back. "It really highlights how amazing you look a little better than sweatpants!"
"Yeeeeah, my roommate really helped breaking me out of that."
"You and your roommate got along well?" Kim asked.
"Um, yeah, more than well you could say. Sophia was a great roomy. I really miss her actually. She was from LA and pretty sophisticated, you know, without being too pretentious. There was just somethings she knew that I had never been exposed to. She was, ah, was a great friend to me." Christy raised her glass. "To Sophia!"
We all raised our glasses in a toast.
I was just done with the grilling when the skies began to open up. We dashed back inside, but not before Kim's white shirt had gotten pretty wet after she reversed herself to save to the wine.
"Oh crap. Fucking shirt is wet, oh well, It'll dry I guess."
My wife has great breasts. Not porn breasts, but full and beautiful with large areoles and nipples that couldn't be beat. Her shirt was clinging to her white lace bra beneath in a very seductive way. Her nipples were hard and poking into the wet fabric. I couldn't take my eyes off her, and from the looks of it, neither could Christy.
"Um, an inside meal it is. Why don't we just eat at the kitchen island? Kim can you dress the salad?" I asked. trying not to make a fool out of myself and stare at my lovely wife too conspicuously.
"Sure babe, why don't you two sit over there on that side Christy next to Tim. I'll put the platter and salad over here next to me." Kim winked at me as she organized another way of trying to torture me.
We all settled in and began to tuck into the food.
"Oh my God Mr. Simmons, uh, Tim. Burgers, so fucking good. I so missed this. Well the burgers and hanging our with you two!" Christy said smiling through a full mouth.
The rest of the dinner was punctuated with stories about her adventures taking classes in Italy. Christy would always punctuate a point by putting her hand on my shoulder, back or thigh. Or lean into to me during a hearty laugh. Each time she did my wife would raise an eyebrow or wink. She was killing me.
We had pushed the plates away and settled into the second bottle of wine.
"So Christy, what about the boys? Anything to report?" My wife asked.
"Yeah, there were a few. What do you want to know Mrs. Simmons, Kim, oh Christ I'll never get used to that."
"All. The. Details." Kim said in a mock serious tone as Christy began to giggle. "Come on, it's been a wile since I was 20, let me live vicariously!"
"Honey, don't embarrass her." I said in case Christy needed saving from my prying wife.
"No, no, it's fine. Really, I feel I can be, um, open with you in a way I can't with my parents. You're the cool neighbors!" Christ said with a lilt in her voice.
"You mean the cool old folks next door right?" Kim joked.
Christy almost spit out her wine as she laughed, leaning into my shoulder for support.
"Well, yeah I guess." She smiled. "You two are just soooo wise and hip."
"Ok, yeah, yeah, whatever, details girl!" My wife said.
"Ok, ok, well, I met an American boy, Peter, pretty much when I got there. Actually before, we ended up on the same flight out of New York. We talked at the terminal and were able to switch our seats during the flight so we could sit next to each other. He was very cute and we spent a good part of three weeks together. We ended up living close to each other in Florence. He was so easy to talk to, we'd take long walks in Boboli Gardens that was near the villa I was staying. Between Sophia and Peter, I was always exploring the city, having fun and amazingly still getting work done." Christy reminisced. "He was fun. The villa I was staying was beautiful, simple, but amazing. Marble floors, ceilings painted with pictures. Sophia got there first, so she commandeered the large bedroom with the king size bed. My room was smaller, but still amazing with a window onto the courtyard."
"Uh huh, ok, that sounds nice. Juicy details time!" Kim said impatiently.
"Honey…" I began to protest.
"Why, Mrs. Simmons, what do you mean?" Christy said in a feigned innocent voice.
"Sex honey, I want to hear about the sex!"
"Little ol' me." Christy retorted as she burst out laughing in a slightly embarrassed way.
"Spill it darling, I want to hear your adventures in bed." Kim demanded.
"God honey, why don't…"
"Shut up you." Kim said shooting me a look.
"Ok, ok, prying minds. And who said anything about beds." Christy was having fun teasing now. "I don't mind, really. There aren't many people I can talk this openly with actually. It's nice to tell the stories." Christy poured us all another glass of wine, apparently in preparation. "Well, I had had a little experience before going, not much mind you. But enough not to be a complete idiot. Peter was great. A really considerate lover, kind of romantic. And yes, we fucked like bunnies those first two weeks. It was so much fun just exploring with him. Sophia and I would have these long talks about sex. She was a bit more, um, experienced to say the least."
"So by exploring, what do you mean. This is the living vicariously part for me." Kim said.
What slope were we sliding down here I thought.
And you could see Kim's nipples hardening through her still damp shirt. I wondered if Christy had noticed.
"Ha, well, sex with boys around here, you kind of just lay there and they stick it in. Maybe a little foreplay if you're lucky. Peter was all about making sure you, ah, got off. I had the best fucking orgasms with him and we did it all over. Sophia had given me pointers on sucking guys off, so that was fun. We even did it in an alley once, with people walking by all the time. THAT was exhilarating!" And Christy got a wild look in her eye, grabbed my thigh as she made her last point. "I had never knew how wild sex could be. Boy, um, didn't I. And that was like the first month."
"What happened?, Why only a month?" Kim asked incredulously.
"Well, Peter started getting, um, a little weird about Sophia." She said. Her face looked a little off.
"Ah, he didn't like your friendship with her getting in the way, eh?" I asked.
"Well, yeah that and, um…" She trailed off.
"YOU WERE FUCKING HER WEREN'T YOU?" My wife basically screamed.
Christy's eyes got big. "Yeeeeah I was. It started like two weeks in. I hope you guys don't think I'm weird, I mean…"
"Oh my God, that's great! Weird, no, no, not at all. That's pretty hot little neighbor!" Kim said, now visibly getting a little aroused. "How'd it happen, like the first time?"
"Well," Christy said with a sly grin. "We were talking about sex, oral sex to be specific. It started taking about giving blowjobs and it slid into eating, um…"
"You can say pussy darling, you're amongst friends." Kim told her.
"Ha, ok. So we were talking about boys eating pussy and she was trying to describe something. We often didn't wear much around the apartment and we were lying on her big bed in our robes. It was a warm night and we didn't have much in the way of AC. And she just said "Let me show you." And down she went. Opened my robe, pushed aside my panties. I had never had that with another girl. She got me off in like 30 seconds flat. She then striped off her robe, she had a beautiful lithe body, pushed me flat on my back and sat on my face. She, uh, you know, um, got off on my tongue. Fuck it was great. Whenever I wasn't sleeping with Peter, we slept together in that big bed." She said looking off into space.
It was getting warm. My head was swirling a bit. Christly was squirming in her seat, my wife was ready to jump over the table to get more details and I was sitting there trying to hide the fact that I was now had an erection.
"And that idiot got his bloomers in a bunch over it." Christy said angrily as snapped back to the present.
"You're kidding me? I mean…" Was all I could muster.
"Right! I told him, because I wanted to be honest and everything, and he couldn't get past it. Ok, I get the initial shock at first. But, I'm telling him that I'm having sex with a beautiful girl that I live with and he couldn't see the, um, ya know, potential in that scenario? I mean look at her." And Christy started scrolling through her phone. "Look!" She pointed it at Kim first.
"Christ she's gorgeous!" Kim said licking her lips.
She then pointed the screen my way. She was gorgeous. The picture was of her sitting in a chair in a silken robe that was open wide, a vast amount of cleavage and one long leg protruding from the V in the robe starting at the waist. She brought the phone back to her face a swiped a few more times and pointed it back at me. It was now a picture of Sophia completely naked on a bed. She switched it over to Kim. I thought she was going to faint.
"I mean don't you want to eat her up?" Christy asked no one in particular.
All Kim did was shake her head yes.
"I mean, Mr. Simmons…" Christy was now was looking at the picture on her phone and I swear she was rubbing herself under her dress. "Ugh, Tim, so if I told YOU that, especially at 20, what would you say?" She stood up and pointed the picture towards me again, placing a hand on my upper thigh again.
The question just hung there. I looked at Kim, who had the biggest grin of night on her face, then at the phone, Christy's hand gripping my thigh.
"Well, Christy," I managed to utter. "I imagine I would think I was the luckiest man alive."
"Exactly, right!" Christy sat back down. Her dress had slipped up her legs to just below her crotch.
Kim started walking around the island to come up behind Christy.
"Do you have other pictures?" Kim asked.
"Oh yeah. Do you mean of Sophia? Yeah sure. She loved it when I took pictures of her. You know, regular ones and more inappropriate ones."
Christy began to swipe through pictures with Kim, explaining what they were of here and there.
"Baby, you should see these. Italy is beautiful, as well as Sophia." Kim said.
I managed to stand up, hiding my erection a little, and looked over Christy's other shoulder.
Pictures of museums and street scenes flashed by. Then Christy stopped at a picture of Sophia walking away from the camera in just panties.
"Oh, these are really hot, you guys want to see?" Christy asked us.
Kim answered yes before the sentence finished.
"Ok, this was the night we met Antonio, well I did. We were just together. It got Sophia all hot and bothered. Antonio and I had made plans for a date and Sophia was weirdly excited by it. We got home and she just jumped my bones." Christy giggled.
I didn't understand how at ease she was showing us these pictures. Like they were some landscapes of Tuscany. Kim had reached over and stated rubbing my cock behind our neighbor's back.
"Yeah she was really worked up, it was great. She wanted me to take pictures really bad for some reason." And she started to flip through the images of a now naked Sophia. "Um, there may be a few with my body, naked in it, just FYI." She said not waiting on an approval.
The pictures started with Sophia's naked ass bent over the edge of the bed looking seductively back at the camera and progressed from there. Her lying on the bed, legs spread, then the same but with Christies fingers inside her the folds of her pussy. A picture of Christy eating her out after Sophia had taken possession of the camera. Somehow a picture of Sophia, back to the camera siting on Christy's face, Sophia with her finger in her ass.
"Oh man that one was hard to get, basically shot blind. Sophia looooved things up her ass." She said matter of factly.
I broke my gaze from the screen and looked over at my wife who had her skirt hiked up and her hand on her pussy. Christy was so intent at showings the pictures she didn't even notice. She was basically showing us her homemade porn.
"This next one I love." And she swiped to it. It was of the two of them naked, waist up in post coital bliss, sweaty, hair matted, chests glistening.
"Ah that is wonderful Christy. So who was this Antonio fellow you mentioned?" Kim asked.
"Hmmmm, Antonio was this Italian guy, spoke great English and really helped me with my Italian. HE got the gravity of the situation, that's for sure. It was just us for a while, but he was more than open to Sophia being, um, around." She said in a leering tone. "Let me find this one picture." She closed the picture and began quickly scrolling through the thumbnails. "Oh, Here it is."
It was a picture of who obviously was Antonio, naked, with his cock buried in Sophia's cunt from behind.
"Ugh, I could watch them fucking all day. I loved that." Christy explained sensually.
"I get that." Kim said as she was practically leaning over Christy's shoulder.
"Would the three of you play often?" Kim asked. "Did Sophia ever play with him without you?"
"Hmmm, yeah, it was fun when the we all played together. She did play with him a few times when I wasn't there, but she would always send me pictures. Poor Antonio sort of became, um, our plaything. He would have to take a break somethings and not come around for a few days." She said laughing. "BUT, he would eventually come back…"

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