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Just as I had been most of the summer after I graduated from college, I stayed up late playing video games and slept in long after the sun had brightened the day. It was a Tuesday, not sure why I remember that, but it was, and it was just three days after my Sister had returned from her summer internship in Costa Rica studying the mating habits of a rare species of Monkey, or something like that.
The night before, after saving a video game world, I watched a young actress get gangbanged by some unrealistically oversized cocks. I'm not a fan of POV porn, but the over the shoulder view of her cunt and ass reamed by two massive cocks while she tried to swallow a third granted me the release I needed to help me sleep. Afterward, I was too tired to put on some underwear, let alone flush my cum infused tissue down the toilet.
I woke the next morning to the feeling of someone sitting on the edge of my bed. My mother used to do the same when I was much younger to wake me for school, and I instinctively threw the sheets over my waist to hide my morning erection. Just as fast as I covered myself, I felt the breeze of my sheets flying away, exposing my leaking cock to the morning air.
"Don't do that," my Sister's timid voice pleaded, "I only want to look at you. You have a beautiful penis."
"Woah!" I exclaimed, sliding back, sitting up on my pillow, pressing my back to the headboard. I pulled the sheet back over my waist as I stared unbelievably at my Sister holding my cum infused tissue to her nose, inhaling deeply.
"God," she exhaled slowly, "Your cum smells so good," inhaling deeply again before throwing the sheet covering my erection off my lower half, once again exposing my erection.
I tried to pull the sheet back, but her hand kept the edge of the top cover pinned to the mattress as the most determined and insistent expression I had ever seen on her face commanded, "NO!"
"I know you've seen me naked," she smiled after the anger disappeared from her face, "You little perv… now it's my turn."
"We were toddlers in a bathtub," I replied, "And I only know that because of the pictures Mom put in our scrapbooks."
"I've seen you sneaking looks at me in the shower several times when you were home on break," she countered, "And I bet you haven't seen a naked woman since you came back either… except in the porn you have on your phone and your computer."
I stared silently at my Sister as she once again inhaled deeply from the same wad of tissue my cock had squirted into the night before. Her eyes closed, almost as if she were sleeping, as she drew another breath through my cum encrusted paper hanky. Her unexpected appearance in my room and her odd behavior, plus the distraction of my mind racing to counter her truths with lies, prevented me from feeling her other hand on the inside of my leg, delicately crawling her fingers past my knee. I didn't see her hand or feel it, but my cock did, throbbing and expanding, before expelling a bubble of pre-cum out of the tip of my circumcised purple head.
She opened her eyes, looked at mine, and was about to speak when she looked down at my pulsating cock. The most amazingly perverted and hungry grin appeared on her face, and her hand between my legs reached up to grab me. She captured and squeezed my cock faster and tighter than I thought possible. Grinning like a Joker in a Batman movie as she watched her efforts to strangle my penis extract more pre-cum from my cock. The slow-moving fluid bubbled out of my cock's eye, oozing onto her fingers.
Her hand flashed to her mouth, and she sucked the edge of her knuckles like the salt-monster in Star Trek, and her eyes expressed the same starved hunger at me.
"Oh god," she muttered while still sucking on the edge of her finger, "You taste better than you smell."
Confused and overwhelmed by the sight of my cock, the aroma, and the flavors of the fluids my cock produced, my Sister stared at my erection, stammering, "I want to make you cum… and I want to cum too… how about I watch you cum while I make myself cum?" Standing up, pulling her long nightshirt over her head as she asked, would it help you if I were naked too?"
My Sister is not the most beautiful woman in the world. Some might consider her a little homely or plain. The classic girl-next-door, but not the one who's High School picture you'd jerk off too. Long brown hair flowing down to caress her shoulders framed her always innocent looking face. At least she always seemed innocent to me, until the moment she stripped at the edge of my bed and stared at my naked throbbing cock like a cum-hungry vampire from one of the pornos on my phone.
Her face may have been cherub-like, makeup-free, and somewhat generic, but her body was in the best shape I had ever seen. Toned, with a little extra cushioning here and there, the overweight girl who only wore one-piece bathing suits with a skirt before going to Costa Rica now stood proudly before her brother showing off her new nakedness.
I stared at her less than perky breasts resting on her chest as she said, "I don't recommend diarrhea and trudging through a Costa Rican rain forest as a diet program, but it seemed to have worked for me," as she cupped her breasts, aiming her pert and engorged nipples at me. Not as large as small-caliber bullets but thicker than a pencil, I could feel the saliva in my mouth building and my lips and my tongue wanting to taste what she was offering me.
Her hands flowed down her sides, taking my eyes with them until they found and locked on her thick black undergrowth of pubic fur. Sliding one foot away from the other, she opened her legs a little, pulling at the edges of her hairy groin as she said, "Sorry, I haven't had a chance to do any personal grooming since I got home."
My head shook, then I nodded as I heard myself mutter, "I like seeing women with hair there… as long as they are smooth below."
My face felt red when I looked up at her glowing face, looking down between her legs as she pulled at her groin, proud like a child as she asked, "Wanna see my pussy?"
My head nodded without mental authorization; then my eyes moved back down to watch her lift one foot to my bed as her fingers pulled back on the skin and hair around her cunt, exposing her reddish-pink inner lips and glossy-red shimmering interior.
"I'm so fucking horny," she declared, one of her hands shifting to spread open her lips even more, exposing her clit to her index finger. "I want to watch you jerk off, and I want you to watch me."
Autonomously, my head nodded, and my hand engulfed my cock, quickly stroking my leaking cock as her hands opened herself to me even more while her finger flicked and rubbed her clit.
She came almost immediately while staring at my hand, stroking my never as hard before erection. Her floor steadied knee buckled slightly as a combination of a moan and a grunt puffed from her mouth and chest. Her breast sloshed about, and her nipples seemed harder and bigger under her blushing red chest as her hand began to move faster around and across her clit.
"I need to taste you," she demanded, almost leaping onto the bed between my legs. Before I could react or respond, her hand had ripped mine off my cock and replaced it with hers. Her lips began suckling the head of my cock as her other hand continued to massage between her legs. The mirror above my dresser almost gave me a great view of my Sister's ass and cunt; but not entirely.
The curve of her perfectly rounded butt stood out as near perfection in my mind, but the angle on my bed prevented me from seeing her pussy. I could see her fur and at least one finger disappearing and reappearing as my Sister sucked my cock like a straw.
I turned my attention back to the close-up view of my Sister's first-ever cock-sucking experience. I knew it was her first because she had no clue what to do or how to do it.
"Losen your grip a little," I directed, "Stroke, don't strangle… a little faster, but not too fast… that's it," I advised. "Now, take more of me into your mouth… and rub your tongue around the tip… and remember, always suck… it's called a blow job, but you never, ever blow… always suck."
Her head nodded, and I felt her vocal cords offering her thanks as she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, then slowly taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could before gagging.
Her eyes looked up at me, both proud of her accomplishment and silently asking if she was doing it right. The expression on her face then mirrored the one on her face now. Except, this time, she was on her knees in front of me. Her eager glowing eyes were looking up at mine while her fingers dug into my ass. She pulled my hips closer as her mouth took the full length of my penis beyond the back of her throat. Her tongue darted in and out, licking my balls before she turned to watch herself deep throating me in the closet door mirror, both pride and satisfaction radiating from her face.
The massager Mom had strapped to her thigh hummed away at her clit, and the silver butt plug I had pushed into her ass winked at me in the mirror as her nose wiggled in my pubic fur without the slightest gagging twinge. Looking down at my Sister, I saw her head trembling before the rest of her body shuttered through an orgasm, holding my cock in her throat as she climaxed.
After she stopped spasming, her head pulled back just enough for her to take two breaths before she pushed forward, swallowing my cock again. I watched our reflections, and beyond the bed, I could see our Mom in the doorway, observing silently. Ever since that first time with my Sister, and everything else that happened that day, I still get a 'this is wrong but feels so right' feeling in my stomach. A feeling made more intense, darker somehow, and yet reaffirming seeing our mother allowing her daughter to suck on her son's cock, beaming proudly when my hips begin to thrust forward uncontrollably.
"Go head Junior," our mother cooed from the doorway, "Cum… you know that's what she wants… what she needs from you. Just relax and let your cum squirt into your Sister's mouth and down her throat… I know you want to."
I looked down at my Sister's face. She looked up at me, her eyes confirming what our mother had just suggested; she wanted my cum, needed to feed on my cum. My Sister is a sex addict, but not the kind of addict you might think she is. She's infected. She's got a virus that makes her crave sex and semen. She needs to have my or Dad's ejaculate administered to her several times a day; orally, vaginally, or rectally.
I watched my Sister's eager eyes looking up at me as her face moved back and forth in front of my groin, my cock vanishing completely past her lips. Thinking back to her High School Graduation, it became apparent to me how much weight she had lost since then. Even since the day she sucked my cock for the first time, she seemed thinner, her ribs and hipbones visible in the mirror as she sat on her knees before me.
"The only thing I can remember her eating since then is mine, and Dad's cum, except when Mom force-feeds her something when we can make her scream," passed through my mind. My body ignored those sympathetic thoughts; my penis and balls, having passed the point of no return, begged my hips to start thrusting forward, needing to fuck my Sister's face. The fantastic sensation of her throat contracting around the head of my cock when her nose pressed into my pubic fur made it impossible for me to hold back any longer.
I knew my cock was the first cock she had ever sucked on, and I never told her, but she was my first sexual encounter too. I didn't have a girlfriend in High-School; getting into college was too important to me then. At college, between my classes, homework, and a part-time job, I didn't have time for anyone or anything. The only sexual satisfaction I received in college (when I could find the time) was via my hand and the rotating porn collection on my phone.
That morning when my Sister came into my room and sucked my cock for the first time, I guess she became more than my Sister; she had always been my best friend, and now she's my lover, and our Father's and Mother's lover too. I've never had sex with anyone else, and after whatever happened to her in Costa Rica… I get to fuck her as often as I want… in plain view of our parents… with their permission and support.
I looked over at Mom's reflection in the mirror, staring at her as my hand reached down to hold my Sister's head to my cock. I grunted and thrust deep into my Sister's throat while glaring passionately at my mother's maternal smile. It wasn't until after I had squirted my entire load down my Sister's throat and she was suckling the last of the juices from my not-yet soft cock that I realized our Mother had been masturbating as she watched her son fuck, and cum in his Sister's willing throat.
I was still staring at my blushing Mother when I heard my Sister's voice pleading, "If we can get you hard again, will you fuck our ass? We want to feel you inside us again, and again… as deep as you can go."
I looked down at her innocent face nodding as I countered, "Only after I fuck your cunt for a while, then I'll fuck your ass… and I want you to put a dildo in your cunt while I do… I like to feel the vibrations along my shaft when I fuck your ass… and scream for me… I love it when you're loud."
She visibly shivered, and her face glowed before her head nodded twice, just before her mouth engulfed my cock again. I watched her vacuumed cheeks moving up and down my shaft for a moment before I directed, "And I want to watch some porn with you… I want to watch Dad fucking your ass, and I want to see what you and Mom were doing before I came in."
My Sister's throat moaned her consent, and our Mother replied from the doorway, "Your Sister and I shared a shower, and there's no camera in the bathroom. I haven't reviewed the videos of your Father and your Sister from this morning. After I edit them for posting, you can upload them to the website; until then, you two can watch some of our older stuff."
I turned to look at our Mother's reflection, nodding as I said, "Thank you for taking care of all of us. I know this can't be easy for you." Thinking in the back of my mind, "It's starting to happen to you too, isn't it. I saw the way you were watching us… watching me… the way you've been looking at my cock the past couple of weeks. You're starting to have the same kind of cravings she did when she came back from Costa Rica… it's finally starting to get to you, isn't it… and I saw how exhausted Dad was sleeping in the living room. He can't take care of both of you anymore… can he?"
"Like I told your father," Mom replied as if she could read my mind, "We'll get through this… as a family."
"As a family," bounced around in my mind, staring at the jewel capped butt plug that matched the one in my Sister's ass, sparkling between our mother's cheeks as she departed.
I looked back at my Sister, then pushed her disappointed face away from my cock, telling her, "I need to pee; when I get back, you can suck my cock as long as you want while I finger your cunt, and ass and watch some videos. When I'm hard again, I'm going to fuck you until you pass out."
"Promise?" she begged.
"I'll do my best," I smirked confidently, helping her onto the bed, before asking, "Did you need to go? I'll help you if you do."
"Mom helped us earlier before we shared a shower, and each other," she smirked, "We can take care of ourselves until you get back… and we have so much we want to tell you before you fuck us until we pass out… as promised."
I nodded, then watched for a moment as she reached down to release the straps of her thigh attached electric massager. I helped her move the cord around and untangle it from her leg before she pressed it to her cunt. I offered my hand on the bed as a foot brace to help her sit up on the bed. Grinning proudly at me as she spread open her legs, spreading herself open and wiggling her clit with her index finger. She continued to hold her lips apart while pressing the massager to her cunt. Her body shivered once; then she relaxed enough to reach over and pick up, then feed herself the lone half a sandwich on the nightstand.
I left her grinding her cunt, chewing on her sandwich, moaning behind her full mouth. After turning away, I could feel her eyes watching my ass in the mirrored closet doors as I entered the bathroom. Leaving the door open, standing over the toilet, urinating as I thought, "I think that's the most coherent and sane conversation we've had since the day she sucked my cock for the first time, and she's eating by herself too. She seems almost normal… other than referring to herself as 'we' and 'us.'"

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