Bad Boy

Mark was a sixteen year old violent thug, he was a racist, homophobic out of control thug who drank cheap cider and smoked dope both of which he often stole, Mark did not have many friends in the small town where he lived but he had many enemies and there were many people that were scared of him, even his parents were scared of him, his step sister Amy who was six years younger than what Mark was spent as much time as she could at her classmate July’s house just to avoid Mark, Amy was speaking to July telling her that things might get better because her dad with the help of a couple of their neighbours were going to throw Mark out of the house and not let him back in. The next morning at about three o clock Amy was woken by the shouting and banging as Steve put up a struggle to stop himself being thrown out of the house Amy heard the main door bang looked out her bedroom window and saw Mark staggering down the road with a bag and thought good now I can have friends round, Mark tried to get a room at the two hostels in the town but neither would give him a room because of his reputation so he slept in the park for the night, the next day Mark got a supply of cheap cider and some dope and was soon drunk and stoned out of his head and fell into a stupor, July and Amy were walking home from school taking a short cut through the woods when they saw Mark both girls stood looking at him, July said ” he has got no idea what is happening and kicked him and when Mark did not react both girls started to kick him, July then said let us have a look at his dick see how big it is, Amy watched as July undid Mark’s joggers and when July pulled them down and the girls saw Marks’s seven inch hairy dick they both smiled July said ” it is big let us make it stiff” and got hold of it and tried stroking it when nothing happened July told Amy to try but after Amy tried Mark’s dick stayed soft. The girls gave up trying and went home. When Mark came out of the stupor he did his joggers up and walked off towards town wondering why his side was sore. A couple of days later July was in the derelict building when she saw Mark and went over to him with a bag with food in it, Mark had not eaten for a couple of days so quickly gulped the food down after he got up saying I need a piss and started to walk away July said ” no good hiding it I seen your dick the other day when you were zonked in the woods with your joggers open you got a big one” Mark stopped looked at July shrugged his shoulders and undid his joggers and pulled his dick out” July sat watching as Mark peed after he had finished he stood with his dick hanging down, then to July’s amazement Mark’s dick grew and went hard, July sat with her mouth wide open looking at Mark’s nine inch erection, Mark walked back and sat down stretching his legs out as he did his dick still on show, he said to July “well go on then play with it” July reached out and took Mark’s dick in her hand and started to stroke it smiling as she did and after five minutes July felt Mark’s dick twitch in her hand and saw four spurts of cum shoot out it, twenty minutes later as July walked down the road she could hardly believe that she had just made a much older boy squirt his cream but knew that she had to tell Amy all about it, the next night July was sat watching as Amy sat stroking Marks dick and when Mark squirted his cum in long squirts both girls smiled, Mark then said his turn now, July turned her head and saw seventeen year old Steve who lived next door to her standing with an eight inch erection sticking out of his jeans, July stood up walked over to Steve and started to jerk his dick and made him cum in four spurts, Next day July and Amy went looking for Mark but could not find him anywhere, later when Amy got home as she went through the door she saw Mark sitting at the table her dad told her that they had had a very long talk and they were letting Mark have a second chance but if he caused anymore trouble he would be out for good, That night Amy’s parents went out as they did they told her any problems to call them, After half a hour Amy was sat on her bed wearing just a gown after having a bath when Mark walked in, Amy smiled when she saw he was naked and that he had a stiff dick, Mark walked over to Amy and said ” I got something for you” and after gently pushing her back onto the bed pulled her gown off her and after looking at her naked body climbed onto the bed, after twenty minutes Mark climbed off the bed stood and looked at Amy who was smiling and noticed the glazed look in her eyes and thought I hope that July is as good as Amy is.

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