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"Yes baby?"
"Can we have some popcorn?"
"Not tonight baby, maybe tomorrow."
She sighed and jumped onto our dark green couch, pulling a light blanket over her. She had to be chilly in just my long grey t-shirt that reached her knees. The little tease, I knew she wasn't wearing anything beneath it. My buddy from work, David, laughed at her antics and took a seat on the arm chair and settled in.
It was Saturday night, movie night in my household. With just me and my daughter Katie, we were close. Very close. When Darla, my wife, split I raised Katie the only way I knew how. With my cock. Just like my Daddy did with my sister, I popped her cherry when she turned 18 and we'd been going at it ever since. Just this morning I sent her off to high school with my load dripping into her cheeky red panties. She was a good girl.
Coming out of the kitchen I handed David a beer and sat down next to my little girl on the couch, pulling the blanket she had over both of us.
The lights dim, I started the movie and watched the opening credits roll. A foreign film called "Love" was the perfect flick to get my baby in the mood for what I had planned for the night. Lots and lots of raw fucking. It was time to expand Katie's education.
"Oh!" Katie gasped quietly at the opening scene of two lovers masturbating each other to a creamy finish.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw her squirm in her seat during the scene. I had her used to fucking a few times a day. Only getting fucked once before school today left her desperate to cum.
The movie continued, a sex scene every ten minutes or so and Katie snuggled closer and closer to me with each one. When she felt my hand slide up her bare thigh under the old grey blanket she murmured, "Please Daddy," softly in my ear.
Smiling I slid my hand between her thighs, no longer giving a fuck about the movie. I gently brushed my finger tips over her bare pussy lips. Sure enough, they were already slick, coated with her need.
I slid my finger between them and lightly grazed her clit. She let out a little whimper and nuzzled into my neck. I chuckled softly.
"This what you need little girl?" I said in her ear, circling her clit with my fingertip.
I felt her nod against me. She was so confident David couldn't see anything going on under the blanket in the dark, the movie casting an amber sheen across the room. My baby's hot cunny was making her bold.
I teased her, lifting her chin so her mouth met mine so we could kiss. I could make out with her for hours. Sucking on her pink tongue, fucking her mouth with mine. The wet sloppy noises of our kisses could be heard over the movie's score but she was too far gone to notice. And it wasn't like my friend minded.
I pulled away and met David's gaze. He was eagerly watching us, not the movie. I winked at him and slid two of my fingers down to her pussy hole, circling the tiny entrance.
She shifted, spreading her legs wider and lifted her hips, desperate for me to finger her.
"Daddy please!" she begged softly.
I slid them roughly into her, going deep.
"Oh!" she yelped, my shoulder muffling some of the cry.
She was so tight. Hot. Wet. Ripe for fucking. David was going to love sinking his cock into her.
I finger fucked her cunt for another ten minutes until she was in a daze and panting. Hooking them up into her to rub her magic spot. Anyone could see I had my fingers in her pussy, the movements under the blanket clearly giving us away.
"Let me take the blanket off baby," I said in her ear.
"But Daddy," she whispered. "I don't want him to see."
"Shhh," I said, lifting the covers off anyway and kissing her lips gently to halt her protests. "David doesn't mind."
I slid the covers off of her lower half, the smell of fresh pussy wafting up through the air. The clean scent of aroused cunt tickling my nose. I breathed in deeply, loving how turned on I made her.
Katie sat up, trying to quickly close her widespread legs, trapping my hand between them.
My mouth quickly covered hers, thrusting my tongue into her mouth to rub against hers and using my free hand to rub and pinch her nipples under her shirt.
After a few moments she relaxed and her thighs spread for me again, letting me work her g-spot as she humped into my hand.
"There you go baby," I praised softly. "Let Daddy make you feel good, you love it when I milk your g-spot."
At some point David muted the movie so all you could hear was the wet squelches of her twat as I fucked her with my thick, long fingers.
I could hear her moan into my mouth, and felt her pulse on my fingers. I pulled my mouth away from hers and made sure her knees were wide apart so David could see her.
"She's gonna cum," I said loudly to him, ignoring her shocked face at the announcement.
He got up slowly, his eyes fixated on my fucking hand between her creamy white thighs. I loved that he could smell my daughter's pussy.
He knelt in front of the couch between her open legs and watched her start to cum. The orgasm rippled through her body, she was beyond caring that another man could see her.
"That's it baby," I praised, never stopping my fingers. "Show him how you cum for Daddy."
She cried out as I kept her legs spread so he could see her pussy pulse and her mauve asshole clench as she came, her juices dripping down onto the couch.
I could see him lick his lips, wanting a taste and the bulge behind his blue jeans.
She came down slowly from her cum, I gentled my fingers and moved up her cleft to stroke her rosy clit lightly. Her brown eyes met mine, foggy but becoming clearer again as she spotted David crouched between her thighs on the floor. She quickly closed them and I turned her face to mine.
"Katie baby, it looks like David wants to lick your pussy," I said calmly.
Her eyes widened slightly.
"What should you do when someone wants to lick your pussy baby?"
She hesitated for a moment but then her knees fell open, showing her bare cunt again to him.
David nodded and smiled, "Thank you darlin'."
He leaned down and quickly lapped at her pussy like a dog. She squirmed, sensitive from my rough finger fucking. I reached down and used my fingers to spread her lips open, exposing her juicy peach to his hungry mouth.
He groaned and sucked at her pussy, his cheeks glossy with her cream.
"Feel that baby?" I said to her. "See how good I am to you?"
She moaned and arched her back slightly as he dug his tongue into her cunt hole, fucking it in and out. I loved watching him eat her twat, his mouth sucking and licking at her so feverishly that he occasionally sucked on my fingers holding open her cunt.
"He's getting you ready to fuck baby," I explained. "You like how he's warming up your little pink pussy?"
She moaned and nodded, loving the feeling of his mouth gumming at her clit. I pulled up her t-shirt over her breasts so we could watch her little titties sway. She had puffy, deep rose colored nipples that begged to be suckled. I bent my head and did just that, taking long nursing draws on her teats until she was panting and moaning in heat.
I could hear the noise of his belt buckle and the clear sound of a zipper being pulled down. Katie didn't though, oblivious as she worked her way up to a nice second cum on my friend's tongue.
David shoved his jeans down roughly to his knees and pulled his mouth off of her hot flesh with a pop. He fisted his angry red cock in one hand, his tongue licking his lips lewdly, his heavy balls ready to breed. Her eyes were closed and her face turned away weakly, her whole body relaxed.
"Baby he's going to fuck you now," I said hushed but excited. "Daddy can't wait to watch you fuck."
Drugged with passion she didn't respond, she just kept her thighs spread apart limply as he crawled up onto the couch and lowered his body between them.
"Fuck man, you want me to wear a rubber?" he asked, his voice rough with need, cupping his balls, full of seed.
"Nah she likes it raw, don't you baby?" I said without letting her answer. "Give it to her bare," I said, reaching down to suck on her tit.
He fumbled for a minute and stroked his sizable cock. Just an inch smaller than mine, it was still a very respectable eight inches of thick cock for my baby girl. Only the best for my daughter's twat.
She whimpered as he notched the head against her opening and then full on yelled as he thrust into her.
"Daddy!" she cried out as if surprised that his cock was sliding into her. "He's inside me!"
"I know baby girl, let him in Katie. You'll love it," I encouraged, one hand on her knee to keep her spread.
He slid in deep and started fucking her immediately, using her pussy, impatient to cum. The way his wife treated him, he was constantly walking around with a case of blue balls. I was happy to help provide him with some relief.
I left my hand where it was on her pussy so I could feel him pumping in and out of her body. Her cunt lips were stretched tight around his dick, his heavy balls slapping against her puckered ass with every thrust.
"Like that cock Katie-girl?" I asked her as he ground the base of his cock against her reddening clit.
"Yes Daddy," she moaned.
"Daddy's so proud of you, getting fucked like this," I said to her, brushing her hair back from her face.
I watched them fuck for a while. I loved the contrast of his tanned olive skin against her pale white legs. I was so proud of my baby girl, on her back sprawled out with her legs spread for a man who hadn't even bothered to take his clothes off. His jeans pulled down to show his bare ass, just enough to get his cock out and stuff it inside my little girl. I loved that she was being a whore for her Daddy. I couldn't wait to fuck her after he was done and feel her sloppy cunt around my cock. Soon she was making the little noises in the back of her throat that I knew so well.
"You gonna cum on his cock baby?"
She bit her lip and nodded. Her cheeks and chest flushed, rosy with desire. I pinched her nipple and twisted it, making her arch her back to try and get away from the sharp pain.
"Cum baby!" I said sternly, "Milk that cock!"
With a harsh cry her whole body went tense.
"Fuck!" David yelled and pumped his hips harder into hers, fucking her at a brutal animalistic pace now.
"She's sucking the cum right out of me!" he moaned.
"That's a good girl, cum baby. Make him give you his load," I praised. "That's it, pull him in, nice and deep. You know where you need it."
She groaned now, desperate for him to seed her. She reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him into her, touching him for the first time. Her pink painted nails squeezing his pumping cheeks. Her hips hunched up into his, letting her legs fall back as wide as possible. I taught her well.
"That's it, let him rut," I encouraged as he lost his rhythm and started jerking against her. "Good girl!"
"Fill her up David!" I yelled, excited. "Pump her full!"
He moaned and held himself deep. I watched the base of his dick, transfixed as his cock pulsed hot cum into my daughter.
Breathing heavy with exhaustion, David pulled his cock out slowly after the last few pulses died down. His wet, drained dick slid out, leaving behind a pool of his cum in her gaping pussy. Her whole cunt red and swollen from the pounding he gave her.
"Oh baby," I said kissing her. "Did you like David fucking you?" I asked, quickly rubbing his dripping cum back into her pussy. My fingers coated in his white jizz as they fucked in and out of her gaping hole.
She nodded, her mouth on mine.
David stood up on shaky legs and fell back into the chair next to the couch, his spent cock limp against his open jeans.
Kissing her deeply I quickly pulled out my cock from my black sweats and mounted her, making room for myself between her still spread thighs.
"Daddy's gotta fuck you now baby," I murmured against her lips, my cock already pushing against her well fucked hole.
She winced as I slid in, obviously sore but I didn't care. I needed to cum.
"That's it baby, take Daddy's cock," I said, sawing in and out until I bottomed out in her.
David's cum was hot and wet inside of her, lubing her up for a quick and dirty fuck.
I wasted no time in pumping my dick into her. He had stretched her for sure but her cunt was still tight enough to feel good. Gotta love young cunt like that, it always felt good.
"You're Daddy's whore now aren't you?" I panted. "Gonna take any cock I give you."
She didn't reply, just moaned and reached up to cup her bouncing tits.
"Yea, you're gonna fuck all my friends aren't you baby?" I said harshly. "Daddy's going to give you all the cock you need."
"Okay Daddy," she panted, reaching down to rub her hard red clit.
My greedy baby wanted to cum again.
"Squeeze your twat baby like Daddy taught you," I growled out, ready to cum already.
"Fuck man, your girl has a hot cunt," I heard David say from the sidelines.
I grunted in agreement, cock slamming into her spread pussy as she milked me. The wet slap of our flushed bodies echoing in the room.
"You like being fucked like this baby?" I asked her. "Having Daddy watch you take some raw cock for him like a cumdumpster? Having another man watch you get fucked bareback by your own Daddy?"
"Yes Daddy!" she cried out, stiffening again as an orgasm exploded through her.
I felt her pussy clench down on me in waves as the cum ripped out of my cock deep into her body. Multi-colored lights burst behind my eyes, like purple and blue fireworks exploding as my climax rolled through me.
"That's it baby, cum for Daddy!" I roared as I held myself as deep as I could against her ripe cervix, planting my load as I ground against it.
"Daddy!" she whimpered, her body going limp with exhaustion, my little girl wasn't used to getting fucked back to back.
"Good girl," I panted, letting her take my weight on top of her, my cock soaking in our juices inside of her. The rippling aftershocks of my orgasm still working through my cock.
After a moment or two I got my breath back and pulled myself up and off her body. My cock and her pussy were covered in foamy white cum from the three of us. It was a deliciously depraved sight.
"Can I give her another go?" David asked, his clothes fully off now, his cock hard again.
I gestured to her sprawled body on the couch, "Be my guest, ride her as much as you like."
Without ceremony he pushed her knees back against her chest and shoved deep, using her hole to get himself off again. She cried out, his cock hitting the sensitive place up inside of her. I knew from experience that when I fucked her in that position my cockhead plowed into her cervix with each thrust. She came from it eventually but initially it wasn't comfortable for her.
"Your cunt feeling good baby?" I asked her.
"Yes Daddy," she grunted as he shoved deeper.
"Thank David for fucking your pussy so good baby."
"Thank you David!" she panted out.
"Good girl," I praised leaning back against the couch to watch, my hand reaching down to stroke my cock back to life, Katie wasn't getting any sleep tonight.
I loved being a bad Daddy.

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