Bad Decisions – Part 3

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I never told anyone what had happened that Day. Many would say: “Why don’t you go to the Police, you got raped, they would get send to Jail”, and they are probably right. But I feared that nothing would happen. In the Country that I live, the Law is behaving strange. Against People from other Countries, they don’t act like they should. Refugees and in general People from other Countries didn’t get the same sentences like People from my Country. Victims of Refugees got more of a public shaming than help. I also didn’t wanted my Family involved, especially my 12 year old Son. I didn’t wanted that my Family got also pulled in that Story, I was bad enough for me, I didn’t wanted them involved too.

More than 5 Months later, in the meantime, nothing really had happened, it was Carnival in our Town. A fun Time for all People in the City, regardless of their Age. Everyone is wearing Costumes, a lot of Partying and general a good Time. I love that Time of the Year and I got the Luck that the Company for that I work, closes around noon, so we all can go to the Carnival. In this year had we, my Husband and me, planned to go as an Team of a Doctor and a Nurse. We both had bought costumes and we were both excited to do this. Sadly, his company decided, that he had to attend a business trip exactly in the week of Carnival. I was very upset about this Situation, but my Husband said, that this would help him to get a better paid job in the company.

On the Day of Carnival, I was at first unsure what I should do, I wasn’t really in the mood for Party, but I got a Call from a Girlfriend of mine, if I could join her and her Group of Friends of her and mine. I accepted the offer, cause I didn’t wanted to buy my costume for nothing.

On the Day of Carnival, after work I went Home and changed into my Costume. The Costume itself wasn’t that special, It was just a white Dress with some red Applications and a small white Hat. It looked cute, it was knee-length, but it had a bit too deep cleavage. It was a buttoned-up Dress with the Buttons in the Front. I think, that if it had just one Button more, it would be better. I also decided to wear a white Coat to the costume, it matched the Dress and it all help wasn’t that warm, so I wouldn’t catch a cold.

I went into the City where I met my Friends. At first, we walked through the Streets of the Town and watched the Carnival. We than entered a Bar, where we could sit down and have a few Drinks. It was a very funny Time, with a bit too much booze, but I didn’t care at that Time. Carnival is only one Day per Year in our Town and it was a good distraction from the normal Life that I live with my Family and my Work.

At around 7 PM, we decided to go Home, we all had to work the next Day, so we all didn’t wanted to have an hang over the next Day.

We parted our Way after leaving the Bar. Luckily, I could go home without taking the Bus or a Train, cause the Bar was just 25 Minute walk away from my Home. On the Street were still many People partying and having Fun. I arrived at the Apartment Complex, that I lived in, even here, a few Minutes away from the City Center were People on the Street, drinking and having Fun. I got to the Door of the Building and took out my Keys, I opened the Door and was going into the Building when I felt a Hand on my Shoulder. I turned around and saw three Guys standing in front of me. At first, I didn’t know who these Guys were, until one of them spoke up. “Hey Sweety, how are you?” I froze when I recognized who was talking to me, it was Yusuf, one of the Guys who had raped me almost a half Year ago. I was in total shock and didn’t know what I should say or do. Yusuf smiled at me and said: “Don’t you remember me? We met last Year and had a great evening together.” He looked at me and his grinning got even bigger. “Wow, what a great Costume!” He said while he took a few steps until he stand besides me. He looked straight at my breasts and put his Arm around my Hips. “Hey Nurse, help me please, I have a Problem, my groin is hurting.” He said more to his two Friends than to me.

His Friends were another Guy, I think he was in his Age, around 20 years old and a younger Guy, perhaps 16 years old. All of them were wearing Sneakers and Sweatpants and Shirts. They really looked similar, only their Faces were different. I learned later that the youngest Guy was called Osman and the other Guy Tunjay.

I told Yusuf that he should help himself, I opened the Door and entered the Building. But Yusuf held his Arm around me and refused to let me go. “Come on, you know how you can help me, you did it last Year really good.”

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We all entered the Building, the Guys were following me, Yusuf had still his Arm around me. “Leave me alone”, I said to Yusuf while I put his Arm away. I went to the Door of my Flat, the Guys still following me. “Don’t act like this, with an Outfit like this, you show you want some cock.” While I opened the Door of my Flat I turned to the Guys and told them to leave. I felt uneasy about their presence and simply wanted into the safety of my Flat. When I got into my Flat the Guys tried to follow me again. I couldn’t close the Door fast enough and they were able to enter the Flat. “Leave, right now, get out!” I almost screamed at them. Without saying anything they grabbed me and hold me against a Wall. All if them began touching my Body, while I tried to fight their hold, but all three of them pushed against me, so I couldn’t move away from them. They had their Hands all over my Body. My breasts, thighs, butt, all got touched by them. One of them tried to push up my Skirt. The other two were fondling my breasts and holding me against a Wall. As I began to scream for help, Yusuf put his Hand over my Mouth and screamed at me to shut up. My Dress was in the meantime ripped open to reveal the upper part of my Body. I still tried to fight them off, but against three Guys at once, it was useless. One of them spotted the Bedroom, so they dragged me into it and throw me on my Bed. They followed me to further undress me. After ripping the Dress of my Body, they also ripped my Bra and my Slip off my Body. I didn’t gave up to fight them, tried to punch and kick them away. They replied with slapping me and pushing me down on the Bed. While they were fighting me, they began to undress. They told me several Times to stop fighting them until Yusuf had a knife in his Hand. He pointed towards me and threatened me to hurt me or even kill me. After seeing his Knife, I stopped to defend myself. I sat down on my Bed while Yusuf, still holding the Knife in his Hand, told me to shut up and to obey to them. I heard him talking but I didn’t respond to what he said. All three of them had in the meantime undressed and were standing around the Bed. Yusuf was still talking to me while I thought about getting out of this Situation, but it seemed unrealistic to me, to get unharmed out of the Room. Yusuf told me something in the Way of “lets have Fun Sweety” before we all heard Noises from outside of the Bedroom.

The Door to my Apartment was opened and someone said: “Hey Mum, I am back”. It was my Son, he came home from a Carnival Party with his friends. The Bedroom Door was almost closed, so he couldn’t see me and the Guys. One of them asked who it was and I told him that it was my Son. We heard another Door opened and closed, my Son had gone into his own Room. I got asked how old he was and if I got anymore Kids. “No, he is my only child, please leave him alone, he is just 12 years old.” The Guys talked about the new Situation, but mostly in their own Language, so I couldn’t understand what they were saying. They were still standing around me while I was sitting on the Bed, trying to cover up my nude Body.

After a few minutes, Yusuf asked me, how much I would care about the Health of my Son, I replied, that it is the most important Thing in my Life. Yusuf continued with: “If you care so much about him, you would do everything to keep him healthy?” “Yes”, I said. “Ok, you give us what we want and we leave him alone, Deal?” Asked me Yusuf. I knew what they wanted from me, but I had no other choice as to accept their offer. Yusuf told me to get on the floor, all three Guys positioned around me and I had to suck on their Penises, one by one. They let me lick their entire Penis and I even had to lick their balls. It was so disgusting. Especially disgusting was the fact that they weren’t the cleanest down there, the smell of their Penises was so awful, I almost puked. All of them made those “oh, you like my Cock and my Balls, don’t you?”, All of them put their Hands on my Head and tried to push their Penises as deep as possible into my Mouth. I hated every single Moment of it, the worst of the three was the youngest of them, Osman. He wasn’t that sexually experienced as the other two, shortly after I had began to suck on his Penis, he already came, partly in my Mouth, but mostly he shot his cum in my Face and my Breast. I had nothing else to clean my Face and the Rest of my Body than my Costume, which was laying on my Bed.

The Guys made some stupid Comments about how good I would look with Cum all over my Body which only fueled my Hate of the whole Situation. I now was standing between them and tried to clean myself but in fact, I only smeared the cum over my Body than I was cleaning it. While I was doing that, I got carcasses by the Guys. They had their Hands on my Butt, Legs and on my Arms. I got told to get on the Bed and to spread my Legs. I slowly layed down on the bed and Yusuf positioned himself before me and was putting his Penis into me. At this Moment we heard knocking on the Bedroom Door. It was my Son. He said, that he was hungry and if I could make him something to eat. For a moment, no one said or did anything. I got up and went to the Door, I partly opened the Door and told my Son to go to the Kitchen, I would follow him in a Minute. My Son did what I told him and I closed the Door. “I have to go to him, please, I can’t let him get hungry”, I told to the Guys. “Ok, you go and I come with you, I don’t want you to do something stupid”, said Yusuf to me. “No, you can’t come with me, I promise you, I only make my Son something to eat, I will return to you, I swear”, I was almost begging them. The Guys talked shortly about it, but let me go. I searched something to wear and wanted to wear a Shirt and Sweatpants but Yusuf told me that I should wear something else. He handed me over a bathrobe that he saw hanging in one of my wardrobes. It was a black lacey thing, very sexy, cause it was partly see-through. Something that you could only wear in the Bedroom. I tried to argue with him about it, but my Son started to call for me, so I took it. I went to the Kitchen and made my Son a little meal, just some Noodles with a little sauce. I tried to cover my Body as good as possible; the bathrobe had an little belt, holding it together, but it wasn’t a big help because everytime I bend down to pick something up, the upper part of the robe became loose and my Breast was falling out. I saw my Sons Face and his look in it, I knew, he couldn’t believe what he saw before him. His own Mother, dressed in a short, see-through bathrobe, constantly having her Hands on her Breasts to stop them falling out of the bath robe.


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