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Part 3 – Bred

Carol was taking the pill and ignorant about Delbert, Marty and Gabriel forming a plot: – Daily, throughout the 3 weeks after the anniversary, they collected their sperm in a jug.

They stored it in a garage refrigerator until a Saturday when the family was sunbathing in the backyard.

‘The weather’s almost as gorgeous as mom’s ass-hole,’ Gabriel remarked.

‘You’re weird,’ Marty responded.

‘Don’t criticize your brother,’ she scolded him.

‘Really, since I’m simply admiring her pooper,’ Gabriel said.

‘It smells!’ Marty cackled.

‘Dung-pussies normally do,’ Delbert replied as Gabriel donned gloves, disappeared into the garage and returned with the jug.

‘What’s that?’

‘Skin lotion,’ he said while dipping his hand into the cream, rubbing it into her milkers and guiding his finger into her snatch: – ‘She’s ovulating.’

‘That’s why I hired a $200 gigolo to breed her. He’s 24, a Latino and his name is Zavier,’ Delbert announced,

‘Breed me?’ Carol exclaimed.

‘You’re fertile, aren’t you?’ Delbert lied.

‘Yes!’ she’d barely responded when, naked, Zavier strode into the backyard, with her staring in disbelief at his 15-inched phallus.

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‘Alo, puta muy safada (hello, you very dirty whore/slut),’ he greeted her as he switched to English: – ‘Do you understand me?’


‘You’re a smart, aren’t you?’ Zavier questioned her.

‘She’s a floozy,’ Gabriel characterized her..

‘Yeah, and you expect her to recover the money you spent – huh, dad?’ Marty inquired.

‘I stole it from her to begin with,’ the husband astonished his wife.

‘She’s the real criminal,’ Gabriel condemned her.

‘Si, (yes)!’ Zavier said while straddling Carol and digging his prick int0 her mouth.

‘Chupa mi polla (suck my cock)!’ he ordered.

‘Violate her,’ Delbert encouraged him, though Zavier did before he withdrawing his penis, turning her onto her stomach and gouging it into her wet cooze.

‘You’re my animal!’ he roared.

‘Yes, I am!’

‘Whelp Gabriel and me a sister!’ Marty suggested.

‘Yeah, mom!’ Gabriel answered as Zavier ‘inseminated’ and dismounted her.

After that, Gabriel inserted a funnel spout in Carol’s vag, emptied the jug into it and it was still dripping when the Saturday ended.

Unfortunately, however, she didn’t ‘whelp him and Marty a sister.’