Balancing Act

“Maybe I’m the weird one. Maybe going to extremes is the more normal approach, and I need to let go more than I do. It seems more popular, indeed, to go hard core & heavy on the pain and torture when it comes to BDSM. But, I just can’t get into it that way. It turns me off to think about inflicting a great deal of discomfort in any fashion. Maybe it sells better ~ the extreme stuff, but I remain happy, no, ecstatically happy with the softer side of bondage, and domination aimed at a lovely, submissive girl, who’s pleasure it is to serve and to please me. This excites her. That’s cool. It excites me to give her the avenues with which to express her passion, without the thought of giving her a sound beating later, or planning to torture her to no end. That kind of thing, to me, just shows a complete lack of self-control, and self-discipline, and it’s just plain mean, to me. If you and your partner are into it consentually, then fine. Go beat each others’ brains out in private. But, a woman who gets enjoyment out of being restrained, dominated, and reasonably disciplined; who enjoys being teased some, and tortured a little, and loves being submissive to her man; that’s for me. It’s just a fucking rush to have anything in life that’s as enjoyable, and passion-stirring as BDSM is, when it’s taken to a reasonable degree, and not overblown. A girl is bound because she consents to be, because she loves being under her trusted man’s control, and loves the feelings she gets from being unable to make any decisions for herself. She does as she’s told, and that’s a good thing. She loves being gagged for the same reasons. She’s not allowed to speak, or complain, or offer her opinion. She’s under his control, which is very freeing to her. If she only can do as she’s told, and can’t utter a word to the contrary, then she also is released from many kinds, and degrees of stress, and so she gets a rush of sheer joy from these constraints. And I likewise, am equally pleasured by being handed all the control. It breeds love, and tender feelings for one another, to walk in such harmony together, and even get sexually gratified from it all. There’s just no need for any of it to be taken past a safe, sane level, in my opinion. Maybe you wish I was wearing the gag, because you hate my opinion. Fair enough. Then stop listening to me. Go do something else. It really only matters to me, and the sweet piece of pussy I’m with, anyway. That’s how I feel. How you doin’? You terribly uncomfortable, baby?” <br /> <br />Mary just shook her head. The ball gag kept her from doing much else, except nod or shake her head to express herself. She could moan, whimper, squeal a little, and that was about all. She was acutely aware that any real complaining wouldn’t cause her captor to change the way he had her bound and subdued, and she was fully resigned to this fact. Sitting here listening to him go on & on about his love for BDSM, or any other bullshit was out of her control. “Why bother,” she thought. “I’m as helpless as a tied-up naked girl can be. Why should I make him angry, and bring harm to myself?” <br /> <br />Mary was a bright girl. She was enduring the first 24 hours of being kidnapped, and held by this stranger for God knows what reason, with calmness, and sensibility. She was aware, of course, that she was a very attractive woman. Yes, she made a habit of wearing revealing, sexy outfits in public. “So, sue me if I like looking my sexiest and best,” she thought to herself while being forced by those infernal ropes to remain seated in the chair she was relegated to. for now. All she hoped, was that Mr. BDSM to a Reasonable Degree over there would let her get up and stretch her legs pretty soon, because the truth was, she was damn uncomfortable, thank you! <br /> <br />“It can’t be money,” she thought, “unless he picked up the wrong woman by mistake. Maybe if I get a chance to tell him I’m poor, and he needs to kidnap someone wealthy instead, he’ll realize his booboo, and let me go. We’ll have a big laugh about this, and I’ll go back to my normal, work-a-day existence. I’ll get to be with my boyfriend again, and everything will just get back to normal.” Mary entertained herself with these kinds of thoughts, but she knew she was just stroking herself. This man had gone to a lot of trouble to pull this abduction off, in broad daylight, without anyone noticing. And she knew he knew what he was doing. She just wished she knew why. Was he just this hard-up for a piece of ass? She wondered if he maybe just enjoyed this, like some kind of sick adventure. He sure wasn’t going to find anyone to pay a lot of money for her release. “So, what the hell could this be for,” she wondered. But, for now, she would have to stay bound, gagged, and ignorant, and depend on this slob for everything. <br /> <br />There wasn’t much to keep her mind occupied in the shack he had her confined in. She could see out the front window of the little house, and see nothing but dense forest. She guessed they were somewhere far away from any chance of being discovered, because he’d have closed off those windows, otherwise. She knew this wasn’t a good thing, but also grateful she had something to look at besides four walls, and that son-of-bitch in the corner, who was watching TV at the moment, oblivious to everything. She couldn’t see the TV from where he had her sitting. It probably wasn’t intentional, she thought, but it was damn unthoughtful. If only she could have a chance to say, “Excuse me, sir, I hate to bother you, but could you possibly turn the TV toward me a little, so I can have something to look at besides Rocky & Bullwinkle out the window? Thank you so much.” She whiled away her time with these frustrating little thoughts. It had been a few hours since she had eaten, or drank anything, and she knew she was probably dehydrated, since the drool had stopped dripping out of the sides of her tightly gagged mouth, a few minutes ago. And, the more obvious, she didn’t need to pee. Which was probably good, because, whenever she tried to get Mr. Reasonable’s attention, he either didn’t hear her, or didn’t care. If she did have to go, she was aware that it meant she’d be sitting in her own pee for who-knows-how-long. <br /> <br />At least he hadn’t beaten her, or hurt her in any way. She knew she could be thankful for that. Some of her dates had been rougher with her in the past, than he had been over the past hours. She did have things to be thankful for, no doubt. And when he did fuck her, which had been twice, so far, and two face fuckings, he used lube, and didn’t get so forceful as to do her any real harm. “Okay, and he also has a nice big cock. I know it could be worse. Shut up!” she told herself. But, could this be the only reason for kidnapping her? She presently had no way of knowing. <br /> <br />As she sat there, she couldn’t help the occasional need to try and get more comfortable. The unpadded wooden chair she was bound to was not the best place to be stuck for what was going on 2 hours, now. And the way he had her tied was none too pleasant either. Her arms were draped over the back of the chair, with cotton cord binding her wrists and elbows together. All the way together! It did wonders for her posture, and made her already-prominent tits stand out to the max, which, no doubt was the reason he had tied her this way. It didn’t cause her any confusion whatsoever that he had her sitting naked. She knew her body. It was, as her boyfriend said often, “prime stock”. And even though Nature Boy over there didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time ogling her, he always made a point of stopping on his way to the kitchen, or bathroom, or wherever he went in the small cabin, and playing with her nipples until they got hard. Her legs were bound together at knee and ankle, and a line from her ankles to her wrists kept her seated, and upright for sure. Another loop or two around her waist, like a seatbelt, did it’s part to keep her planted, too. She was quietly glad he tied her this way, and not with her legs spread wide open. For one, that would have been an embarrassing way to sit in front to this stranger, and for another thing, it kept her from emitting as much female fragrance as she would, if her legs were open. Still, when he started tweaking her nipples, she was painfully aware of how it made her juices start flowing, and how pungent that smell was. She couldn’t hide it, and she couldn’t kid herself into thinking he didn’t notice. That was probably the very reason he toyed with her nips, and why, after doing it for a few minutes, he always chuckled under his breath. She was assuming that it gratified him to see that what he did to her was obviously stimulating her, sexually. It did more than just make her nipples hard. It made her fucking horny! It probably didn’t help, she thought, that he was a very handsome hunk of a guy, with a very nice sized cock. He could please any woman with that tool. So, why was he doing this criminal act with her? She wondered. <br /> <br />A knock at the door sent both the occupants inside into a tailspin of shock and surprise, and panic. With the front windows uncovered, whoever it was could see straight in, to where Mary was seated, bound and naked, in her little wooden chair. Her instinctive reaction, after the shock wore off a little, was to try and scream. But all anyone heard was a soft, muffled kind of noise. She felt so helpless, “damn, I can’t even scream when I need to!” she thought. But she then realized she had no need to. The person at the door was going to see her desperate predicament, and come to her immediate rescue! She was saved! Hallelujah! Hopefully the person at the door had looked into the window, and was now poised to free her from her horrible ordeal! She would be out of here, and back in her loving man’s arms in no time. She was hoping, hoping, hoping! She was….confused, all of a sudden. Her kidnapper was not alarmed. He walked over, and nonchalantly opened the front door. And in walked Mike, her boyfriend. “Hey Frank, how’s it going buddy?” The two men shook hands. “Everything going good?” Mike asked. “Oh hell yeah. We’ve been havin’ a great time together.” Frank replied. “Okay, well, here’s what I owe you.” Mike said, and then handed Frank a wad of bills. “Take it easy, buddy.” Mike said, and patted Frank on the back, showing him to the door. <br /> <br />Mary was dumbfounded. She just sat there, still gagged, staring a hole through this man she once knew as her boyfriend. Now, she wanted to be untied, un-gagged, and allowed a chance to scream good and loud, and then she wanted to go the fuck home. She didn’t even think yet, that she also wanted a good explanation, but when it occurred to her, she thought he would have ample time to explain in a court of law. A criminal court of law, before they carried him and ‘Frank’ to the proverbial pokey. <br /> <br />Mike shut the front door after waving goodbye to Frank one last time. He then turned and walked over to where Mary was still anchored. “Hi, baby. I know you’ve been through a lot, and I’m going to let you loose in a minute. But while I have your undivided attention, I want to talk to you first. You know, I planned this whole thing. I knew when you’d be at the park, and I knew there was hardly any chance that anyone else would be there. There never is. Not at 2:00 in the afternoon. So, I called Frank, and he knew where to go, and what to do from there. He took fairly good care of you, didn’t he?” Mary nodded approvingly, like she was happy to give a good report. “Okay, here’s the deal. Remember, about a month ago, when I brought up my desire to do some bondage role playing with you, and you totally shunned the whole idea, like I was having some kind of brain fart, or something? Remember?” Mary, thought for a second, looked up like she was trying to give the question her best consideration, and then turned back to Mike, and nodded ‘yes’. “Okay, apparently you didn’t get it. This is how it’s going to be, if you stay with me. Occasionally, we’re going to have these bondage episodes, and you’re going to enjoy doing them with me. OR, you’re going to go your way, and I’ll go mine. I can’t believe how fast, and callous you were, in shooting me down after I opened up to you, and shared my deepest desires. But I got to thinking that, if you had a chance to experience one of these scenarios first hand, you’d be open to doing more of it with me. I know you’re mad right now, but I want you to think after you cool off. Didn’t you get wet several times when Frank touched you, while you were bound and helpless? Didn’t you get a rush, from being bound and gagged, and naked in front of this total stranger, who you didn’t know, and had no idea what he might do to you? It excited you. I know it did. Frank kept me up to date, constantly. Did you think he really had to go to the bathroom every half hour? He went in there to call me on his cell, and tell me the latest. When I felt the time was right, I came on over. Now, you are going to be untied in just a minute. But, I want you to relax, take some time. This is Frank’s house. We can stay here as long as we want. Think about how much you really enjoyed this kind of thing. All I want is for you to make a decision. Either you stay, and we install bondage and other things to our relationship, or you say ‘so long’. I went to a lot of trouble, and no small expense to try and keep you, and my deepest longings together, and intact. Now, it’s up to you. <br /> <br />Mary knew he was finally finished talking, and she took a deep breath. Mike got up, and un-gagged her, and then untied her and handed her some clothes. She took the clothes, and excused herself to the bathroom to dress without saying anything. Mike sat down on the couch, unsure of everything. Sure, it was outlandish. Sure, it was…a lot of things. But, he didn’t know a better way, so he chose this one. Now, he waited. <br /> <br />After about 20 minutes, Mary emerged from the bathroom and walked slowly over to Mike. He stood to face her. He was poised for whatever she might do. Slap his face, kick him in the groin, he didn’t know what she’d do, but he was ready for anything. Mary just stared up into his eyes, as he stared down into hers. After a moment, she put both her hands on his big, muscular chest and watched her hands glide over his body. Then she looked back up at him, and after a short pause, she said, “I love you, Master. I’m yours to command.” Tears began to well up in her eyes, and then the same tears began to show in Mike’s eyes, as they continued gazing at one another. “Please, just take better care of me than Frank did. He didn’t give me enough water to drink.” Mike started, and instantly nodded, unable to speak from the emotion he was bombarded with. “Let’s go home.” Mary said, “I need a shower, and I’m hungry. Will you order out for some pizza? I don’t feel much like cooking tonight.” Mike smiled an awkward smile, and finally said, “Sure honey. Anything you want.” Then he embraced her, and kissed her deeply for a long time. Finally, they turned and walked out the door of the cabin. Mike closed it behind the two of them, showed Mary to the passenger side of his pickup, and they headed home. <br /> <br />Three months later, they were married. <br /> <br />Frank was not the best man. Mike thought that would be too much. Better to keep a good balance on things. <br /> <br />They lived happy, and uninhibited, ever after.