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Some one submitted this story once before. But in the prior submission, I forgot to include the various genre items this story deals with, so it did not get much exposure. Also, the story has expanded considerably since I first submitted it. So, even if you read it before, you should read it again.

Chapter 1: Bane’s rape
On Bane’s 13th birthday, her brothers Billy, Ben and Jack asked if she wanted to go with them on a camping trip. She knew why they wanted to take her – she had practically engineered the situation. Bane had blond hair and bright blue eyes. She was a Cheerleader, so her body was in excellent condition. She knew she was good looking and she would flaunt her cute body around her brothers. She often walked around the house in only her underwear or wore a long tee shirt and no underwear. Sometimes she wore just a button down shirt with the top buttons open almost to the point where they could see her perky nipples. She would wiggle her cute butt in front of her brothers and they would playfully reach out and smack her in the ass. She would often “accidentally” bump into them and rub her tits (which seemed to be getting bigger every day) against them. Every once in a while she would feel a stray hand reach down and touch her pubic area. She never stopped them and secretly enjoyed the feeling. She knew they enjoyed these games as well. What did she expect them to do when they got her alone way out in the woods.

Bane was a very horney girl. She masturbated at least once a day and she usually masturbated to thoughts of her brothers fucking her. She would fantasize about Billy kidnapping her and ravaging her body. She knew that Ben had a cruel streak and she would often fantasize of being savagely abused and raped by him. And she would dream of her and Jack making wild passionate love. She even dreamed of being fucked by all three of them at the same time. She knew from the random bumps and from sitting in their laps or laying her head their laps while watching TV that they all had large cocks and she longed to feel those cocks inside her.

On the day of the trip, they went deep into the woods behind their house. As soon as they set up camp, they started drinking. Very soon, Bane started to get drunk. After a few beers, she needed to pee. Her oldest brother Billy took her by the hand and showed her a good place to go. He said he would stay behind her and protect her from any wild animals. Bane should have felt embarrassed about peeing in front of her brother, but on the contrary she felt safe and protected and somewhat aroused. She could have just pulled her pants down and peed, but instead, she took her pants and underwear off. When she was finished, she stood up and started putting her cloths back on. But before she could pull her underwear up, she felt Billy’s hand on her back. He stopped her and started pushing her hand down. At first she was startled and tried to resist, but Billy easily overpowered her and truth be told, she didn’t put up much resistance. Billy finished pulling her underwear back off and guided her to a nearby tree. He made her bend over and put her hands on the tree with her legs spread wide. She felt his hand rub her clit and she immediately tried to stand up, but Billy grabbed the back of her neck and forced her back down again. This was the first time anyone had ever touched her clit and while there was a little bit of a shock at having her brother be the first to touch her, the feeling was incredible. Her pussy started to get very wet and she didn’t want him to stop, but after a few moments, he did stop. Bane looked down between her legs and saw that Billy had taken his pants and underwear off and she could see his huge cock. When she first saw it, she took a deep breath of shock – it was enormous – far bigger than what she expected. She thought, “there is no way that huge thing will fit inside me”. Then she watched him guide the tip of his dick towards her pussy. She knew it was wrong and she knew she should resist, but instead she wondered what it would feel like to have that huge cock inside her and she knew she was about to find out. Suddenly she felt Billy ram his cock into her hole. She screamed from the raw pain of having her pussy lips forced open by Billy’s huge cock. Bane was a virgin and her cunt was so tight that, on Billy’s initial thrust, he was only able to get his 9” cock one or two inches inside her. However, the pain induced by his initial penetration was incredible. Bane didn’t think she could bare the pain she knew was coming next, but she wanted the rest of that huge cock deep inside her. So, She looked back towards Billy and he saw in her eyes that she wanted him to continue. To entice him more, Bane spread her legs further apart and used her arms to firmly support herself against the tree. Then she took a deep breath and put head down so she could watch Billy’s cock penetrated her virgin hole. Just when Billy drove his cock into her cunt, she pushed her ass hard back towards his cock. The result was total penetration. She could almost hear her cherry pop and her cunt was ripped open like an over stressed zipper. Then she felt that enormous cock bottom out in her cunt. Bane’s face flew up towards the sky and she heard herself scream in agony. But the pain was so great; she didn’t even realize it was her that had screamed. She knew that having her cherry popped was going to hurt, but she had no idea it would hurt that much. Billy held his cock firmly inside her and waited until her screams reduced to a soft sob. Then he started moving his cock in and out of her. For Bane, it felt as if he was ramming a tree branch in and out of her cunt. Then he started doing it faster and harder. She felt like she was being pounded by a jack hammer. But to her surprise, even through the pain, she heard herself say “Oh YES FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”. And Billy did just that. Bane lowered her head back down between her arms and watched as that huge cock pumping in and out of her. It was the most incredible sight of her life – something she had only dreamed of and reality was even better than the dream. Her screams of pain and delight caught Jack and Ben’s attention and they came running over. They saw Billy savagely fucking their sister as hard as he could. They knew it was going to happen tonight. They had all been secretly planning it for weeks. And they knew that soon it would be their turn to fuck their sister. Bane thought they were coming to help her, but neither of them stopped Billy from savagely ramming his cock in and out of her. In fact, Ben positioned himself on Bane’s right side and Jack positioned himself on her left. They each put a hand on her ass with their fingers on the edge of her ass hole. Then they pulled her ass cheeks apart. Touching her asshole produced a whole new range of feelings inside Bane’s body. Then they grabbed her muscular thighs and spread them like a turkey wishbone. This gave Billy even more access to the depths of her de-flowered hole. The pain increased as well, but with each thrust the pain diminished a little. She could feel the tight seal her pussy lips made around Billy’s cock. She could feel the walls of her cunt being stretched with each penetration and then feel them relax as he pulled back. Then she felt Billy’s cock swell and throb. As she was a virgin, no man had ever filled her with cum and she wondered how it would feel. At that moment, she felt a warm sensation deep in her cunt and she knew that Billy had just filled her womb with his red hot seed. The warmth of it soothed her insides and as his cock got soft inside her, the pain reduced even more. Billy pulled his cock out of her and walked around to her right side. Bane reached up, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a deep kiss. Billy kissed her back, but then he pushed her down against the tree again. At first she wasn’t sure what was happening, but then she felt the awesome pain of Ben driving that telephone pole of a cock into her tight cunt in one mighty thrust. She screamed and tried to pull away, but Billy and Jack held her in position. Her pussy lips and cunt walls were raw from Billy’s savage fucking. The pain she felt now was beyond what she felt when her cherry was popped. She was screaming and crying, “Stop, it hurts, please stop”. But, if anything, her screams and cries excited Ben further. While Billy had pounded her like a jack hammer, Ben pounded her like a sledge hammer. He was relentless. His strokes were not fast, but she was practically lifted off the ground with each thrust. Even with Billy and Jack supporting her hips and thighs, she still ripped bark off the tree with her nails. She could tell that Ben’s cock was even bigger than Billy’s because she could feel her cunt tearing open a little more. To help him get even more penetration, Billy and Jack spread Bane’s legs as wide as they would go and they held her there while Ben continued to ram his cock deep into her cunt. Then she felt Ben’s cock swell and stretch her cunt even further. She knew he was about to cum just as Billy had. She couldn’t wait for this ordeal to be finished. But then, to her disappointment, she felt him pull out of her just as he started Cuming. She looked back at him with an expression of anger at having endured all that pain and the possibility of not receiving his hot seed. She wondered what he was doing and to her surprise, she heard herself say, “What the fuck are you doing – fill me with your hot fucking cum you son of a bitch!” Then she felt him drive his cock deep into her ass in one single brutal thrust with only his cum as lubrication. There was no hymen in her ass to resist his cock, so it plunged all the way in to the base of his balls. Her head flew up and she screamed – far louder than when Billy ripped her cherry from her. She tried to pull away, but Billy and Jack not only held her in place, but their fingers were actually pulling her ass hole open so that Billy could get even deeper in her virgin anus. After ramming his cock into her, Billy held steady at first allowing her ass to become accustomed to his huge cock. After a few moments, he started moving his cock in and out of her ass. At first the pain was beyond comprehension, but very quickly it became the most wonderful feeling she had ever felt. It still hurt terribly, but it was a good hurt. She heard herself grunting and screaming “HARDER, HARDER, YOU BASTARD”. The feeling was so incredible she found herself thinking that she didn’t want him to stop. But then she felt his cock swell and explode inside her and she felt his hot cum go up inside her and fill her intestines. His cock reduced in size and got soft inside her ass and she heard a soft pop when he pulled out. Then he came around to her left side and switched positions with Jack. Bane looked up at him with an expression of both anger and delight. She reached up, grabbed him by the back of the neck and savagely kissed him and bit his lip. Ben grabbed Bane by the hair on the back of her head and kissed her hard and stuck his tongue deep down her throat. When he pulled away, he slapped her cheek, forced her down into the fucking position and smacked her hard on the ass. At that same instant Jack rammed his cock deep into her cunt in one mighty thrust.

She wasn’t sure what hurt more, the slaps to her face and ass or the cock that was now trying to saw her in half. If Billy was a jack hammer and Ben was a sledge hammer, then Jack was a Saws All. He moved that cock in and out of her faster than she thought possible. With each penetration, She could feel his balls smacking her clit like a whip. To her surprise, the pain quickly disappeared and was replaced by an incredible feeling. Each time his balls smacked her clit, she felt a surge of energy shoot through her cunt lips. She could feel her cunt coming alive and it was feasting on this young boy’s swelling cock. Then it happened, her body was racked by the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt. When it hit her it was an explosion of ecstasy. She screamed in delight and her body convulsed so hard that Billy and Ben had a hard time holding her in position. What made it more difficult for them was that at the exact same moment Jack started to cum too. He was ramming Bane so hard and so fast that the only way she could continue holding on to the tree was to hug it and let her shoulder bear the load. She felt Jack’s cock throb and pulse within her hungry cunt filling her with wave after wave of red hot cum. And she felt her body convulse in time with each pulse of his cock; milking him dry. This was far better than any orgasm she got from masturbating. She could tell that it was the best orgasm Jack had ever had too, because he was grunting like a bull and pounder her harder and harder as he filled her cunt with his huge cum load.

When Jack pulled out of her, she tried to stand, but her legs were so weak that all three boys needed to support her. When she turned to Jack, she gave him a big hug and kissed him passionately on the lips – as lovers do. She knew that up until now Jack was a virgin and she was his first fuck. What made it even better was that they both had a simultaneous orgasm. She knew they would have that special bond for the rest of their lives. When she looked down at her brother’s flaccid cocks, she could see a mixture of blood and cum dripping from their balls. When she looked down at her abused cunt, she could see the remains of her cherry mixed with cum dripping out of her pussy and running down the sides of her legs. She looked up at all three of them and smiled.

They practically carried Bane back to camp. She tried to head for the tent, but to her dismay, they guided her over to the camp fire. Ben said “down on your knees bitch”. She had seen enough porn videos to know what they were going to do to her. Her ass and cunt were so sore, she didn’t want to be fucked more and she slowly shook her head – no. But Ben slapped her face and said “I said down on your knees bitch”. Bane slowly started to get down on her hands and knees, but she didn’t do it fast enough for Ben, so he slapped her hard on the ass and forced her to her knees. We were going to be nice to you, but now that you disobeyed us, we are going to fuck you all night long. Bane started to sob and cry, “no, please don’t” but Ben just rammed his cock into her cunt. They fucked her like rabid dogs. They fucked her cunt and they fucked ass over and over. They must have cum at least 10 times each and each time they came, the fucking was even more savage than the time before. When Bane looked down between her arms, she could see her belly distended from the weight of all the cum they had pumped into her. She also felt intense cramps from all the cum they had pumped into her ass. Her pussy lips were swollen and her cunt felt as if it were ground hamburger. Her ass burned and felt as if the only thing keeping her guts from spilling out her asshole was the cock that kept pushing it back in again. Still, even through the pain, a change was happening within her. When they were inside her, there was a warm tingling sensation deep within her. When they pulled out, the tingling was replaced by an empty hollow feeling. Each time they rammed into her, she felt the emptiness fill. She wanted their cocks to stay inside her to fill that emptiness and she wanted to feel the warmth of their hot cum inside her. While she was in pain, she knew she was pleasing her brothers and strangely, that pleased her. So, to help them enjoy it more, each time they rammed into her, she would wiggle her tiny cunt around the base of their cocks to help them get deeper insider her and she squeezed her cunt muscles as hard as she could to try and milk them of their cum. Sadly, when they finally stopped fucking, she felt a longing in the depths of her cunt and ass for more.

Then Ben reached into his backpack and pulled out two mushroom shaped objects which had a ring at the base of their stems. He showed them to Bane and told her, you will wear these until we take them out of you. At first Bane didn’t understand what the objects were, then she felt Ben ram the butt plug deep into her ass. At first all she could do was take in a deep breath, then she screamed in pain and fell to the ground screaming, IT HURTS, IT HURTS – PULL IT OUT, PULL IT OUT!!! But Ben refused. She clenched her ass in an effort to push the huge thing out but even with the lubrication of all that cum, the plug was not going to come out until Ben wanted it to, and even then it would take all the force of her ass muscles pushing and Ben pulling to get the plug out. Ben said, “ok bitch get back on your knees”. Bane thought he was going to pull the plug out, so she quickly complied, but when she got to her knees, Ben rammed the other plug into her cunt. The plug in her cunt hurt more than the plug in her butt. She screamed and fell to the ground and tried to pull the plug out of her cunt, but the more she tried to pull it out, the more it seated itself. She was crying and moaning, “please, please pull them out, pull them out”. Then Ben said “don’t be such a baby”. Your cunt and ass will get used to them in a few moments. To her surprise, he was right, after a few minutes the pain began to diminish. She thought, “at least they can’t fuck me with these things in place”. Ben said, “those plugs will keep all of our cum inside of you bitch. The only time they can come out of you is when we are fucking you. Bane had the plugs in her ass and pussy most of the night and would have them in her body almost continuously throughout her teenage years.

She thought they were through with her, so she tried crawling back to the tent again, but Ben said “where do you think you are going whore?” “Get over here”. She crawled on her hands and knees over to where Ben was sitting. He grabbed her face and guided it to his balls and said, “lick my balls bitch”. At first she was repulsed by the idea, but she knew what would happen if she didn’t obey him. So, she started licking his balls as a cat licks its paws. She found she was actually enjoying the taste. She even gently sucked his balls. As she licked at the base of his cock, it began to get very hard. She thought – don’t these guys ever get enough. He stood up and guided her mouth to the head of his cock.

Now it was Bane’s turn to have some fun. Ben thought he was going to teach her something new, but Bane had been studying blow jobs for a long time. She was fascinated by them. She had read all about them in Penthouse, Playboy and Playgirl. She had even read about them in much more sleazy magazines and she had watched girls giving blowjobs to guys with huge cocks on the internet. She had dreamed of giving her brothers the best blow jobs of their lives. She had been preparing her throat for months in anticipation of this moment. To get over the gag reflex and to stretch her throat, she would stick various objects down her throat. She started with her tooth brush and moved on to bigger and longer items. She used the tube of tooth paste and shampoo bottles. She used anything which came close to resembling a cock – she even got a huge 12” dildo off the internet and practiced sucking it. By now, she had her throat conditioned to the point where she could actually put that entire 12” dildo down her throat and close her mouth. She could even turn on the vibe function with her tongue. She knew she could easily take in all of her brothers cocks and they were in for a big fucking surprise.

So, Ben told her to suck the tip of his cock, then lick the sides and suck his balls and Bane complied. Then he told her to swallow a few inches. Bane looked up with an expression of “please don’t make me do this”, but Ben said “DO IT BITCH”. So, Bane put the head of his cock in her mouth and placed her hands on his ass cheeks. Then she RAMMED her face down on his cock until her little mouth bottomed out at its base and then she bit down firmly. Ben was shocked by the violent force of her mouth completely swallowing his cock. He instinctively tried to pull back and almost lost his footing, but Bane literally had him by the balls and he could not move without Bane’s teeth ripping his cock off. Once he steadied himself, Bane released her biting hold and started moving her mouth up and down on Ben’s cock. She gently squeezed and rubbed his balls. She had even learned of a few key pressure points which (according to playgirl) were guaranteed to blow a man’s mind. Soon she got tired of doing all the work, so she grabbed Ben’s hands and put them on her head. Ben knew exactly what she was suggesting and he started face fucking her the same way he fucked her cunt and ass. Bane continued her massage efforts as best she could with her face being hit by a sledge hammer. This truly was the best blow job Ben had ever had and even after Cuming more than ten times, it took him only a few moments to cum down Bane’s throat.

In all of Bane’s practice, none of the objects she put down her throat ever came into her. She felt Ben’s cock swell, so she knew he was ready to cum, but she was not prepared for the force or volume of his cum. When he exploded, a massive load of cum shot down her throat like a fire hose. At first it felt as if it might come back up again and she thought she might drown in all that cum, but his cock was far past her wind pipe and it was so swollen that it stretched her throat and formed a tight seal. All that cum was going into her belly whether she wanted it to or not. But, she definitely wanted it – she wanted every drop of it and it felt great as it filled her belly. Once his cock got soft, she allowed him to pull out of her, but as he did, she closed her lips at just the right moment so a little of his jism filled her mouth. It tasted even better than she thought it would. He might as well have shot a milkshake down her throat. Ben looked down at her, grabbed her chin and made her look up at him. “Holding out on us hey bitch” he said. Bane smiled and opened her mouth a bit to show him the cum she was swirling around in her mouth like a fine wine. Ben smiled back and then he slapped her face. Bane recoiled from the slap and cum sprayed out of her mouth like blood from a boxer’s jaw, but she looked back at him and smiled. After watching, Ben get his blow job, Billy and Jack were standing there with their cocks as hard as railroad spikes waiting for their turn. Bane did the same to them as she had done to Ben. Jack fucked her mouth so hard, she was sure she was going to get a black eye from it. She loved the taste of all their cum, but she did notice that there was a slight difference in the taste of each. She imagined that if she closed her eyes she distinguish her brothers simply by the taste of their cum. Once she finished with Jack, she went back to Ben who appeared to have recovered from his initial blowjob shock. She sucked all three of her brothers cocks again and savored every drop of their cum. Then she sat in a chair facing them, opened a beer, took a deep drink and smiled at them. But, it was uncomfortable for her to sit on the plugs, so she had to scoot down on the seat to take the pressure off their stems. In this position, the boys had a perfect view of the plug stems and their pull out rings as they poked out of her holes. They could see her cunt and ass muscles involuntarily convulsing in a vain attempt to push the plugs out.

As they all drank more beers, Bane told them that she suspected they were going to rape her tonight and she admitted to enjoying parts of it. She told them of all the fantasizes she had about them. She told them that she found and read all of their Penthouse and Playboy magazine’s – even the sticky ones. She told them of all the stuff she read and watched on the internet – some of which made Penthouse and Playboy look like nursery books. She told them that she wanted all that done to her and more. She told them that they had taken her virginity – in all three holes. She would never tell anyone what they had done to her tonight. And she told them they could do whatever they wanted to her body (as long as it didn’t draw to much blood) and they could do it anytime, anyplace and any way they wanted for the rest of her life. She was theirs now to do with whatever they pleased. They drank beers and talked late into the night about all the things they were going to do to Bane. All of them got horney numerous times and Bane was fucked many more times that night.

At one point, they all realized that in their haste to fuck her, they had not taken her shirt and bra off. They had felt her tits numerous times through her shirt, but none of them had ever actually seen or physically touch them. So, she pulled her shirt and bra off to show them what they had been missing. Her tits were beautiful and perky. She walked around to each brother, sat in his lap, put his dick in her cunt and allowed them to suck on and play with her tits while she rotated her pussy around their cocks. When they finally did go to bed, Bane climbed onto each of them and fucked them to sleep. Just before she turned out the light, she looked down at the semen which was somehow leaking past the plugs and noticed that there were still remains of her cherry on her leg. This was the best birthday she ever had.

Chapter 2: The next morning

When Bane awoke the next morning, her ass and pussy were very sore, it hurt to pee and she didn’t even want to think about going poo – the butt plug would have prevented that anyhow. She woke up hungry, but there was no food. All they brought with them was beer. She remembered how full she felt after her brothers had cum down her throat and she remembered how much she liked the taste. She was hungry and needed something to eat, so she thought, why not eat more cum. She tried to wake her brothers so she could suck their cocks, but they were all passed out and she couldn’t wake them. They never bothered to put their cloths on after raping her, so she crawled in each of their sleeping bags and sucked each of their cocks until her belly was full. Then she went back to sleep.

As Ben began to wake, he needed to pee, but he didn’t want to get up and go outside to do it. So, he pulled his sister close to him and said to her; “I need to pee bitch”. I am going to pull the plug out and put my cock in your ass and piss inside you. When I pull out, you had better hold every drop of my piss inside you until you can get out of this tent. Then you can dump my piss where ever you like. If I see even one drop leak out, we will all fuck you just like we did last night”. Bane’s pussy and ass were so sore that she didn’t want to go thru that again, but she also knew they were going to fuck her anyhow. Still, She had never even thought of what it would be like to have someone pee in her. She was excited by the thought, so she rolled over. Ben jerked the butt plug out and quickly rammed his piss hardon into her ass hole before any cum could leak out. Then he relieve himself in her ass. They had drunk a lot of beer the night before and he seemed to piss forever. His piss was hot and it felt good as it filled her insides, but her ass was already full of cum, so as her insides began to fill with piss, she started feeling intense cramps. She tried to pull away, but Ben wasn’t finished yet. It felt good to him, so he plunged his cock deeper into her ass and continued to pee. When he finally finished relieving himself, he pulled out and Bane ran as fast as she could outside. As soon as she got out of the tent, a torrent of pee and cum sprayed out of her ass. When she went back in the tent, she realized that Ben must have told Billy and Jack what he had done (or they had watched), because each of them needed to pee and they all used her as a receptacle for their urine. She accepted their waste and carried it outside.

As each brother woke up, they would have Bane suck their cocks until they came. Bane thought this was funny because she had milked them a few hours earlier and they didn’t even realized she had done it. What was even better was that she was hungry again and cum was exactly what she wanted.

After they got out of the tent, they all fucked Bane in the ass a few more times just to re-fill her with cum, then they put the plug back in. As Ben had said, her body had become accustomed to the plugs. In fact, when the plugs were out of her, she actually felt a little naked without them.

Chapter 3: Bane’s teenage years

Over the next few weeks after her rape, Bane was fucked constantly by her brothers. She was literally fucked day and night. She barely got any sleep and she was often fucked by all three of them at the same time. To make it easy for her brothers to access any hole they wanted at any time, Bane was not allowed to wear underwear – the plugs would have made underwear uncomfortable anyhow. She was also required to wear some sort of a dress which could be flipped up exposing her cunt or ass for their pleasure. They would often come up behind her, bend her over, pull up her dress, rip out the plug from the hole they were interested in fucking and plunge their cocks into her. She would spread her legs wide and eagerly allow him to enter her. Sometimes they would even carry on a conversation while they were fucking. When they were finished fucking, Bane would lick off the excess cum from the plug and her brother would put it back into her. If they pushed her head down towards their crotch, she would kneel in front of them, unzip their fly, pull their cocks out and suck on them until she had milked them dry. At night she slept naked and there was almost always one brother or another laying on top of her pounding away at her. She never denied them and she truly enjoyed pleasing her brothers by being their slave and play thing. In fact, sometimes she wanted it more than they did and would crawl into their beds.

Bane and her brothers loved knowing that Bane’s ass and cunt were always full of cum. So, unless she was being fucked, she was required to keep the plugs in place. Unfortunately, even though she was on the pill, having her cunt always full of cum caused her to become pregnant numerous times. When it first occurred, they all got very scared and didn’t know what to do. But Ben, being the engineer of the group, studied up on abortions and designed a simple tool which could give Bane abortions without hurting her. Any pain she might have had was offset by the fact that her brothers massaged her clit and maintained her in a continuous orgasm state throughout the operation. Bane actually enjoyed the abortion process and often thanked her brothers when they were through. They lost count of how many abortions they gave her. Sometimes they would let the pregnancy go on until Bane started to show. This eliminated the mess associated with fucking her during periods and Bane seamed to get even more horney – if that were possible. Once they let the pregnancy go for many months. During that pregnancy, Ben used a vacuum pump on Bane’s tits numerous times throughout the day until he was finally able to get milk from her breasts. From then on, her brothers fed off of Bane’s tits every day. And her tits grew bigger and bigger as they became more and more engorged with milk. Even with all three brothers feasting off her each day, Bane’s tits produced more milk than they could drink. So, when they had their fill, she would finish milking herself using a pump and store the extra milk in the refrigerator. On a few occasions, she saw her mother and father drinking from her milk bottle. They seemed to love the taste because they drank milk everyday and they even offered milk to friends who stopped by.

Each morning Bane would wake up early. The first thing she did was pull the plugs out, lick them clean and push out the excess cum within her into a glass and drink it. Sometimes she drank it straight, sometimes she added some of her own milk. Then she would wake her brothers up one at a time with a blow job. Once she milked all their cocks of cum, she would go back to each and allow them to fuck her (or in some cases, she fucked them) as their final wake up call. She usually came at least once with each brother each morning. And she loved it when they relieve themselves in her ass or her pussy. After they showered and got dressed, she would go into each of their rooms and allow them to feed off her tits before going off to school or work


Billy enjoyed fucking Bane in public. Sometimes he made her dress like a catholic school girl or a cheerleader. Sometimes he had her dress as a slut or a whore. They would fuck in public dressing rooms and sleazy bathrooms. They would fuck on the side of highways while cars went by honking their horns. She would give him blow jobs in theatres and Billy often directed her to give blow jobs to the men next to them in the theatre. Sometimes, Billy would take Bane to a concert. He would have her take all her clothes off and he would fuck her with thousands of people watching. They even fucked on a horse once. While Billy sat in the saddle, Bane positioned herself facing him with his cock in her pussy and her ass hole on the saddle handle. As they rode, Bane’s cunt would naturally bounce up and down on Billy’s cock and the saddle handle pounded her ass hole. Billy and Bane’s favorite thing to do was to take bus rides. He would have her sit in his lap with his cock in her pussy or ass. Bane would rock back and forth and wiggle her hole around Billy’s cock. As the bus hit bumps, Bane would exaggerate the bump and rise up allowing Billy’s cock to almost pull out of her, and then she would drop down hard and wiggle her hole around the base of his cock again. After a 20 or 30 minute ride, Billy had usually cum at least twice. Bane usually came to, but her orgasms often lasted for the duration of the bus ride.

Billy took videos of Bane being fucked by him and his brothers and he took videos of all the perverted things they did to her. Then he would sell the videos on the internet and split the money between all four of them. They made an enormous amount of money from these videos. They even had a web-cam which got thousands of hits each day. Some of their videos held the number one slot on the sex sites for weeks.


Ben liked to see Bane in pain and he always fucked her in the ass. He would stuff a sock or ball in her mouth so no one could hear her screams. Then he would spank her with various tools and he enjoyed shoving various objects into her. Some of these objects would cause a lot of pain, but Ben made her hold them in until he was finished enjoying himself. As Bane grew older and her tits got bigger, Ben would tie tight cords around the base of her tits which caused them to expand and bulge until they turned purple. He would then use a vacuum pump on her nipples and he often used a vacuum pump on her cunt as well. When he was finished, her tits were always swollen and distorted and her cunt looked like it was inside out. After he took the pump off her cunt, he would smack it with a ruler or other object until it turned purple. After all this abuse, Bane would have trouble walking until her swollen pussy reduced enough that it no longer rubbed against the insides of her legs. Before fucking her in the ass, Ben would usually put some implement into Bane’s cunt that either vibrated or electrocuted her and then he would savagely fuck her ass. Sometimes he would strap the implement directly to his cock and ram both of them into her ass. He often secured a cable to the cords on Bane’s tits and use a pulley to suspend her from the ceiling by her tits with her toes barely touching the ground. When he fucked her in this position, her feet would lift off the ground on his thrusts and she would fall back down when he pulled back. Bane could never get her feet under her quick enough to prevent the full weight of her body from being carried by her tits. At times, she thought her tits were going to pop off her body. When Bane’s tits were producing milk, each time she was falling back down, milk from her tits would spray across the room.

Once when they were at the beach, Ben found an old plastic tube lying in the sand. It was about the same size as his cock which gave him an idea. He cut the tube off so that it was about 3” long. He had Bane bend over so her asshole was pointed toward the sky. Then he shoved the tube up her ass so that it only protruded by about ½”. He then poured sand into the tube and used his cock to pound it up her ass. He kept filling and pounding and filling and pounding until Bane could not take any more. Once she was full of sand, he pulled his cock and the tube out of her ass and rammed the butt plug back into position. While Ben’s cock was raw for a week after doing this to her, Bane actually enjoyed the feeling of running up and down the beach with her ass full of sand. When the boys fucked her on the beach, they told her they could feel the sand on the other side of the wall separating her cunt from her ass.

Ben also liked to watch Bane be fucked by the family dog Hercules. Hercules was a huge wolf hound and had a cock that was almost as big as Ben’s. The difference was that Hercules had a knot that was at least 4 inches in diameter. When Hercules knotted with Bane, they were solidly connected until his knot shrunk enough for it to pop out of Bane’s cunt. Ben enjoyed watching Hercules twist around and drag Bane around the room. Bane actually enjoyed feeling the knot form inside her and she enjoyed the feeling when the knot finally reduced in size enough to pop out of her cunt. Sometimes she could even hear the pop sound of her cunt lips being stretched wide and then closing.


Jack just liked to fuck. He could not get enough of Bane. He fucked her at least three times a day and as he grew older, his cock grew to be the largest of all her brothers. Bane enjoyed being fucked by Jack because even though he fucked her hard, he was often very gentle and kind to her. And as with when he raped her, they almost always had a simultaneous orgasm. After fucking her, Jack would kiss her and gently suck on her tits. He would always take care of her after Ben had finished having his fun with her. Many times he would even rub her clit until she came – which helped convert some of the pain into pleasure.

Jack was only 1 year older than Bane. So, for some of their high school years, they went to the same school. Bane always gave Jack a blowjob while driving to school and they often stopped off at some secluded place for a quick fuck before going to class. Throughout the day they often snuck into hidden school areas to fuck. When Bane was producing milk, Jack would supplement his lunch by feeding off her.

Sometimes Jack and Bane would do some shop lifting. Jack would grab candy bars or some other item and casually slip them into Bane’s cunt or ass while she was pretending to look at cloths. More than a few times, they got stopped at the door of the store, but nothing was ever found on Ben and no one was going to finger a young girl in search of a stolen candy bar. When they got away, Bane would pop out whatever Jack had stuck into her, she would lick off any excess cum and they would either play with it or eat it. In the case of candy bars, Bane’s cunt was so hot that the candy was always soft and messy, but they laughed and ate it anyhow.

When the boys went on dates, even when the girl put out, they would always come home and fuck Bane. This made her feel special because she knew that even though her brother had fucked another girl (which actually did make her jealous); she was still the best fuck they ever had. Unfortunately, sometimes the girl would not put out. When this happened, the boys took their sexual frustration out on Bane. To please them, Bane would role play and pretend to be the girl they went on the date with. She enjoyed this because she got the chance to mock the girl and please her brother at the same time. Bane could sense what her brothers wanted, so she would sometimes act as if she enjoyed the fucking or she would sometimes pretend that she was being raped. Ben liked raping her even if the girl put out. In Ben’s case, Bane felt sorry for the girl.


Bane was more like a boy than a girl. Most of her friends were boys, but she did have one girlfriend. Beth was a lot like Bane. They looked and acted alike. Both were whores and both loved the physical and mental feeling of being fucked any way possible. If Beth had brothers, she surely would have been fucking them the same as Bane was fucked by her brothers. Of course, Bane and Beth had their own affair where they fucked each other with dildos and other implements. Being girls, it was accepted for them to have “sleep over’s”. So, they slept together many times. Sometimes after fucking with a double penetrating strap on, they would fall asleep on top of each other with the dildo still inside them. When they woke, they would continue fucking. Sometimes they fucked like this for hours.

Beth didn’t know about the sex acts between Bane and her brothers. Often Bane would set Beth up with one of her brothers. Late in the night, Beth would sneak into a brothers room and be fucked. Then she would run back to Bane and tell her about the experience. Of course Bane knew all of her brother’s sexual desires and operations, but it was still fun to hear about it from her friend. After fucking one of Bane’s brothers, Beth would allow Bane to suck their cum from her cunt. They played a game where Bane would tell Beth which brother she had fucked simply by the taste of their cum. One day, Beth suggested Bane pretend to be her and experience being fucked by her brothers first hand. Bane of course pretended to be appalled by the idea, but then she agreed to do it. When she did do it, she did actually pretend to be Beth and she was pretty sure none of her brothers realized it was her rather than Beth they were fucking. While the experience should have been the same as when she was normally fucked by her brothers, for some reason it was different. It was elicit and it was erotic. For the most part, the fucking was the same, but Billy told her that he loved her. Billy had told Bane he loved her many times, but he had never done it while they were fucking and he didn’t do it with the same passion as when he thought he was fucking Beth. Bane told Beth about it and she said, “yea he tells me that all the time”. It is not surprising to note that Billy married Beth later in life. And interestingly, when ever Bane came to visit, Beth let her sneak into their room and be fucked by Billy.

Chapter 4: Play time in the shed

There was a shed out in the back of the family home. Bane’s parents never went into the shed. As far as they were concerned, it was the boy’s “fort”. They understood that every boy needs a fort and it was a private place just for boys. So, the Shed was where most of the fucking was done. One of the favorite things Bane’s brothers like to do was to tie Bane to a rolling chair. Once they got their cocks into her tight little pussy, they would use the chair to pull her into them while they rammed their cocks deep into her cunt or down her throat. Often one brother would move the chair while the other thrust into her. When their rhythm was right, they got deep penetration and often bruised her cunt lips. Even at her young age, it amazed her that she was able to take so much cock so deep inside her. Maybe it was because there was almost always a cock inside her, and her body was actually growing around a cunt that was always excessively filled with a cock or other implement.

The boys also liked giving Bane deep enemas. They enjoyed watching her stomach rise and swell as they pumped various liquids into her. A few times they filled her with alcohol, inserted the butt plug and watched as Bane’s body absorbed the alcohol and she slowly become drunk. Sometimes they would let the alcohol consume her until she passed out. Then they would put various implements into her body and do other things to her. Bane didn’t really remember what implements were put into her, or what else they did to her. But even in her inebriated state, some of the implements caused her great pain. When she woke from these sessions, her entire body was sore and her pussy and ass were often as sore as they were when her brothers first raped her.

Sometimes the boys would play catch with Bane. They would put her in a special chair similar to a sit up machine with stirrups with her pussy pointed up. Then they would stuff her ass and cunt full of ping pong balls. Bane would use her ass and pussy muscles to pop balls out one at a time. Her brothers would use small fish nets to catch the balls. They earned a point for each ball they caught and Bane earned a point for each ball they missed. Bane got very good at this game she could shoot balls high enough and hard enough to bounce them off the ceiling. She could direct them in virtually any direction she wanted and she could shoot them one at a time or in rapid succession. She could shoot from just one hole or she could rapidly alternate between holes. This made it difficult for her brothers to catch the balls and she often won the game

They also played a game similar to baseball. Bane would kneel in the center of the room. They stuffed her cunt full of ping pong balls. Then she would shoot the ping pong balls at a brother who used a small bat to smack the ball. The boys got a point for each ball they hit and Bane got a point for each ball they missed. When a brother was finished with his turn, he put the bat in its storage location in Bane’s asshole. Since each brother had his own favorite bat, between turns, there were 3 bats in her ass. During a turn, she had to hold the two remaining bats in her ass while shooting ping pong balls out her cunt – not an easy trick, but Bane was very good at it and more often than not, she struck her brothers out. When she did strike a brother out, he was usually not gentle in putting the bat back in Bane’s ass. Especially Ben who would ram his bat hard into her ass, then grab all three bats and savagely twist them. While Bane pretended that this hurt, actually, she didn’t mind a bit – the feeling of all those bats twisting around inside her was incredible and she was satisfied by the fact that she had just struck her brother out.

Bane had a pet python snake. She would play with the snake and let it crawl around her cunt lips. One day, the snake forced its head past Bane’s cunt lips and crawled up inside her. The feeling of the snake squirming around inside her cunt was incredible. The snake enjoyed the warmth of her body and was satisfied to remain in her with just its head sticking out. It was an amazing site to see the snake protruding from her body like a dick with a head. When Bane caressed the snake’s head it would extend more of its body out of her. In a way, the snake protruded from her body as if she had a cock. She often walked around naked with the snake protruding from her and sometimes she went to school and held it in her all day long. She loved the feeling of it squirming around inside her and she was excited by the knowledge that the snake was a part of her body all day long.

Chapter 5: The Machine

Another thing Bane and her brothers loved doing was to strap her on to a special table and hook her up the “the machine”. This was a fucking machine of their own design. When it came to sex, Bane and the boys were very creative. The machine used a powerful electric motor to drive various dildos deep into Bane’s overworked pussy. Some of the dildos were more than 12 inches long and many of them had various surface features. Some of the dildos felt as if they were ripping her pussy inside out. The dildo Bane liked best had a 4” diameter bulbous tip, nubs all along its length and a small clit vibrator at its base. When the bulbous tip came out of her cunt, it felt a lot like when the dog’s knot came out of her. This dildo would drive Bane wild with ecstasy. She loved the feeling of the bulbous tip stretching her cunt opening when it was pulled out and rammed back in. The nubs along its length hammered her clit as the dildo ran in and out of her. When the clit vibrator hit her clit, it activated an internal vibration system and an electric shock system. This caused her body to explode with ecstasy each time the dildo bottomed out in her cunt. All the dildos contained a special lubrication system which squirted a small amount of oil into Bane’s cunt each time it penetrated her.

The machine had many other features as well. It could be set for just 1 inch strokes – which worked best for the bulbous tipped dildo or it could be set up to 12” inch strokes. The way Bane was solidly tied to the table, on the 12 inch stroke setting, the dildo went beyond her cunt opening and her pussy lips would convulsively clamp down on the drive shaft. The machine could also be set to drive in and out of Bane as fast as 100 pumps per minute – which the boys referred to as SPM (Strokes per minute). On the 12 inch stroke setting and 100 SPM, the machine pounded Bane senseless, but she loved every minute of it.

One dildo had a special diameter expanding function. The diameter of the dildo could be increased by increasing the pressure in the oil pump system. This was the boy’s favorite dildo and they often used it on Bane for hours at a time. In their experiments they would increase the pressure and expand the dildo until Bane begged them to stop. Then they would let it sit there for a while and let Bane’s cunt or ass become accustomed to the size. Then they would set it to reduce and expand to that diameter until Bane was ready for it to be pushed in and out of her. Once she was ready, they would ram the dildo in and out of her sometimes as fast as 100 SPM. Once she was ready for more expansion, they would stop the machine, increase the diameter and repeat the process. The largest diameter Bane could tolerate and still have the dildo rammed in and out of her cunt was 4 inches. However, they were able to get the diameter as large as 5 inches without it moving. But Bane could only tolerate the pain at this diameter for a few seconds. However, Ben often ignored Bane’s agony and left it expanded at 5 inches for 2 or 3 minutes. Bane was not a wimpy girl and while she typically let Ben do whatever he want to her, holding her at 5 inches for more than a few seconds was over the top even for him and she kicked his ass for it a few times. Still, they were all amazed at seeing Bane’s cunt hole expanded to such a large diameter. And it was unbelievable to watch the 4” diameter dildo be rammed in and out of her – especially at 100 SPM.

The expansion dildo could also be set so that the oil pressure would randomly increase and decrease while it was being forced in and out of her. Sometimes the expansion would occur outside her pussy and then be forced past her tight pussy lips. Sometimes it would expand insider her and be ripped out of her cunt. It could also be set to rapidly expand and contract while the dildo was not moving. While Bane was not fond of having the dam dildo rammed in and ripped out of her cunt, she thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of it rapidly expanding and contracting while it was not moving in and out of her. Videos of Bane being ravaged by the machine sold very well on the internet. They even setup a webcam and people texted in their suggestions on what should be done to Bane next.

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Bane and the boys were always amazed at how much abuse her pussy, ass and throat could handle. And they enjoyed pushing their abuse to the very edge of Bane’s consciousness. In fact, they often used the machine on her until she passed out. And they often fucked her even after she passed out. Sometimes, they would fuck her in whatever hole the machine wasn’t fucking at the time. On the proper settings, they could just stand there and let the machine (and Bane’s hole) do all the work. They all had their favorite instruments of abuse and special settings, but one thing they all loved was to use the expanding dildo in either her ass or her pussy and fuck the opposite hole. The feeling of the hole getting tighter as the dildo expanded and contracted was incredible. Even Bane enjoyed this act. She sometimes wished they had 2 expanding dildos.

The machine had another feature where the table Bane was strapped to was allowed to move forward and backward. They would set the expanding dildo to the 4” diameter setting and use it to enhance their blow jobs. Because Bane’s body was free to move, when the dildo was forcing its way into her cunt, the boy’s cock was forced down her throat until it bottomed out at the base of the boy’s balls. Then the dildo would drive all the way into her. When the machine tried to pull the dildo out of her, the boys cock was pulled out of her throat until the table reached its limit, then the dildo was ripped out of her body. By adjusting the SPM , they could increase or decrease the speed that their cocks were rammed down Bane’s throat while her pussy or ass was being stretched to its limits. They were always excited by the fact that Bane appeared to enjoy their abuse. Of course this made them want to do more to her, but she didn’t mind because in some perverted way, fucking her was their way of showing how much they loved her and she would do anything to please them.

Sometimes the machine worked Bane over so much she would pass out from the excessive orgasms it gave her. It was not uncommon for a brother to have to carry Bane to bed after a session on the machine. On one occasion the boys and Bane wanted to see how much abuse her cunt could handle. So, they strapped her to the machine and set it on the 12 inch penetration, 100 SPM and full 4” expansion/contraction mode settings. Then they left it fucking her while they went to get something to drink. Unfortunately, they drank a little too much beer and forgot to turn the machine off. It fucked Bane relentlessly for 10 hours before they realized what they had done. By the time they got back to turn the machine off, they found Bane screaming in a semi-conscious state and in the throes of a continuous organism. Her pussy was frothing like a rabid dog’s mouth. The Machine was covered in her cum and there was a puddle of cum on the ground below her. Even after they turned the machine off, the orgasms continued for hours. She had no idea how long she had been in that continuous orgasm state, but she knew she didn’t want it to stop. In her barely conscious state, Bane begged them to leave the machine running. Even with the lubrication system, her pussy was so ravaged, Bare could not walk or even get out of bed for 2 days and even then she had to be careful how she stepped. While the boys felt bad for what they had done to her, it still didn’t stop them from continuing to fuck her every day. For more than two weeks after the “machine incident”, every time they did fuck her, she would be thrown back into that continuous orgasm state which didn’t stop until she passed out from exhaustion.

From then on, Bane longed to be fucked by the machine. She would sometimes beg her brothers to strap her to it and do whatever they pleased as long as they set it on the highest settings for at least a little while. She would even let Ben stretch her cunt to over 5” and hold it there until she screamed for him to stop and he would often hold it there for a few more minutes just to hear her screams.

Chapter 6: Bane’s Parents.

Bane’s parents never seemed to notice what her brothers were doing to her. In fact, they thought it was cute how well her brothers took care of her. They were very happy to see Bane’s brothers play with her in the shed and they would often see a brother carry her to bed and tuck her in for the night. As her brothers got older, her parents started taking long trips and leaving them all alone for days at a time. When her parents were out of town, all pretense of hiding their acts with Bane disappeared. She drank so much of their cum, she hardly needed to eat anything else anymore. Over time she began to subsist only on cum – and she liked it. Strangely, the cum was very nourishing and her body began to fill out exceptionally well. Her tits got huge and her hips got wide, but her waist stayed slim. Her young body soon became better than that of a playboy model. All the cum that was squirted on her face and body must have done something to her skin too because she had a perfect complexion. To top it off, she started doing special exercises to keep her body fit and trim. She loved that her brothers wanted her so much and she would do just about anything to please them. Once she heard a brother say her pussy was getting loose. So she learned of some exercises that would keep her pussy strong and tight. She learned how to work her pussy muscles and use them to milk her brothers cocks bone dry. Or she could cause her cunt to open wide and accept whatever her brothers wanted to put into her. All Bane ever heard after that was how tight her pussy was and how amazed they were with what she could do with it.

Chapter 7: The football party

One day when Bane’s parents were away, she and her brothers had a football party. During the game, they all got a little drunk and during half time, Bane did a strip tease. They all thoroughly enjoyed the show and they especially enjoyed her fantastic body and huge tits. Ben showed the boys how he tied cords around her tits to make them bulge even further. Bane applied pressure to her tits and sprayed milk at all the boys. Then Ben grabbed the left tit and started sucking on it. After a few moments of drinking her milk, he bit the nipple slightly and let the tit hang from the nipple under its own weight and then let it fall. After it stopped bouncing, he reached out and smacked her tit hard. While this shocked Bane, he had done it to her many times before and she actually liked it, but she gave him a dirty look anyhow. Then Bane hefted her other tit as if she were weighing it. Then she turned the nipple up to her lips and drank some of her own milk. She bit her own nipple and let the tit hang from her mouth just as Ben had done. Then she directed the tit toward Ben and guided his mouth to the nipple. Ben greedily drank her milk. After a few moments of feeding from her, he let it fall and smacked it with his hand. They looked each other in the eye and Bane knew instinctively what he wanted her to do. She got down on her hands and knees and said “come and get it boys”. In this position, her tits almost touched the floor. The boys literally fought to lay down under her and bury their faces in her tits. It took all ten of them drinking as much as they could, but they finally milked her tits dry.

Bane had been milked every day for many years, but as far as she could remember, she had never been milked dry before. While her tits were still perky, they looked slightly deflated when empty. There was a strange hollow feeling in her breasts and she couldn’t wait for them to refill. Bane knew that the boys would be sucking on her tits all day, so they weren’t going to re-fill anytime soon. So, she used the opportunity to tighten the cords a little further and make her tits bulge a little more. She knew that tomorrow her body would try to compensate for the excessive loss of milk and manufacture more than they ever did before. Bane looked forward to seeing how big and engorged her tits would become.

After her tits were emptied, she turned to the nearest boy and started to undo his pants. He said “what are you doing”. Bane smiled and said “you milked me dry, now it is my turn to milk you dry, so take your pants off and stick your cock in my mouth”. Then she turned to the other boys as said, “if you want me to walk around naked all day, then you had better do the same”. In just a few seconds, all of them were naked with their rock hard cocks pointed straight up. Between the strip tease, sucking on her tits, and because Bane was so good at giving blowjobs, the first boy lasted less than 30 seconds before he blew his load down her throat. The other boys laughed at his lack of control, but as Bane went down the line, all of them lasted less than 30 seconds except Jack. Somehow Jack managed to last for more than a minute. That might have been due to the fact that Jack had already fucked her 3 times earlier in the day – the last time being in the bathroom just before the game started. Ben lasted less than 30 seconds too, but he wanted to show off a bit, so instead of allowing Bane to simply suck his cock, he face fucked her so hard he bruised her lip. To repay him for this indignity, just as he started to cum, Bane bit down on the base of his cock hard enough to prevent cum from going up his shaft. At the same time, she squeezed his balls causing his cum to back up inside him. It was not painful to Ben, but it was a little uncomfortable. Then Bane released her biting hold and squeezed his balls a little harder. This caused a massive load of cum to shoot down her throat like a fire hose. When she was done drinking his cum, she stood up and Ben whispered in her ear, “you will pay for that bitch”. Bane wondered what he would ask her to do for repayment.

To their delight, Bane walked around naked with her tits tied all day long and she let the boys suck and smack them anytime they wanted.

By the time she was done with the blowjobs, half time was just about over. Bane got an idea. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bucket and a glass. When she came back into the room, she said “how many of you would like to fuck me during the game”. Every hand in the room immediately reached for the sky. Then she said “ok, before you fuck me, you have to put $20 in this bucket. There was a mad scramble for wallets that were in the pants they recently tossed aside. Then bills were raised in the air like tickets on the stock room floor. Bane got down on her knees directly in front of the TV. She reached around with her hands and spread her pussy lips open. Then she said “ready, set, hike”. At that exact same instant, the second half football was kicked off and the first boy buried his cock in her as if he were using it to kick the football. She didn’t need to look back to know it was Jack who first penetrated her. He had the biggest cock in the room and she knew that cock well. Even though Jack had fucked her hard just a few hours earlier, his cock was so long and big that it still hurt a bit to have it rammed into her that hard. The boys fucked her constantly throughout the game. As the game went on, Bane would root and holler whenever her favorite team scored, but it was a little difficult to do with some kid continually pounding her from behind. Her orgasms also drew her attention away from the game.

Bane’s brothers had fucked her one right after the other many many times, but up until now, she never thought of herself as being gang banged. On this day however, she knew she was being gang banged by 10 guys no less. She had never really fantasized about prostituting herself, but charging the boys $20 each to fuck her was prostitution. The strange thing was that it all truly excited her. She was so excited in fact, that she had numerous orgasms throughout the day. When it came to orgasms, Bane was a screamer. When the orgasm initially hit her, she would squeal in ecstasy. Then her whole body would be racked by convolutions. Her pussy muscles would clamp down on the cock of the boy who was fucking her at the time and he would feel as if was being pulling into her cunt. This excited the boy so much he pounded her even harder which in turn enhanced Bane’s orgasm. Bane had the added benefit of her Orgasms lasting for minutes at a time and the duration grew longer and longer with each successive orgasm.

When the fucking started, Bane’s cunt quickly filled with cum. As soon as some started to leak out, they would use the glass she brought from the kitchen to catch it. When the glass was half full, they would add Vodka or gin and ice and give it to Bane to drink. Bane enjoyed this drink much more than beer. She called it her Cum Cock-Tail. The boys produced so much cum, that she drank at least 5 cum cocktails during the second half

During the short periods when she wasn’t being fucked in front of the TV, she was fucked in virtually every room of the house. It seemed that everywhere she went, there was a boy waiting to fuck her. She was fucked on every appliance and counter in the kitchen. She was fucked on the dining room table and the bedrooms. She was fucked in the back yard. She was even fucked in the ass by Ben while she was trying to piss. Even the dog fucked and knotted with her while all the boys watched. Just as Hercules started to cum, Ben grabbed his ass and forced his cock to go as deep into Bane’s cunt as possible. When he did this, Bane made a yelping sound similar to that of a female dog. At that moment, she was Hercules’s bitch and all the boys rooted and hollered for him. After he came, Hercules turned around so he was ass to ass with Bane and they all laughed as Hercules dragged her around the room – even Bane laughed at having to crab walk backward. When she felt the knot shrink to a point where it was almost ready to pull out, Bane spread her legs wide and exposed her pussy so the boys could see what remained of the knot pop out. It was an amazing sight and when it happened Bane’s eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped to the floor panting like a dog.

After the game, things went on to the next level. None of the boys could get enough of Bane and while they all had fucked her at least 3 times each, as they drank more beer, they wanted to fuck her more. Before Bane knew what was happening, she was being forced to take a cock in all three holes at the same time and be tity fucked too. They were like wild beasts – fucking her pussy, hammering her ass and ramming their cocks down her throat. When a boy was waiting his turn to fuck her, she was made to use her hand to keep their cocks hard and prepared for their next turn to penetrate her. It was almost more than she could take, but she had little choice and was forced to take all that they wanted to give her. At one point she could feel two cocks in her pussy and one in her ass. She wanted to see how they accomplished this seemingly impossible task, but she couldn’t see past the balls of the boy who was ramming his cock down her throat or the boy who was tity fucking her. Mercifully, each boy passed out either from excessive beer or excessive sex or both. Bane was left moaning, exhausted and sore. But, from years of experience, she knew what she needed to do next. As each boy attempted to get up to go to the bathroom, she would have them lay back down while she slipped their cocks into her ass or pussy and allowed them to relieve themselves in her. Believe it or not, this was something she actually enjoyed doing. It made her feel warm inside and strangely, it made her feel clean as well. A couple of the boys had amazingly not gotten enough and wanted to fuck her before they pissed in her. She allowed this of course. On a couple of occasions she still had piss in her ass from the last boy while the next one was fucking her pussy.

The next morning as they all started to wake, Bane went around to each of them and milked their cocks of cum. Because her tits were milked so much the night before, on this morning they were hugely over engorged. They all loved the sight of those huge tits, but it did make Bane a little uncomfortable to have that much milk inside her. So, each boy took his turn sucking as much milk from her tits as he could. There was so much milk that even Bane needed to suck as much from her own tits as she could to fully empty them.

Once their hunger was satisfied, Bane knelt down and directed all of the boys to piss into her. She wanted to see how much piss her body could hold. As they filled her, they watch in amazement as her belly swelled to a point where she looked like she was pregnant. She reached a point where should could not handle any more piss in her ass, so she had to have the last 3 boys piss in her cunt, she was proud of the fact that she was able to hold the piss from all 10 boys at the same time. She even tried walking around for a few minutes as if she did this all the time, but ultimately, She had to run quickly to the bathroom and relieve herself of their urine. There was so much piss in her, that she completely filled the toilet.

When she came out of the bathroom, they were all waiting for her. At first she didn’t understand what was happening, but then she saw Jack’s cock. He must have been using a pump on it because it was huge. Jack definitely had the biggest dick of the crowd, but now his cock was at least 2 inches longer than normal and twice its normal diameter. It was swollen and distorted. What would normally be the eye of a cock, now seemed more like the mouth of a monster waiting to devour a helpless cunt like hers. It even dripped pre-cum like saliva. Bane had endured the machine, so she knew she could handle even this monstrous cock, but she put on a show of being horrified by its size. She tried to step back, but the boys grabbed hold of her. They lifted her off the ground by her feet, legs, ass, back and tit cords and held her up for Jack’s attack on her cunt. They held her legs spread wide with her pussy at the same level as Jack’s cock. Jack stepped up and positioned the tip of his cock at the slit of her pussy opening. He rubbed it around for a few seconds, then he stepped back 2 feet. He held is cock out and he ran directly at Bane’s cunt and SMACK, his distorted cock was buried all the way to the hilt. Bane let out a scream, but she secretly enjoyed the feeling of him driving that monstrous cock into her with such force. Jack did this running leap 3 more times, then he started pumping his swollen cock in and out of her as hard as he could. The boys helped to increase his penetration by swinging Bane in so her cunt slapped hard at the base of Jack’s cock each time he drove it into her. After all the Cumming they had done over the last two days, it took Jack a long time to cum. He just kept on pounding and pounding Bane until finally his cock swelled and he exploded inside her like a hand grenade. She even felt her belly expand from the force of the explosion

After Jack’s attack, all the boys were horney again, but they were all too tired to try and duplicate what jack had just done. Bane understood this, so she gave them an alternate option. She had been doing Yoga for some time and she was very limber. She could Bend over and put her head between her legs with her hands flat on the floor. In this position, she had a direct view of her cunt. She had a few boys support her hips and let each of them do a running fuck at her cunt in this position. While she was being fucked, the boys at her hips worked in time to swing her ass in and pull it out with each stroke of the boy fucking her. Each boy took his turn as Bane watched in awe as those cocks drove in and out of her cunt. Her cunt quickly filled with cum and it started dripping towards the floor, but Bane used her tongue to catch as much of the wonderful white gold as she could.
Chapter 8: Bane goes to college

Some girls had to work hard at school. Not Bane. She learned long ago that all she needed to do was spread her legs or open her mouth and she could get anything she wanted. She had an A in every class. Not because she was smart (in the normal sense), but because she let all of her teachers do whatever they wanted with her body. Some of her teachers did some very strange things to her – especially the female teachers. But, while this got her good grades, none of them fucked her like her brothers did.

One night Bane found herself missing Billy. She remembered how much she loved being fucked by him at the concerts. So, she went to a concert that night. She made her way to the front of the pit. She took off all her cloths and bent over holding on to a barricade. It took only a few seconds for the first cock to penetrate her. She closed her eyes and pretended it was Billy who was fucking her. After 5 or 6 guys fucked her, she decided she had enough. She was going to pick her cloths up and leave, but when she looked back, she could see a long line of men waiting to fuck her. She had been fucked many times in a night, but she could see that there were far too many men waiting to fuck her now. She tried to get away, but she was pushed back into position and another cock plunged into her. She was fucked by hundreds or maybe even thousands of men that night. At one point, she was even pulled up on stage and forced to give blow jobs to every band member and be fucked by them while they played, then she was thrown back into the pit. She was so tired and sore that she fell to her knees and guys continued to fuck her. They pounded her so hard that numerous times, she was knocked off her hands and knees and found herself flat on the ground literally swimming in the puddle of cum which had built up below her. Unfortunately, the men were far too excited to wait until she was able to get back to her hands and knees. So, many of them continued fucking her in the ass while she lay in that dirty puddle of cum. Suddenly she found herself being lifted off the ground by what felt like hundreds of hands. She found herself positioned sideways so that she could be fucked in the ass, pussy and mouth all at the same time. She even saw men trying to support her by pulling up on her nipples. Cum was pouring out her ass and pussy and she had drunk so much cum that she didn’t think she could swallow another drop. Unfortunately, cocks continued to be driven down her throat and cum continued to be pumped into her belly. After the concert ended, she was fucked by the roadies and she was even fucked by the janitors until finally a smartly dressed woman helped her end the ordeal. This woman helped Bane stand and helped her put her cloths back on, Bane had no idea how long she had been at the concert hall, but when she opened the door, the sun was high in the sky.

Bane was changed by her fucking at the concert. She found that she was no longer satisfied with being fucked by just one or two boys. She hungered for cock now and could not get enough. To help satisfy her hunger, she would go to a bar, go to the men’s bathroom, strip out of her cloths and bend over a sink. Like at the concert hall, it would take only a few moments for the first cock to enter her body. Word got around fast and a long line of men quickly formed behind her waiting for their turn. Cum was constantly being pumped down her throat, so she usually didn’t get hungry, but when she did, she would just put a cup under her pussy and push out enough cum to more than fill it. While all the fucking did somewhat satisfy her lust for cock, she got tired of waking up on a cold floor literally swimming in a puddle of cum. So she started showing up at various fraternities at her college. There was never a shortage of virile boys eager to fuck her at a frat house. She stopped going to class, but to keep her grades up, she continued to fuck her teachers, but even that had changed. Rather than letting them do whatever they pleased with her, Bane took control. She would have the male teachers take enough Viagra to keep their dicks hard for hours, then she would ride them for hours weather they wanted it or not. She had an enormous black dildo for the female teachers. She would fuck them with it for hours until they passed out. Then she would roll them over and ram the dildo into their ass. Then she would unstrap herself and leave the woman with the dildo protruding from her ass. After a session with Bane, it was not uncommon for her teachers to cancel their classes the next day.

At the Frat house she was given a bed and she was typically fucked continuously day and night. She barely got any sleep. She would fall asleep with a guy fucking her and she would wake up to a guy fucking her. One night the boys had a special frat party. Every boy from every frat house (even those from other colleges) was invited. But Bane was the only girl at this party – which was fine with her. It was one hell of a party with hundreds of guys. Bane was the center attention. It was going to be a long night, so she was given knee and elbow pads and position in the center of the room. She was fucked by every one of those guys and most did her 3 or 4 times. Cum was pouring out of her pussy and ass. She had no idea how many Cum Cock-Tails she drank, but she knew it was more than she had ever drank before. She soon became very drunk. It got to a point where she couldn’t swallow any more. So she would bring the boys to the edge of cumming using her mouth and then jack them off on her body. Some of them would jack themselves off and squirt their jism in her hair and on other parts of her body. After a very short while, she was literally soaked with cum from head to toe. At some point the alcohol and her numerous orgasms caused her to pass out, but she could still feel the boys continuing to fuck her limp form anyhow.

Suddenly she was jolted back to consciousness by having a pitcher of cold beer thrown in her face. At first she didn’t know what was happening. She thought she was on her back, but when she looked down, she saw the ground a few feet below her. When she looked up, all she saw was brown fur as if she were lying under a fur rug. That’s when she realized that she was actually suspended under a horse. While she was passed out, they had tied her to a fucking horse! There were leather straps under her back and ass. Her arms were pulled up and wrapped around the horse and securely tied. The strap around her ass only supported her butt loosely, but her legs were wrapped around the horse and tied together as well, so she couldn’t get away. She became vaguely aware that the men who had been fucking her all night long were laughing, hollering and yelling FUCK HER, FUCK HER. She’d heard that phrase many times before, but this was the first time she was actually scared by it. That was when she looked down in panic and saw two guys working on the horse’s cock lubing it up and getting it hard. One guy said, “we really should tie it off so it won’t get to hard and hurt her”. The other guy said in a defeated tone, “I guess you’re right”. So they took a shoelace and tied a tight bow tie around the base of what had to be the biggest cock Bane had ever seen. It was at least 18″ long and 3 inches in diameter! And it didn’t even look fully hard yet. She fought against the restraints, but they were tightly tied. Then the guys started guiding that enormous cock toward her pussy! She was scared to death and she begged them not to put it in her. She had taken many huge cocks in her life and she had many large things shoved up her pussy. But nothing ever like this. She knew that they were going to make this horse fuck her and there was nothing she could do about it. As they moved the horse’s cock closer to her cunt, she forced her muscles to open her pussy as wide as it would go. Some of the guys who were watching saw it open to a gaping hole and stared at it in amazement. Unfortunately, when her cunt opened, a large wad of cum poured out of her. Bummer she thought, I could have used that extra lubricant. When the horse’s cock got less than an inch inside her, the horse reared up and drove it deep into her. She screamed, as her pussy was stretched beyond anything she could imagine. It hurt more than when she was first raped by her brothers. But like it was with her brothers, somehow her pussy accepted all of its length and thickness. Yea, it hurt at first, but then she got that same feeling around her pussy lips and the wonderful feeling of having that huge cock deep inside her. She also noticed that the horses cock was much hotter than a man’s or a dog’s for that matter. It almost felt like it was branding her insides. While the horses initial thrust contained the full force of his thousand pound weight, after it fully penetrated her, the horse started to move slowly in and out. She found she was actually enjoying this. But then the horse started moving faster. With each thrust his cock dove deep inside her. Bane was so thankful the one boy had tied the cock off or surely she would have been impaled by it. She promised herself to reward the boy with a special fucking which he would never forget for as long as he lived. She surely wasn’t going to forget the fucking she was getting now. The horse was moving much faster now. Due to the way the clever boys had secured her to the horse’s underside, each time the horse pulled back, she rocked forward. When the horse rammed his cock forward, her body was forced to swing backward. This had the effect of driving the horse’s cock deeper into her than it could have been driven into a female horse. The horse was seriously enjoying this because it was moving faster and faster. As the horse continued to fuck her harder and harder, she could feel his cock swelling insider her. She didn’t think she could take much more of this abuse, but she could tell he was almost ready to release his load into her. So, she opened her pussy more to accept the massive load she knew was Cuming. That’s when she saw one of the boys reach up and grab the string. He said to his friend, “watch this, just when the horse is starting to cum, I am going to let the string loose and see how much cock this whore can handle”. She screamed noooo!!! But it was too late, as the horse started to cum, it reared up again. Even if the boy wasn’t going to pull the string free, the sudden reaction by the horse pulled it for him. In an instant, that massive cock expanded to its full extension and full diameter and became as rigid as a railroad spike. It forced its cock deeeeep inside her pussy and gravity forced her cunt to totally bottom out at the base of the horse’s balls. The boys lost hold of the horse’s reigns and it savagely continued ramming its cock into her. When the horse came, the force was so sudden and the initial volume so massive that Bane was actually lifted up from her impaled position. The relief was short lived because all that cum blasted out past the tight seal her pussy made around the horses cock. Then she fell back down and had her cunt lips smacked hard against the horses balls again. Unfortunately, the horse was not finished. It kept rearing up and slamming its cock deep inside her and each time it filled her womb with cum. With each cum load, she felt her belly being inflated and then felt it deflate as the cum blew past her pussy lips. As the horse’s cock slowly softened and pulled out of her, Bane felt a load of cum running out of her pussy, down past her ass hole and then flowing down her back until finally dripping to the ground. As the boys were untying her, she drifted off into a semi-conscious state.

The boys brought her back into the frat house and continued to fuck her limp form. As she drifted in and out of consciousness, she heard and felt some of the things they were doing to her. She could no longer control her pussy muscles, and her pussy was stretched so far that the boys had trouble cumming inside her. So, they started fisting her. Once she heard a boy say “I got my arm in all the way to my elbow!” Another boy said “let me try”. Who knows how many times she was fisted. They all probably did it to her. At one point, she felt a fist and arm in both her ass and her cunt. She even thought she felt two boys give a high five against the wall separating her ass from her pussy.

When she woke up, it was morning. Her whole body ached, but she was still alive – which was hard to believe. Then she noticed that her pussy felt strange. Of course, it was full of cum, but there was something else. When she clenched her pussy an orange, an apple and a banana popped out of her along with a torrent of cum. Hell, after they were done fucking her, they had filled her cunt full of fruit! She also noticed a strange feeling in her sore ass. She squeezed as if to take a shit and two baseballs popped out of her ass! She was so fucking pissed she walked over and kicked one of the boys in the ass. He was so passed out, all he did was moan.

She wanted to kill them all, but even after all the cum she had swallowed last night and even after all they had done to her, she found that she was hungry. She had drunk cum every day of her life since she was 13 years old. Normal food had no real appeal to her anymore. She needed to eat, but she was so angry at all these boys for abusing her so badly that she didn’t want to give them the pleasure of sucking their cocks. Still, she was so hungry that despite what had happened to her, she could not control the irresistible urge to drink more cum. So, she found a few guys who were passed out and sucked their cocks until her hunger was sated and just to be sure they hurt as much as she did, she continued to suck until she drew blood. In a way, she was sort of like a vampire, but rather than drinking blood, she drank the cum of men.

Before she left the frat house, she used some excess cum that was still dripping out of her pussy as lubricant and rammed oranges, apples and baseballs into the ass holes of the boys who abused her the worst. She would have preferred not to use any lubricant, but she found that, without at least a little lube, she could not get them past their tight sphincter muscles. She specifically targeted the boy who had pulled the string and along with the baseball, she shoved a beer bottle up his ass too. Then she put some sand in his ass just to be sure the items caused damage to his anus when they were removed – he would probably have to go to the hospital to get them out.

When she was finished, just about every boy in the house had a beer bottle or some other item shoved up their asses. Some would have a hard time getting the things she put in them out. She would have loved to be there to see their reaction, but she thought it best that she leave before they woke up.

Chapter 9: Bane goes to Europe

After what had happened to her at the “frat party”, Bane decided to drop out of school and travel to Europe. She would pay for the trip by selling her gorgeous body to who ever wanted her. Something about the horse fucking had changed her. She was more primal and animalistic now. She needed to be fucked like an animal in heat needs to be fucked. She no longer ate solid food. She needed to drink cum to feed herself. Luckily there was never a shortage of men who wanted their cocks sucked and wanted to fuck her as hard as they possibly could (which was never hard enough for Bane). She had always been good at sucking cocks, but once she accepted that she needed to suck a man’s essence to survive, that is what she did. She rarely found a man who she could not force to cum in less than 30 seconds. And when they came, she sucked them dry. Most men passed out from having that much fluid removed from their bodies so quickly. A couple of times she thought she might have killed some of them.

At first she started picking up men off the streets. She would find bums in back alleys and suck their cocks dry without them even realizing what was happening. She would fuck men in bathrooms or in the parks. The sleazier the place was, the better it was for her. Since she lived on cum, she didn’t need a lot of money to survive. But she needed a warm, dry place to sleep. So, she would always find three or four or many many more guys who would take her home with them and fuck the hell out of her.
Chapter 10: Bane and the bartender

One day Bane found a small town that she liked. It was lunch time and she needed to feed, so she went to the nearest pub. She convinced the bartender to let her suck his cock behind the counter while he served drinks (like it was a difficult sell). After he filled her with his cum – which was more substantial than most men, he took her to a back room to play with her a little (i.e. Fuck the hell out of her). The bartender had the largest cock Bane had ever seen (on a man) and she had seen a lot of cocks in her life. He was amazingly virile and truly fucked Bane harder than she had been fucked in a long time. In fact, he fucked her so hard; she wondered if he was half machine.

The bartender had some customers he knew would like Bane, so he convinced her to stay a while. He would send customers back for her to service and they would split the profit. It worked out good for Bane and the bartender. She had a steady supply of cum day and night and they both made a few bucks too. The bartender got to fuck her as often as he liked – which was at least twice a day. Her only stipulation was that he had to cum in her mouth at least once a day – which he was all too happy to do. By now she was so good at drawing cum from a man that few men had the strength to get out of her room after she sucked their balls dry – let alone fuck her. The bartender was different though. He would allow her to feed off his cock every morning and every night and more often than not, he could still give her one hell of a good fucking.

Chapter 11: Bane and the wolf

One night Bane noticed that there were very few customers in the bar. She asked the bartender why and he told her that there were a few people killed recently and people were afraid to leave their homes. Many noticed that the killings seamed to happen only during a full moon so there were rumors of a werewolf. The people killed were usually women and their bodies were found having been brutally raped to death. Their wombs were destroyed as if a grenade had gone off inside them. Bane didn’t believe a word of it and to prove it, she decided to take a late night walk. If she came across this rapist, she would show him what a real woman could do. She would suck his cock until he died and she knew she could do it. The bartender said it wasn’t a good idea, but she went out anyhow.

There is something about the night air during a full moon. For those people who have an animal instinct, the draw of the moon is overpowering. It is easy to understand why people believe in werewolves. While Bane was a woman in form, she had reached a point where she was an animal at heart. She loved nights with a full moon. She felt powerful and alive and on this night she felt more powerful and alive than she had in her entire life.

All these feelings were making Bane very hungry. She thought about going back to the bar to get some of the bartender’s essence, but then she heard a sound. It was like claws raking on stone. Then she heard a growl. She looked around, but rather than being scared, she felt aroused. She could tell she was being hunted, but it didn’t scare her because she was doing some of the hunting as well. She smelled the air and caught a musky scent. This aroused her further. Her hearing and sense of smell became more acute and her eyesight became clear. The animal within her was coming out and she loved it! Never had she felt such a sense of power. She walked into a clearing and saw a form near the edge of the woods on the other side. Her arousal was beyond normal rational thought. She was hungry and she was going to take this man or whatever he was whether he wanted her or not. She would suck his cock until he bled in her mouth and she would continue sucking until he died. But what she was hunting tonight was different. She could sense that he was a predator as she was. Even with her heightened senses, she could not see him clearly. At times he looked like a man, other times he was on all fours like a dog. But he was much too big to be a dog. She still could not see him clearly, but the closer she got, the bigger he appeared. He moved sideways trying to get at her back side. She moved with him and stared intently into his golden eyes. They were both looking for a kill. When she finally caught a full glimpse of him, she could see that he was massive. Bigger than the horse at the frat party. She realized too late that this was not a man or a horse; it in fact appeared to be the werewolf she was warned about. It was too late for her to run, but strangely she still was not scared. The wolf seemed to sense this and was not sure what to do about it. They both slowly approached each other. He growled a deep resonate sound and Bane felt herself growling back. They were only a few feet apart when she saw it. His cock was hanging limply out of his body. It looked somewhat like a dogs cock, but the head looked like that of a man’s cock. It was still soft, but it was huge. Even in its semi-hard state, it was a full two feet long and more than 6 inches in diameter. It made the horse’s cock look like a Childs penis. No wonder all those woman died with their wombs ripped out. Bane should have been afraid, but not only was she not afraid, she wanted that cock. She wanted it in her and she wanted it now. She lunged at the wolf. For a brief moment the wolf stepped back, but then it lunged at Bane in defense. The wolf was much larger than Bane. When he hit her, he knocked her on her back. She tried to get up, but the wolf pounced on her. She tried to grab his cock, but it was not necessary, that enormous cock was coming for her. The beast grabbed Bane’s legs and flipped her over on her chest. It used its hind legs to hold her down and used its claws, to rip every stitch of cloths off her. That’s when Bane got the upper hand, she flipped around and grabbed the beasts cock and shoved her face down on it as hard as she could. The dam thing was too big to get past her jaws, but she had to have his cum in her belly. So, she started sucking the cock along its length. She started at the top and worked her way down to the softball sized balls and back up again. At first the wolf pulled back into an attack position, but Bane just crawled under him and continued sucking on his cock as best she could. Bane was very good at sucking a cock and soon she had the wolf growling with lust. Even though she couldn’t get the whole head of his cock in her mouth, she managed to get more than seemed possible. She continued sucking along its length and stroked it with both hands. Soon she could feel the pulse of a cock about to explode. She wanted as much of his cum in her as possible, so she held him on the edge for as long as possible. Finally, she forced her face down on the head of the wolf’s cock as hard as she could and stuck her tongue deep in the slot where pre-cum had started to leak. This drove the beast over the edge and it shot an enormous load of cum directly down her throat. Bane was overwhelmed by the sheer force and volume of cum that was blasting down her throat like a fire hose. It almost knocked her off her knees, but the beast’s strong paws pulled her face down hard on its cock and it pumped and pumped thick red hot cum down Bane’s throat. She felt it shoot all the way down to her bowels and she loved it! She didn’t want to miss a drop, but there came a point where she couldn’t take any more. She forced the beast away and some of its hot sperm shot high into the air and all over her face. That was when the beast became angry.

Up until now, Bane did not fear the wolf. All she could think of was getting the beast’s cum in her belly, now that she had her fill, she wanted to walk away, but it was too late for that. She had not fully satisfied the beast’s hunger and he was coming after her. Fear shown in her eyes and this excited the beast even further. She tried to back away, but the beast pounced on her again. It pinned her arms with its massive front paws and used its hind legs to spread and pin her thighs exposing her pussy and opening it up for his kill. When she looked down she saw that massive cock in a new light. It was even bigger than when she sucked it off and it looked like it was getting bigger. The veins along its length pulsed menacingly. Bane knew he was going to ram that cock deep into her and in that moment she knew what fear was – she knew she would not survive this raping. At some point, her mind detached itself like an out of body experience and she watched in semi-horror as the beast forced himself upon her. Somewhere inside her, the primal instinct to survive took over. As with the horse, she opened her cunt as wide as possible. When the wolf saw this, it stuck its long snout down and took a deep breath. Then his enormously long tongue jumped out and lashed her cunt hitting it fully on her clit. She screamed in surprise. She was no longer detached, but forcefully pulled out of her detached state and back into her body. This beast had just induced a feeling she had never experienced before. In that instant, she nearly had a massive orgasm!! It felt incredible. While she had been fucked an infinite number of times by men (and machines) and had many orgasms, she never felt anything like this before. She looked up at the wolf and her eyes begged him to do it again. The wolf almost appeared to smile and lashed her clit again. She screamed in ecstasy

The wolf got a sadistic look on its face and lashed her with his tongue over and over again. This caused Bane to have a continuous flood of powerful orgasms one immediately after the other. The beast didn’t stop it continued lashing her cunt as if she was a slave in need of a whipping. It would use its long tongue to crawl deep up inside her pussy and somehow it managed to whip the inside of her vaginal walls. Bane had never felt anything like it in her life.

Her cunt was hot and pulsating when the wolf started entering her. She was still scared. She knew she would never survive this, but what this beast had done to her made her so aroused that she didn’t care if she lived or died. But if she were to die, she wanted to die being impaled by that massive cock. She almost got her wish because the wolf was not gentle. With an animal howl, it drove its huge cock all the way into her pussy in one massive thrust. Bane screamed as her cunt and insides were being torn apart by the beast. For a moment she was afraid to look down knowing that she would see that cock protruding from her abdomen, but when she did look down, what she saw was the outline of the beast’s massive cock in the inside of her belly as if she were pregnant with it. While it hurt for a few seconds, she was still thrilled by the vision. As when she was 13 years old, her cunt quickly became accustomed to the wolf’s massive size. Man it was big though and it was so hot. She thought the horse’s cock was hot, but it was nothing compared to this. Then the beast started moving inside her. At first it was just getting the feel of her, but then it started thrusting. It pounded her pelvic bone into the dirt. Faster and faster. deeper and deeper. As with the horse, she could feel his already huge cock swelling within her, but unlike the horse, this animal was still a dog at heart and a dog has a knot! This dog’s knot was at least 12 inches in diameter. So not only did she have a two foot + long cock that was more than 6 inches in diameter shoved up insider her, now the knot was beginning to form. The beast seemed to know this and it also knew that if the knot expanded outside of this bitch’s cunt, he would never get it in. So the beast made a mighty thrust which buried its cock as far insider Bane as possible. Then it just held it there and allowed the knot to form. This time Bane truly was impaled and she screamed like what is so often portrayed in a horror movie – only this was a real scream borne of real pain and even more real pleasure. She could feel that cock all the way up to her chest bone. She could see its outline in her belly. The beast had its cock pressed so hard within Bane that it had lifted her ass off the ground suspended only by its cock. This should have killed her, but not only did in not kill her; she had the most intense orgasm she had ever felt in her entire life. But this orgasm didn’t stop, it kept going and going. Bane had spots before her eyes as the massive orgasm drove her closer and closer to insanity. As the knot formed insider her, the orgasm grew even more intense. The knot was so big; she felt her pelvic and hip bones stretch. Once the knot was fully formed, the beast started fucking her again even more fiercely than before. It pounded and pounded her. While the knot could not come out of her, it could definitely go deeper. She could feel it trying to get past her cervix. Then it happened, the beast gave a mighty howl and flooded her abused body with red hot cum. As with the horse, she felt as if she were being pushed away from his cock by the sheer volume of cum, but this was different than with the horse. The knot formed a tight seal on the inside of her cunt and would not let any of the cum squeeze past it. She felt the cum go up her tubes and encircle her ovaries. She saw her belly distend and she felt the cramps as wave upon wave of red hot cum was pumped into her. During all this time, her orgasm had never stopped nor subsided in intensity. In fact, all of this hot cum brought on a completely new wave of pleasure. In a mind blowing flash, she passed out from the pure ecstasy of being fucked by this werewolf. The wolf, having cum twice in this bitch and having fucked her so fiercely, was totally spent and passed out on top of her.

It might have been minutes, or it could have been hours before Bane finally began to awaken. As she woke she realized someone – not the wolf – was lying on top of her. He too was waking and when he looked groggily into her eyes, she realized it was the bartender who lay on top of her. Was this all a dream? Did he drug her and take her out into the woods to rape her? Since he could have her when ever he wished and however he wanted, that didn’t make sense. She slowly realized that his cock was still inside her. She looked down at her belly and saw that it was still slightly distended. As he rolled off her, his cock pulled out with a soft pop and gallons of cum poured out of her cunt and her belly began to slowly deflate.

They returned to the bar and had sex as lovers do (well, sort of). He finally found a woman who could tame the wild beast inside him and she had found someone or something that could fully satisfy her. He wanted her all for himself and she wanted to give herself fully to this man/beast. But they both knew she still needed cum to live on and while he could fill her twice a day (and on every full moon), it would not be enough for her to survive on. So they went back to business as usual. He would send men back and she would suck them dry. But while she would suck their cocks to get their nourishing cum, none of them would ever fuck her. For the rest of her life only the Bartender, the Beast and sometimes a visiting brother would be allowed to fuck her. She looked forward to every full moon and no one was ever killed by the Beast again.

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