Bang Bang In A Train | Train Sex Story

I had all but given up hope of catching the train.
The water logged roads due to heavy down pour and traffic jams were forcing the taxi to go at snail’s pace. Miraculously,though I reached station 5 minutes late, Train was still standing on platform, it seems its schedule was also delayed.
I thanked God, got into my A/C 2 tier compartment and pushed my suitcase under the my berth. I smiled at the couple and their son and sat in my seat. The kid was nagging his mother that he forgot to bring Tinkle magazines and wanted to buy.
“No, there is no time now,any minute train will start.This should teach you to be careful next time” Mother was admonishing son.Son sat sullenly watching through window. I got down from train,went to the bookstall and purchased several magazines along with Tinkles and Chadamamas and as I was paying the vendor, train started to move.I ran and climbed as it was about to pick up speed.
“Here you are” I gave the magazines to the kid. His face lit up.
“Thank you, uncle” he grabbed and gave me a big smile.His mother also beamed.
“Really, you shouldn’t have taken the risk.You could have missed the train” she told me.
“No chance.I can out run the train any day. I am champion runner in my college”
I told her.Husband took out his wallet.
“Thanks a lot, this will keep him quiet.Otherwise he will nag us to death.Please let me pay for the magazines” He started taking out money. I refused to take saying it was embarassingly small amount and the boy was like my nephew.
Train gathered speed.I noticed his eyes were red and swollen and he was nodding, unable to keep eyes open.He saw me looking at him, and gave a smile.
“I did not have sleep for last two days.I think I will hit the sack.Sudha, for God’s sake, don’t wake me up until we reach our destination.You have the habit of forgetting to bring water or snacks.If you want anything our champion runner will get for you” all of us laughed as he climbed the ladder and arranged his bed roll and was asleep before his head hit the pillow.
Sudha smiled at me.The kid was engrossed in his comics. I observed that she was looking at me covertly and was looking otherway when I looked in her direction. I looked at her with interest for the first time.She was quite fair with long,jet-black hair bound in a pony tail.Her hair had shine and bounce.She was wearing one gold chain which almost merged in her complexion.Blackbeads were in contrast magnifying her skin radiance. From the position she was sitting, her left breast was not covered by pallau and its’ contours were mouth watering. Her tits were slightly bouncing due to movement of the train. Her blouse was transparent and I could see she was not wearing a bra.
She glanced at me and I was caught redhanded staring at her left boob.She blushed and arranged her pallau to cover it.In the process, I had a chance to see contours of her areola and stiffening nipple.
“Mom,can I sleep on top berth” suddenly the kid asked.
“No,vijay, you can’t,before you ask why, that berth belongs to this uncle,second, you have the bad habit of tossing and turning in bed and are sure to fall. Imagine how badly you will be hurt,if you fall from that height” sudha said firmly. I laughed.
“Madam,Parents are the ones who teach cowardice to kids.And you,Vijay,one,I don’t mind giving you top berth,second, I will make sure you will not fall and you should prove your mother wrong ” saying this I helped the kid climb onto top berth,ignoring Sudha’s protests. Then I tied corners of bed sheet to the two hanging chains so that it formed like a barrier.
“There you are,you can’t fall even if you try to” I told him.Vijay was beside himself with joy.
“Mom,see how good this uncle is,you and dad never allow me to do any thing” he was happily telling his mom.Sudha gave him his dinner packet.
Sudha again gave me a knowing smile, this time there was just more than politeness, there was a veiled invitation and the spark in her eyes was a compliment to me for tactfully allowing kid to give us privacy.I also smiled at her.
“In the night it will become very cold,vijay, before going to sleep,cover yourself with blanket and see if your dad had covered himself with balnket” she called out to Vijay.
Vijay replied that he is not a small kid to be told every thing and no,dad’s blanket was neatly folded at his feet. Sudha swore,got up,took out her chappals and stood on the berths with legs apart and arranged the blanket to cover her husband.Her tits were now undulating provocatively due to train movementand her strong thighs were quivering.She was standing less than a feet from me and I had the stongest urge to squeeze one breast and clasp her pussy with other hand and bury my middle finger deep inside wet,oozing pussy.As if on cue, two drops fell from her pussy on the floor.
I would have done it, but suddenly I sensed one lady was standing next to me.
“Excuse me, Can I sit here for few hours? I will get down after 3 hours” she was pleading. She was almost of the same age as Sudha,but leaner,darker.Her breasts were ideal size for one hand and one  mouth, unlike Sudha’s which would not fit in both hands.
“No problem,please sit there, I don’t sleep before 10 pm any way”I told chivalrously. She thanked me and waited for Sudha to get down and moved to the window side and sat.
I think Sudha was telepathically aware of what I was thinking,though she could not see me, for, by the time she got down,her face was flushed red not from her physical effort.Her eyes fell on the two drops on floor,she looked  at me side ways to check if I observed.I put on a blank face. Sudha sat opposite to that lady and they started coversing.
I sighed and rued the missed opportunity for a romp with Sudha and took my shorts and went to the toilet and changed.I prefer  baggy shorts as they are more comfortable. By the time I returned both ladies were getting on like a house on fire.It seemes they were from the same school but in different sections.Sudha introduced her friend as Suma.I was totally side lined.We opened our dinner boxes and shared items. After dinner ladies went to wash their hands, then I went.
When I returned I pulled the curtains close,attached velcrose sticker tapes, turned back and I saw Sudha was lying on the berth.As I hesitated she motioned me to sit at her feet.She folded her feet to make place for me. I sat,took out my mobile,put on ear phones and started to listen to music.I put my feet on the berth in front.After some time, I sensed that they were sharing secrets the way they were glancing at me and whispering.
I quietly reduced volume and listened.
“Be careful,he might listen” Suma was saying.
“Don’t worry.He is listening to music.He can’t listen.Tell me, was Krishna sir rubbing  his cock on shoulders and arms of girls in your class also?” Sudha asked.
“Yes, we used to pretend that it was his hand.Useless fellow, he never wore underwear in his life. But you were centre of attraction with big boobs,which you were flaunting,
no one looked at us” Suma told.
I froze as I felt a tickling sensation on my balls.I slowly glanced down and saw Sudha’s foot moved along the opening in my shorts and was playing with them.I thanked myself on my sense to take out underwear also. I altered my position slightly to give her more access. She inserted her other foot also and started massaging my cock holding between toes.She was conversing normally with Suma and asking Vijay to sleep.
“Come on, Suma,I never flaunted.Is it my fault that they were big.Any way,your tits are also very good.Did you go for surgery or some thing, because you were flat chested like a boy in school” Sudha said as she was expertly giving foot massage to my already swollen dick.I put my hand inside her saree and moved it along her inner thigh. I slowly moved it until I reached her pussy. She squirmed and moved further down and spread her legs.I lovingly rubbed my fingers on her mound, it was smooth, hairless.Tantalizingly slowly, I ran my finger along her lips.Her thighs quivered.I entered my finger in her wet,oozing pussy.
“No,I was a late bloomer.I resigned myself to a life of titless existence, then suddenly they sprouted.Of course,they were helped by regular exercise from my cousins, uncles,friends.When no one was around I squeezed myself.Don’t divert the topic.You had hots for Mohan” Suma accused.
Sudha ‘s pussy became wetter when she heard her childhood crush’s name.She blushed.
“How do you know,how can anyone know, I thought it was my secret.” Sudha exclaimed.Suma laughed.
“The moment you saw him, you used to blush,sudenly an insect will bother you,you beat it with pallau to show your boobs to him and the way you walk,talk used to change.Of course we knew, you had hots for him” Suma said.
Sudha’s pussy had become so lubricated I inserted two fingers and was exploring her depths.
“Did every one know? All the boys also?” Sudha asked in a worried voice.
“Are you mad? Boys are so dumb or blind that they don’t notice such things.
Only we girls knew and we keep secrets.By the way did he press your breasts?” Suma asked.
“You are right.Boys are so dumb.All of you could get the message but not Mohan.During last few days of school he gathered courage to squeeze my breast in English class when he was sitting in the bench behind me.” Sudha said.
“What was your reaction? Did you glare at him or scare him away?” Suma was curious.
“I lifted my arm,pulled his hand,moved back and maneuvred myself to give maximum scope and boy,how he fondled! My pussy flows like a tap at mere thought of that touch.So, in the last few days we did some heavy petting,kissing, but no sucking,licking. We were not so advanced in those days” Sudha said as if in a dream.
She was not joking. The mere thought of her ex beau had opened flood gates of pussy.
“We lost touch.Do you now where he is?” Sudha asked.
“Last I heard of him,he was Chairman of Vikas co operative bank” Suma said.
My fingers stopped what they were doing.A sudden gasp escaped my throat as Sudha’s feet applied more force in squeezing my balls.
Suma  glanced at me. Her eyes widened as she saw what her friend’s feet and my hand were doing.She quietly got up and switched off the lights. Only blue night lamp was glowing, illumination was just enough to see what was happening.
“Are you mad?your husband and child are sleeping,what if they get up?” Suma whispered.
“Nothing risked,nothing gained.Are you wearing bra and panties?” Sudha asked Suma. Suma nodded.
“Remove them.We are going to have a ball” Sudha told.
“No,you are going to have two balls and one cock and many bangings” I whispered. Both ladies jumped.
“What, you heard our talk,were you not listening to music?” Suma asked.
“I just pretended.” I told her as I reached out and pulled her to me and put my hands under her saree and pulled out panty in one movement. She was about to scream by the suddenness, recovered and smiled.
“Do you want my help with bra?” I whspered. She shook her head and started removing.
Sudha sat up. ” Please see if they are asleep” she asked me.
I stood up.They gaped at the size of my tent in my shorts.I stood up on the lower berths and checked.
“They are sleeping like babies” I whispered to them. They un hooked their blouses, Sudha  hitched up her saree and sat with legs raised on the berth. I sat on floor,grabbed her buttoks,pulled towards me and buried my face in her pussy folds. As I was licking,sucking her flowing pussy juices,Suma started rubbing her pussy on my shoulder and both friends were fondling each other’s
I explored all nooks and crannies of her pussy,licked on inside of lips and tormented her to beg me to lick her clit. As I was squeezing her nipples between my fore finger and thumb,Suma was
mercilessly squeezing under sides of Sudha’s boobs.With one gasp,Sudha let a stream of juice spurt into my mouth and several spasms shook her body.She pushed my face away and lay panting.
Suma took my face in her both hands and slurped all her friend’s juice from my mouth,chin and cheeks. Then as I lay on my back, Suma sat on my face and spread her pussy lips and clamped them on my mouth.It was total darkness since both ladies had their cloths on, and her saree was covering me.As my lips and tongue were exploring Suma’s hairy pussy few strands were entering my mouth.
I could feel Sudha’s wet pussy walls sliding on my cock.Both ladies were whispering and giggling and then there were sounds of kissing. Sudha slowly increased pace of pounding and I started giving thrusts from down.Suma came much faster,probably because she had more time to get aroused, and let out several spurts of love juice.
I pushed her and got up.It was suffocating under several layers of saree.I whispered to them available options,doggy style or Myself sitting and their riding me. There was some argument, finally safest position decided was that I should  sit and they would alternately ride me. I sat with my dick erect and Sudha lifted her saree and with her back to me sat in my lap and Suma
guided my tool into her pussy.I started squeezing Sudha’s breasts as she started moving up and down holding onto her friend and sucking her breasts. As she was on her upward movement,her husband called her ” Sudha, give me water”
All of us froze.Suma stepped back.covering her tits with pallau,Sudha calmly told him “See on your left,in the book rack, I kept one bottle”
“OK,found it,thanks” her husband said drowsily.We waited for few minutes then resumed where we left off.
Friends changed positions.Suma whispered that time was running out.I made them bend side by side on the berth and told them to spread their legs wide. I started banging them holding their waist alternately, when I was about to cum I asked which pussy needed filling.Both of them opted for Suma,since Sudha has time for one more round.I increased my pace and force and spurt my hot lava in her pussy not a moment sooner.
We barely managed to arrange our clothing when T.C poked his head between curtains and whispered’Madam,your station has come”. Suma thanked him and as train was slowing she started kissing me. It was such a passionate,wet kiss, her tongue lashing,teasing, licking all corners of my mouth,she was sucking my tongue and we lost track of time, until we heard two teenagers tones.
“Did she tell you berth number? how will we know where she is?” a worried girl was saying.
“No,she told me she is in A/C 2 Tier” There was no mistaking the panic in boy’s voice.
“My God, they are my kids,thanks Sudha and many thanks for the great time. I will always remember”Suma gave a peck on our cheeks and left.I helped her with suitcase. She hugged her kids and got down from the train.
As they were walking towards exit, our train pulled out.Suma’s kids could not understand why her mother was waving until train went out of sight and were impatient to go. When I returned to berth,Sudha had tidied up and had arranged bed sheets on our berths.
We laid down on our berths and smiled at each other.
“Satisfied?” she asked me.
“Are you?” I asked her.
As answer she got up and took my hand.We stoodup and kissed passionately. I sucked her tongue,she was licking all corners of my mouth. My cock stirred again and poked her. Without breaking the kiss,She made me sit and hitching up saree, sat in my lap.She was in no hurry as she slowly slid her pussy on my dick.Her pussy walls were sliding wetly along my throbbing dick.Once my
dick was fully inside,she hugged me tight and for several minutes we stayed like that enjoying each other’s warmth. She took out her tit and pushed into my mouth.

“What made you so wet? you were dripping all over?”I asked in her ear.

In answer she squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles and whispered in my ear
“Did you see those drops on the floor?”
I nodded my head and told that I saw them dripping.I again asked her why. She pressed my head to her enormous boobs and told “When you looked at my left breast from side, my pussy could not control, it flowed”.
She started moving slowly relishing the slow,slippery feeling.I was also in 7th heaven.
“I hope this night never ends” I told her as I was chewing her nipple. She was an artist,she knew how to play with cock. She was teasing,pulling, sucking,clenching and massaging my dick in different ways.
“Your husband is one lucky man” I whispered her.
She laughed sadly
“No man realizes that.For all men distant pastures are green” She increased her pace, I started giving powerful thrusts and when we were about to climax, I made her bend down and rammed her as she was giving back thrusts with matching force and we came at same time. I filled her pussy with steaming hot lava and we were in that position for quite some time.
“I don’t want to take it out” I said without letting go of her breasts.
She laughed ” We can not remain like this forever like siamese twins. Take it out.I have to go to wash room ” Sudha wriggled out and arranged her clothing and went to toilet. I followed her.I looked around. There was no one around. As she was closing the door,I pushed and entered and locked the door.She smiled at me.
“Now,what? Don’t tell me that you want one more shot,you are not a superman,you can not get it up atleast for next few hours.”she told me laughing.
“Yes,I know but I want to see you naked.Though we banged, I have not seen you”  I pleaded with her.She stared at me and then smiled.
“OK,help me then” I helped her to remove, saree,blouse and she was there in full naked glory. I ran over my hands on all parts of her anatomy, I parted her pussy lips and saw her clit and throbbing inner walls. Finally, we dressed up and returned. We kissed pasionately bid good night and went to sleep……….Some one was gently shaking me.I tried to open my eyes but felt as if tons of weight was hanging on eye lids.
“Uncle get up, we are reaching” Vijay was shaking me.
I got up, yawned and thanked Vijay.
Sudha and her husband were all freshened up and wished me good morning. For few minutes I wondered if it was an erotic dream or it actually happened. Sudha’s wrinkled saree and the stain of dried fluids on one corner of saree confirmed that it was not a wet dream. I went to toilet, brushed,washed my face and made myself as presentable as possible and came out. The train was slowing down and porters were jumping into the train. My heart skipped a beat as several police men entered. Did Sudha or Suma complain, I thought.
It turned out Sudha’s husband was a top ranking police officer. As I took their leave, I allowed Vijay and his Dad to go ahead and whispered to Sudha.
“Do you know Sudhaji,why you became so wet and rivers flowed from your pussy?”
She was scared. She thought I was going to blackmail her.
“It was because I am Mohan’s son.I must have reminded you of your childhood heart throb.That was why you flowed by buckets when I saw your tit.There can’t be two Mohans,two chairmen of co operative bank of same name. Have no regrets.Son repaid father’s debts” As I was walking away, I saw Vijay and his Dad were puzzled as to why Sudha looked so dazed and shocked.
When I was about to get into a taxi some one grabbed my arm. I turned. Vijay was panting,”Mom, asked me to give this,she said not to take back” he kept two hundred rupee notes in my hand and ran back before I could say any thing. While going in taxi,I unfolded the notes.Inside was a handwritten note.