Banged My Girlfriend At Home

Hi friends and this is a Incident which Happen to me 2 years back more over my first sex experience starts from this only and regular readers know me well and I heartily and thanks for everyone who given their comments for my last story in Lesbian Category for new reader, let me introduce myself. I’m Manmadhan from Chennai, works in MNC Company with good package athletic body, Jovial and fun loving guy. 

I come to the Incident 2 years ago and I used to go by bus to office in Bus and I had a Great Gang who enjoys the travel daily with me and lots of College girls wait for my team to come and some of girls starts at 9 am for 11.30 am college because only reason they want to come with us and that happens because and we do lots of fun in bus and rag each other only with fun kind of things.
Same way days were passed and one day I got bus and I get into the bus with my team and I noticed a New Girl in bus which and I never seen before and we started our Funs, am seeing that girls notice all our activity and just smiling and laughing and just in 4 stops she stood up for get down while he walking toward exit door, driver stamped a brake. She Loosed her balance came toward me and but she Controlled finally that time just inches of distance between me and her chest and her boobs.
I need to mention about her structure for sure, I don’t like the way of calculating girls in Nos. This is my way and she is medium in height and well shaped body which chudi and jeans fits perfect. She had a B size of round apples which make guys to die for her including me from that day we used to see each other in Bus and later on and we started to talk as usual. Finally I proposed her and she to accepted day passed. 
One day I wake up in my home and seeing that my parents are ready to go somewhere. I asked my mom. She replied that they both going to my sister home which married and they get back in night only and my brains started works criminally and I went to bathroom and buzzed her. I asked to come to home and I said am alone and that am not feeling well. She agreed and asked me the address. 
I sent my address and outer look of my home via what’s app we used to chat usually. She reached my home in an hour. I’m stunned that she came in my fave colour black tops with white skirt black make girls looks beautiful and I invited her in and she asked me about my health and I said the truth that I lied to you to make you visit my home. I expected a negative answer but she smiled. 
I hugged her for a while as regular we do when we meet and I make her to sit in my bed room. I went to Kitchen and prepared tea for me and milk for her and I went to my room and we just chatting for few min, then I called Me closer, she came with smile and I make her lay on my Lap am caressing her cheeks, by talking my hand started moving to her neck and her boobs, she lost herself.
I wake her from my lap and I kissed her in her lip and we are locked with each other lips then asked her to remove her dress and she resisted but I hugged her again and started smooch her neck and Earlobe for few minutes in that time am unzipped her tops and inserted my Hands.  I’m sunrise to see that she enjoying my every moment, in that my plays going on so easily and I removed her tops and amazed to see her boobs. 
I released her boobs from her bra, kissed and licked over her sweet apples for few minutes then I lay her down in bed and started massaging her boobs, she totally went crazy and started moaning like hhhhhh with rhythmic voice. I sucked her Nipples like anything and she moaning too hard and pressing my head. 
I gone mad and started kissing over her boobs, neck, cheeks lips and smooching heavily on her earlobe that time itself I cum because am gone out of control. I removed her skirt and threw that down and I said that your leg is equal to sandal wood because that’s are too shiny and good looking. I started rubbing her inner ties and I removed my Vest and track. I jumped over her and Started kissing all over her body and I removed her panty and smelled.
That’s already wet and I inserted my finger in her love hole her whole body started shivering and her lips murmuring something like uahhhhhhhh. I lifted her one leg and came to my position.  I’m seeing her eyes for a while and she eagerly waiting for get my cock inside her and finally I inserted that’s too enough tight for my 8 inches cock and I found that my gal was not virgin what to think in that time.
I started ride her pussy as fully loaded gun and she screaming in pain and pleasure. I hold her hip for my grip and my cock randomly going in and out and we both started breathing heavily still I fucking her and finally I took my cock out when am explode myself. I pour my cum on her stomach and I laid side over to her and if felt so sad that’s she cheated me but I not said anything to her because I need her for that day,
Finally, I fucked her in 5 different positions until evening 5.00 pm and left her for cheated me. I would really accepted her if she said that she not a virgin before she accept my proposal. Thanks for reading my story, send me your comments