Bare neccesity – 2

They went up. Together. Lady put an arm around Kiran’s waist as they walked out of the lift on fifth floor.

Not knowing which one of the two doors was lady’s flat, Kiran just stumbled a step and stopped to let the Lady go forward and guide. The Lady pushed her with her hand on back of kiran’s waist, this time a little stern, toward the door on the right, as she fumbled through her bag to find the keys for the flat.

Kiran held her breath, as she waited facing the closed door, thinking, “This is where it begins.” Lady had finally managed to find the keys from her cluttered bag, as she walked past Kiran; passing her the bag to hold while she opened the door. Kiran had it clutched in her arms. She felt different, strangely good, being treated like that. It felt natural to her, to follow, as it was so natural for the lady to command. The cards were already placed on the table now, Kiran only had to flip them one after one to reveal if she had won the blind game, or it was the biggest risk and she had lost. While she was thinking about it, The lady had opened the door, and she had went inside speaking a little loud without even looking back at her, “Are you going to stand there all night?”

Kiran blushed slight, and stepped inside the living room. It was spacious, open, like there was actually nothing in the room other than large windows that faced the city lights. Yet it was very elegantly furnished with appropriate furniture. She eyed the whole room from to corner to corner, and there come a strange looking corner-table in her sight, as she sat on the sofa putting the bag aside. The table was strange, nothing she had ever seen before, a naked lying girl’s brass statue holding up the heavy glass top. The girl was lying on her back, her hands straight on floor from shoulder to elbow and straight up from elbow to wrists, and knees pulled up as well. The sheet of transparent glass was held by her upturned palms and kneecaps. Her feet were planted down, toes to heels touching the floor. Her face had a nonchalant expression to it, yet almost close to a warm smile. Her brass skin was shining through the glass, like waves of ocean shines in the noon sun. Kiran thought that her skin also had a brassy shade to it. She would also have the same shine if… Lady tapped her fingers onto Kirans shoulder right then, as she stood there holding a glass of water, smiling and whispering her the question, “Do you like it?”

Kiran had to think twice, before she understood what Lady meant by asking that. It was about the piece of furniture, not the scene Kiran was thinking. Or may be Lady had read her mind, and was asking about that only. Kiran thought, if only she could read her mind, would she be disgusted, or remorseful at Kirans thoughts and wants?! It was better not to say anything right away, as kiran managed to smile, and stammer, “Yes, I like it. How did you manage to get this beautiful piece?”

Lady replied, handing Kiran the half empty glass of water from which she was sipping, “I have an eye for special kind of beauty.”

Kiran took the glass, with a shy smile; she was being forced to drink from Lady’s used glass. They were these small things, which made her tingle in special places. She sipped a mouthful, the cool water giving her a little calmness as she asked a question back, putting the glass on the corner table, looking at it very adoringly, ” What kind of beauty?”

Lady replied, as she sat beside kiran on the sofa, closed her eyes and stretched her arms to slide off the stress of the day, “The beauty which is rare, yet so amazingly expressive. The beauty that lies in every human being, yet just few are brave enough to admit and accept it. The beauty that comes by accepting who you are, and what you want… and be courageous and selfish enough to crave it.”

Kiran looked at the lady, thinking, would she really understand what she wanted throughout her life. Lady noticed the stare, and looked back to Kiran. Their gazes locked the conversation that never happened, yet understanding that was forming itself. Kiran closed her eyes again, as lady put her arm around kiran, and pulled her close. Breath to breath, they remained. Lady whispered, very slowly, barely audible, “Do you want it?” Kiran heard it, not only through her ears; she heard it through every nerve on her face that lady’s warm breath touched. She opened her lips, sighed, and said with her eyes still closed, “I crave it.”

Kiran could feel the lady smile, before she closed in to kiss kiran on her lips, full and close kiss. Wet and passionate. Strong and possessive. Lady’s arms around kiran tightened in a close embrace, and kiran melted in, strangely being aroused by this. She had never kissed a woman before, but it wasn’t strange, it was more relaxing at that time. Kiran was not freaked out, she would never. She never had fantasies about a women, but the thought wasn’t that repelling to her as well. In stead, the happenings were quite heavenly than she expected.

Kiran felt like the kiss never ended, but turned into a hug, as lady pulled kiran with her as she lay slowly on the sofa, with kiran on top. Kiran slowly put her arms at Lady’s sides, holding her body slightly up, not wanting to stress the lady by giving the whole body weight. The lady sensed kiran’s moments, as she moved her hands at sides too, holding both of kiran’s wrists and pushing and twisting them behind kiran’s back in an instant. Kiran moaned slight in the kiss, as it caused a little pain, but the grip of lady’s hands on her wrist was comforting. She loved the feeling of security as she laid so close to her, with her, joined to her by their hands. Kiran slowly moved her head sideways and dropped it to lady’s shoulder as the lady finally let her lips free from the kiss. She lay there, listening to lady’s heartbeats, thinking what was it that aroused she was it the kiss or the hands on her wrists, or something else all together?

After some minutes of silence, Lady shifted her hands to hold both kiran’s wrists in one, as she moved her left hand up and reached to Kiran’s hairs, grasping a handful and pulling her head up, with not so painful yet noticeable force, asking, “What are you thinking?”

Kiran replied, more turned on by this treatment, “I have… never been with another woman.”

Lady smiled, ” May be after tonight you’d never have to say that again…”

Kiran chuckled slightly at her answer, “you have turned me on…”

Lady replied with a slight laugh, “Honestly, I didn’t intend to do that, but as it’s done, then lets as well do something about it…”

Kiran smiled innocently, asking with curiosity, ” what do you intend to do now?”

Lady replied, “Hmm… let’s try and turn you off, shall we?”

Kiran was taken aback by that, as she once more got lost trying to find the meaning through what lady said. Lady smiled devilish, as her slide her left hand down from kiran’s hairs to Kiran’s skimpy apron and her skirt. Kiran was wide-eyed at lady’s assertiveness, and the advantages she was taking. Lady forced Kiran’s legs open from front and pushed her palm over Kiran’s panty covered crotch. Kiran sighed out loud; she was never touched so openly and shamelessly before. She was feeling totally vulnerable, to lady’s touch that was spreading moist warmth to her entire being. Lady grabbed her crotch tight, and tried to maul it as she spoke with smirk, “Does this turn you off?”

Kiran moaned out loud, biting her lips. She breathed heavy at being manhandled like that. She tried to squirm not understanding why she didn’t want to get away from lady’s touch after being treated so immodestly. Lady scratched her nails over kiran’s crotch, pushing them down over her cloth-covered vagina, and reaching up her crack. It drove kiran crazy, the touch was maddening, she had never felt this aroused before. Lady asked again, “tell me Kiran… Does it?”

Kiran breathed, with unexplainable pleasure, “No. it doesn’t.”

Lady asked naughtily, “Why? It mostly does to other females. Being forced and used so unrespectable.”

Kiran shot back, a bit irritated by all the talk, and a more embarrassed to admit, “you know why!”

Lady suddenly stopped and pulled her hands off from kiran leaving her free to move. Kiran didn’t know what to feel, be happy that she wasn’t being forced to expose her self, or to be sad that she no longer felt the security of lady’s touch. Kiran looked at Lady, a little puzzled, at what just happened. Lady was looking at her; huge disappointment on her face. Kiran realized she had just behaved the way she wasn’t expected to. Kiran shouldn’t be rude to her like that. She right away felt sorry for it, as she also admitted it to lady, “I’m sorry for that.”

Lady pushed kiran up and off her, sternly putting her aside, in silence, as she got up mending the creases off her formal wear. Kiran felt worst, as she said it again, “I didn’t mean it … like that.”

Lady still didn’t say a word; she went out of the living room, disappearing in the small hallway. Kiran stayed there, not knowing what to do now. After what seemed like forever, kiran got up, and went towards the hallway, trying to find her. First she stumbled her way into the kitchen and then bathroom. At the very end of the hallway, she finally managed to reach the last door that unquestioningly led her to the bedroom. Here, the lady was sitting in front of her dressing table mirror, brushing her hairs smooth after changing her clothes to a satin nightgown. The room had a distant chill inside, AC it was, kiran noticed.

Kiran stood by the door, waiting for lady to acknowledge her. Lady spoke, without looking at her, “how far do you live from here?”

Kiran was flabbergasted by that question, why did she ask it? Did the lady really want her to leave? The offense wasn’t that bad. Or was it? Kiran replied after some thinking, “30 kms. 45 minutes approx.”

Lady stopped combing her hairs, as she sighed and turned to kiran. “You can sleep in the living room on sofa and I shall drop you off at your place tomorrow morning. Cause we can’t go in my car or call a cab right now as it’s too late to travel that far.”

Kiran opened her mouth, to speak, but stopped short, and turned the other way, with tears in her eyes. Lady turned back to mirror and resumed brushing. Kiran walked herself out to the living room, with tears streaming down her face at being rejected like that. She was feeling so many emotions at once. She was feeling lost, mostly. In stead of sitting over the sofa, she went over to the wall that faced the hallway. She slumped down there, on the floor with her knees pulled up and her arms about them, with her back straight on the wall, and her face in the direction of her bedroom door. The door was open and Kiran could still see lady’s satin covered back through her watered up eyes. Kiran didn’t understand why she was feeling so close to her, that she was hurt by what the lady did.

Lady turned again, this time she saw kiran down the hall. She smiled slight at kiran’s pose of sitting, and thought that may be kiran was not a bad catch after all. A little bit of behavior modification and then kiran would be a great find. Lady got up after a long time of leisurely brushing her hairs, as she had planned, and walked to the bedroom door with the hairbrush in her hand.

Kiran was given enough time to realize her emotions, and her drives. She stared continuously in the direction of the bedroom, but her thoughts were elsewhere. She understood that, Lady had opened her up to new possibilities and then pushed her down to realize that without them, without her she wouldn’t feel right. Tonight she was so closely exposed to her bare necessity… of needing this perversion like never before, needing the lady even it was just the brief few minutes encounter they had. She had always needed the control that lady portrayed, she had always needed the possession that lady poured. And she had understood it, but almost. It was still a long way to go.

Kiran looked at the lady as she stood by the door. Kiran prayed in her mind, “Don’t close that door. Don’t bloody close that door; just give me one more chance”. Lady kept inexpressiveness on her face, as she first stood there motionless, and then started walking through the hall, towards kiran. Kiran’s heart fluttered, “she dint close the door on me”, as she kept looking at lady’s mesmerizing walking figure. When lady reached her, she stood close, almost hovering over kiran’s body. Kiran felt like a small child sitting like that. A child, who wanted to be loved, and cared for, even after being punished for her naughtiness, it struck her, right then. As Kiran mumbled, “Punish me.”

Lady smiled in her mind, thinking that kiran was way much smarter that what she thought of her to be. But outwardly she pretended that she didn’t hear her. Kiran repeated loud, closing her eyes, not believing she had just said it, “Punish me.”

Lady replied, “Isn’t I already?”

Kiran responded brushing her tears off her cheeks, “not like this please.”

Lady smiled, her devilish smile, for the first time after those long and painful minutes, “Fine. Then you decide how I punish you?”

Kiran thought, very seriously for a minute, and then said slow dropping her head down,” anyway you like, just not THIS way.” she didn’t want to be refused again.

Lady crouched down in front of her, raising Kiran’s head, by using the end of the hairbrush below her chin, “I’m a little old-fashioned.”

Kiran looked at her, in silence. Waiting.

Lady resumed, “30 strokes. This hair brush. On your rear.”

Kiran dropped her jaw, how could she say it out loud. Those times were gone, nobody did those practices anymore. But here the lady was, hinting her about the corporal punishment.

Finally she managed, to say it, after closing her eyes. “Alright.”

Lady held both of kiran’s wrists and pulled her up with force, dragging her after herself, in the bedroom. Kiran followed, not that she had a choice, actually she had made her choice already it was just the consequence, she thought. Lady freed her right at the bed and she herself sat at the edge, while kiran stood at the side, not knowing what to do then.

Lady simply said four words. “Lay over my knees.”

Kiran slowly implied, as she uncomfortably moved down, over lady’s knees, raising her bottom up in the process as she rested her palms on the floor. Lady leisurely brushed her fingers over kiran’s skirt covered ass. Kiran closed here eyes at the contact. She was not going to make another mistake to drive the lady away, besides the lady was not doing anything that damaging, kiran reasoned in her mind. Lady pushed kiran’s skirt up, revealing kiran’s thighs and stark white panty. Kiran shut her eyes firm, thinking the pain would soon follow this. Instead, lady whispered, “this has to go.”, as she fingered the line of the panty at kiran’s thigh. Kiran didn’t say anything, there was no need to say, the lady was right, panties had to go to deliver a real punishment. Lady pushed the panty down kiran’s legs, stopping them just below the knees. Kiran breathed heavy as the chill of the room touched her exposed pussy, and made her shiver. Then there was no touch from lady’s side. Kiran waited, and waited for the hard blow to fall over her bottom. By now she had believed it was quite natural of them to be in that position. But the blow never came; instead lady opened kirans legs again, this time from back, as she scratched her way down to her clit. Kiran moaned, loud, uncontrolled, as lady manipulated kiran’s arousal. Lady suddenly pushed her two fingers inside kiran’s already wet and wanting womanhood, and kiran tensed up, with pleasure, groaning out loud and gripping lady’s thigh with her hands those were on floor before, supporting herself.

Lady smiled, knowing kiran was hers. Already. Kiran squirmed, to get more contact, more friction, to be able to orgasm. But lady provided none, rather pushed her fingers in harder, to make her lay still. Kiran somehow understood and sighed and limped down, motionless over lady’s knees.

Lady took her fingers out, brushing the wetness off, over kiran’s ass. Kiran was more aroused, realizing she was being used as a waste rug too. But it was natural right there and then. Nothing felt too weird to her. Like there was some sudden change in her wirings that made her believe that it was right.

Lady moved her left hand down, under kiran’s body; kiran felt that as she raised herself up for better excess. Lady commented,” Very good..” as kiran basked in the praise, at doing that humiliating thing, opening her self at some stranger she just met today, without any lady-like modesty. Lady slipped her hand down to kiran’s pussy from front; she pushed one finger in, deeper this time, almost lodging kiran over her finger. And kiran felt strapped, unable to move, she remembered her earlier wet dreams, of being impaled helplessly like that, but in a very different, extreme scenarios. Kiran just stated still, or rather tried to as lady’s expert finger searched and touch kiran’s spot of ultimate pleasure. Kiran dropped her head down, giving her self in the vortex of pleasure that was drowning her in. Suddenly there was a loud whack and a burning sensation over her right ass cheek. Kiran cried out, with pain, with pleasure, not understanding which one was more intense than other. Lady resumed twirling her finger inside kiran’s privates, provoking her orgasm, as she kept blowing with the flat wooden side of the hairbrush, over kiran’s ass in a rhythm, and kiran’s loud grunts echoed off the blows.

It was more than thirty, the blows didn’t stop, but kiran was above that counting, in fact she never counted. Kiran just concentrated on her burning ass, and her boiling wetness. Suddenly there was another change; lady has pushed two more fingers inside kiran’s wanting pussy. She tensed at the pressure and pleasure. Lady continued, this time pushing the fingers in and out, with the same rhythm of the blows. Kiran lost her self, in dual sensations, both adding into her arousal, like never before.

Lady moved down as she sensed kiran had reached her peak, her mouth close to kiran’s ears, as she said, “Orgasm for me, I know you want to…” Kiran closed her eyes, at the permission that was granted by the lady. Kiran pushed her self back over the fingers, wantonly. Kiran was more turned on; she was given a permission that made her realize that from now on she would need to have a permission before having the truest pleasure of her life. Lady stopped the blows, and just kept fucking kiran with her fingers.

Kiran responded quite eagerly, so close to orgasm. But she wanted something, something more, to drive her over the edge. She needed it too. Very badly, as tears start to form in her eyes.

Lady sensed it, and she stopped, pulling her fingers out. Kiran lay there, breathing heavy, sobbing slightly. Lady turned her around, so that kiran was laid over on her back. Kiran had closed her eyes and tears were spilling freely. Lady put her left arm around kiran’s neck, pulling her up, kissing her firmly over the lips. Kiran responded, putting her arms around lady’s neck too. Kiran’s hug tightened as she felt lady’s fingers, invading kiran again, at her very door of her womanhood. Kiran had still had her eyes shut tight, just experiencing this ride of intense pain and immense pleasure.

Lady fucked her, again, deep and merciless this time. She broke the kiss at kiran’s moaning. She whispered, almost in kiran’s mouth. “Open your eyes, and look at me.” Kiran opened her watered up eyes, looking at her, longingly yet shy and embarrassed. She saw lady’s intense eyes. Full of power and the animalistic primal wanting. There! Lady granted kiran’s last need. As she looked deep into her eyes, lady spoke, “cum for me, now.” Kiran bit her lip hard at this and tensed her body, gripping the fingers inside. Lady firmly kept fucking her, as kiran came close to the edge, ultimately. Kiran sobbed as the powerful orgasm hit her. Right through her pussy, moving up to her brain. And she exploded, right then. Over the fingers of her controller. The lady that she came to adore a lot throughout the evening. Kiran cried. As lady slowly pulled her fingers out and braced kiran close to her, holding her.