Battle Flame In Korea 3

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By HistBuff Jodie experiences new sexual sensations. The Korean camp is surprise-attacked by U.S. Marines. Praise the Lord! The U.S. nurses are free! Right?

This chapter brings two new characters. Interracial at its best!


Jodie, filled up and covered with semen, naked and trembling, was now a bit left alone and forgotten while Ann and Margaret were getting the brunt of the Major’s and his officers’ second-go erections. Ann was flat on the Major’s table, looking up, her head endlessly going back and forth with her bouncing tits following suit, under the interpreter’s frantic grunts.

Ann’s nips followed a chaotic dance that proclaimed her status of U.S. nurse going through something unthinkable.

Jodie was cowering in a shadowy corner, but she was quickly spotted again. She became aware of new people inside the tent, which was now somewhat crowdy with what looked like some additional soldiers joining the fun.

She was seized, then groped and forced-kissed. She felt too tired to offer much resistance.

Hands were cupping her breasts. She realized that these were small hands — two small to belong to men. She suddenly realized that she was being assaulted by women. Petite Korean women with some wiry strength in their tiny arms! They wore dark khaki military uniforms, with what looked like officer rank insignias. The taller one was about her height and the shorter one must have stood an even 5 ft at the most.

One of them held a small pistol. She spoke English with a thick accent…
“Now, we want to taste your body! Don’t try to be a hero!”

She had a very warm, soothing voice. It did some good to Jodie amid her never-ending nightmare.

The less-short Korean female officer began sucking one of her tits, playing with her nipple with her tongue in a way that wasn’t entirely unpleasing. The other one crouched and soon, she had her mouth against Jodie’s black bush of hair and her darting tongue was stroking her cash-in spot!

Then, the woman giving her a cunnilingus said something in Korean to the less-short woman, who stopped licking her breasts and held her close against her while her teammate put her legs on her shoulders and, kneeling, resumed the cunnilingus while Jodie now basically sat on her shoulders, and the kneeling Korean woman wrapped her arms around her upper thighs and kept stroking her pleasure center with her agile tongue! Jodie let out a soft-whispered series of moans.

While Jodie felt the unwilling rush of pleasure coursing throughout her body, the standing woman kissed her again. It was very natural since she stood the same height as Jodie, who felt assaulted while also finding the contact pleasant and very exotic. That female officer fascinated her.

The Korean girl paused in her kissing, looked at her with her black velvet eyes, amid her pale-bronze face, and said, “Please! Trust us! We just want to have a good time! I never had American woman! I am sure you will like me… I am Cha Sook-Joo! Now… Cha Sook-Joo will put this away…”

Saying this, Party Officer Cha Sook-Joo put her pistol back in its sleek holster. She then surprised Jodie by grabbing her hand and placing it on her own small breast, which she felt through her uniform shirt.

It was all so weird to touch her there! So strange! But she liked touching her tit. There was something outré and comforting in her small tit.

Jodie heard the Korean officer softly moaning from this contact. Jodie could tell she was enjoying having her tit cupped. Jodie herself started to feel the rush of pleasure coming up from her clit through the agile action of the second woman’s tongue.

“Gwan Mi Young is very good at this!…” said Cha Sook-Joo, who then kissed Jodie again.

Then, she asked her something…
“Please… Cha Sook-Joo would love it if you opened, shirt buttons!”

Perhaps out of her growing aroused state or out of sheer fascination and curiosity, Jodie did what she was asked to do. She undid the officer’s buttons, and opened her shirt wide. Jodie heard her improbable partner let out a soft moan as the khaki shirt formed a widening vee that offered the sight of a wide cleavage between two small breasts encased in a simple white bra… The Korean girl’s skin looked warm and inviting, and she had a trim torso that told Jodie of a lot of walking and running.

Sook-Joo moved forward and kissed Jodie’s neck. She then began to lick it very aptly.
“Please… Cha Sook-Joo wants to feel your hand directly on her… chest!”

Now breathing very hard, Cha Sook-Joo was getting so excited she had forgotten the right English word for that body part and only said “chest”.

Feeling a little unsteady as she still sat on the second woman’s shoulders, Jodie slid her hand under Sook-Joo’s bra and felt her hard nipple on top of her firm A-size breast. Jodie wasn’t a lesbian, but it still felt special. At least, it was far more pleasing than being gang-raped by men.

Now, Jodie started moaning more and more from Gwan Mi Young’s tongue action. She let herself go and kissed Sook-Joo while caressing her offered breast under that white bra cup.

Sook-Joo responded with fire and passion! She fervently kissed her back!

The three young women were moaning, kissing and caressing each other in this all-female threesome! They were erasing the 38th parallel with their international “I kiss you and pleasure you”.

They were completely absorbed in their feminine lovemaking and ignored the orgy of gang-rapes that was taking place all around them in the Major’s command tent. If the Division general had seen this, he would have been very angry with the Major for indulging in such games while being in such an advanced area!

Jodie was about to orgasm when she heard many gunshots and machine gun fire coming from outside all around the tent! Sharp! Bullets that tore the peace.

All at once, the officers scrambled and quickly reordered their uniforms, tucking their shirts in their trousers, etc. One of them, a Captain, was just about to ejaculate inside Ann and he made a rush of it and quickly dumped his load inside her while frantically pounding her on the table and watching her head bobbing helplessly while the two junior officers holding her wrists took one last look at her jiggling breasts.

Ann’s American-Irish beauty was enhanced by her sordid predicament, in a fascinating way. It was perhaps the last naked woman he’d see in this world.

Cha Sook-Joo and Gwan Mi Young, the female Party Officers, were ordered by the Major to draw their pistols and guard the prisoners right before he stepped out of the tent with his officers. He walked out with the smug confidence of the commander who was sure he was going to repell the surprise attack; that peculiar type of smugness only seen in truly incompetent officers. He felt positively annoyed at having his little party interrupted. Such was his amazing discipline!


Earlier that night, Lieutenant So Suck-Chin had arrived with the second half of the company 2 — or what remained of it. They had been strafed by several P-51 Mustangs while they were very vulnerable on the side of a steep hill, minutes before the main battalion had gotten their fair share of airborne peppering. They had taken heavy casualties. Worst of all — he had lost the handsome Sergeant he was in love with; they had been secret lovers for two years.

Then he learned that his fellow Lieutenant had shown up — or rather shown off — with a bunch of gorgeous captive American women!

And now the officers were all gathered in the Major’s tent for a nice little party of their own with the said captive women! All this while their men were forced-marched like dogs, with little food and next to zero comfort while they were getting shot at on the regular.

Lieutenant So Suck-Chin’s thoughts started to raise with unthinkable criticism against the Communist ideology. He felt many officers were like-minded. If everybody were truly equal, these women would be shared with the rank-and-file! They ought to be made into common prostitutes for the troops’ enjoyment.

This wasn’t the first time he had seen such behavior from the more senior officers. All spoils, from food to women and pretty boys, they kept the best for themselves while leaving scraps for the common soldiers and the junior officers for that matter.

What’s more, the battalion had two female Party Officers who kept hammering their heads with concepts such as “Duty to the People’s Republic” and “Everyone is the People and the People work and rule”. Well, work they did, but rule?

If those two officers truly cared about the good for the People and the People’s work and power, then they would willingly take their uniforms off in front of all the People’s soldiers and suck their cocks for the Glory of the Communist Party.

Lieutenant So Suck-Chin had been the first to talk about mutiny with rank-and-file men from his platoon. And the cancer was spreading as many of the starved troops were discreetely siding with him!

Others were still loyal to their commander. But this was not exactly a happy battalion.

Unrest was growing; tension was about to reach a boiling point between the two groups. All this while the officers were all busy in the Major’s tent having their little private orgy; the noises of whimpering and grunting inside the large field tent — very loud in such an enclosed space — covered the murmurs from the rank-and-file outside in the cold.

Of course, the breakthrough attack and their situation close to the enemy had quieted things down, but it was now common knowledge that five U.S. nurses had been brought back. Those sexual sounds coming from the Major’s tents were a bold statement. All the fun for the top brass. Those two Party Officers were there as well.

It was clear in their minds that if they mutinied and won, the first treat they’d take would be Cha Sook-Joo and her sidekick… Both Party Officers would have their khaki shirts ripped off and their bra kept as trophies as their tits would freely dance for the party; both officers would lie on the ground, in their pale, fancy nakedness; each of them a nude slut with a common soldier on top and a long waiting line-up of more of the same cocks! Communism means sharing the common goods.

*** *** ***

Earlier during the night, one Sergeant had walked inside the tent to warn the Major about the situation, but his commander was in the process of raping Margaret again and he barked at him that he didn’t want to be disturbed. Then, the Sergeant had seen his own opportunity to fuck as he caught sight of Ann’s alluring curves; he dropped his pants and didn’t bring up the subject again.

Instead of reining in the troops or alerting their officers, the most senior Sergeants had sneaked inside the Major’s tent for their own bit of fun. They had heard that these women were REALLY gorgeous and they were not disappointed, so fuck discipline! Let’s have some big-time fun for a change!

By heavens, these American women looked like movie stars! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE THEM ALL!!!

Outside the tent, the tension between the two opposing factions was reaching its breaking point.

Many soldiers were now talking about having THEIR fun! Why not grab these two female Party Officers and drag them out of that tent for some sexy playtime? There was also the all-female communications team — some 12 or 15 young women — with whom they could vent their frustration!

Upon hearing this, many more soldiers sided with the mutinous faction. Anyway, most of these girls were “whores who slept with officers” (officers actually coerced them into it and they didn’t have much choice). It was about time to teach them the meaning of the word “communism” as in “common use for everybody”!

When elements of the 1st Marine Division launched their surprise attack on the camp, they found the North Korean soldiers totally unprepared and arguing among themselves!

The American assault was a swift victory.

After a very intense gunfight and a few grenades thrown, the North Korean surrendered.

Instead of having his little hour of glory as the commander of a mutinied battalion, Lieutenant So Suck-Chin found himself tied up with his hands in the back and herded inside a military truck with his fellow officer POWs. He was seated right next to the sulky Major.

At least, he had survived. Perhaps the Yankees treated their POWs better than the Korean People’s Army. Lieutenant So Suck-Chin hoped so.

Lieutenant Myo Hyun-Ki wasn’t so fortunate. When the 11 GIs he had captured were freed by the Marines and given rifles, they immediately hunted him down. They remembered the wounded soldiers he’d had wantonly executed.

When they found him, they forced him on his knees. A Third-Class Sergeant was given a Colt M1911 .45 pistol. He shot Lieutenant Myo Hyun-Ki through the head.

They did the same to a couple other soldiers they had recognized for having seen them raping the nurses on the roadside. These North Korean men screamed and begged for mercy in their last moment on this Earth.


Cha Sook-Joo and Gwan Mi Young did as they were ordered and guarded the American female prisoners at gun point while the fight was raging outside. They were completely brainwashed with the sense of duty and loyalty to the People’s Republic. Even though they spoke good English, there was no convincing them to lower their pistols.

However, the captive women were allowed to get dressed again. Thus, Ann, Mary, Irene and Jodie grabbed their ruined and torn uniforms — Margaret picked up her ripped civilian clothes — and they managed to get decent again. The clothes on them felt almost unreal after what they’d just been through, but there was real, positive relief in recovering some of their lost dignity.

They were covering themselves up with their winter coats when the fighting suddenly died out.

The silence outside was ominous. Gwan Mi Young, who was the senior Party Officer, asked Cha Sook-Joo to go outside and see what was going on. She stepped out of the tent, then Gwan Mi Young immediately heard Sook-Joo’s loud yelp as a strong American English voice barked…

Then another American voice was heard…
“Hey! Hey! Hey! Look at what we found here!”

Other voices were heard…
“Hello Sweetheart! I like your face!”
“I bet she never had an American cock inside her! We can fix that!”

Gwan Mi Young, and everyone else in the tent, heard Sook-Joo when she started to squeal and protest in Korean while American soldiers began jeering and laughing.

Gwan Mi Young trembled from head to toe. She was now terrified. Captured?! HER?!?! She didn’t know what to do!

She was about to burst out of the tent and shoot at these men when Jodie spoke…
“Gwan! You’ve lost! Don’t do something stupid! Surrender! If you kill an American soldier, they will execute you by firing squad!”

Mi Young, her face in tears as she heard Sook-Joo’s squeals and protests from outside, turned the pistol against her…
“NO!!!! DON’T DO THIS!” Jodie screamed.

American Marines burst inside the tent. Mi Young, finding she didn’t have the insane courage to pull the trigger, dropped her gun and surrendered.

As soon as Mi Young had dropped her pistol, a Marine picked it up and three other Marines seized her and started to stroke her hair. The Party Officer started to cry in with peculiar high-pitched notes.

They were about to forced-kiss Mi Young and call her “Honey” and “Sweetheart”, but they stopped dead in their tracks when they spotted the five US nurses!


The American captive women were now all dressed up in their winter coat, but they were still barefoot!

As soon as they saw their feet, the Marines deduced that these women had been naked not so long ago. They understood what has happened, but didn’t say a word. The notion of North Korean soldiers raping captive US women was something they’d always forbidden themselves to think of.

Now the realization hit them, most of these six soldiers felt both aroused and ill-at-ease.

“I’m Captain Mary Higgins and these are my fellow nurses (gesturing at Ann, Irene and Jodie) and this is Margaret, a civilian aid worker.”

The highest-ranking Marine present, a Gunnery Sergeant, saluted her… (Gunnery Sergeant = Sergeant First Class in Marines)
“Gunnery Sergeant Tommy Davis, M’am! Much honored to be freeing you from these wolves!”

“At ease, Sergeant!”

The Marines kept silent. The Sergeant kept looking at the women’s bare feet and felt an immense erection growing as he started picturing the scene that must have been taking place in this very tent — North Korean uniformed men gang-raping these gorgeous women!

He felt a ton of sexual tension taking life between him, his men and these women! Against his will, he found his mind acting on its own volition and forming a plan to have these women! “I must have one of them! I MUST!” a deep, evil voice uttered within himself.

Outside, Sook-Joo was tearing the night with her piercing shrieks. Someone said “Let’s bring her to that tent over there…”

Other female screams were heard. The Marines had found the female personel from the communications team.

As fast as her wobbling legs could carry her, Mary walked to the tent’s exit, motioning away the soldiers who stood imposing in front of her. The young men let her pass, intimidated by her Captain’s authority.

She was not having this! Americans were better than that! Oblivious of her own exhausted state, she walked outside the tent.

She immediately spotted the group carrying Sook-Joo to a tent. She thundered, using the sternest voice she could muster…



The voice came from a Lieutenant-Colonel, as indicated by the silver oak leaf at the front of his khaki steel helmet.

“Captain, first of all, you need some rest. Go back inside the tent and put back your boots; you are walking around barefoot! Go back inside the tent! (he motioned to her with an imperative gesture) I’ll take care of this!”





“YES SIR!” both young Marines answered their commander.
“THIS IS NOT OVER! YOU’LL HEAR ABOUT THIS!” shouted Mary, white with rage as she was forcibly escorted back inside the tent by the smiling Marines.


Lt. Colonel O’Hara motioned at the pack of Marines, clearly indicating they could carry on and take that cute female Party Officer inside that other tent. Many tents in the captured camp were now filled with the shrill screams of captive North Korean military women who were being groped and stripped half-naked or naked by dozens of Marines who were about to brutally gang-rape them.

“Boys will be boys!” said Lt. Colonel O’Hara for himself.

This Lieutenant-Colonel was an excuse for an officer. During his 25-year-long career, he had seen many countries and had minute knowledge of how women from all these countries look like naked and how their screaming and protesting sound in their native language.

He had raped many Tunisian women in ’43, many Italian women in ’44 and a great many German girls and women in ’45 and ’46. Someone who knew this could say that each medal this pig of an officer was wearing stood for 20 women raped.

In his twisted mind, this excuse for a Colonel was forming a plan to put this she-Captain in her place! He walked to the tent she just had disappeared into; he still heard her loudly protesting.

He took a look inside that tent. Then, he positively chuckled and salivated!

Five! There were five of them!

He spotted Mary’s gorgeous feet as she was putting back her boots while cursing. He saw Jodie in the act of comforting a female North Korean officer who was sobbing. This nurse was a cool brunette, like the three others, who were finishing lacing their field boots and getting ready for their drive to the nearest field hospital. They looked ghastly and there was no light of hope in their eyes.

Lt. Colonel O’Hara knew for a fact they had been raped, no doubt repeatedly by their North Korean captors. He didn’t feel any pity for them; he was far too selfish for having this “weakness”.

Mary fumed as she saw him walk into the tent, wearing a half-sardonic, half-fake smile. What a revolting brand of officer he was!

Lt. Colonel O’Hara civilly saluted Mary and all other women present as he returned the salutes of the six Marines standing inside the tent waiting for the nurses to get ready for their trip to sickbay.


All the freed women — except Mary — thanked the Colonel and shed tears of post-traumatic stress. Then the Colonel took a few steps away and had a quick whispering conversation with the highest-ranked among the six Marines present; the Gunnery Sergeant grinned, then quietly regained his neutral composure as he heard whatever his superior officer just told him.

All the women except Mary were too tired to notice this quiet “off the record” conversation. Mary became increasingly worried. She said…
“Sir! I think we will stay here and wait for your General!”

“Negative, Captain!” answered the Colonel, emphasizing her rank in his speech. “You need immediate medical attention, and that’s a final order!”

He said the last sentence doing his best at smiling in a warm fatherly way, trying to convey the idea that he was anxious to have them treated for whatever they had just gone through. The women could tell the Colonel understood what had taken place, but of course, no word was spoken about it.

Margaret thanked the Colonel and began walking away toward the door.
“Come on! It’s fine!” Ann said to Mary amid her enduring sobs.

“I can’t wait to have a nice cup of coffee — Ho, Sergeant! Do you have a cigarette? Thanks! You’re a gentleman…” Margaret said to a soldier, who obliged her and lighted her cigarette.

She was oblivious of Sook-Joo’s fate, but she was dog-tired after that long, horrific day and evening.

As Ann, Margaret and Irene were leaving the tent, the soldiers stopped Jodie, who was still holding and comforting Mi Young.

“I’m sorry, M’am! but this North Korean Officer is a political prisoner! She must stay here and await her transfer!” said the Gunnery Sergeant.

“NO SERGEANT! SHE’S COMING ALONG WITH US! AND THE OTHER ONE TOO! YOU KNOW WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT!” thundered Mary, using once again her angry officer’s voice.

“All right, Captain! But I need you to sign some papers first! It’s extremely important! These papers mean that I’m entrusting you with the custody of these political prisoners! Your fellow nurses can go with the soldiers; this Korean officer can go too!” the Colonel said in his gruff voice.

The Colonel produced a piece of paper out of his breast pocket and then a fountain pen. He put the leaf of paper down on the table and started to write a statement. He motioned Mary to come closer. There was only him, Mary and two Marines left in the tent.

“Yes! Yes! But please, Sir, make this quick! I’m half dead with exhaustion!” said Mary as she approached on her fatigue-wobbly legs.

Her fatigue was now taking its toll. On top of her day of horror, she had been awake since 5 A.M. and it must have been close to or even past midnight. She felt very sleepy all of a sudden. She didn’t trust that man but she wanted to get this done quick; she couldn’t wait to get medical attention… and food! She was starved. She heard noises from her empty stomach…

As soon as Mary was within reach, the Colonel jumped her and powerfully silenced her with his strong, massive hand on her mouth. As he was easily restraining Mary, he spoke to a Marine…
“You! Tell the Sergeant he can go now! Tell him he can take all the time he needs!”

Mary let out a muffled scream as she heard the last sentence. She jerked and wriggled feebly, as much as her depleted energy allowed her to. She knew there was no escaping this man’s hold.

Tears flowed down her cheeks. This was so far worse than being abused by the enemy! And for a short while, she had naively believed that these US soldiers would behave like the chivalric good guys she had seen so many times in the movies… She felt appalled beyond words as this lewd Colonel was silencing her with one hand and using his other hand to grope her breast through her coat.


Outside the tent, Margaret and Ann were told that Mary had some formalities to sign with the Colonel and she would be coming right behind them. Jodie insisted that they waited for her, but they were told there was little time and these vehicles they were using to transport them to sickbay were very badly needed and there wasn’t a minute to lose.

Tired and exhausted, the four girls let themselves be escorted to three jeeps, along with Mi Young, who kept crying and asking to see Sook-Joo.

Jodie asked about Sook-Joo and the Gunnery Sergeant told her that she was coming right along with Mary, as agreed by the Colonel. The Sergeant added that they all would get a warm meal as soon as they arrived. The women were positively starved — they hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast… so long ago! The mention of food made them salivate.

They reached the jeeps along with four Marines. The three drivers were there waiting. They were whisked aboard the vehicles by the Marines, who kept ignoring or downplaying their pleas and concerns about what was going on in the captured camp. It was now filled with men’s clamors and cheers of victory mingled with women’s shrill screaming.

The four American women were positively revolted by this turn of event, but they instinctively knew there wasn’t much they could do about it. They started quietly sobbing as they felt so powerless; with all this chaos of plunder and rape, they started to have an irrational fear that they could even share the same fate as the North Korean girls… at the hands of their own soldiers?! Unthinkable!

But all these sounds! It sounded like the Marines were systematically raping every enemy woman in the camp! And this Colonel was allowing this?! And… they had left Mary behind in that hell?!

In a flash, Margaret understood through the slumber of her exhausted mind. She shouted…

Margaret got off the jeep and all the other women were about to get off too — Margaret was a civilian, but she was a natural leader in this group — but then, the four Marines and the three drivers dropped their masks! They had planned to take them to a quiet place and then rape them.

“There’s still a way”, thought the Gunnery Sergeant, quickly appraising the situation while himself and his men quickly grabbed and silenced the protesting women.

It was a full-moon clear night, with everything visible, but they were in a quiet spot near the camp; with bushes nearby.

While all the soldiers were now so busy raping their female captives, nobody was going to notice them. All they had to do was to take these women to these bushes and a little beyond, and once there… Then, after… They’d take them to the field hospital, claiming they had found them hiding in the bushes.

They’d also force them to drink whiskey to make them more compliant and groggy so they’d have a more difficult time remembering their experience. Even if they accused them, it would be no trouble at all to make them look like hysterical women who had just been freed from the clutches of these evil North Koreans!

Gunnery Sergeant Tommy Davis liked the sound of that plan! He was silencing Ann and had a raging boner just from feeling her squirming body against his as she hopelessly fought to break away from him! She was going to be a superb fuck!


Cha Sook-Joo had her Communist world turned upside down as soon as she dropped her pistol like she was urgently ordered to. When she walked out of her Major’s tent, she had expected to find the North Korean soldiers victorious. Instead of this, she had found herself face to face with eight or ten US Marines with their M1 Carbines trained at her!

She dropped her gun and stood in front of them with her hands up in the air.

The soldiers walked closer and surrounded her. She quickly became terrified as she saw the way they looked at her, sizing her up and down her uniformed petite body, from her shiny black leather boots to her khaki peek cap.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Look at what we found here!” said a Lance Corporal. (Lance Corporal = Private First Class in Marines)

“Hello Sweetheart! I like your face!” said a Private.
“I bet she never had an American cock inside her! We can fix that!” said a Sergeant.

Cha Sook-Joo started to scream in shrill Korean-flavored notes as the pack of US soldiers grabbed her and began to forced kiss and grope her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… That’s a fine little Communist we have here! A classy chassis! From the East! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Yep! We need to Americanize that a little! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

She kept squealing and protesting in Korean as she felt these soldiers more and more intense in their lustful gestures and gazes. She struggled to free herself and asked them to let her go in English. They completely ignored her and kept jeering and commenting on their catch…

“Ohhh… This little pet speaks English!”
“But Sweatheart, you don’t know everything! We need to teach you some body English… Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!…”

“Please! NO! LET ME GO!” Her girly voice sounded even more feminine with her begging tone.

“Tut! tut! tut!…”
“Let’s bring her to that tent over there…” said the Sergeant, taking charge of things. He could hardly wait to see her body! She looked like she was about 20 or 22, perhaps even younger, but he doubted it since she was wearing a Second Lieutenant’s uniform.

Sub-Lieutenant Cha Sook-Joo shrieked at the top of her voice when she felt the men lift her off the ground to carry her inside that tent they had spotted.

Then an American woman spoke sternly…

Shit! Where the hell this female officer was coming from? The Sergeant was puzzled to say the least. This was bad luck, as the Colonel had told them they’d have full licence at using any Korean woman they’d find in the camp. Why did this pesky officer had to be there?


The Sergeant recognized the Lieutenant-Colonel’s voice and breathed easier. They stood by and watched their Colonel arguing with this nurse Captain. The argument ended with this blonde officer being escorted back into the tent she had come from and the Colonel motioned them to carry on.

As soon as the woman was out of earshot, he even grinned and told him… “This North Korean slut needs some reeducation! I’m counting on you Sergeant! I want a full report tomorrow!”

Inside that tent, there were two US soldiers rummaging for valuables. Their eyes lit up with lust as they saw the beautiful North Korean officer being carried inside the tent. They immediately joined the pack of men surrounding the sobbing and wailing girl.

The Sergeant ordered to light up more lamps to have a better view!
“All right now!” he said “Let’s see how this Communist girl looks like under that uniform!”

Cha Sook-Joo filled the tent with a deafening shriek as a forest of American hands started assaulting her uniform!

Her peak cap was snatched from her jet-black hair, which she wore only mid-neck long in a plain, almost boyish style with her ears entirely visible. The Sergeant stood facing her and brutally ripped her uniform shirt apart, destroying her front buttons as he forced the shirt open, and then forcefully pulled each torn side down her shoulders and arms, suddenly revealing her entire torso, which was well-toned with the typical Korean pale-bronze complexion and a clearly feminine softness; her perky breasts contained by her A-size white bra caught the eyes of all men present.

Her breast shapes danced in front of the men’s gaze, teasing their cocks as Sook-Joo kept wriggling and shrieking in sheer panic, before a soldier ripped her bra away and filled the men’s gaze with something they had been eagerly waiting for — Cha Sook-Joo’s naked breasts!

They moved in front of them, their perky orbs catching the tent’s lights with their light-bronze splendour! Her contrasting medium-brown nipples quivered atop her pale mounds as she frantically tried to break free, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Ohhh.. GEE! Look at these nice girly boobs!”

The Sergeant immediately stooped down and took one of Sook-Joo’s breasts in his hand and started sucking her nipple as she frantically squealed and begged them to stop in Korean. The Sergeant kept sucking her breast; hands assaulted her other boob; a soldier forced-kissed her; others groped her butt through her uniform trousers; another was undoing her belt buckle! All these US Marines pressed themselves against the overwhelmed Korean girl!

“Let’s strip her naked! I want to see her naked from head to toe!” said a Private.

“No! I can’t wait! Let’s just pull her pants down and take her from behind! I bet she’s got a real nice butt!”

“Yeah! Sounds like a nice plan! Let’s do this! Uncle Sam will be proud!”

The Sergeant couldn’t agree more. He stopped playing with Sook-Joo’s breasts and they forced the wailing girl to bend over while the Sergeant quickly moved behind her; he didn’t want to miss this unveiling!

As the pack of Marines bent her over, she screamed and bawled, repeating “ANDWAEYO! ANDWAEYO!…” (no! = it is not allowed) in her panicky voice.

She felt her pants being violently pulled down to her knees and she squealed even louder…

A Corporal let out a wild grunt of satisfaction as he violently yanked off Sook-Joo’s plain white panties, revealing her mind-boggling butt! Many men grew a raging erection from that sight alone! Her firm buns made her look like she were still a 15-year-old village girl!

Cha Sook-Joo’s booty squirmed along with her hips as she kept shrieking and struggling, tears freely flowing down her pretty face. She had slender hips and almost boy-like buttocks, yet her alluring curves were unmistakably feminine!

Her long black boots of shiny leather against which her dark-khaki trousers were chaotically tucked down enhanced the erotic power of Sook-Joo’s slender legs and butt.

Many soldiers touched her there and enjoyed her silk-like skin as she kept sobbing and protesting in her native tongue. She was now reverting into the dialect of her home village, calling her mommy and daddy as she frantically wailed. Sook-Joo sometimes fantasized about lowly soldiers gang-fucking her, but having this happening to her for real was quite another story.

“You go first, Benton! You saved my life two weeks ago on that ridge! Let’s go Benton! Give the Red bitch something to remember! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“Break that mare! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

All the men jeered and laughed and taunted the “cute little communist slut” while Lance Corporal Benton dropped his uniform pants and produced his massive erection, already precumming from the mind-boggling elation he felt from the upcoming glory to be having the enemy female officer!

She looked so beautiful in her despair, half-naked with her formal uniform half-torn! This farm boy from Kentucky had never seen any naked woman in person before going to Korea, and this was only the second time he was having sex since that prostitute in Japan.

While his mates were firmly maintaining the helpless Party Officer in her bent-over position, Benton stuck his index finger in her hair-surrounded entrance and probed her pussy to see if she was wet. It turned out her body was reacting on its own and some juices were lubing her vagina to prepare her for the unwanted intrusion and make it less painful.

Benton was so feverish and anxious that he didn’t comment on that and kept his focus on getting inside her inviting entrance. He pushed his cock against her hole and between her bronze labia…

Cha Sook-Joo protested and shook her head in a frantic, panicky gesture of helpless refusal.

She screamed like a dying animal when Benton felt himself half-way inside her, pushing hard as she was extremely tight! He let out a wild groan of joy as he felt her vaginal tightness and pushed himself even harder! NOW! AT LAST! HE WAS ALL THE WAY INSIDE HER!


As soon as Benton felt he was completely inside, he began pounding her like a madman!

He held nothing back!

His mates cheered him on and jeered at the wailing North Korean officer as her horizontal torso was shaken to and fro in a quickly repeated piston action. Benton was holding her hips and feeling her firm softness yielding under his grip as he kept raping her!

Oh! God! It felt so blissfully good! He enjoyed every passing second of this international coit!

At this point, they pulled her torn uniform shirt from her forearms and discarded it on the tent floor. Her backside was very exotic with its rich pale bronze comlexion.

Lance Corporal Benton grabbed Sook-Joo’s hanging breasts, feeling her yielding firmness under his hands while enjoying her ungodly tightness, and her soul-piercing wails, as he relentlessly pounded her!

This was so GOOD! What a fuck she was!

He was having her from behind! Like a Kentucky stallion on a blue grass prairie! A buckaroo for a Red slut.

He greatly enjoyed the spat! spat! spat! spat! of her nice tight butt colliding against his ramming lap as the Korean girl took his impaling dick deep inside her on each of his quickly repeated thrusts!

Cha Sook-Joo wailed in shrill soul-shattering notes as she was being raped. It was so painful! She was mostly lesbian and had never taken a man inside her before. That man twitched inside her and screamed like a banshee!

Benton thought he was about to die out of sheer elation… his dick blissfully exploded inside her!

The relief was IN-CRE-DI-BLE as he shot several warm bolts of ammo!

“Yeah! That’s the way boy! Americanize that communist bitch!”

“Pray the Lord and pass the ammunition!”
“Pray the Lord, and pass the ammunition, and we’ll all stay free!”

Benton enjoyed every tiny drop of this massive cum unloading inside the wailing Party official! It was so delightful! Doing this right after the rush of a battle! Fucking their women! Showing them who’s boss!

He pulled out of the defiled officer and one last shot of jizz spurted out of control and landed smack on her butt cheek!


“AND THERE’S A LOT MORE! ALL FOR YOU! AH! AH! AH! AH!” added the Sergeant as he stood behind Sook-Joo to take his turn.

He inserted his cock and made Sook-Joo yelp when he entered her all the way in one go, with just one savage hip thrust!

She was so ungodly tight! A virgin no doubt! The Sergeant couldn’t believe how good it was to be raping her! Her shrill screams! So delightful to hear! The entire camp was echoing with such screams by now. The battle’s aftermath was in full bloom! This was going to be a wild night of fucking!

The Sergeant gleefully drove her butt against his slamming hips and pistoned her unmercifully, watching her hair shaking and her body bolting in jerky motions under his frantic pounding!

She could only scream and sob and whimper and endure her ordeal! She had been there in that camp when it had been overrun; now she was paying the price! The soldiers she had been endoctrinating failed at defending her; now she was having it!

The Sergeant did not like the way he had felt the day he had received his draft letter, his only compensation being to be reinstated into the rank he had when he had been demobilized in 1946 — three chevrons on his sleeve. Now he was GREATLY enjoying this little “off the record” bonus!

As he raped her, his eyes never left Sook-Joo’s shaking butt, so mind-bogglingly gorgeous in its exotic light bronze complexion! He was hypnotized by her off-the-charts exotic splendor! Right here and there, he took a decision… After this war, he’d go to San Francisco and take a Chinese wife, petite and cute like this Korean he was blissfully enjoying!

He increased his pace, all the men jeering around him; he was now frantically driving and slamming her rear end while grunting like a rutting gorilla!

Then he roared out loud in victory and discharged an epic load of Yankee pudding inside Sook-Joo!

It was immoral, but it was so God-damned good! Perhaps it was so intensely amazing BECAUSE it was evil and immoral…

Oh God! Raping this cute little communist officer was so much fun! What a fucking relief!


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