Bbc breeds courtney at film job to help her husband out with money problems

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By Britney Big Black John breeds one month pregnant housewife Courtney at her adult film shoot while Britney films and watches and French kisses her against her

My name is Courtney and I’m 5’5 inches tall with 36-DD tit’s and I have shoulder length sandy brown hair with a full figured body and I’m 35 years old ,and I’m married to my high school sweetheart .

My husbands name is Sven , he’s part Norwegian and Swedish ,he is a very big man standing at 6’5 inches tall at 266 pounds ,and he’s very muscular .We have been together ever since I graduated high school when I was 17 years old .We currently have five kids and I just found out that I’m one month pregnant with my sixth baby on the way .

My husband has been the sole provider ever since we got married but now with the high inflation I want to help with the expenses ,I was able to talk my husband into letting me get a part time job .

I was looking on line for an entry type of job. since I never had a job before ,then I saw a add looking for and hiring good looking and sexy ladies with no experience needed to model and do small video shoots wearing sexy lingerie with men ,and the pay is $1000.00 a day .I couldn’t pass that up and I know my husband wouldn’t allow me doing a so called porn shoot so I told that I got a part-time job being trained and working as a real estate seller in training , and my pay is mostly based on commission from each sale .

My husband just left for work and he won’t be back home until tonight so my best friend Isabella is going to babysit all my kids today , and I told her what type of job I got and she told me that I’m so sneaky and fresh and that I’m such a slut .

Britney was the lady that interviewed me for the job ,she was pretty but she was very blunt with me , she said , “I want you to shave your pussy bald and you need to wear a garter belt and stockings”!!!!!

I put on my new black dress and my new 10 strap garter belt and rolled up my seamed stockings, and attached the garter straps to the tops of my stocking tops, and adjusted the stockings so they are high and tight up to my ass cheeks according to Britney’s instructions .Then Britney told me to wear black 5 inch stiletto’s ,so I put them on to .

Britney didn’t want me wear anything other than the garter belt ,I can’t wear a bra or panties otherwise they would have shown through this very tight dress that I’m wearing ,my huge tit’s are straining to bust out over the top of my dress .

I put the finishing touch on with my red lipstick and I bought and some condoms that I put into my purse with my lace panties to put on when I’m done ,Oh my god if my husband ever found these condoms I don’t know what he would do because he never wears them when he fucks me because we’re strict Catholics ,or at least I use to be after this week .

Britney assured me that she would pick out a guy that will be gentle with me .Britney also said that since this is my very first time that we’ll focus on foreplay and teasing and a blowjob .

“Oh my god I’d be giving a blowjob to another guy ! Sven had been the only guy I had ever put in my mouth”!

“It took me an hour to drive down town and find the hotel then pull into the underground parking garage “. Britney had given me the room number so I walked into the lobby while my 5 inch heels are making that clicking come and fuck me sound as I smiled and walked by the hotel clerk and into the elevator then pressed the button for the tenth floor .

I found the room number and turned the handle and opened the door ,there was Britney standing there wearing her sexy white skirt with black stockings and spiked heels with a big smile on her face .Then she put her arms around me and pulled me to towards her and gave me a very passionate French kiss that caught me off guard while I tried to step back and struggled with her by hitting her lightly with my arms but she was very sexually aggressive towards me and I just let her take me as I moaned out , “Mmmmmmmmmmph”!!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then she released me and said !!!!!!!!!!!

“Courtney dear !! please come on inside and you kiss so good sweetie and you look stunning ! Oh !! I love your black dress and those 5 inch heels look really sexy and fantastic on you”!!!!

“Come in and I’ll fix you a drink”!!!

I walked into the large suite that Britney had rented and waked over to the sofa and sat down ,I looked around the room and saw a camera sitting on a tripod and the bed had been turned down .I was looking for the guy that I’m to perform with on film .

“I’m the first one here”????

“Oh no !!! Big John is in the bathroom getting himself ready !! He’ll be out shortly”!!

Britney moved the video camera and had it pointed toward me sitting on the sofa .I glanced down at my wedding rings and was about to take them off when Britney said ,”Oh no ! leave them on ! guys love watching a real white house wife getting fucked by a big black bull with a 11inch dick”!!! Britney said .

Britney put her hand on my dress and adjusted the hem around my legs and pushed the hem up about two inches to reveal the tops of my stockings and the attached garter straps .

The bathroom door opened and I heard the click of the light switch ,Oh god I was so nervous .

Oh god ! he’s coming out now .My whole body went numb when I saw the guy Britney called Big John ,he was black as coal and he was walking towards me with a big smile .

Oh my god ! he was fucking huge ,he was wearing black briefs and he was very muscular .He’s twice the size of my husband ,he was bending down so I extended my hand to greet him .He took my hand and leaned over and kissed me on my red lips .

This is the very first time that I ever kissed a black guy ,he kept smiling at me as he sat down beside me on the sofa ,his leg was touching my stocking encased thigh and he didn’t even hesitate as he put his arm around my shoulder .

“So Courtney how do you like Big John so far ? Isn’t he handsome and well built”?? Britney asked

I nervously smiled at Britney ! while she was looking through the lens of her video camera that is now turned on .Me and big John talked for awhile, and I felt his hand moving around my shoulder playing with the tiny strap of my dress until it fell off my arm .

He then turned me around to face me and put his hand down in front of my dress and pushed the thin fabric away from my right breast until it was exposed hanging freely ,I didn’t look at Britney but I could see her in the corner of my eye looking through the camera as Big John leaned forward and fully kissed me on the lips .He continued kissing me while I felt his hand on my stocking covered thigh moving the thin fabric of my dress higher ,I felt his hand slip under my dress searching for my pussy .

I finally felt his fingers feeling my shaved pussy .I was really nervous at first and I tried to close my legs but I remembered what I was doing here at the hotel room and I began to open up my nylon stocking thighs allowing Big John access to my white married pussy .

John began kissing me more passionately so I reached out and put my hands behind his head and pulled him up close to me ,the drink was having an effect on me .John stopped kissing me long enough to whisper into my ear and said , “Courtney baby !! Stand up for daddy so I can take that dress off and see what you got under there”??

My heart was pounding as I tried to stand in front of the sofa and lost my balance on my 5 inch stiletto’s for a split second, but John caught me from falling as turned and smiled at him .I can feel his big hands on my waist as I turned around in front of him, allowing my dress to slip further off my shoulders.

He tugged on my dress at the waist until he was able to slip my dress over my hips and the next thing I remember was that it was laying on the floor at my heels, while I was lifting my legs up allowing John to pick-up the dress and toss it over to Britney .Then he commanded me to get on my knees .

I then got on my knees and innocently looking up at him, acting submissive to this large black guy standing in front of me ,”Take hold of my dick Courtney baby”!! Big Black John commanded me !

I stared up into John’s eye’s like a little school girl, holding his 11 inch monster dick in my dainty hands, it was huge as I slowly circled my fingers around it’s girth ,it was larger than my husbands and it throbbed as I touched it .Its veins were protruding out from its skin ,it’s really scaring the hell out of me, thinking that he’s going to fuck me with that evil looking dick .

“Courtney ! don’t be afraid of it ! lean forward and kiss the head”!!! Big John said .

I moved forward and licked the head, tasting a drop of his leaking precum and it tasted salty ,as I began licking the sides and kept licking around its girth as I opened up my mouth as wide as I could and went down as far as I could ,moving my head back and fourth, while I can ear Big John moaning out ,

“Oh god damn girl !!! Where did you learn to suck dick like that”??

I was surprised when Britney walked up to me and kissed my mouth with Big John’s dick still in my mouth as if we were sharing him and she then whispered in my ear ,”Your doing great ! just relax and enjoy him ! he’s a great lover”!!!! Then Britney gave me another kiss on my forehead and went back to her camera ,

Big John then swiftly picked me up from the floor and carried me to the bed and gently laid me down and climbed between my nylon stocking covered legs and pushed them against my big tits while he kissed my inner nylon covered stocking tops of my thighs, and licked his way to my wet pussy as I moaned , “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Big John”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He knew exactly what he was doing since he’s a professional male porn star, and I’m just an unexperienced white house wife and mother, while he kept my sexy fully fashioned back seamed stocking legs and heels pinned back against my big 36-DD tit’s .

He began licking my wet and sensitive pussy harder, and started pulling my pussy lips with his mouth making my hips rotate into the mattress .He reached around and grabbed my tits and squeezed them while he forced his arms against my stocking covered thighs to make sure my stocking covered legs remain locked backed against my tits, as I moaned ,”Ohhhhhhhhhhh what are you doing to me”!!!!!!!!!

Big John was working on me hard and fast, while I can feel my orgasm building as I wildly screamed ,


I never gave any thought that someone would hear me screaming out in the suite that I’m in ,all I knew was that I just had my first orgasm giving to me by a black guy .John took my right hand and guided it to his big black shaft . I placed my fingers around it ,he moved my hand in position to where the head of his large dick rested against my pussy lips .

He began moving his hips in a slow rhythm along my wet pussy lips, while I can feel the pressure of that large black mushroom shaped cockhead pushing between my pussy lips ,he kept working his dick into me, when suddenly my pussy lips parted and expanded as I wrapped my arms around his back and dug my fingernails deep into his back and drew blood, while I shrieked out ,”OHHHHHHHHH GOD”!!!!!!!!!!

It hurt at first and my body tightened up when I felt that large piece of black meat tearing into my white married pussy for the first time .He kept gyrating his hips as he forced just a fraction of his dick into me at a time, while I lifted my nylon stocking covered legs, until I was able to rest my 5 inch stiletto’s on his muscular black ass. while he continued to bury his black dick deeper into my white pussy ,Oh my god !! he was huge and so deep into my pussy .

Big John started to pull out then pushed his dick back into me, until he picked up his pace with much longer and faster strokes, while I felt my pussy really stretched out as he kept pounding me ,I actually could feel and hear my pussy open up to him, each time he plunged his dick deep inside me as I felt wet and heard the sounds of my wet pussy gripping his huge black dick echo through the large room .

I saw Britney over John’s shoulder, zooming in on his black dick that’s now stuffed inside my white stretched pussy with her video camera .I then felt Big John’s arms under my back and he lifted me up quickly and turned me over until I was now on top riding him .

My nylon stocking covered legs are now on either side of his black body, while I looked down into his eyes as he’s screwing me, and my long hair is hanging over the front of my head and on his face, while he’s heavily latched onto both of my huge 36-DD tit’s sucking and drinking my lactating fluid that suddenly came out .

I was surprised to see my tits lactating in which really turned me the fuck on, while I began shaking again and within seconds I was having my third orgasm, while riding Big Black John hard as I squealed out ,




Oh god !! Big Black John surprised me again, as he moved us around on the bed and suddenly we were standing up next to the bed ,I was still riding his black dick, while he has both of his large black hands over the tops of my nylon stockings and garter straps, while holding and squeezing both of my ass cheeks, and pushing me up and down on his thick 11 inch monster dick, fucking and screwing me in mid-air as I kept squealing out , “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!! “Ohhhh My God”!!!!!!!!!!

My god he was so fucking strong to hold me up like this and walking around the room with me, while he’s !! bouncing me up and down like I was a ragdoll !! I didn’t realize how loud I was screaming and squealing out ,

“OH GOD”!! OH GOD”!! OH GOD YES”!!! OH YES”!!! YES”!!! YES”!!! OHH”!!! OH MY G…GOD”!!! “YES BABY”!

I saw Britney saying something to Big John as he’s screwing me .

“John !! turn Courtney around so I can get a shot of her wedding rings ! I want to get them on video ! Yes !! that’s it !! hold it there”!!!!

Yes ! I saw Britney zooming in on my left hand with her camera ,while my hands are locked around John’s neck, as he’s continuing bouncing me up and down on his 11 inch dick fucking me .

He screwed me in this position for a few minutes longer ,then he brought me to the center of the mattress and laid me down on my back . His dick never dislodged from my tight pussy, while he continued fucking me from above me .

I wrapped my fully fashioned seamed stocking encased legs with my 5 inch stiletto heel’s around his black muscular ass ,as much as I could .He was such a big man that even my long sexy legs wouldn’t reach around his large muscular body .

Big Black John was fucking me hard. While his breathing is more labored and I knew he wanted to cum , Oh my god !! Did he ever wanted to cum inside my white married pussy .

I desperately tried to tell him to pull out of me ,but it was to late ,he started grunting like an animal, as I can feel his black dick shooting non-stop of huge streams of his potent African baby making seed deep inside my white married pussy ,it felt like a hot water hose going off deep into my womb ,at the same time I was having my fourth orgasm, while I can feel his seed splashing inside me .

My sexy nylon stocking back seamed covered legs are shaking and my sexy ass is quivering ,while Black John is pushing his dick into my pussy as deep as he can .It felt so hot as I reached around and touched his thick black shaft with my soft fingers ,his dick is wet and sticky with my pussy cum on him .

Britney yelled out to me !! Courtney honey !!! your not on the pill are you ??

I was panting hard and out of breath , but I was finally able to scream out to her ! “NOO !!! I’M NOT”!!! “I FORGOT TO GIVE HIM MY CONDOM’S THERE’RE IN MY PURSE”!! “OH GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO”!

Britney responded back in shock !

“Oh no !!! Your not taking birth control ? You just took Big Black John’s black seed deep inside your married , white womb, Oh god ! Courtney honey ! he’s gotten 10 of my young girls pregnant because they were not on birth control !! Britney told me in her serious voice !

Black John’s hard black dick was still deep inside my white pussy, pushing his black dick as deep as he can and holding his sperm deep inside me ,to make sure that I’m properly bred and fertilized, while I can feel his black dick and his black leathery balls pump and pulsate the last ounce of his seed deep inside me .

He caught me by surprise, when he pushed my stocking covered legs back against my huge tits, while Britney zoomed into my wide gaping pussy and took a close up shot . My pussy was making sounds from black John’s sperm and air that was trapped inside my pussy .

He pulled his dick out of me and walked back into the other bedroom, while all his seed leaked into the bed, and while I laid there with my pussy fully gaped opened wide, and leaking .Britney came over and zoomed straight into my gaped married pussy again, and said ,”Oh honey !! you did great”!!! “You can get up now and clean up”!!

I staggery walked in my 5 inch heels to the bathroom with sperm leaking out like crazy from my wide gaped pussy, while Britney followed close behind me, and when I got inside ,Britney handed me a bottle of Douche cleaner, and said use this to clean out his sperm .

Britney walked back into the main room swinging and swaying her tight sexy ass, leaving me to finish cleaning up , I had to place a pad between my lace panties that I just took out of my purse , and my leaking pussy, to stop the flow of sperm .

When I retuned still trying to walk steady on my 5 inch heels with a gaped pussy ,Big Black John was already dressed and ready to leave , he extended his hand out to me and said , “It was a pleasure working and fucking you Courtney, and I look forward to doing more video work with you”!!

He gave Britney a short kiss on her cheek and a quick squeeze on her ass and left out the door .I quickly put on my black dress and brushed and fluffed up my hair, while Britney put her camera equipment away .

Britney walked up to me and handed me a brown envelope containing $2000.00 in cash, telling me the extra thousand is a bonus for accidently allowing Black John to cum inside my unprotected pussy ,I told Britney that I’m already one month pregnant from my husband, and she told me that since I’m very early into my pregnancy that it’s possible that Black John’s sperm can fertilize another egg of mine and I can deliver twin babies 9 months from now ,one white and the other black !!

As I got into my car to go back home I thought what Britney said and I broke down and cried not knowing what to do now as Black John’s sperm has leaked through my pad and into my drivers seat and onto the tops of my stockings and garter straps as I drove home .Three weeks later I bought a E.P.T. kit and went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat and I took out the test strip and peed on it .Then I nervously looked at it ,hoping Britney was wrong . I started crying all over again when I saw the plus (+) sign .What will my husband do when he see’s me deliver a white baby and a black baby at the same time .


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