Bbc pollinates both bikini wearing courtney and britney at britney’s pool side

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By Britney Courtney and Britney both got blacked pool side and are now in big trouble .

my name is Britney and I’m 5’2 inches tall and weigh 118 pounds and I have long black hair with 32-DD tits and my figure is well proportioned and some guys have told me that I have great child bearing hips. I have been trying to persuade my husband Johnny that I want to start a big family and I want him to put a baby in me before this year is up but he always makes excuses, we are well off financially or even rich according to some people .The next ten days I will be very fertile for me and it will be my best time to become pregnant .

I just got up and the weather man said It’s going to be a hot day and my husband is at work and I’m home alone , so I figured I will put on my white two piece French bikini and slip into my spiked 4 inch heels and grab some suntanning lotion and towel and my small cooler and put a couple of bottles of wine cooler’s in it , and go out into my backyard where I have a huge inground pool and gorgeous patio and sun myself with my stereo on and drink and relax ,and maybe take a dip into the pool or I even might risk it and take my bikini off and swim in the nude . Then sun in the nude to get rid of my tan lines .

Anyways I haven’t decided yet .Suddenly I heard a voice from behind me and coming through my gate was Courtney , one of my best friends and my next door neighbor .She came to join me by the pool and she also brought a bottle of her favorite Tequila and real Tequila glasses for the two of us .

I opened up the bottle of Tequila and poured each of us a glass ,then Courtney took off her extra long
t-shirt , revealing her brand new black bikini .

“Wow you look great girl after having two kids”!! “How do you keep your figure so hot and sexy looking”!!

“I hope I look that good after I have my baby”!!! I said .

“How’s that going by the way”?? Courtney asked me .

“The doctor said it’s John’s problem not me ! we’re still trying but no plus sign on the E.P.T. strip”!

“I’m really starting to get frustrated”!!!!

The Tequila was really catching up to us . I was feeling really fucking good now .Our conversation now turned to sex , she couldn’t believe John was the only guy that I ever been with .

“So tell me Britney ! how big is John”?? she asked .

“What do you mean”!! I said .

“You know what I mean ! his dick size”!! she said .

“Maybe 5 inches”!! I said .

“You poor dear !! You need to know what it feels like to get fucked by a big dick”!! “Oh Britney all this sex talk is making my nipples hard ! You don’t mind if I take my top off”!!!

Before I could respond , Courtney set her tits free .I also took mine off to .We were getting real warm so we took a dip into the pool ,then we poured more Tequila and laid backdown to catch some more rays .
We were getting more tipsy by the minute ,I kept thinking about what she said earlier about fucking a big dick .I asked her what was the biggest she ever had ,she said , “I once got banged by a black guy in college and he had a 10 inch dick”!!!!

I was getting so hot listening to her sex story ,Courtney can see that I was liking her story .My nipples are fully erect and out of nowhere Courtey touched my plump breast .I was caught off guard and gasped out but I didn’t move at all .Courtney then message and squeezed my tit .I knew she was expecting a response from me but I didn’t say a word to her . I just turned on my side to face her and said ,

“Courtney your such a naughty girl”!!

“God Britney !! your tits are just so big and plump that I just couldn’t resist”!!!! Courtney said .

The both of us ended up feeling up each other’s pussies and kissing passionately while the both of us moaned out ,.

“Oh god Courtney !! you make me feel so good ! “Ohhhhhhhh !!!!!!! yeah sweetie ! right there Ohhh”!!!!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Britney !!!!!!!! “Your fingers are so soft and feel like magic ! “Ohhhhhhhh”!!!!

We were making out like this for about five minutes , when suddenly my back gate opened up while the both of us grabbed our towels and covered up . It was the cable guy from the cable company .

He was a big black guy with a very muscular build ,he looked to be in his mid-forties .At first he didn’t see me and Courtney lying out there as he walked over to back of my house to the cable junction box and performed his inspection .

I looked over at Courtney and she had an evil grin on her face ,she whispered in my ear ,

“Lets give this guy a show”!!!!!!! “It’ll be fun”!!!!!

The both of us dropped our towels exposing both of our 32 & 36 DD-tit’s ,I couldn’t believe what I was doing ,I felt so naughty .When he saw us he hid in the bushes ,thinking that we didn’t see him .

“Hey mister !! come over here”!!!! Courtney called out to him in her sexy voice .

He walked over to us as we were laying back on our lounges . What the fuck is she getting us into I thought .

“What’s your name”?? Courtney asked him .


“Hi Leroy ! my name is Courtney and this is Britney”!!

“Do you like what you see Leroy”?? Courtney asked him .

“Yes ma’am”!! Leroy happily said .

Courtney and I were both looking at his big bulge that’s trying to burst out of his shorts .

“Why don’t you take your shorts off so we can really see how big that thing of yours is”?? Courtney ask

Leroy couldn’t believe his luck ,he was smiling from ear to ear .He wasted no time taking his clothes off ,he was now standing there in his briefs .Then he slowly pulled them down .

Both of our jaws dropped to the ground , “Holy fuck !! I s that thing real”!!! I said .

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at ,it had to be 11 inches long and it was so fat looking .

“Do you girls want to see it”?? Leroy asked .

“Go ahead and touch it Britney”!! Courtney dared me to .

“Oh my god !! I can’t do that”!!!! I said to her .

“Oh Britney dear !! You know you want to”!!!!! Courtney dared me again .

I just couldn’t control myself anymore ,I sat up and reached out slowly and touched his dick .I was so fucking nervous ,I had never ever touched another man’s dick before, never mind a huge black dick other than my husband John’s .My soft finger’s made contact with it and it felt hot .

“Go ahead girl ! It wont bite”!!! Leroy said with a laugh .

I could barely wrap my hand around his black shaft ,I started pulling on the big mushroom head.
Courtney joined me stroking his dick .Courtney then bent down and kissed the head of his black dick with her warm and wet mouth .She opened her mouth wide and slowly started sucking his dick ,and my pussy is now wet, and I’m so fucking horny watching Courney giving Leroy a blow job in front of me .

I bent down real close as my mouth was watering , and with his dick in her mouth ,Courtney looked at me .

“Suck this big black dick Britney”!!! was all Courtney said .

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore ,I looked up at Leroy with my big brown and seductive eyes while my mouth made contact with his big black dick .I slowly moved my plump red lips over his black cockhead .My mouth was stretched wide open on his dick and it really tasted good in my mouth .

Courtney was sucking and licking his big low hanging black balls while I was enjoying sucking his black cockhead .Then the both of us started licking up and down Leroy’s entire 11 inch black shaft until both of our tongues met at the tip of his dick as we French kissed each other with Leroy’s dick in both of our mouths ,and the both of us moaned out at the same time , “MMmmmmmmmmmmh”!!!!!

The both of us were sucking his huge black dick like it was our very own lollypop !!

Courtney pushed me down on the lounge and when I laid back , she got down in front of me and slowly pulled down my bikini ,exposing my juicy, bare, white pussy .

Courtney started licking my pussy while I was moaning out loud ,”Ohhhhhhhhhh”!!!! “Mmmmmmmhh”!!!!

“Put your dick in my mouth”!! I told Leroy . I sucked really hard on his dick while Courtney was licking and fingerbanging my hot and horny wet pussy .

I can feel an orgasm coming up over me and I’m about to loose control over my body ,I pulled his dick out of my mouth and looked up at Leroy and told him to fuck me .Courtney couldn’t believe what she just heard from me .

Leroy came over and positioned himself over on top of me while Courtney kneeled by my side and guided his black dick into my white married pussy .The massive head slowly parted and stretched my wet pussy lips of my pussy .

“OH MY GOD IT’S TO FUCKING BIG”!!!!! “IT’S NOT GOING TO FIT”!!!!!! I shrieked out !

But he slowly pushed harder to break me in like I was horse that needed to be trained while he sucked onto my 32-DD tit’s .My pussy was so full that it felt wonderful .


Holy fuck ! Leroy had his black dick buried deep into my fertile womb while he’s fucking me hard as he can ! while he has my bare tanned legs with my spiked heels up over his arms and he’s nailing me into my lounge chair while I’m squealing , “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh g…god”!!!!!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!



My god did I explode !! I saw fucking fireworks !! I never ever thought that I could orgasm and cum like that .

It was so amazing and beautiful that I just started to cry , while Courtney was rubbing my pussy and sucking my tit’s ,while Leroy had my sexy tanned legs with my spiked heels pinned back with his black muscular arms , fucking me even deeper as I looked up and watched my gold ankle bracelet , rocking and moving back and fourth in unison with my legs .


Courtney asked me , “Who’s dick feels better !! Leroy’s or your husband John’s”???


I didn’t fucking care anymore , I now belong to Leroy’s huge black dick .Leroy bent down and we started kissing each other very passionately as I orgasmed again , while he’s still fucking me with my legs and spiked heels still pinned back .I couldn’t believe my pussy cum has leaked by his thick black shaft and leaked down the crack of my ass .

I knew Leroy was about to cum by the look on his face .The thought of me getting knocked up with a black baby sent me into another mind blowing orgasm as I screamed out ,



Courtney was shocked when she heard me say that as she turned and kissed my mouth deeply .

Leroy was really pounding me harder than before as the lounge chair is moving all around and making cracking sounds from his extreme never ending trust fucking .

“I’M CUMMING BRITNEY BABY”!!!!!!!!! Leroy yells out .

Oh god !! did I feel him explode inside my womb !! I felt continuous warm streams of his baby making sperm filling up my womb , while I was still deeply kissing Courtney and I suddenly yelped and squealed into her mouth and she held her mouth tight into my mouth to muffle my squeals ,

“MmmmmmmmmmmmmmM”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmph”!!!!!!!!!!

Leroy bent down and joined us in a three way kiss ,then he pulled that thick 11 inch monster dick out of me and it made a loud wettish plopping suction sound coming out of my wide gaped , opened pussy , and releasing a river of his baby making sperm that poured down into the crack of my ass .

Courtney went quickly over to his black cum ladened dick and started sucking and slurping his dick clean ,I joined her and we took turns sucking him back to his full hardness .

That’s when Courtney got up on her lounge chair on all fours with her well rounded ass high up in the air ,and she looked back at Leroy ,while he pulled down her bikini bottom and said to him ,

“I want that big thick 11 inch black dick inside my white married pussy too”???

Leroy walked up to Courtney’s ass and licked her wet pussy lips up and down .Then he spread her soft and supple ass cheeks apart and tongued and rimmed her asshole , while I was still sucking his dick .

“FUCK ME NOW LEROY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Courtney commanded .

He stood up and stuck his black dick at the wet entrance of her pussy lips and quickly he thrusted his dick all the way deep into her married white pussy as her sexy eyes opened up wider, while he was banging and fucking the daylights out of her .

Courtney was screaming in ecstasy , while I watched Leroy pound her so hard that his big low hanging leathery black balls are slapping loudly against her white supple ass cheeks , causing red welts to appear as the sound is echoing through out my back-yard .

Courtney was really screaming out loud for all my neighbors would hear .



Courtney pulled my pussy to her face and is licking and sucking out all of my pussy cum and Leroy’s baby making sperm that was leaking out .

Leroy is pounding Courtney as hard as he could while her big 36-DD tits are swaying and bouncing wildly underneath her , and I can see the look in Leroy’s eye that he’s about to blow his load deep into her womb .

“Where do you want your black daddy’s cum baby”??? Leroy asked Courtney .

Courtney looked me straight into my eyes and said , “I want to be pregnant with you Britney”!!!!!!!!

“I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUM”!!!!! Leroy said as a final warning .

“KNOCK ME THE FUCK UP YOU BLACK MOTHERFUCKER”!!!!!!! Courtney scream out at him .

“AAHHHHHHHH”!!!!!!! Leroy screamed out as he flooded her white , unprotected , married pussy with his potent black baby making seed ,he stayed on top of her for five minutes to make sure Courtney is fully fertilized ,then he pulled his dick out of her gaped wide open pussy , with the same wettish plopping suction sound as me . Courtney and me both collapsed together on the lounger together ,holding each other in our arms .

Leroy quickly got dressed and left as quickly as he could threw my gate as fast as he could .

Three weeks later we both found out that we’re both pregnant ,and now we are with each other every minute of everyday ,we’re basically inseparable now , since the two of us have been impregnated by the same black guy Leroy .

We have no idea what’s going to happen to us when both of our husbands find out that we were impregnated by the same black guy .


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By Britney #Cheating #Interracial #Pregnancy #Threesome