Be Careful What You Wish For_(3) by Jessabelle

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I couldn’t help smiling as I got ready to go out last night, I couldn’t believe it had finally happened. He had asked me out for a drink. For months I’d been watching him at work, I’d wanted him as soon as I’d seen him and though I’d never for a moment thought he’d be interested in me it hadn’t stopped me flirting with him at every opportunity! But he’d always been so professional at work, ignoring my less than subtle suggestions and innuendos, always pleasant but nothing more. What had changed this afternoon? Right then I didn’t care why, my stomach fluttered as I thought back to what had happened at work and I felt a warm tingle beginning between my legs.
I’d been coming out of the office kitchen door and bumped right into him. I’d apologised quickly and gone to walk round him but he had blocked the doorway with his body. We had stood face to face with our bodies touching, for just a few seconds longer than was comfortable. My breath had quickened, my palms had become just slightly sweaty but what had rendered me so helpless, so completely unable to move was the electricity I could feel surging across my chest, tightening it and down through the pit of my stomach, churning it over as it spread down to my now warm, quickly moistening pussy, my clit throbbing as the power of the electricity shot down my legs, buckling my knees and my curling toes causing my to squirm awkwardly.
There was no doubt he had been completely aware of the effect his close proximity was having on me, I looked up at his face and a tiny, enigmatic smile played on his lips. He leant forward, his face so close to mine I could each warm breath on my neck, sending the electricity already pulsing through me into overdrive.
“Tonight,” he whispered breathily into my ear, “I will pick you up at 7. Be ready.”
And with that he turned and walked away.

By 6.30 last night I’d been ready, I’d bathed and shaved. Not just my legs and under arms but my pussy too. I loved the sensations the black silk of the new underwear, which I had bought specially, gave me as it glided against me, teasing my now smooth lips taking me off into a daydream, imagining his fingers running gently up my thigh as we sat at a table in a bar, making me jump as I first feel them lightly brush the inside of my knee, feel my face begin to glow warmly as he ever so slowly trails them up my inner thigh, very aware of how turned on I’m becoming in a room full of strangers. Yet the more aware I am of the people around me, the more sure I become that they know what is happening, the wetter I become. As the tingling of my clit turns to a throbbing the muscles in my pussy are clenching, desperate to feel a hard cock inside me, sending a thrill up through my body to my chest, making my heart thump.

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I was snapped back to reality by the sound of a car horn, my heart skipped a beat with excitement as I grabbed my bag and stepped outside to meet him. I slipped into the passenger seat beside him and shut the door; I could still feel the warm glow in my crotch from my fantasy just moments before. But he didn’t look at me or acknowledge me in any way. He kept his eyes on the road ahead and drove.
“Hi,” I began nervously. No reply. I looked across at him. Nothing.
“So, where are we off to tonight?” I went on, trying to sound cheerful, but the atmosphere in the car was heavy, and my stomach churned slightly as I began to get nervous. I looked across again and studied his face as he continued to do nothing but drive. There was no hint of a smile on his lips and his eyes looked cold and steely. My skin went cold and I tingled with goosebumps; I was rapidly going from nervous to scared.
“Where are we going?” I asked again, and again got no reply.
“You’re scaring me” I giggled nervously, still trying to make light of what was happening, but still didn’t elicit a response. I was beginning to shake, and my hands were clammy.
“Please speak to me” I pleaded, “this isn’t funny!”
When he still didn’t acknowledge me I began to panic, tears stung my eyes and I felt an urge to throw up.
“Stop the car! Let me out!” I tried to shout at him, but my mouth had become so dry that barely a sound came out. I reached for the door handle but without a flicker of emotion he reached out a hand and flicked down the central locking. Panic took over and I leant over and tried to grab at him. He calmly slowed the car down and relief swept over me; he was stopping, he was going to let me out. But as the car stopped he didn’t unlock the doors as expected; he swung round and slapped me hard across the face. The force of it threw me back into my seat and with that the car was moving again, this time even faster than before. Still reeling from the shock I sat there stunned, silent tears rolling down my face, burning as they fell across my burning cheek.
Minutes later he slowed the car down. It was pitch dark outside now and he cut the lights of the car. As the car turned I could hear the crunch of gravel beneath the tyres and the car came to a stop. I was petrified. I had no idea where I was or what was happening but I was sure something terrible was about to happen. I was shaking violently and desperately trying to choke back the sobs that were desperately trying to break out of my body.
“Please,” I begged again, “please let me go home.”
With that he spoke for the first time.
“You’re mine now slut” he hissed. “You won’t be going home for a long time yet”
He laughed as he stepped out of the car. He walked around to the passenger side and opened the door.
“Out.” He ordered. I didn’t move.
“Last chance slut.” He said calmly. “Out.”
Again I didn’t move. I didn’t know what he wanted from me but I had no intention of going along with it. At that he grabbed a handful of my long hair and pulled it hard. I stumbled from the car landing hard on my knees on the gravel, the stones skinning my knees, the pain causing me to cry out. Still holding onto my hair he dragged me up off the ground. The sobs I’d been trying to hold back broke free and this seemed to greatly amuse him, I heard him laugh to himself again. Standing behind me, my hair now twisted around his hand he pushed me forward into the darkness, I stumbled as my knees buckled with the fear but managed to walk in the direction he was guiding me. We stopped and though my eyes had still not adjusted to the darkness and any vision I did have was blurred by tears I could make out that we had arrived at a front door. My mind was racing, desperately trying to make sense of what was happening and I was shivering with a mixture of fear and the cold night air that was enveloping my skin. I heard a key turn in a lock and tripped up a step as I was roughly shoved forward into a hall way, up a staircase and into a bedroom. My shins hit the cold metal of a bed frame and as I cried out he spun me round and grabbing me firmly around my waist through me backwards onto the bed. I felt weak all over, I was so frightened that it felt like my body had gone to jelly, my stomach continued to churn and cramp and when he climbed on the bed, looming above me, his hands on my wrists, pinning my arms above my head and his knees forcing my legs apart.
“No,” I whispered, “Please, no!”
Holding both my wrists in one hand he slapped my face again.
“Oh yes slut!” he laughed. “You’ve wanted this long enough and now I’m going to take it! I’m going to take whatever I want from you, however I want to! I can only suggest you don’t try and fight me too much, because I’m going to do it anyway, even if I have to hurt you to get it.”
Somehow knowing what was going to happen was better than the unknown but I still knew I had to get free. I just wanted to go home but for some reason my body wouldn’t fight. I lay there limp, still quietly begging him to let me go, I had never felt so helpless. He reached across to a bedside cabinet and bought out a silk scarf, moving forward I felt him heavy on my chest as he straddled me and firmly tied my hands to the bed head,; breathing was a struggle with his full weight on top of me but still I didn’t fight, I hadn’t got the strength either physically or mentally.
“Just keep calm” I said inside my head, “lie still and let him do what he wants, and then when it’s over he will let you go.”
He climbed off me now and took a spreader bar from under the bed. Placing it on the bed next to me he took hold of my panties and slowly slid them down my legs; despite my fears the feeling of his cool hands gliding along my skin in such an intimate act sent a tingle rushing through me.
“Open your legs wide” he said and slowly and reluctantly I did. “Wider” he ordered and placed his hands on my inner thighs and pushed my legs apart to their very limit. Moving down to my ankles he attached the bar, a leather cuff around each ankle, the metal bar solid between them, holding my legs apart. My pussy was now completely accessible to him and I was helpless to stop him doing anything he wanted to me.
He stepped off the bed and just stood and looked at me spread wide in front of him, then abruptly turned and walked out the room. My fear levels rose again and this time I felt the strength in my body come back. I struggled furiously against my bonds and was still doing so when he came back into the room, with something glinting in his hand. It was a knife.
He walked slowly towards me, laughing at the site of me struggling but at the sight of the knife I fell still again, my eyes following his every move. Again he loomed over me on the bed and held the knife close to my skin above my chest. The room span, my mouth was suddenly completely dry and I thought I was going to pass out. With a flash he ran the blade right down my body, I tried to scream but nothing came out. I took me a moment to realise I wasn’t hurt, but my dress and bra were completely cut through and he pulled them away from my body; again the waves of relief swept through me.
He stood up and began to undress; I had fantasised many times about how he would look naked and found myself staring at him as he stood in front of me, toned and tanned. I surprised to find my body responding to the sight of him. He leant over me and kissed my roughly, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth, my mind spun, the mixture of fear and excitement was heady and my body already over stimulated by fear reacted strongly, my exposed pussy rapidly moistening. His hands grabbed at my breasts, squeezing them painfully hard, then he was pinching my nipples between his thumbs and fingers, twisting them until I yelped with the pain writhing to get free, and yet the pain was coursing through me, getting me wetter still and my nipples became hard between his fingers letting him know exactly what effect he was having on me.
“You little whore!” he smiled, “you’re enjoying this!”
“No!” I gasped “No!”
“Liar” he hissed and sharply slapped the inside of my exposed thigh. I cried out and felt the tears began to roll down my face again, this time through shame that I knew he was right. I was being raped and it was turning me on.
Unceremoniously he thrust his hand between my legs and I cringed as he felt how wet I’d become, proving him right. My clit was hard and throbbing and as his hand brushed over it I let out a tiny gasp of pleasure.
“Open your mouth” he demanded, and was soon straddling me again, the head of his hard cock brushing my lips. I obeyed him at once and he thrust his cock into my mouth to the back of my throat. His hands were around my head, clasping it tight as he fucked my mouth.
“Suck my dick whore” he laughed and I did, eagerly I took as much of him as I could into my mouth, licking and sucking him as best I could as he continued to force himself down my throat, my eyes watering as I gasped for breath, trying desperately not to gag. My hard nipples tingled, longing for his touch again and my pussy ached to be filled as my juices soaked my thighs and the bed beneath me.
He pulled his cock from my mouth. “Beg to be fucked slut” he told me in a whisper.
“Fuck me please,” I pleaded, really meaning it, still terrified yet craving his cock inside me. “Please please fuck me, I want your cock inside me, please fuck my cunt, I am a slut and a whore and I want to be fucked”
He was between my legs now, his hands on my wrists again and with my legs forced open he had no difficulty slamming his cock deep into my dripping wet pussy, I cried out with pure pleasure this time as he fucked me hard and fast, my pussy throbbing deep inside, clenching around his cock, feeling the electricity shoot up my body and down my legs as his cock brushed roughly against my clit with every powerful stroke. My head spun with the pleasure and when he moved his head down and took one of my nipples between his teeth it was more than I could take. He bit hard on my nipple and I writhed beneath him, my body overwhelmed by the conflicting feelings of pain, pleasure and fear. I was totally at his mercy and helpless to control the effect he was having on my body. At that point I lost control as a powerful orgasm took over me. I cried out and powerful waves throbbing pleasure swept my whole body, my pussy gripped his cock hard and my clit pulsed, forcing me to left my hips up and sending my knees to jelly, the rest of my body doing the same as I fell weak beneath him. As I did so he pulled his cock from inside me, my now over sensitive pussy tingling at its loss. Hovering over me, with a couple of strokes of his cock with his hand he came all over me, on my face, my hair and breasts, my tongue eagerly searching my face for a taste of his cum. Slumping down on the bed beside me he was soon asleep.
I lay beside him for hours as he slept, still tied up, my legs and groin aching from being forced so wide apart for so long, so cold from lying naked and slightly damp from both our sweat and his cum drying across my face and chest.
When he awoke he didn’t speak to me again, he simple released my bonds and led me, still naked, to his car. In silence he drove back to my home, it was now the early hours of the morning and there were very few people around. I picked up my bag that was still in the car from the previous evening. When he stopped outside my house he still did and said nothing, just sat there in silence waiting for me to get out the car. I did so, and naked covered in cum walked up the front path to my door and let myself in. I was home.


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