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Hello everyone!!
This is my first time uploading one of my stories here. I have a couple written already, but I never got the courage to publish them, until now. Please give me lots of constructive comments and tell me what you think about it!! (P.S.: I'm sorry if there's any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language)
Warnings: dirty talk, fetishes, straight sex, vaginal fingering, unprotected sex, penetration, group sex, threesome, MMF, double vaginal penetration, creampie, sloppy seconds, voyeurism. Also hints of gangbang??, polyamorous relationships (on the next part).

The first thing I feel is warm kisses against the back of my neck and soft fingertips caressing the bare skin of my hip. My mind is still hazy, trying to remember exactly what happened last night. I know that a couple of my friends from my university wanted to go out to celebrate the end of the exam season, and I also know that we got way too drunk to even attempt to make it back to the dorm rooms. I vaguely remember a large hotel suite being rented for the night, then removing my skin tight dress and bra, and falling asleep on one of the beds, snuggled between the two youngest.
I softly moan when the fingers that are touching me slip further into my panties, softly rubbing along my already wet pussy. The fingers continue stroking me, but never venturing inside, and the kisses along my neck turn into wet licks and nibbles. I spread my legs slightly, hoping that he'll take the hint and slip his fingers inside me, but he continues to stroke along my folds.
My eyes flutter open and I'm met with Jacob's sleeping face inches from my own. The realization of where I am and what I'm doing hits me immediately, and I try to pull away, but without luck.
"What are you doing, Thomas? Everyone is asleep. You can't do this."
My breath hitches when one of his fingers slips inside me without warning.
"Come on, sweetheart… You know we've missed you so much. And I have you in the same bed as me, looking so beautiful. Just let me make you feel good."
His deep voice whispering in my ear, combined with his finger thrusting inside of me, is almost too much to handle.
"Thomas, everyone will hear us. And Jacob is right next to me. And where the hell did this come from?! You have never shown any interest in me before, none of you have."
He slips another finger inside of me and we both groan at the sensation.
"Oh baby, you have to know that we all like you. I was just the first one with enough balls to make a move."
"What? What are you talking about?"
"Have we really hid it that well?"
Thomas' other hand softly rubs my nipple, before pinching it hard. I can clearly hear how wet I am, the sounds of his fingers thrusting into me are obscene in the quiet hotel room. I close my eyes and rest my head back against his shoulder, trying to stifle the moans that are coming out of my mouth.
"They're gonna be so jealous. They're gonna know that I made you cum. Fuck, you're so hot and wet, I can't wait to fuck you. You'll let me fuck you, won't you, baby? You'll let me slide my dick into that pretty pussy of yours, right?"
"Thomas…" My voice sounds breathy and unsure. "W-We can't have sex in the same room as everyone else."
I can feel his erection press against my lower back as he pulls his fingers out of my pussy, quickly pushing down my panties.
"It's okay, baby. Let me just rub against you, please? I'll just rub against you. You know I'd never do anything you didn't want."
I feel him shift behind me and feel his denim jeans being pushed down, followed by his large hand grabbing my leg and pulling it back over his thighs to open me up. He shifts forward a little and I can feel his thick, hard cock already dripping with pre-cum and rubbing against my cunt. I moan and shift forward to press my face into Jacob's neck, feeling him shift slightly in his sleep.
"Shh, sweetheart, you gotta be quiet. You don't wanna wake up anyone, do you?"
His voice almost sounds far away with how good I feel, but I know he expects an answer. I shake my head "no", my lips brushing against Jacob's neck. I can feel him shift in his sleep again, before his fingers slide through my hair, pulling me closer to him. I pull away from his neck to glance at his face and see that he still has his eyes closed.
"Fuck, you're such a good girl for me. All wet and creamy."
Thomas' hands shift to my hips, holding them tightly. I bury my face against Jacob's neck again and squeeze my eyes shut. It feels too good, he's so hot and slick and my cunt is aching to be filled, but I know I can't let him put it in.
"Thomas, I can't…" My voice is hoarse and I know there is no way I'll be able to keep quiet when I cum. "I'm gonna– I can't, it's too good."
"Shh, baby. It's okay. Just relax."
He squeezes my thigh and I can feel the head of his cock rub slowly around my pussy entrance. If I shift up just slightly he would easily be able to slide inside. It's so wet and my clit is throbbing and I don't know how much longer I can keep quiet.
"I bet your pussy feels so empty. Wouldn't it feel better to put something inside of it? Just the tip, baby. Just the tip and nothing else. I promise it'll feel so much better."
My whole body tingles at his words and, though I know it's a bad idea, it sounds so good right now. I shift up slightly and feel the head of his cock press into my opening. We both gasp at the sensation and I don't realize it until my chest starts hurting that I've been holding my breath. My hand reaches out and clings to Jacob's shirt, my teeth catching on his neck as I try to keep my whimpers contained.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck! You're tighter than I could have ever imagined. You're so fucking hot." His voice sounds even deeper, and I shiver at how completely wrecked he sounds. "I can feel you pulsing around me, baby. Are you gonna cum from just having my tip inside you? You're so fucking beautiful. It'll feel so good once you cum, sweetheart, I promise."
"You know what would feel even better?"
We're both startled at the sound of Jacob's husky voice. I pull away from his neck and realize that I must have started sucking on it at some point. I lock my eyes with him and see that he's clearly awake, his pupils are blown wide open. His hand grips my thigh, spreading me wider and inadvertently causing Thomas to sink in deeper.
"It would feel even better if we were both inside of you."
I can't stop myself from cumming at his words. Just hearing him saying something so fucking filthy like that has my cunt spasming so tightly I'm sure I cut off the circulation to Thomas' cock. Before I can release the cry that has been building up inside of me, Jacob's mouth is covering mine, his tongue invading my mouth and swallowing my cries.
Behind me, Thomas buries his face in my neck and bites down hard, muffling his own moans while trying desperately not to cum. Jacob pulls away from me and brushes my hair back from my sweaty forehead.
"That was beautiful, princess. You like the idea of us both inside of you, don't you? You want me to slip inside with Thomas and stretch you until you can't take it anymore, right?"
I barely manage a nod as my pussy continues to throb around Thomas' thick length. He pulls back from my neck with a grunt, and glares at Jacob from over my shoulder.
"You better fucking get inside of her before I blow my load. It's gonna be a tight fit, but my God will it be worth it."
Jacob presses soft kisses against the top of my head and pulls my thigh forward to rest over his hip.
"You're gonna have to pull out first and let me slide inside. It'll be easier to help you get in after."
Thomas nods and pulls out of me with a low grunt. I can feel Jacob push down his sweatpants and boxers under the blanket, before his fingers are gently stroking between my legs.
"Princess, you're so fucking soft. I bet you're so pretty and pink down there. Later you're going to let me take pictures of you, aren't you?"
Before I can answer, he slips two of his fingers inside of my pussy and kisses me.
"I gotta open you up, baby. Have to spread you nice and wide to take the both of us."
I close my eyes and gasp into Jacob's mouth, too lost in the sensations. I feel so hot under the blanket and they are both all over me. My nipples are being pinched, my hair is being pulled, there are teeth marks all over my neck, everything between my legs is so wet.
Jacob's fingers slip from my cunt and he offers them to Thomas, who happily sucks them clean. Jacob's cock is hard and insistent against my pussy and I'm aching for him to fill me up.
"Please!" I whisper breathily. "Please, I need you!"
"Princess, you know I could never deny you anything. I'll give you anything and everything you could ever want. We all will."
Jacob thrusts into my pussy with a deep groan, unable to stop the shudder that rolls through his body. I press myself closer to him, licking along his lips and chin. I can feel Thomas' warm chest pressed to my back, his fingers caressing my arm.
Jacob gives a few deep thrusts, before stopping and spreading my ass cheeks apart. I can feel Thomas' hand slip down from my arm to run his fingers around where me and Jacob are connected, before slipping a finger inside.
"Fuck! This is gonna be a really tight fit."
Jacob rests his forehead against mine, keeping eye contact with me while he replies to Thomas' observation.
"It's okay. Our princess wants us both inside of her and that's what we are gonna give her."
Thomas slips another finger inside and scissors my pussy a few times, before pulling them out and pressing himself against my back.
"You gotta relax for me now, okay baby? I'm gonna push in real slow."
I take a deep breath and feel the thick head of Thomas' cock squeeze next to Jacob's. Before I can make a sound at the feeling, Thomas' fingers slip into my mouth.
"You have to be quiet, baby. You wouldn't want anyone else to wake up and see you double stuffed with cock and dripping with cum, would you? Believe me, you will be dripping with our cum. The only place we plan to cum is inside of you."
I tremble at his words, my pussy feeling so stretched it borders on painful. It takes a few tries for them to get a rhythm going, but soon one is pushing in as the other pulls out, and I'm almost overwhelmed at the feeling. You suck and lick at Thomas' fingers, while Jacob presses wet kisses against my neck.
"I-I'm gonna cum. I can't… I was already so close." Thomas whispers desperately against my neck. I suck harder on his fingers and squeeze myself tighter around him. I hear him groan a deep "fuck", before his rhythm turns disjointed and I can feel my insides flooded with warmth.
I feel Thomas give a few more weak thrusts, before his softening cock slips out. He stays pressed against me, as close as possible, leaving sloppy kisses against my neck and shoulder. I don't realize until he starts pushing inside of me again, that Jacob stilled completely while Thomas came inside of me.
"Does that feel good, princess? Does it feel good knowing that Thomas couldn't help himself because you feel so fucking incredible?" Jacob gives a deep thrust and I shudder at the loud squelching noises our bodies are making. "You're gonna cum all over my cock, baby. You're gonna squeeze me so tight and I'm gonna fill up your pretty, pink pussy. I'm gonna fill you up so good. You're gonna be our girl from now on. You're gonna belong to us, right princess?"
I whisper a "yes, yes, yes!" against his throat and run my fingers through his hair, trying to anchor myself against him. His hand slips around to where we're joined, and his fingertips delicately rub soft, slow circles around my throbbing clit. His touch is almost electrifying, I can feel my cunt pulse and clench around him. I feel so hot and so wet and everything is too much. My limbs are trembling, my body is aching, my stomach is twisting and I'm so close, so so close, and I know I'm gonna explode soon.
I pull back from his neck to look up at his face. His cheeks are flushed, his eyes are dilated, he's sweaty, and he's looking at me like I'm everything he's ever wanted in his life. I feel wet, open-mouthed kisses on my shoulder, and I glance back at Thomas to see that he's giving me the same look of complete and utter adoration as Jacob.
I reach up to run my fingers through Thomas' hair before yanking him forward to kiss me. The kiss is sloppy and rough, more tongue and teeth than actual kissing. Jacob has pressed his mouth to my throat, sucking deep purple marks into my skin. His fingers are rubbing my clit so expertly that I almost want to question how much experience he has had, but the way his thick cock is hitting every spot inside of me just right is distracting enough.
I think I hear a noise from the other side of the room, but Jacob is pulling my mouth back to his, his hands grasping my hips tightly, his cock pounding inside of me with such precision that I cannot focus on anything but him. He's licking into my mouth, trying to taste every part of me, while Thomas' hands slip around to cup my breasts, fingers pinching and pulling my nipples.
"Princess, are you ready for me to fill you up? Are you ready to be dripping with my cum? I'm gonna cum so deep inside of you, my beautiful girl. I'm gonna cum so deep in you that the others will smell me inside of you."
His words trigger my orgasm, my body spasming and pulsating around him. He kisses me deeply, muffling the keening cry that tries to escape my throat. Thomas is holding me tightly, running his fingers through my hair and whispering in my ear "what a good girl you are" and "you did so well". Jacob gives a few more deep thrusts, before he stills inside of me, as deep as he can go, releasing several thick, hot spurts of cum.
Jacob presses his forehead against mine, staring deeply into my eyes. I feel sweaty and spent and so exhausted, but so exhilarated too.
"Thomas was telling the truth, you know."
"The truth about what?"
I have no idea what the hell he's talking about, and I don't understand how he can even function right now. I can barely focus, and my vision is slightly blurry from the intensity of my orgasm.
"We all like you, a lot. We honestly weren't sure how to approach you about it. Nick wanted to talk to you about it later today, but Thomas was impulsive and couldn't help himself."
"Sorry, baby. I can't keep my hands off of you."
I can hear the smirk in his voice.
"So… you want to share me? Like all of you want to date me?"
"If you'll have us."
I jerk up to a sitting position at the voice that is clearly not Jacob or Thomas. And I see Ivan sitting up on the other bed, watching us attentively. Henry is next to him with a gigantic smile on his face. James is blushing, but his eyes are still focused on me. Sam is staring at Thomas' fingers tangled in my hair. And Nick's staring at me with an intensity I've never seen before.
"Please, baby girl…" Nick's eyes are big and wide and burning into me. "Will you be ours one more time?"

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