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I was living in a flat outside the city. Its a good locality with about 400+ flats. Mine was on ground floor, and the basement is parking, where hardly anyone goes as people are used to parking their cars on the roadside only.

Since I was living alone and I used to be out for work from 9 to 4 pm, I hardly get time to clean my flat which has 2 rooms with attached bathroom, one kitchen and a dining room with a table. One day my neighbour came for giving my parcel, which she received while I was away and saw my flat with much dirt, she forced me to introduce me to her maid and I found no way out agreed.

The maid named Sunita was slim, around the 20s and she looks quite attractive like a Hollywood actress. She started coming to my flat in morning.

I didn’t notice her much until one day, while I was sitting on my bed in the morning and she entered my room to clean it and she was wearing salwar kameez but didn’t had a cloth to cover her breast with chunni. Before me, she bent to sweep the floor with the broom. I accidentally noticed the deep view of her breast as she was sweeping the floor but she didn’t know that her breast was visible to me. I saw the round boobs and noticed white colored bra. That sight erected my penis. But I behaved as if I saw nothing.

After sweeping floor, she went into the bathroom and washed clothes in other room’s bathroom. I deliberately went into the room and sat on the bed facing the bathroom. The door was open. She was putting the clothes into the bucket of water and as she was standing when she went down in front of me to put the next cloth in the bucket, I saw her white bra covering her delicious breasts. That day I decided to seduce her.

Next day before she came, I made a sexy wallpaper on my mobile and kept it on the ground, so that she could look at the wallpaper and I wanted to catch her looking at it. I installed the wallpaper and put my mobile on in my room and went to other room. So she came, as usual, entered my room and started cleaning. As I walked into my room quietly to check. I stood at the door and saw my mobile in her hand and she was curiously looking at that wallpaper. I was excited.Her slim body with attractive figure looked more attractive now. While she suspected me behind, the mobile fell from her hand, and she couldn’t utter anything. I ignored and the day went as usual.

Next day I morning I was on my laptop doing some work in my room. The door was open and she entered as usual. While she was sweeping the floor, she stopped and asked me,”Isko kese chalate hai?” or ” how to operate a laptop”. I said,”Its simple, why don’t you sit on the bed, I will teach you.” she hesitatingly sat and I went little closer to her, with a laptop. I told her about mouse and how to hold it with hand. I grabbed this chance to touch her by holding her hand. Her young delicate hand seemed like feathers. Within a minute, I glided my hand over her arm until her shoulder, and uncovered her right shoulder, the thin strap of the white bra on the shoulder was visible and I gently kissed the bra strap. She kept quiet and closed her eyes. Then with other hand I removed her top from left shoulder and kissed the bra strap on left shoulder. She lifted her head , sighed and I kissed on her neck. She uttered ,” ahhhh” in a high pitch tone.

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Suddenly the doorbell rang. I got up and asked her to remain normal in low voice. I went to the door and saw garbage man standing to take the garbage. I was little relieved and handed him the garbage. Then I locked the door and went back to my room where she was standing, I went down and kissed her between the legs, and then I asked her, ” can you come in the evening after 7 pm?” she refused and said,” I have to attend my own house and cant come in evening.” I said, ” try to come by giving some excuse.” she kept quiet and went back without cleaning.

I came back in the evening late, at about 8.45 pm I was on the balcony and enjoying the drizzling rain when suddenly I saw someone coming in direction of my flat, I knew it was Sunita. I went to the main door and opened it hurriedly, as soon as she came closer to the door I grabbed her by my flat, and checked the window if anyone saw her coming in? No one was there. I kissed her without saying anything. Then I told her to sit down and ran around the flat to hide all windows with a curtain so that none could see what was going inside.

I came back to her and said,”Will you do what I say? ” she nodded yes. I told her to undress, she was standing in her lingerie in the dining room, that sight erected my penis. I took a pair of strings and tied her both hands on one side and another side with the fan. My erected penis started paining in tight jeans so I unzipped it and stood by with a 12 cm long weapon. She saw it and said,” will it hurt me?” I said, ” you will love it”.

I approached a young girl who was standing in white lingerie with her hands tied up with a fan. I bent down, and firstly, kissed on her panty in front of her pussy. Then I rotated her with my both hands and kept kissing her panty and her buttocks around 360 degrees. I stood up and with a jerk, I removed her bra and kissed her bra in my hand then licked the tits.

My evil rose even more, and I grabbed her with both hands and took her to my room and threw her on the bed. She said,” please insert it inside me, I can’t wait anymore”. Even I couldn’t wait for a I pounced on her and pushed my 12 cm penis into her soft vagina. She was moaning but I placed my one hand over her mouth to reduce the sound as I thrust into her vagina.

I was tired after 1 hr if intense sexual play. And so was she, I asked her to stay overnight and go in the morning, she agreed and I slept with her through the night.

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