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Hi, my name is Zeenat. For contacting me my planet Romeo id is ” gandmarvaneayahu “.

This is my first-time experience of becoming gay and after this, my whole life changed. It’s an incident after which my friend became my boyfriend. So without wasting time let’s get into the story.
So this incident happened when I was 18. I and my friend were at his home his parents were not at home so we decided to meet at his home. So we were watching the movie. That was a boring movie so I told him that its too boring please can you change it. So he told me that let’s watch the porn movie. I told him it will inappropriate if some one can catch us. So he told me that nothing will happen. Then he closed the door and bring one cd from his room. He’s having so large tv around 42 inches led at that time. So usually like to watch a movie at his home. So he inserted one cd into the DVD player and started porn. That was the first time I was watching porn with someone.

I was a little bit scared at that time. Suddenly sex started on tv. He got excited he pulled out his cock. It was the first time I was watching another person dick in real. It was 6.5 to 7 inches long and 1-2 inch wide. So I was scared at that time I told him what are you doing? He told me don’t worry pull it out and masturbate openly. I was bit confused what to do. But then I pulled out my dick and started masturbating. After 5-10 min we both felt comfortable with each other. And then he told me to let’s masturbate each other I agreed because I was horny at that time. So we started masturbating each other. Then he told me to let’s take each other dick in mouth. I immediately told him no. He tried to convince me “Nothing will happen, no one will know about it, it will feel so good, let’s try once if don’t like it we will never do it” so I convinced then first I took his dick first. In the beginning, I felt disgusting but then it was so pleasurable I don’t know why? So I started sucking his dick he also felt so good. After 4-5 min he told me to stop. I was enjoying it. Then he told me that do you want me to suck yours. So told him yes of course.

So he started to suck my penis but I was not enjoying that much. I don’t know the reason but I was like oh . . . . . That was more enjoyable to suck his dick then getting sucked. So I told him that I want to suck his dick he said yes why not. So I again started sucking his dick. He was moaning like ah. . . . . You’re so good I really like your sucking yes . . . . . So I was also getting horny. After 5 min on tv, there was fucking scene came. So we both got excited.

So I told me that let’s do this because I was horny. He firstly said ” no. . . . Way this is so disgusting. ” so I told him that ” I had done what you said so you have to try what I am saying ” . So he told me that ” it will be so painful and I don’t want to do it “. So I told him that ” you told me that let’s try if it’s not good we will never do it again so let’s try.” so e agreed and he brings some towel for safety. Then I started to suck his dick like a porn girl. Then he tried to push his dick head into my asshole ahh . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . So much pain in my ass. That was first time so my asshole was virgin. So we taught we should drop this anal plan.

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But I told him that lets watch another porn in which they are doing anal sex. So he sat on sofa and I sat on his lap we both were nude so his dick was constantly hitting my balls. So finally after 10-15 min search we found one porn in which they were doing anal sex. So in that movie female sucked that guy dick. So I came off to the floor on my knees and started sucking his dick after that that guy applied some lubricant to that female asshole. So again we were stuck so I told him apply your spit instead of lube. So he spited multiple times on my asshole. Then that guy pushed one finger in her ass. So my friend also pushed his finger. This time again painful moment but much lesser then first time then my friend started moving his finger in and out so it was becoming more pleasurable. Then he pushed his second finger so again pain ah . . . . Then again he started moving his fingers in and out and I started moaning ah . . . . Oh . . . . Yes. . . . Fuck mee . . . . . Then that porn guy gave that finger in the female mouth. That was so disgusting for me but my friend told me you forced me so you have to do this. So I did it taste some what salty.

Then again I started sucking his dick because it was happening in porn. Then my friend applied some more spit on my asshole and pushed his dick in my asshole forcefully. That was a highest pain I had ever felt. I was like oh . . . . . Shitt. . . . . What I did. . . But his half dick was in my ass. Then he started moving his dick in and out my pain was becoming lesser and suddenly he pushed his whole dick in my ass and I was like what . . . .Oh . . . . My. . . . God. . . . .Then grabbed bed sheet so hardly. Then he started moving his dick in and out and slowly slowly this pain turned into the pleasure but I was crying because there was a blood coming out of my ass so I was so worried about it. So he told me don’t worry that’s not a big problem it happens when you get fucked first time you seal breaks and because of that blood comes. I believed him and I started enjoying it. So I again started moaning like fuck yeah. . .. Fuck me . . . . . You’re so good yes. . . . . You’re my fucker. Then he ejaculated in my ass. I can still feel that first semen force in my ass. Then he took his cock outside of my ass that was covered with his semen and my blood. I took that in my mouth and cleaned like tv porn star. Then I was sucking his dick and masturbating my dick then I also ejaculated then we both fell on bed he was telling me that was so good. I also told him that I also enjoyed. Then I took my cloths cleaned my self and my ass. Then wore my cloths. But I was getting problem to walk because it was paining in my ass so I was walking like a fucked whore. But I was happy and satisfied.

After that day we had sex once but on the third time some thing terrible happened. On the second time it was painful but not as much as first time. It was more pleasurable than painful.

So here I want revel one thing that friend name was starting with “H” and my real name starting with “Y”. So comment me or message me on planet Romeo what will me mine and his name?

I will tell you what happened on third time in my next part ” became gay sex whore” so please stay tune.

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