Becoming 17 yr old crossdresser prostitute with mom’s help. (True.)

Well I hadn’t heard from the old man in a while. Mom and I was at home just taking it easy watching a movie with prostitutes in it. Well some how we got on the subject about prostitution. We talked about it for a while when she said that I would make a hot hot hot hot hot street hooker.

Well as we talked about it I was getting horny. She said you know that you have some very slutty outfits. I said I know that. Thinking about how my small cock was all glued down to look like a woman’s pussy for 3 yrs now. I guess she could tell that it was turning me on. So she changed the subject.

Well later on in the morning. She said that she was going to go get gas in her car and be back in 15 or 20 minutes but she left a note on the table for me. She left and I read the note. It said that she noticed how much it turned me on about it. Then it said would you like to go and prostitute for the weekend. Be honest yes or no leave answer on note. So in big red letter I wrote HELL YES. Then went back in the living room.

When she got back home she went to the kitchen table and saw what I wrote and then came into the living room. She leaned over the back of the chair and said are you sure you want to. I didn’t hesitate and said yes and I wanted to an hopefully that I get some BBC too. She said oh bet you will.

She asked me if I wanted to get dressed at home or at the motel. I said here. Well we went upstairs and she did my makeup and hair and lipstick very slutty. Then I put in my extra big hoop earrings and medium size ones in top holes. I put on a thick black cherry choker necklace and bracelets and a couple rings. I just had my finger nails done and painted a bright sparkly red and toes to match.

Well mom picked out a black corset an tied it up tight and then black fishnet thigh high stocking and I hooked the garter straps to them. She handed me a black fishnet g-string that matched. Then a pair of 6″ high heeled lace up to knee heels. Then mom pulled out of her close a black leather micro mini dress. When I put it on it was very tight and only covered about 3/4 of my ass but when I walked it rode up showing more than half of my ass.

Well she looked at me and said that I looked very hot and sexy and like a true whore. I said I might look like one now but not truly one till I am working. She said yes. Well we packed some clothes to take with us mine were all slutty ones. Once we packed we left we drove almost 3 hrs.

Well we got into city an she pulled into a small slezzy motel. She went got a room. Well after we took our stuff in the room I went outside and looked around there was alot of abandoned building an I noticed mostly men. I was getting ready to go back in the room when mom came out and told me to get in the car. Well she drove around the block then stopped. At the end of the she said just walk around where we drove an you be picked up. Then she told me go be safe an go to work.

I got out of the car and started to walk down the street. Halfway down the street a car pulled up beside me. The guy had nothing on but a shirt. He said that I was very beautiful and sexy as hell. He asked if I was working. I said yes an told him a price. Well he said ok so I got in and he drove down the street and behind a building. He gave me the money and gave him a BJ and he fucked me hard after he came I got out and left. Well after a few more men mom came by and got me to go back to the motel for a few.

Well it was dark out now so I decided to take my mini dress off and just go out on the street in corset and stockings and high heels only. Mom said you are truly a slutty whore. I said yes an she said take room key with me because she was going to out visit with a friend.

She left an I was heading back out to the street when a black older man was standing outside by his room with the door open. He said damn I looked good. I said thank you. He said how much I looked at him and said that I never been with a colored man before. He asked me how old I was so I told him. He was surprised when I told him. He said that I never answered him on the cost, I said well I really want to be with color man very much so nothing at all.

Well we went into his room and shut the door he took me onto his bed and kissed me passionately and removed my g-string saying how he loved way I was glued down to look like a woman’s virgia. Feeling my gurly-boi-pussi hole. I felt his crotch area. He got up and took his clothes off. I couldn’t believe how big he was he had to be at least 10″ and thick as a beer can.

He laid down on the bed I couldn’t wait to get my lipstick lips and mouth on it. Well I immediately went down on his bbc it wasn’t beer can thick but close enough to it. His cock really was a mouth full. My lipstick lips where stretched but that didn’t stop me from from taking it all into my mouth and throat. He said that nobody else has ever been able to do that. He said that my cherry red lipstick lips around his cock looked prefect. Well I sucked him for a good while.

Well then he pulled me up off his cock. He said I know you want this cock in your gurly-boi-pussi hole. I couldn’t believe it I felt his cock stretch my hole open an believe me he fucked the hell out of me. When he was done I was gapping open and very loose.

I left a few minutes after that feeling very good my hole loose an stretched out I went straight to the street. I spent the rest of the weekend selling myself to anyone who wanted.

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