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My parents were divorced when I was young and I lived with my mom. I guess she wanted to make sure I grow up right or at least with answers because she use to leave Penthouse and penthouse letters laying around the bath room. One thing I Loved was the letters inside them and would read everyone. I jerked off to those stories so many times and I learned a lot of stuff. I even learned something I don’t think mom wanted me to know. One of which was sex with another guy. Anyway I was 15 and my mom was going out on Friday and Saturday nights and all of a sudden she did not want me to stay home alone. I was home alone every day after school and had been enjoying the time alone getting nude and jerking off in every room. Now I had to have a babysitter….. I was 15 and jerking off every day and now I was not going to have the weekend night to get necked and walk around the house. She got a guy who lived down the street and was only like 19 or 20 and the reason he would do it was he wanted to fuck my mom. So the first weekend she went out he was there he did not say much and just watched TV. The second weekend he was there I got to thinking about one of the stories about a little guy on guy sex. I really wanted to try and suck a dick I did not even care if he did anything back to me. How was I going to do this? I laid out a couple of magazines as soon as mom left where he could see them. I went and took a shower as soon as he came so he could look and I would not be around. When I came out I saw that they had been moved from where I put them. I was in PJs with no underwear on and came out to talk to him. I mentioned the magazines and he got real uncomfortable. He started to move around in hid chair and shift back and forth. I just keep asking questions like did you see how big her bobs are and stuff like that. Then I hit him with have to ever fucked a girl? He told me that was none of my business; I then asked have you ever seen another guy nude? He said yea at school in the locker room. I asked have you ever touched another guy? He said that was enough. I told him I bet you want to fuck my mom. He turned red and told me to go to my room. I did and thought what am I going to do? I really wanted to see his cock and suck it. I guess I might as well go all the way if I went this far. I stripped off my PJs and walk in the den stark necked. I had a Bonner sticking straight forward as I walked in. he looked up and his mouth just dropped. He finally yelled what the hell are you doing? I look straight at him and said I want to see you necked and you have now seen me necked so how about stripping. He did not know what to say. I said look you don’t have to do anything I want to see your cock Is that so bad? He said I am not gay I said you don’t have to be gay. I am the one who wants to see you dick. I have already seen younger guy’s dicks I want to see a real dick. You do have a real dick right? Yea I got a real dick he said. Well pull it on out. By now I was right in front of him and I reached for his belt and undid it. I pulled down his shorts and slowly pulled down his underwear. He did have a real dick and it was a nice size. It was growing as he stood there. I looked at it and the next thing I know I had it in my hand. Oh god it felt so good so soft and it was getting bigger. I went to my knees and put the head in my mouth I heard him moan and I know I had him. I stopped and told him let’s get all your clothes off. Once he was undressed I once again went down and started to suck that big dick. I was thinking back to what I read in the books. Just bob up and down and suck. I did and he was moaning so I figured I was doing it right. I remembered about sucking his balls and went down and did that. Back up to his dick and trying to get as much as I could in my mouth. He started to moan and then grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down hard on his dick and let out a yell as his cum shot down my throat. Shot after shot after shot. I swallowed as fast as I could tell he left me go. I pulled him out and looked at him. He was trying to catch his breath. He then looked at me and I ask if that was good…. He said that was great. I was so proud of myself. I rolled on my back and started to jack off he watched me for a few minutes and told me to stop. I sat up and he came over and put his dick in my face again and I started to suck him again. He was getting hard again and then he told me to jerk off now. I did as I sucked his dick and in just a few minutes he blew his wad in my mouth again and I came right after he did. He told me I could never tell my mom what happened because he would get in a lot of trouble. I told him then he better get use to this because if he was going to baby sit me I was going to suck his dick every time.