Bedtime Blow Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooBedtime Blow Ch. 03

Recap: Siblings Nidhi (26) and Raj (23) are stuck at home in Covid lockdown. Nidhi's wedding is delayed making her for carnal satisfaction with her usually subservient brother Raj. Past their inhibitions over the past nights, the siblings now move further.
Part 1:
Early in the morning, the siblings were filled with an adrenaline rush, not only because of what was happening in the room but also because their father had started his prayers and would soon be entering the room unannounced. The room was filled with a myriad of sounds: the faint ringing of the prayer bell, the hum of their father's voice, the ever-present ticking of the clock, the lub-dub of their pounding hearts and the loudest of them all, Nidhi's gagging from her brother's cock.
The alarm had gone off half an hour earlier as planned. Nidhi woke up and proceeded to put her plan into action. The gears were put in motion quickly as Raj was already sleeping with a morning wood. Wasting no time, Nidhi yanked off his short exposing his boner. Though she had already experienced it many times now, it was the first time she was witnessing it in daylight. She was delighted to see Raj's dark member having a nice length and thickness even when it wasn't at its full potential. Her palms enveloped it and she landed a kiss on the pinkish head before taking it in her mouth.
Already a light sleeper now, Raj awoke to a wet sensation in his nether regions. A wide smile beamed on his face as he saw a head bobbing up and down on his morning wood. He placed his hand on her head and caressed it. Nidhi shifted her gaze and saw that her brother had woken up. Leaving a trail of saliva between her tongue and the cock, she left it and smiled back. She could now move on to the next part.
Within seconds, Nidhi's nightshirt and bra were off and on the bed. Raj's eyes widened as he too witnessed the voluptuous breasts on which he came last night, come into full view. He realized that her elder sister really packed heavy assets behind her clothes. The protruding, erect dark brown nipples on the dusky breasts invited Raj to have his way with them. Before he could extend his hands and grab those mounds of flesh, Nidhi unleashed another surprise she had in store for his little brother.
Now fully erect, Nidhi came into a close view of it when she bent down. She saw his pulsing veins and the slick head shining with pre-cum. She resisted her tongue to dive in for another taste, as she gripped the raging boner with her tits. Raj let out a moan as he felt a silky sensation on his crotch. He was in seventh heaven when he realized his elder sister is giving him a titjob.
Nidhi diligently worked on pleasuring her excited brother by squeezing her tits tight around his dick. Up and down she went, biting her lips and looking at Raj's moaning face. She saw him close his eyes and arching back, lost in pleasure. She diverted her attention to the throbbing dick being stroked between her globes, oozing pre-cum. Her flat tongue licked its sensitive head, making him flinch and edging him closer. As she went for another lick, she suddenly found it retracting and felt a push, causing her to lay on her back on the bed.
Raj's intense feeling of arousal was disturbed when he heard the ring of a bell. He opened his eyes and they fell straight on the clock. A good amount of time had gone by and the ring of the bell signalled the start of his father's morning prayers. Instinctively, he pulled back his dick and pushed Nidhi to the side.
He was in two minds as to what he should do. His brain asked him to stop while his dick pushed him to continue. As he was so close, Raj let his dick take over. He saw a bewildered face of Nidhi, laying on her back. Gently lifting her head, he placed a pillow under it. Raj swiftly got over her and placed his cock on her lips.
Nidhi parted her lips and let Raj's pole fill her mouth. She felt gentle thrusts initially, and she looked up to see a little perturbed face of her brother. She knew he was holding back, wishing not to hurt his sister. Grasping a hold of the situation, she understood what was happening. She was being face fucked by her brother first thing in the morning. Nidhi realized that she was committing such a filthy incestuous act, yet she didn't feel pinned down. Instead she felt a sense of sexual freedom she had been lacking for so long and started craving for more. She wanted it faster, rougher. She looked up at him giving a sign of approval to stop holding back.
Raj sensed an approving glance from Nidhi and lust took over his worried face. He raised her hands to the top of her head and locked them there with his palms. His hips started to gain speed and the thrusts became faster and deeper, testing Nidhi's limits and forcing her to gag on his cock. Corresponding with the rising tone of the chants outside, Nidhi's gags grew louder, filling the room.
Nidhi soon felt the warm liquid filling her mouth between her laboured breaths. She saw the flaccid and sticky penis being pulled out as she raised herself to swallow the cum. Both of them sat panting, exhausted from the sexual act. Silently they laughed as Raj got Nidhi her clothes. Raj lay down looking at Nidhi's dishevelled but happy face. She put on just her shirt which made Raj think that she forgot about her bra. As he was about to point that out, Nidhi put her bra on his face. She knew from last night that he had enjoyed her smell. Raj took a sniff from the bra placed underneath his nose and over his lips. Unable to stop herself Nidhi leaned in and gave Raj's lips a kiss from over the bra. This left him ecstatic and he tried to pull her close.
Nidhi had already seen that time was up for this morning. She shoved away his hands and instead stoop up and put up his blanket over him, heading towards the washroom in the nick of time. The door swung open as usual and their father entered. Raj heard from underneath his blanket his father's chants and the sound of latch from the restroom. He dared not move with his sister's used bra still in his hands. He kept sniffing away while his father left the room. He knew no better that the day held much more for him today.
Part 2:
"Why don't you shift to the bigger bedroom with the air conditioner (AC)?" The Covid lockdown was present in the Indian summer. The mercury kept rising and fans simply didn't provide any relief. Nidhi used to do her work-from-home (WFH) from the bigger bedroom where they slept, which also had an AC. While Raj chose the smaller bedroom, with just a fan. Higher temperature in the afternoon was making work uncomfortable for him but always the quiet person as he was, complaining wasn't in his nature. Nidhi, though, pointed this out to their mother in the morning. His mother asked him to change rooms for his work and if he wanted an individual place, he could work from the hall which also had the AC. Raj declined this advice as their parents had their afternoon siesta in the hall. To which she suggested the bigger bedroom as an alternative.
"You both can work together in the same room. Think of it as an office cubicle. Just don't disturb each other. And when one of you has a call, lock the doors as usual and ask the other one to go out", said their mother.
Nidhi replied, "There's no need for that too. We can just lock the door so you don't barge in unaware that we're in a call. Raj can stay quiet while I'm on call and I can do the same for him. We can fulfil each other's needs, isn't it Raj?"
Raj knew her nefarious and horny sister had devised this plan so as to continue having their fun during the day too. He pretended to oppose but finally relented to his mom's suggestion. He took his laptop, notepad and cell phone and joined Nidhi in their bedroom's study table, big enough for two people working side-by-side.
Whereas Indian parents usually entered their kids' room without the need for knocking first, WFH made sure that this practice discontinued. They worked behind closed but not locked doors, so as to not be distracted by the sounds outside and parents started entering only after a knock. The siblings prepared themselves to take full advantage of this situation.
No sooner did they take their seats and closed the door; Nidhi kissed his brother on the cheeks, placed her hand on his thigh and simply said with a smile, "Don't be shy, little brother". Pressing her thighs, he replied, "I never intended to be".
Their work started and occasionally one of them would slip out to check if their parents were busy and the coast was clear. Taking little breaks from work, they would let their hands wander around each other's private parts. Teasing, pressing, groping, stroking from over their clothes, they were quick to back off as soon as they heard a knock. Both of them waited for the afternoon, so that they could have the room to themselves while their parents slept.

Their mother entered the room after lunch and told them to switch on both the ACs. Nidhi was occupied in the washroom as Raj switched on the AC in their room. He went to the hall, switched on the AC and saw their parents retire to their slumber. He closed their room on his way. As he entered the bedroom, he saw his sister step out of the washroom and gave her a wide smile while he locked the door.
Nidhi leaned on the wall with her hands behind her back and puffing out her chest, inviting Raj to take her. She expected like last night, he wouldn't be able to keep off his hands from her tits. Raj walked towards her but instead of groping her chest he put his hands on her hips. He pulled her towards him and turned her around with her chest resting on the wall.
Raj knew his sister had been getting him off for a while now and even let him face fuck her in the morning. But he hadn't done enough to repay her. Not only this, there was still a bit of apprehension in her which didn't allow her to open up fully. So instead of pleasuring himself again, Raj turned her around and pulled down her pants.
Nidhi was left a little shock by Raj's actions. In all this time, she had bared her bottom just once and that too in the heat of the moment. Now her pants had been pulled down leaving her exposed in her panties. She felt a hot sensation on her butt as Raj slapped it. It made her flinch and he felt Raj's breath near her face as he closed in to whisper, "Harder?" She turned her head to look at him and Raj saw an anxious face. Seeing that, he stopped caressing her ass and pulled back a little, thinking he went too far too soon. Meanwhile, Nidhi came back to her senses. The last bits of nervousness left her body and she composed herself.
Raj saw his sister bend down, wondering if she's going to pull up her pants. Instead, her fingers went inside the panties and pulled it down to her knees. This day had turned out to be an awesome one as he had seen her naked breasts in the morning and was now staring at her big bare butt. He felt her pull him towards her and heard her say the word again, "Harder!"
Raj's hand left red imprints on Nidhi's butt as a few spanks came in quick succession. Learning form last night, she tried to keep her voice as low as possible and endured the pleasurable pain. As her ass felt warm now, Raj sat down and kissed it. The wet kisses and licks provided a little relief to Nidhi which was soon overcome by discomfort as Raj bit her butt cheek. Raj's actions left Nidhi alternating between moans and squeals. Kneading the globes, Raj spread her butt cheeks and placed his face near her crack. Nidhi shivered with the touch of Raj's tongue on her asshole. Burying his face between her ass, he kept on licking her asshole giving immense enjoyment to her older sister. Leaving her ass, Raj helped Nidhi get completely out of her pants and panties.
Raj turned her around again and came face to face with her sister's pussy. Both of them were nervous. Though Nidhi had felt Raj's member, she had not left him much choice. Now that it came on her, she was a little anxious. Having never being naked on from of anyone, the anxiety increased much more baring herself in front of her brother. On Raj's part, he hadn't been this intimate with anyone before.
Raj sensed the nervousness in Nidhi too but didn't know what was causing this. He guessed that being with her brother might have triggered it and she was hesitant to cross the line. He helped her to the bed and followed her on it. As they lay next to each other, Raj caressed her face to help her calm down. Nidhi kept kissing his hands as Raj leaned closer. Letting go of her inhibitions, she accepted what was coming to her. Their eyes closed as their lips touched each other for the first time. They exchanged soft, gentle kisses. They were in total bliss for a couple of seconds as they kissed. The lips parted and transformed into smiles. Nidhi had calmed down and signalled her consent to go on as she spread her legs.
Starting from her calves, Raj's kisses made their way up towards her plump thighs. From there, he focussed his attention on her inner thighs as Nidhi's moans started getting louder. He finally reached her pussy and looked above at her face. She was entranced with his kisses and didn't look back. He blew at her, making her bush move along with her legs. He let his flat tongue lick it all the way from the bottom to her clit. Nidhi let out a loud man to the delight of Raj.
Raj continued with cunnilingus as he poured kisses after kissed on her slightly hairy vagina. Soon his tongue was accompanied by his fingers as he rubbed her clit. Nidhi kept shaking from bursts of pleasure. Putting his hands on Raj's head, she encouraged him to keep going. Her pink pussy kept getting warmer and wetter with every passing moment. Suddenly, Nidhi felt something enter inside her. She squealed and pushed away Raj.
Raj, with his wet middle finger, was left flabbergasted by Nidhi's push. He looked at her so as to know what went wrong. Nidhi sat up and her brother sat beside her. Raj opened his mouth to apologise for hurting her, but stopped midway as Nidhi hugged him. She didn't leave him for a while and in a low voice asked him to not finger her at the moment, saying she wasn't ready. Not knowing why was this happening or what to do, he just comforted her and assured her that he won't do it. He asked her if she wanted to stop to which she said no. Raj was confused as to how to proceed. Understanding this and being regretful for her actions, Nidhi gently assisted Raj to lay on the bed.
Nidhi turned around and positioned her pussy over Raj's face. Next, she let her erection free from his pants. Raj pulled her snatch towards his lips while Nidhi once again took his pole inside her mouth, completing the sixty-nine. Raj's tongue and lips worked their way on Nidhi's pussy, while she tried her best to orally satisfy her brother. As she kept edging closer and closer, her lips left his cock. Minutes passed and Nidhi just ended up sitting on his face getting her pussy eaten and moaning, asking for more. Her moans made Raj go faster with licks, twirls and sucking on her clit. Shaking and screaming, Nidhi reached her orgasm, cumming all over her brother's mouth.
Spent and satisfied, Nidhi didn't move before realizing she is sitting on Raj's face. Cum-hungry that she had become, her tongue yearned for a taste of herself. In a flash, she turned about, with her face now over his. Licking his lips, she pushed her tongue in his mouth, relishing in her own taste. Their lips jostled together while they tumbled over each other. It felt like there were echoes of wet and muffled moans in the room, as they kept kissing without a break, engrossed like passionate lovers.
They separated for a breather and Nidhi held Raj's cock. He stopped her from stroking him lest he came on the bed. Getting up, he pointed it straight at her face. Nidhi stroked it exuberantly and closed her eyes. Soon, she felt warm spurts of the liquid on her face. When the shower was over, she swiped the cum off her eye and looked her brother. They both laughed heartily on what had just happened.
After cleaning herself in the washroom, Nidhi found Raj seated on his chair, fully dressed. He pointed at the clock, knowing it was time they stopped. Nidhi showed him the finger in return and instead of getting dressed, she removed the rest of her clothing. Walking towards Raj nude, she sat on his lap to commence another smooching session. Just then, her cellphone lit up as she received a text from her fiancé. They disconnected and waited for the other one to react first.
"I've told him that I'm experienced, but…", Nidhi broke the silence. Raj gave a confusing look.
Nidhi went on to explain that his fiancé had discussed their sexual history once. He had disclosed his experiences but didn't ask Nidhi about hers. Not thinking much, words spat out her mouth claiming to have sex before marriage too. Although, that wasn't the case and she was actually a virgin. This was also the reason she stopped Raj from fingering her just a while before. She wasn't comfortable with something inside her still. Not wanting to turn out as a liar, she wished to do something to help situation but couldn't act on anything. Being horny wasn't the only thing that led to her getting off Raj at nights. She expected him to catch her. She wanted him too. There was only one guy she could trust in what she wanted to achieve and it was her brother. She knew it was not right; yet she couldn't stop herself.
Raj was left dazed hearing his sister. He hugged her naked body and assured her that it was ok and that he wouldn't rush into anything. Feeling secure, she got dressed and went to unlocked the door.
Part 3:
The afternoon "break" meant that Raj had to work late in the night. His parents retired to sleep and he had to carry his work out of the bedroom and in the hall so that Nidhi can sleep without disturbance. His sister was about to greet him in the hall with a kiss which Raj blocked. Their parents had just gone to bed and he didn't want them hearing anything. Nidhi was sporting a sly smile watching her brother scared with her attempt. As Raj took his seat, Nidhi grabbed him and turned him around. She removed her pants and then her panties, which she left besides his laptop. Raj was in a trance as he saw Nidhi walk back to the bedroom with her pants in her hand and her bare ass wiggling with every step.
Raj hid the panties so that his parents don't walk him on in in this state. Distracted by it, his work took a little longer and he came back into the bedroom to find Nidhi sleeping. Since no was around to see, he took out the hidden panties and had a sniff of it. It took him back to the afternoon when he ate her pussy. He whiffed away at it; unaware Nidhi was watching him do such perverted acts. His nasal senses felt a stronger smell, as if it came fresh from the source. Slowly, he felt a wet finger touch his lips and push its way through inside. Raj woke up with a start to see his sister making him suck her finger. He pushed it away as he saw her giggles turn into laughter.
Realizing her laughter could wake up their parents, he asked her to stop. Instead, she kept going. This tuned into a harmless brother-sister tussle with him trying to stop her and she, on her part, kept pushing him away. When his palms failed to thwart her laugh, he thrust his tongue inside her parted lips. This immediately put a period on her laughter and she repaid the act by making her lips suck on his tongue.
As they parted, Nidhi again placed her finger on his lips. He let it slide inside his mouth and began to suck on it as his hands kneaded her breasts. It was then that it struck Raj that he was sucking on his sister's finger which had the fresh taste of her pussy's juices. Nidhi gave him a smile as it finally dawned upon him; she had been fingering herself while Raj came in and was just pretending to sleep.

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