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By Honeypee944 That day also we slept only after completing the sex. In the morning Emily was neither talking to us nor eating food as per our insistence. She remained angry the whole day. But at night a miracle happened. Mom Emily came into the room. At that time it was one o’clock in the night and I was busy fucking my sister. We stopped after Emily arrived. But we remained naked. Then Emily said – Look daughter, you are actually slut of Willis and he must be fucking you a lot, but why are you still getting fucked by your own brother? Go…go to your room and sleep. Sister looked at me. The fucking of her pussy was not completed yet. But I also signaled Nicole to leave. First she covered her naked body with a blanket and then Nicole picked up her clothes and went to her bedroom, wrapping her naked body in the blanket.
After that my beautiful Emily came to me. She started looking at my penis and sat near me smiling. Emily held my penis in her hand and then started caressing it and said, Son, your penis is much longer and thicker than your father’s penis just like your brother Prince. Emily laughingly said – Son, let me also see why my daughter has become crazy about her own brother’s penis. Let me also see how my son’s penis gives pleasure to my daughter. Emily started caressing my penis and my penis became erect again.
Then my mom Emily removed her bra and panty and became naked in front of me and came on the bed to get fucked. I understood that my Emily also wanted to get her thirsty pussy fucked by my cock. I was also ready to fuck my mom Emily; I had already had a lot of fun with Nicole’s pussy, now it was time to have fun with my mom Emily’s pussy. My own mom Emily, who gave birth to me, became naked and sat on my penis and started jumping up and down with my penis in her pussy like a cowgirl riding ahorse. I held Emily’s waist and started bouncing her up and down.
My horny mom Emily sat on my penis for about half an hour, jumping up and down and kept fucking herself. My mom Emily was riding my penis like a horny whore. I too was having a lot of fun fucking my mom Emily. Then I made Emily a mare and started fucking her pussy by holding her ass from behind. After ten minutes of doggy style fucking, my hot semen came out in Emily’s pussy and Emily became happy. That night, I fucked Emily’s pussy thrice and fucked her ass about twice.
After that day’s fucking, my mom Emily also became my whore. She was very happy to get fucked by her own son. Now my Emily had also become a slut and that too a bigger slut than my sister. The day my Emily does not get a cock, she becomes very restless. One day, the thought of fucking my Emily and sister together came to my mind, so I asked both of them to have threesome sex. Then both my horny sister and horny Emily agreed to have sex together and all three of us became sex partners.
After having sex with me, my Emily also became very happy because now she was getting the love of her husband from her own born son. At night I used to sleep after fucking my Emily’s pussy and many times she would remain naked clinging to me till morning. This had become the daily routine of us, Emily and son, now only sex used to go on in our house day and night.
I started fucking the pussies of both my mom Emily and sister Nicole together. David made the video of sex with him and his mom Emily and Sister Nicole and gave it to Willis and was got a permanent job beside his dad Vicky in the company. As per order of Willis David showed the sex video of him and his mom and sister to his dad Vicky and it was planned that Vicky fucked Emily and his daughter Nicole together obviously it was total dark as per order of David and Vicky entered to fuck both of them and when the fact was revealed all became very happy.
Now Prince was already a mother fucker and he was also included in this sex game but sex pressure of three men on two women was sexcessive so it was Willis who was playing the curtain behind them ordered Honey to stay with them as he will go for a tour programme with Olivia for a week.
In the next week Honey was thoroughly fucked by her college friend Vicky and his son David and would be son in law prince and al are happening in front of Emily and Nicole. Willis got all the report and after one week he came back.
Now Willis planned for another week programme and this time he wanted to take Nicole with him and Both Olivia daughter and Mom Honey was included in the sex game and all are thoroughly fucked.
After Willis came back from his business tour with Nicole, told that his property will be totally divided into eight parts and any accidental death of anyone will cancel the above made deed, Now he ordered four different Room for Vicky, Prince and David including his master bed room in his house. Now the last order given by Willis every night Female will go to their room and different partner after four days. All became happy to hear it and started laughing, Family swapping started with a rule at last

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By Honeypee944 #Blackmail #Group #Incest #Teen