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Office Sex Stories : Being A Team Leader Is Good

Hello every one I’m Aryan this is my life incident about how i had sex with 5 beautiful women i have ever met. About me I’m Aryan from Hyderabad completed by engineering and doing a job in a reputed mnc.
This is story is about how had sex with the first of the 5 ladies who in my engineering final year during our project. As i was good in studies i was the team lead of our batch which had 5 members including me with me being the only boy in it and our guide was also a lady professor.  In our college our H.O.D has the system that all the members of the group need to inform to the team lead daily and the team lead to the guide once for every 2 weeks thus i had a daily contact with all these girls in my group who are beauty with brains undoubtedly. This is along one hope i wont bore you and you find it interesting to read and sorry for any grammatical errors.
Now coming back to the incident it happened last year we have been separated as a batch and i had this girl Vishnutha; in my batch who was a very calm and less talking out of all in the group. I had very good rapo with all and we decided our project and have done research about it and all then we had to give our first presentation and except me and another girl all failed and Vishnutha failed badly that she was tears and i had to console her a lot and explain her and calm her down and it was very hard task i understood then after that we divided the work and we progressed very well i started spending more time with Visi as her friends call to make her more comfortable and making her speak ore then i understood how lovely she was and full of life
About her she is 5’5 and has the best structure in the class she prefers wearing salwars mostly and mostly body fit showing her hour glass structure i guess she is the only girl i have seen who has such perfect structure.  Since she is very shy she has very few friends. Luckily even i became one of them due to this project she used to talk to me chat with me irrespective of the time and she also introduced me to her family who were very open minded and warm so i dint have any problem to have a good interaction with her.

Since she wears all body fitting clothes i always had an eye on her she has a stats of 34-26-34 may be that makes her get that hour glass structure even she notices me eying her more often but just give me a smile and continues with her work
One Saturday she calls me to her home regarding the project and i go and see that except her no one is present at the home and ask her about it and she says they went to some function and will return on Monday my heart was pumping as i had the hottest girl of the class alone with me but i dint want to take a risk so was calm and work oriented and we sat on the sofa and she was explaining me her part and asking her doubts and then suddenly she started getting hiccups and i ask her to calm down for some time yet her hiccups don’t stop then i move from there to give her water so i go get a glass of water by the time i come back she is searching something and i suddenly call her name and she responds and while doing so she spills the glass of water on to herself there by making her dress wet.
She wore a white mango full hands t-shirt and a black 3/4th due to the water her white t-shirt became transparent and her tank top was visible while i was placing the glass on the table she starts removing her t shirt and again starts explaining me about her part in the project but i could not concentrate as my eyes roll down to her cleavage and her structure while i was staring at her she catches me twice and on the third time she confronts me asking what are you doing i don’t answer but she stresses me to then i say your cleavage is too good to miss it she smiles and says okay as she is beauty conscious and takes a lot of care about herself then after some times she stops saying about the project and asks me how do i look i say at present sexy and very hot I’m finding it difficult to control myself
She laughs at this and says who is asking you to control yourself. Listening this i understood the green signal and i start kissing her on her lips which are very juicy and had light pink lipstick i give her a good french kiss and in the mean while we exchange our saliva and our tongues meet many times after having a breath taking kiss we separate and i carry her to her bed and there i remove her tank top revealing her beautiful and firm boobs in her lacy bra then i fall on her and start pressing her boobs and again start kissing her and slowly i removed her bra hook and release her boobs that most beautiful sight i ever had such perfect shaped boobs i have never seen till date i then start kissing her all over her face and then i come to the neck and then i lift her hands and smell her armpits and see they are waxed thus i give her a smile and i then started licking her armpits very first then i kissed then and started biting them very harshly that she was moaning a lot i took turns in licking kissing and biting her two armpits while i was pressing her firm and perfect boobs due to my excessive efforts on her armpits they became red and wet then i slowly came to her cleavage and started kissing it and licking it then after i have completed so i went to her right boob and first kissed it completely and then i kissed the nipple again and again after some time i started making circles along the nipple with my tongue which aroused her and made her mad to the peaks as she was moaning louder and pushing my head more into her boob the i sucked her nipple for some time then bite it and then shifted to the other boobs and did the same while eating one of the melon i was pressing and playing with the other after fully satisfying myself with both the boobs i moved down to the navel region its was very sexy in its appeal due to the flat and hairless belly i again started circling it with my mouth then again i kissed it and then i started inserting my tongue into the navel first slowly and then rapidly and started tongue fucking her navel i can know she is enjoying it as she was laughing and pressing my head more into her navel while i was enjoying her armpits boobs and navel she had an huge orgasm which i think was her first as her body shivered a lot then i removed her 3/4th and saw she was in her white panty which had a wet spot on it i kissed on it and then i pulled it out with my teeth which revealed her pinkish clean pussy leaking out juices i start kissing it then i lick all the juices and enter my tongue into her pussy and she starts shouting out loudly oh arya ur the best and fuck me now i can’t wait anymore so i tongue fuck her pussy along with my fingers with first entering one then slowly two and when i enter three she gives a loud moan and she has her second orgasm spilling everything on my face which i lick it
In the mean time she plays with my penny pressing it giving it a hand job and all after i make her get her second orgasm she moves down and starts giving me a blow job guys it was very nice the way she was circling it and taking it in and out it was like in heaven and after some time i came inside her mouth she drank some but spilled out much and my penny became a limp and i pulled her and again started smooching her while pressing her boobs but this time she pushes me down and takes control over my body and starts kissing me wildly and then again she comes to my penny and again start giving it blow job by which it again becomes rock hard and then she asks me to enter into her pussy and i place my penny there and first circle it and then start entering as she was a virgin it was hard to enter but after few slow and few hard strokes i was able to enter her buy she had to bear a lot of pain which turned into pleasure in some time only
After that i started moving along with her movements after a very long fucking we both had our orgasms at the same time after which we were tired and slept like that naked hugging each other with my penny still in her pussy and my lips on her lips
We woke up after few hours cleaned our self and the bed and went out to eat and came home and had another round of intimacy and then i left to my home kissing her bye.