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Being orphaned and raised in state care and adopted by a mature couple. Who were very kind and looked after me very well. But Covid took them, and I got everything from them, and it wasn’t much as they weren’t rich or even owned their own home, renting their homes thru their lives. But I got some treasured keepsakes, and I was very happy that. At 20 and not going to university as I wasn’t smart enough. I started working jobs and wanting something better for my future. That something came along by chance, I was working a short-term job and heard my boss 54 talking to his lawyer about having no family of his own. He asked his lawyer how was best to have children without much trouble. His lawyer told to go aboard and try there as it far to complicated here legally. The lawyer left and the boss was doing his work and I had started thinking of what I had heard. My boss was rich, and I would be set if I was to give children. I’m no super model, plain is the best I can call myself. I wasn’t a virgin and wasn’t a slut either, I could count the number of fucks I had on my fingers (9). I’m the brightest person, but I’m not backward either. I decided to approach my boss, the worst that could happen I get fired. I told I’d overheard his conversation and before he fired me, I told him I would be willing to have his child or maybe more if he so wanted. He was a bit shocked but stopped him firing me and it wasn’t the time or place to discuss it. I went back to doing my work and after I finished the shift, I stayed back like I was asked to do. With everybody gone he wanted to know exactly what I was offering. I told I would carry his child or children in return for a better life. He said does that mean you want me to marry you, I said No just a better life like better paying job and a better place to live. Sounds reasonable, how do you want to get pregnant was his next question. However, you want was my reply and he said He would think on it and get back to me. Anyway, sever days later I was asked to stay back again, and he had some more questions. Was I willing to get a full medical check and also sign a contract to confirm the conditions. We were too agreed on if we were to go ahead with my proposal and it would have a keep it secret condition attached. I said I would, that was my last day working that job. I was given a total medical check over and found to be healthy and not already pregnant. His lawyer drew up the contract and it was simple he would full custody of any child and I would get a job for as long as I wanted it and a trust fund to support me in later life. The only thing not decided was how to get me pregnant, IVF was dismissed as he wanted a very few people as possible to know. At that time, it was me, his lawyer and himself and that is still the same today. Getting fucked by him was the best way to keep it secret, the worst that could said as older man fucking a much younger woman after he got his child. He decided I should become his personal assistant and I could travel everywhere with him. I moved into his apartment and started sharing his bed straight away. I had another pregnancy test before and after I wasn’t pregnant, we started fucking. A month later we were away and sharing the same bed every night, I was with him 24/7 even showering with him. On our return I missed my first period and he waited until I missed the second before getting me tested. I was pregnant and as my pregnancy progressed, I was regularly tested. No problems were found and even a DNA test was done as stated in our contract. He didn’t think it was required, but his lawyer said it was in the contract and we had said we would abide by the contract. I’d no problems as I had only had sex with him, the test made it positive he was the father of the baby girl was carrying. Sex between us continued, it wasn’t required by the contract. But it was because we were always together and so why not. I was happy to have sex with him as I quite liked him as he treated very well. Our daughter was born in March 2022, healthy and beautiful. I breast fed her and looked after her, I was a little worried he might want me to go after she was weened. But he was enjoying being a father and decided to have another child. He asked me if I was still willing to father children for him and I said I was. Well, I’ve just tested positive to being pregnant again and still sharing his bed and he asked me to tear up the contract and marry him. I said I’ll marry him if he wants me too and we’ll keep the contract in his safe as a keepsake of life together. He thought that a good idea, we married last Saturday. A small wedding with only five other people as witnesses, but that meant I lost my job as his PA. I’m his wife a slight promotion as I already was sharing his bed, shower and house. I’m a very Happy Breeder.

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