Being Groomed Ch 1 – Baby Steps

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By Annastasia My parents had groomed me since early teens to become their sex object. This here is the first steps they had taken.

To start things off, I’m fucked up. I mean really fucked up sexually and there’s no one to blame except my parents. So as the title says, I was groomed at a young age to become a complete sex addict. Right now I’m 27, Polyamorous female, solo dating atm. And I have real sick fetishes. Normal porn doesn’t cut it for me anymore. This is my story.

It all started when I was about 13-14 years old, I lived with my parents and younger brother, he’s 5 years younger than myself. I was in the middle of 8th grade when I started experiencing changes to my body, no not periods, but physical changes. My boobs were definitely getting bigger, seeing that I had to change bra sizes twice. They often began to hurt especially my nipples. My pussy would also randomly just moisture up and start pulsating. Like it wanted to be felt or touched. I didn’t think to much of it. I was still innocent then. However these changes did play a significant role in my sexual journey and would ultimately be the start of it. Things were happening to my body which I’d later learn it to be pubity, however I needed more info, and at the time, there were only 2 people I could confide in. Mom and dad.

So, before I begin, I need you to understand them. Mom and dad are 2 very people emotionally however they are extremely alike sexually.

Starting with my dad. He’s a gentle giant and very intact with his feelings, emotionally, spiritually, physically, you name it. If often I needed to speak about something or get something off my chest or just need advice, he’s the one I’d go to. He’s always willing to help and forever trying to learn new things everyday. He takes his time doing things and is very much a perfectionist.

Mom on the other hand is very dominant, very assertive, she knows what she wants, when she wants it and will ensure she gets it in the way she wants and planned to get it. I’ve always admired that about mom. And always had this fearless esque about her and always was full of confidence in whatever she did. She loved showing off her body, always spoke her mind, never held back on anything she was thinking or what she believed in. You can clearly see who wears the pants on this marriage on paper, but trust me, mom’s like a puppy in dad’s arms. It’s like somehow she just naturally submits to him.

Sexually however, my parents had a VERY open and sexually active relationship. I think that was their strongest bond together. They were open about anything. Mom would often walk naked around the house, even when we had guests over she wouldn’t give a Damn who was around and who was staring. She’s definitely an exhibitionist. Dad however was reserved on the nudity, however I was very much handsy. I noticed he loved groping mom and touching her inappropriately even when we’re out in public. One things for sure, when they’re in the mood, they’re in the mood. Nothing stops them from fucking. Not even if I’m hungry and need something to eat. Even with my lil bro. As soon as they realized I was maturing they’d stop having sex just anywhere in the house and limit themselves to areas where I wasn’t present at. However, if the coast was clear, be sure you’ll be hearing mom’s moans from anywhere inside the house.

Now that you know their characteristics, lemme tell you about the time they introduced me to a world I would never escape for the rest of my life. So, middle of 8th grade, made some new friends and got myself a really close friend whom later in high school would become best friends. Really close, but I’ll get back to get in another story. I think I’ll make a series of this ‘cos 1 story won’t be enough.

As these body changes occurred, it scared me a lil but and one afternoon after school I decided to speak to mom about it. I remember Mom’s eyes lit up a lil bit as I told her this and it weirded me out at first but then remembered I thought maybe she was excited cos it’ll give us time to bond over things. So my mom explained these changes in feeling was pubity happening to me, and that it’ll peek until I’m an adult. I’m gonna start getting really weird feelings between my legs (bare in mind, I’m already been feeling them) and that I would one day have strong urges to fiddle down there. This made me giggle a lil and also made me shy but mom reassured me this is was every girl goes through and is a phase where you become a young woman. Over the cause of the next few days, I have become very self conscious about myself and my body and my appearance, y’know all things high school girls care about. I have also however become more aware about boy and how they’re reacting to me, always being nice to me, giving me complements, but more importantly, I have started to notice the stares I get from boys. Specifically the stares to my boobs, ass and other features to my every growing body at this time. So once again I have brought this to my mom’s attention and that evening my parents at me down and gave the talk about the birds and the bees. It wasn’t a difficult conversation as they have made it very clear to me of their activities before hand. That and I’ve also watched some porn before as well. Which child hasn’t done that at a age they shouldn’t. This however was a huge delight to their ears, I just didn’t know it at the time. To conclude the conversation, my parents let me know if there was ever anything else, I could just speak to them. Weeks go by and the only thing on my mind is boys and the crushes my bestie and I have. We would visit each other often as we didn’t stay to far from each other, we even attended the same primary school, we just weren’t friends then. Weekend however she stayed over at my place and we spoke about the usual gossip, latest fashion trends, and boys. We always ended up talking about boys and which ones we fancied, or at least thought was cute. This night however would be the start of my sexual upbringing. This night we spoke about our crushes and if we would ever kiss them. We spoke about how our first kiss would be, who we’d have it with, what they looked like naked. Then we grossed out. We spoke about porn as well and we got really quiet about that. Not too quiet however, because the Sunday evening after it was time to say today to my bestie, her name was Tiffany BTW, after I said goodbye, my mom sat me down again to “catch up on the talk”. This time however it was different. She had heard what Tiff and I had spoken about, the boys, the crushes, and the porn we had indulge in. My heart literally sank and all I remember was how embarrassed I was and I was apologizing all the time, however mom didn’t give me the reaction that I thought I’d get from her. She was actually excited to know I had been on porn sights and wanted to know what I was watching. She then explained to me how watching porn was natural at that age and it would help with discovering my body changes, especially things happening down there. She shared the type of porn she used to watch, she told me her first kiss was actually her bff and that they always practiced on each other whenever they could to get the prefect kiss for their crush. Later that night, mom had a word with dad, and till this day, I can only assume it was then discussing their future plans with their lil daughter. That Sunday night, before bed, my parents suggested that I openly watch porn whenever I feel like it, more so, whenever I feel the urges coming. For some reason this put me at ease cos I had no idea what those feelings were pushing to watch porn. They were thee sexual urges. Of course hearing this, I protested heavily against the idea, however mom explained that after the conversation we had earlier, it’ll be best for me for my self discovery.

From then on porn would become a regular thing for me. Mom and dad said to only watch it when I felt the urges, and that I could watch it in the space of anywhere in the house, outside of the house, as long as I be mindful of Marcus, my younger brother as they didn’t want him to be influenced by this at all. Luckily for me, he’s usually at school, and then daycare after school till dad gets home from work. Thereafter he’s pretty much a loner, spends all his time in his room, so this was perfect for me. I started watching more and more porn day by day, expanding my searches. Soon however, these urges became so overwhelming, that they weren’t even urges anymore, they were like a need. I spent almost every moment at home, at school, at night thinking about porn. When I was at school all I could think about was what I should watch next when I get home. I spoke to Tiff about this too, she was kinda weirded out but also kinda jealous that she didn’t get the same treatment from her parents. I spoke to mom about her coming over and also about the porm situation and mom said it’s fine if we watch out together. It even makes it better. So our days was mostly spent on homework, gossip, boys, and then porn, porn and some more porn. At one point this has become such a norm, that our weekends at my house was just strictly porn days. The other things we would do at her place whenever we have sleepovers there. This was incredible, it went on for about 3 of 4 months when finally I couldn’t handle this funny, giggly, warm, fuzzy sensation I kept feeling in my pussy everytime I watched porn. I needed to tend to it. And I did so by speaking to mom. He advice, you guessed it. Touch yourself down there. Get used to the feeling of it getting wet and feeling good. Mom then educated me on masturbation and why I had been having those funny feelings been my legs. It wants to be touched. So then, begins my journey of masturbating every single time I watched porn. Every time I put the video on, I was ravishing her down there. But it felt so weird. Like I didn’t know if I was doing it right. This made me scared and a lil embarrassed because, yes I speak to my mom about everything, but it felt so like she entrusted me with this task. I kinda didn’t wanna fail her. One day I just swallowed my pride and I told mom I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And I needed help because I wanna know what to do because it felt so good touching myself. Right there and then mom started stripping herself down til she was stark naked in front of me. She looked really hot. She then instructed me to do the same, however I was not too hasty about getting naked in front of mom. My body has been going through some changes and I haven’t been naked in front of mom in years. She finally put me at ease and started undressing me herself. Showing taking off each garment, till it was just me there standing in front of her in my bra and panties. Although I was still clothed, I felt so exposed. She finally removed my bra, slowly exposing my boobs, she took her time to admire them and after a moment, she y her hands around my waist, slithering up towards them, and then finally cupping each one in her hands. She then gave them a little massage and very lightly slid her fingers through my nipples. This movement sent chills down my spine, directly to my pussy. She then moved away from them and slowly moved her hands down the front of to the sides of my body and slowly peeled my panties off, watching it fall to the ground. She then moved her hands up and down my legs, sliding them from the back of my thighs up until she reached my ass. I froze in the enjoyment, I could feel my pussy getting wet by every touch. It felt so wrong because it’s mom, yet it felt so right because it felt good. Mom finally reached my ass cheeks and gave then both a few squeezes. Opening and closing them, not me realizing mom is also opening and closing my pussy hole. I couldn’t handle it anymore and I let out a light moan as mom caressed me. She then looked up at me and with a smile and said I was ready. I was never ready for what was about to come. Mom then told me to sit down opposite her and mom showed me all the important spots on the pussy and how to move your hand on it as well. Shortly after a few tries I was getting the hang of it. Mom then said to put it to the test and suggested we watch some porn together. I put on a regular I liked, however mom requested we watch something else. Since it was two on the coach together, mom suggested we watch lesbian porn. This caught me by surprise as I’ve never watched it before, nor have I considered myself gay enough to watch it. Mom laughed at my explanation however informed me it’s one of her favourite categories. Nevertheless, I did not protest and processed to watch lesbian sex with mom. She put on this porno where the step mom was Seducing the daughter, and it felt weird cos one, I’ve never watched porn that started with a story, so I was quite confused on when to start masturbating, and two, WHY THE HELL WAS MOM WATCHING LESBIAN SEX ABOUT A MOM AND DAUGHTER. I know I know, step mom and step daughter. But still, her inexperience daughter was right there next to her about to watch this strange porm to her. However I did not protest again and just followed mom’s steps. As soon as the seduction began, mom started playing with her pussy, making circular motions, moaning now and then. I started copying mom as best as I could. Mom then started playing with her exposed clit, which puzzled me as I could not access mine at all for some reason. I thought I wasn’t at age at the time, but Mom just said to relax and to get into the mood, something about I wasn’t horny or wet enough yet. Eventually it came close to the end of the porno and mom was shaking at this point until finally her whole body just jolted like electricity had just moved through her body. There I was trying to get that same sensation but I just wasn’t getting that feeling. I wanted to give up but mom said no, keep going. I noticed even the girls in the porn has the same shaking reaction mom had. So I continued to touch myself. I started feeling more good inside now, a feeling that I haven’t felt before. My legs felt like they were getting heavy, yet weak at the same time, and there was this build up of, I don’t know, some sort of pressure inside me that wanted to release. I could feel it building and building, mom plead me to continue staying i was almost there, but I was to scared. This feeling was something new. It felt like something was trying to escape my body, as if there was an invisible wall in my pussy I had built and it’s trying to break it down. I got so scared that I stopped just before the release could happen. I remember crying after that and just feeling veeeeeeeeery overwhelmed inside and out. Mom then hugged me and comforted me. Feeling her naked warm body on mine actually helped bring a lot of comfort and calmed me down. Mom educated me that what I was feeling was the build up to an orgasm and it’s what she and the pornstars had done. She described it as a magical feeling and boy, it is. Right there and then we both shocked as we heard a familiar voice from across the room. It was dad, and he has been standing in the doorway watching mom and I helping me practice touching myself. I felt so flustered and tried to cover myself up as much as possible. Mom however told me not to and to embrace my nudity. It’ll help my masturbate better, and would help to reach the orgasm. Dad definitely didn’t protest as he certainly enjoyed watching his two favorite girls touch themselves. It was evident by the huge bulge in his pants. I couldn’t help but notice it, and kept wondering to myself what it looked like. Mom saw this on the face and before anything could happen, she jumped up using whatever energy she had left and excused themselves to their bedroom. Mom had to go deal with a lil friend of hers as she put it. That moment, I stayed there naked on the couch and just listened to the echos of sex and moans coming from my parents room. For some reason, this really turned me on. More than what porn has ever. I couldn’t help but touch myself again. I needed the release. I spread my legs out as far as I could and started making circular motions down there. I was going at it so good that eventually, my lil friend popped out and decided she wants to play to. This was the first time I had experimented with my clit. It fell so amazing that, unbeknown to myself I was matching moms loud moans. I only realized how loud I was when I noticed they had stopped. However, I couldn’t stop myself this time. The pleasurable feeling I was getting from flicking my bean, it had completely taken control of my body. I could feel that build up again, I was determined to do it this time. I kept touching myself more and more, faster and faster, but to no avail. For some odd reason I just couldn’t orgasm.

I was 15 years old now and openly masturbating naked, anywhere in the house has become a norm for myself and mom occasionally. I had become more confident in my body and started being more naked at home, or wear less clothing than usual is necessary. I had gotten a lot better at masturbation and what works for me, however still had not reached that feeling of orgasmic relief. I stopped trying to reach that also and focused more on the journey instead. Weekends had also gotten a lot better as well. Tiff and I spend a lot of time masturbating and teaching each other new tricks. I had also introduced her to lesbian porn as well, which I can say has become one of my favorite categories, however we didn’t spend much time watching it as it made Tiff feel uncomfortable. Tiff also suggested that we watch more masturbation porn and learn from them to maybe help us reach our orgasm goal. Our lil OG. It didn’t help much but it kinda helped us control our pacing as well as moaning. After a while, I became more open with mom and dad and I started talking to them about boys and crushes at school and how I’m getting so much attention at school now cos of my assets and my confidence. They were somewhat proud of the attention I was getting. Their reaction was, almost as of they had won at something. However their tone got a lil serious when they warned me about predators that wants nothing but my body and would do anything to take it if they get the chance. Saturday came and it was a weekend without Tiff, and suddenly masturbating has become a bit dull. Mom and dad noticed this, and mom had questioned me about it, just curious as to know why I haven’t been so at it. I just explained to mom that it had become a bit dull. Yes it does feel amazing still but there was nothing else to it. I explained I still had not reached an orgasm and was starting to feel like it just wasn’t gonna happen. Mom and I then started speaking about ways that could help. I had suggested to maybe use sex toys like a vibrator or dildos that I’ve seen woman use in porn. Mom agreed to the vibrator however said no to the dildo as she mentioned, I have not had sex yet and have not however even entered anything in my body. My mom presented me however with a little vibrator called the bullet. It was as big as my mom’s middle finger. Mom then also recommended that I start fingering myself as a start for insertions in my pussy. I was dumbstruck. To even think about inserting anything inside me until I had actually lost my virginity and had sex with someone. But the curiosity got the better of me. So just then as my mom stayed and watched, I built myself up, playing with pussy, making it all wet before I entered myself. I stared with my middle finger as I thought this is the longest finger so it’d just make sense. That first push really hurt me. I tried a couple of more times but I kept feeling the pain more than the plessure. Mom guided me as best as she could until she just stopped me, and told me she’ll show my herself. This put me at ease because now I’ll at least have an up close idea about what to do. Mom however has other plans, out of this world other plans. Instead of getting stark naked, she peacefully left the room and came back with a bottle of lube. She then squirted some into the palm of her one hand then rubber her 2 fingers into it, lathering it up getting it nice and wet. Was she about to do what I think she’s gonna do. Mom then positioned me back on the coach with my legs spread and without a warning leaned her body into mine and slowly inserted her 2 fingers into my. For some reason this didn’t hurt but felt really pressurable. I froze in the spot and just felt mom’s fingers violate my insides. Mom then partially removed her fingers and immediately again inserted her fingers. She continued this motions from start till the end. And what a end it was. Mom kept her still clothed body pressed against mine and she then got into a rhyme and could tell I was going along with it. Mom started Whispering all kinds of things like “good girl”, “You’re doing so well baby”, “do you like mommy fingering your cute lil pussy”, “are you gonna be a good girl for mommy and let mommy touch you whenever she feels like it.” That last one I’ll forever remember as all I could feel was chills running down my body, inside and out. Mom then changed the rhythm a lil and started rubbing the roof of my insides, which I later learnt was my g-spot. This sent me over the edge. I could feel that warmth building up a lot faster and this time it felt like it finally ready to release. I could no longer control my body and kept trying to escape, but at the same time keep the feeling going. Every time I tried to pull away mom just kept going. I begged mom to start as it says too much, but mom kept at it, telling me to hold on just a bit longer for her. Telling me I should come for her. Mom kept yelling seductively “cum for me baby”, “yes come for mommy”. And at that very moment, it happened. It felt like my entire lower half had flooded. This huge gush of pressure just bursted out of me. No I didn’t squirt, it was my first orgasm, but it felt like a squirting sensation at the time. I was shaking uncontrollably, I had moaned the loudest that I ever had. After that I just remember feeling numb. My legs were still kinda shaking, and I could barely feel them. I looked at mom, trying to make sense of what the fuck just happened, she just the most seductive smile on her face, so sinister, yet filled with so much joy. She didn’t say anything, but bring her two fingers to her mouth and started locking up the remaining juices on them. THE SAME FUCKING FINGERS THAT WAS JUST INSIDE HER OWN DAUGHTER. WHAT THE FUCK MOM was all I could think at the time. I watched her suck on her fingers just for a sec before she finished and asked if I were okay. I’m not sure what my answer was but I could barely speak. Not only due to the tremendous feeling from the orgasm but also witnessing my mom tasting myself on her. I just didn’t know what to make of it. Something changed in me as I saw that. Like I finally saw mom in a different light. And the fucked up thing about it, I actually liked it. I liked her licking me up on her fingers. It made me wet again. Mom then immediately comforted me and congratulated me on my first orgasm. Our relationship had grown even stronger from then.

From that day on, I had started masturbating more often, taught myself different fingering styles. Mom and I would even masturbate together more often. More and more however I could feel her getting more and more closer to me each time. Physically closer. As if this wasn’t enough, and she only wanted more. But what’s a story for another time.

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By Annastasia #Group #Incest #Lesbian #Teen