Being Neighborly Pt. 03

tagGroup SexBeing Neighborly Pt. 03

The story of two neighbors and their friendship. There are scenes of one-on-one romantic sex (MF), group sex and bisexual sex (MM and FF). If this is not your thing, move on. Otherwise, enjoy, comment and vote.
I woke the next morning and quietly slipped out of bed. I ventured into the kitchen and made a big pot of coffee. When I went into the bedroom, Sam was rousing. "How do you like your coffee?"
"Milk and two sugars, babe." I prepared her coffee and returned to the bedroom where we quietly sipped. "What a mess we made. I have to strip this bed." She got up, placed the linens in the washing machine and turned it on. "Take a shower with me?"
We showered and tenderly scrubbed each other. No sex, no talking but it was sensual nonetheless. After, we dried off and sat in the living room to drink more coffee. "So, let's talk more about yesterday, it's been on my mind. I want to work this out," she said. "I liked the sex but only for a while. Then I got a funny vibe and signaled you that it was time to leave. What was going on there? And tell me about what triggered you about East Hampton?"
"I don't know exactly but I do know that they were liars. Look, I lived in East Hampton for over forty years so I knew the place and most of the residents. It's a small town and a very wealthy one with artists, celebrities, writers and every now and then a scam artist. First off, they described where they lived in East Hampton and it was all wrong. I threw in some streets and locations that were nowhere near where they said the lived. The street that they claimed to live on was in one of the glitzier sections of town with houses going from five million to fifty million. It was in the western part of East Hampton, too. So I knew that they were making it up when they changed the subject quickly. They were poseurs or scammers."
"I knew that you had caught him in a lie. And I agree about the so-called inexperience. I call bullshit. But, to tell you the truth, I really didn't care at that moment. I was about to go down on her and I really wanted the experience. I wanted to taste her and I did. I'm proud of myself. Let me ask you something, do you prefer a penis or a vagina?"
"Oh, definitely a vagina but occasionally, I do like to suck and swallow cock. It feels good in my mouth. Don't you agree about how that feels?"
"Oh, I do. I was never really into oral though. Harold was smaller than you and wasn't a very creative lover. Neither was I, for that matter. Do you know how long I wanted to discover why men like to go down on women? And now, I learned why – because it is delicious and empowering and exciting and…"
"Good for you. And I saw how you really got into it and enjoyed it. I could tell how much you really liked it. I should tell you that every vagina is different; the way they feel, the way they smell and the texture. Vicky had a beautiful pussy for you to have your first taste. But we don't have to see them again. You know, after we left, I had the weirdest vibe about them. I wondered what they were really doing down here. I thought that maybe they were embedded Russian spies observing the Navy Base."
"You're letting your imagination run away. Do not give them any more thought. Now, let's talk about us and this incredible sex we are having. Did you sleep well?"
"Indeed, I did. I haven't slept like that in a very long time. I don't think I got up in the middle of the night to pee. I was out."
"So was I…and very contented. Why do you think our sex is so good?"
"For one thing, we are having sex with our minds and not thinking of how our bodies react, they just do. It is a natural response. I call this 'gourmet sex.' That is when you transcend the mundane and experience a totality, completely submitting to creating something shared. Last night, in your bed, was exceptional, gourmet sex."
"Gourmet sex. I like that. It was completely different from anything I have ever felt and it was awesome. I didn't even know that my vagina could do tricks like that. When I was married to Harold, we never had sex like that. Never, not even in the beginning of our relationship. To be honest, I never knew any better. Sex was sex. Close your eyes and do it. Last night, you moved me up a few pegs. Thank you."
"When I was married, I didn't know any better either. My wife laid on her back, spread her legs and I simply waited on her and served her pleasure. Fortunately, for me, after my divorce I met people who taught me how good sex can be. Last night was an illustration. Sexually, we click."
"Oh, that is the truth, Ray. I'll follow you anywhere if I can feel that again."
"Now don't place any pressure on yourself. This is not a performance test. If you just let yourself flow, and you stay in the moment, you can have a satisfying encounter. And, probably the most important aspect is that there is trust between us, and that is true, there does seems to be trust."
"Oh, yeah. I felt that, too. I trust you. We're on the same side."
I left a little while later and started my workday at my computer. She drove off to tend to errands. I thought about her a lot. It occurred to me that she was no longer annoying. Apparently, it was nerves that made her jabber so much and now that her nerves had eased, she settled down. Over the next few weeks, we had stumbled into an easy relationship despite the coronavirus lockdown. We had great sex a few times a week, we had trust and honesty and we reveled in our comfort. We explored Sam's curiosity over many aspects of sex. For example, one night, Sam asked me to explore her ass. Well lubricated, she sat down on my cock and managed to get it in a few inches. However, it hurt her and we stopped. I figured that there would be more opportunities to come.
Sam spent her days on the computer. She was searching for a waterfront condominium to move into and was busy checking different ones out online. Some looked promising but walk-throughs were put on hold during the pandemic. It seemed that life outside had not progressed. Although the government was trying to restart the economy by reopening businesses, the doctors were telling us to stay quarantined, that the virus had yet to peak. Whom are you supposed to believe? We stayed indoors and went masked on the few times we went outside. Everyone was wearing masks and many wore gloves, too. Several of my neighbors went through the hospital experience and survived. A few did not. I lost some people with whom I had been close. This was a motherfucker. We stayed inside mostly.
On one boring day, I was feeling ambitious so I called Sam and asked her if she would like a creole-cajun meal that night. Most of the day, I spent preparing. The red beans had set in water overnight. The shrimp marinated for a few hours. The house smelled like a bayou town. I'd been listening to Louisiana music all day and so the mood was set. I even went out and picked up some Abita Beer.
When she walked in, I held two bottles of beer and a few strands of beads. "Hey lady, show me your tits!" I yelled. In the best Bourbon Street tradition, she lifted up her shirt and shook her tits. I threw the beads and handed her a beer. Our little party had started. "Laissez les bon temps roulez!". A Buckwheat Zydeco record played and it made for an instant party.
"What are we celebrating? Mardi Gras?"
"No. Today is usually the second weekend of Jazzfest but this year, it was cancelled. So, in the spirit of New Orleans and Jazzfest, let's party."
"I've never been to New Orleans. Is it a cool place?"
"During Jazzfest is the best. The weather is perfect, the music is sublime, the food is unbelievable and the sex is explosive. Is it a cool place. Very." We clinked bottles. "Bottoms up. Are you ready for some fine dining, Madame?"
"Mais oui, monsieur."
I served up some blackened shrimp in a raspberry aioli with it's tail stuck in a piece of cornbread, not a lot, just enough to turn on the taste buds. "Wow, this is delicious."
"In New Orleans, they call this a lagniappe, a little taste, a little extra to make your mouth water."
Next was red beans and rice with andouille sausage. "You know, this was Louis Armstrong's favorite mean. He used to sign autographs with 'Red Beans and Ricely Yours, Louis Armstrong.' Here's to Louis, Dig in."
It was a major yum. While The Neville Brothers were wailing, we scarfed it up.
"Fabulous, Ray. Where's you learn to cook like this?"
"Ah, it's a long story but it involved close friends in New Orleans. I love to cook creole and cajun. The sweet and the hot, the textures, this food is alive. And now for dessert, some store bought bread pudding, slightly modified by the chef, and a cup of coffee."
We were both satisfied with the meal and I especially liked how we cleaned the plates. However, as meals like this go, I was ready to play some New Orleans jazz, that is, I was ready to toot ass trumpet. "Now, I think we should go for a walk before I have to fumigate this apartment."
"I hear that!"
As we walked and farted, she told me about her dating profile. "Most of my responses are pictures of penises, lots of penises in every color of the rainbow. As if that is the guy's sole attraction. Well, I have to say that it doesn't work for me. They're fun to look at but they don't attract me to the person connected to it. Seen one picture, seen them all. Very few seem sincere. I've also received a few from women. Two stood out to me but for different reasons."
"How so?"
"Well, mainly I felt an honesty in the note. If that comes through, I look twice. One was from a married black woman in a loveless marriage. She had a spectacular body; she was like a sexual playground. I am telling you, she was hot, she turned me on big time. She wrote me this long letter telling me her story and pleading with me to have sex with her. Her letter touched me but I turned her down. Don't worry, I was very gentle. I turned her down for at least a number of reasons. First, I said I wouldn't meet with a married person unless the mate was good with it and I got their okay. I don't need the grief. Another reason was that I got this vibe that I couldn't place. The fact that she was pleading with me turned me off. And why is such a beautiful woman pleading with me? She seemed too needy, if you know what I mean. I mean me, of all the naked women on the site. The whole dynamic was potentially too…too…"
"…lethal, if you ask me. I think it's good that your defense mechanism alerted you. It sounds like it may be a scam of some kind. When someone begs…it's not a good sign. It's good that you passed."
"Her letter seemed so honest, I felt bad. But the more I thought about it, it smelled. And you should excuse yourself when you rip a smelly one. Or warn me so I can run upwind."
"Sorry," I said ruefully. "Tell me about the other one."
"Now, she turned me on, too, but for a whole different set of reasons. She's young, nineteen. She's in college full time, pre-med. She's gorgeous – looks a little like me, ha ha – no, not really. She asked first that we meet and talk face-to-face first. She told me that she's never been with a woman but she has thought and dreamed about it since she was twelve. She said that while she likes and dates men and has had sex several times, she doesn't cum. She fakes it. She only cums when she masturbates. That saddened me and I felt for her. I wrote her asking where she would like to meet. I haven't heard back yet. What do you think?"
"Hear her out. It's good that you are meeting mask-to-mask. You'll be able to more accurately appraise her. Don't be afraid that if you sense bullshit, you will fall for it. But be open-minded. It could be a great meet."
"It's so very appealing. Younger woman, older woman, exploring together. The last time, with Don and Vicky, it was like going on a ride. It was fun but this time, I want to take my time. I want to explore."
"Sounds like a plan. Mind if I jerk off watching you?"
"Only if you do that in my mouth. You know, an after-dinner cocktail after such a fabulous meal…"
"Thank you, m'dear." Our circumnabulation of the neighborhood was complete and fortunately, I think our gas tanks were empty. I sat on the couch and burned a bowl. Sam went over to the computer and punched up the dating site. She logged in and waved me over.
I pulled up a chair and checked out the screen as she checked her email and successively deleted all the penis pix. "A lot of nice cocks, don't you think?"
"Yeah, you should make a calendar."
"Oh, here's a reply. Her name is Merrilee…'Samantha, Thank you for agreeing to meet me. My name is Merrilee and never shortened to Merry. Can you meet me at the Cafe In The Park by the university? How is Thursday at 2:00 after my classes end? "
" Okay, I will." She typed in her reply. "Here, look at her pictures." She went to Merrilee's photo section. There were four clothed pictures, all selfies or mirror images.
"She's very pretty. I see no similarity…taller than you, same curly black hair but she doesn't have that twinkle in her eyes. She looks a bit frightened, like a deer in the headlights."
"Okay, what do you think of these?" She clicked a private gallery and there was Merrilee in several different bra and panty shots, in a couple of teensy bikinis and then several total nudes taken in a mirror. Her body was nearly perfect. She had perfect breasts with a pair of perky nipples pointing up, a nice flat stomach, a nice bubble butt and the sweetest looking vulva with a curly black landing strip. The last picture had a close up of her sitting on a bed with her thighs spread. Her pink labia and her little pearl looked so delectible.
"Those are some nice pictures. I can see why she makes you hot."
"I wish tomorrow was Thursday."
"I bet. Move over, let me check if I got any email." I logged out and logged back in. I had a few emails. Only one was of interest. It was from the husband of a couple that I see about twice a year. They are snowbirds. In their email, they said that they would be down in a couple of months. Would I have any time to play?
"Do you?"
"You bet I do. These two are awesome."
"Is there any room for me?"
"Oh yes. I'm sure of that. I'm looking forward to seeing them. We'll have a great time, I promise you. Now, what would you like to do."
"Do you want to watch some porn and get friendly?"
"That works." I loaded up a bi movie with two couples and pressed play. Sam slid up next to me on the couch. For about fifteen minutes, we watched as the two couples got friendly and then hard core. When one guy got up and sat on the other guys cock, and then a blond with huge knockers sat on the second guys cock and then another blond knelt in front of this combination and began to lick all the genitals in front of her, Sam popped the button on her shorts and reached in. I could smell her wafting from her shorts. I was nice and hard under my shorts so I popped a button and unzipped, letting my cock loose. I reached over and began to caress one of her boobs, with a focus on her taut nipple.
"I need you in me." She got up, dropped her shorts, pulled down her lacy pink panties and sat down upon me like in the movie. I held her lovely bubble butt in front of me and lifted her up and down. One of her hands was diddling her clit. My hand went under her tee shirt squeezing her tit. She moaned. We stayed in this position for about ten minutes until she began to squeeze my dick and furiously rub her cunt. Quietly, she came in a rush, juice washing my crotch. She got off me. I was closing in on my orgasm as I rapidly fisted my cock. "I like to watch you jerk off. Cum on my face. Cum all over me." I jacked like a madman until I felt my cum rising up through my shank. I aimed at her face and open mouth as surface-to-air missiles coated her cheeks, her eyes, her nose and yes, several bursts into her mouth. As soon as I was done, I lifted her to my lap and began to lick the cum off her face and share it with her. These snowballs passed between our tongues. She began to kiss me with fervor and emotion. This prompted another small orgasm, a release and then it was over with her resting on my chest.
"I feel so dirty now. I feel wicked and satisfied. When you started licking my face full of cum, I lost it. It was so nasty. It was nice…so nice."
Later, we took a shower. She said, "I want you to make me cum again. This time, I want it the old-fashioned way, missionary." I serve to please.
We stretched out on my bed and began to get frisky right away. "No foreplay. Just fuck me."
"Alright, but let's kiss. I'm crazy about the way we kiss." I crawled on top of her and let her frot me. Sliding my dick up her slit lubricated it well. I placed the head by her entrance and she immediately drew her knees up her body. In no rush, I slid in. I began to slide up and back. My cock banged against her pushing me deeper. She drew her knees further up and hooked her legs over my shoulders. My balls slapping against her taint and the way her pussy pulled me in and held me there was feral. Each time I hit bottom, she let out a sound somewhere between a moan, a sigh and an "oomph." It was that kind of hard fuck. She began to push and grip rapidly. Her legs around my neck, her arms around me chest, our tongues sensually doing the tango; her wild need made me pump just as rapidly. So much for the missionary position. I guess Sam was throwing caution to the winds.
"Ah, ah, ah…yeah, that, do that, don't stop…Ah, ah, oomph…I'm close. I couldn't hold back. Involuntarily, my helmet began to spurt huge globs of cum. It must have lasted half a minute or more. She followed. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," repeated in quick succession. She pushed her ass up, her legs disengaged from my neck as she pounded her ass up and down until she groaned. I felt her fluttering kegel around my shaft followed by her flood, a squirting one at that. I felt the sheets soaking up her nectar. She sagged, sighed and fell flat. We could not be more tightly connected. We lay like that until I was completely limp, sliding out of her drawing more of her wet cum into a pool on the bed.
"I think you're going to have to change the sheets."
"No, I think I'll just let it dry. That way, when I'm in bed, I can smell you. I'll probably have a nocturnal emission."
"I really came, didn't I?"
"I think you squirted."
"Yes, I think so. It felt like I was peeing. That was a good fuck."
"When have they not been?"
"No, I mean, this one was different. Unique. And very satisfying."
"So, when have they not been?"
She giggled. "Oh, you know what I mean. But aren't you forgetting something?"
"Aren't you going to clean me up? I'm going to clean you."
I pulled her over to a dry area of the bed and swiveled around. I was on the bottom. Her pussy was covered in our secretions. Very gently, I began to lick, swallow cum, and soak my face in her mound. Just as gently, she began to lightly lick my head, pushing the tip of her tongue in my piss slit. This was a leisurely and delightfully loving sixty-nine.
"Wow. Do we have this fucking thing down or what?" She said this as if it was a matter of fact.
"I think you're right but we could still come up with a million variations. Viva la variations."
She giggled. "Alright, now I'm uncomfortable in these wet sheets."
"Hold on." I went into the bathroom and turned on the water in the bathtub. I sprinkled some Mr. Bubbles that I had for my grandchildren's visits. I went back to the bedroom and lifted her, my arms under her thighs and back. I carried her into the tub and set her down in the warm bubbles. "How's that?"
She had a huge smile and she lay back. In a quiet voice, just above a whisper, she said, "Divine. You're the best." I left her to luxuriate and went to make some coffee. About ten minutes later, I heard the water going down the drain. I went back into the bathroom and wrapped her in a large towel/bath mat. I started to dry her off, interrupted by the occasional kiss. My boner popped up and pushed into her hip. She pushed me away and dried herself. "Take a cold shower and let that thing rest." I was horny again but also a little cock sore, so the shower was welcome.

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