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Hi to all my Lovely ladies & hot girls in Bengaluru.

Coming to this story, After few weeks of writing my previous story here, I got an opportunity to meet one young lady out of Bengaluru, aged 29years, single.

Our texting started this way:

She: Nice story, looking forward to read more from you.

Me: Thank you, I am glad you liked it. Surely ill let you know about my next story very shortly.

She: Great. I will be waiting.

Me: Sure. I will share it with you first as and when its completed.

She: Really waiting.

Me: So, are you from Bangalore.?

She: Yes.

Me: Nice, I stay In Koramangala. Here since childhood.

She: cool. how old are u?

Me: Im 26. How about u? Just to be sure of not imagining a really old lady 😀

She: Not to worry, I don’t belong to that group of ladies.

Me: wow then.. okay let me guess.. 34?

She: The number is right, but thats my hip size 😉 😀

I was now in my imagination world thinking about that hot sexy ass, those lovely curves.. Then I started texting her more often everyday and went on for 4 days with casual talks and general topics being discussed. On a Thursday night, while chatting with her, out of curiosity asked her if she was really from Bangalore & would be interested to meet if she is okay.

She: Let me decide shortly, don’t be in a hurry.

Me: Okay lady, as you say.

She: So, what do you think about my age? 😉

Me: in your 30’s may be. U tell me, I have been thinking about you as young married lady with a hot ass.

She: Are you into married women?

Me: oh, I love them. They are more experienced 😉

Me: Are you married too?

She: 29, single

This was like a sweet good news for me hearing from her that she is just 29 and single. I was more excited to text her now and was very eagerly waiting to meet her soon. The next day, friday evening got a text asking about weekend plans:

She: heyo, weekend plans?

Me: Nothing much, hopefully I get to meet this hottie 😉

She: haha, just meeting? 😉

Me: As you say my lady. We can make it a special weekend 😉

She: hmmm, let me think about it boy.

I was just wondering if she says yes, then how nice it would be. And I was waiting for her confirmation. Sat afternoon got a text again from her asking where am I..

Me: At home right now. Ssup?

She; come home 😉 9PM.

Me: oh wow.

Then we exchanged our numbers and i got ready to go to her place. Left my home around 8pm, as the place was some where close by and its around 7kms. On the way, picked up some nice chocolates for her as I was meeting her for the very first time. I reached her place around 8:40Pm, and was waiting outside only till 9PM. Sharp 9, gave her a ring and told im outside.

It was a flat in some good apartments and was at security waiting for her to inform the security guy to let me in. Then I reached her flat and rang the door bell. She asked me to come in as the door was kept open. I went inside and was surprised to see this really hot lady wearing a casual top & jeans sitting on couch. She is tall may be 5’7″ , hot figure maintained herself well, little long hair tied up, and she walked to me as I entered. I shook hands with her and gave her the chocolates i got.

She was smiling and thanked me for those. We sat together and spoke for a while and was telling her how much I was waiting to meet her and I was lucky today. After a while, we could not resist more, there was silence in the house, not knowing how to proceed, we were looking at each other.

I broke the silence and asked her if she was a regular reader of iss, what she liked the most, etc etc and we were now discussing more things related to sex. This was working on both of us and was turning on the heat in us. We were now sitting close to each other often touching her hands, brushing my leg on hers, our shoulders were often kissing.

We were now quite comfortable with each other, holding hands, looking at each others lips more often, smiling at each other.. I made my move by kissing her hand and slowly shifted towards her lips to which she did not resist. I continued kissing her face, cheeks, lips, forehead very gently. She let me kiss her and was responding to my kisses. I was now kissing her lips more and was trying to push my tongue inside her.

we started smooching and were kissing more passionately, our eyes closed, holding her face and was deeply kissing her lips.. I was trying to bite her lower lip and often push my tongue insider her thing to play with her tongue. We were too involved in kissing and now I moved my hands towards her waist holding her firmly and pulling her more close towards me….

I could feel her boobs rubbing over my chest and was making me more crazy. I hugged her tightly squeezing her in my arms, feeling her hot body completely over me and was kissing her all over her face.. I could see her enjoying and was responding well to my kisses.

We moved to the sofa and I made her ly down and i was over her kissing her lips and neck line. She was too aroused for this and was pushing my head towards her neck asking me kiss more. I could feel her finger between my hairs asking me kiss her more. I continued kissing her more n more passionately, lips, cheeks, neck, ears..which was making her go crazy.

I was now rubbing my hands all over her body over her top trying to feel her body completely. I was trying to squeeze her boobs over the top and pressing her hips too often. We were now fully turned on and wanted to take it more further.

In my next part, I will tell you how we had the most erotic foreplay, sex, fucking her boobs, massage, and more.