Best Friend’s Wife – Part I | English Sex Stories

We are friends since college and time flies like anything. I could not believe that its already 20 years since we met first time in our +2. Well, he is Samir and we were buddy since our college time. We were into friendship like two person one heart. We used to share everything and like other teen age people, we mostly used to discuss about sex and politics in our college. Because of our Indian tradition or you can say it as a cultural impact.
We hardly get any chance to mix up with girls especially in all small towns in our country. Frustration and helplessness were killing our high urge to have sex and at same time we were so excited all the time about fucking and sex gossip about any girl. We just wanted to lose our virginity even we used to masturbate by thinking fucking girls of our class and senior girls. Watching porn was the best way to masturbate when we passed our graduation.
I came out of my city for higher studies and in a year or two my best friend Samir got married and was into business for living. We were meeting often whenever I was in my native city on my vacation and we usually have great time together with lots of fun but he was not in that comfort zone after his marriage to share all the good times he was having with his wife. Good part in his part that he was also so open to say that he is not going to say all those cock raising incident between him and his wife because.
I might have fantasized her wife and stroked my cock by thinking her pussy and boobs. Let me be frank, he was 100{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} correct, his wife Sunita is a sex bomb with a height of 5’2 Chiselled face slim trim fare and big round ass which can erect any cock her 32 size boobs are so irresistible to grab them and fondle like anything. I was gone mad by thinking how Samir had fucked her in their first night. She was the only lady that time.
I could have fantasized about because she was the wife of my best friend and he was fucking her day and night for me it was like I was fucking her as we are best friends and I have never insisted him to talk about their personal times and have never taken any advantage to know those erotic time they shared after 4 years of his marriage I too got married and all of sudden we started discussing our sex life also and it was because we both feel free as
We both are married now and there is nothing as secret. I am living in a metro because of my job. My wife is also working in a MNC and I must say, she is damn hot and sexy and behaves like a slut in bed. She never quit till she gets an orgasm. She never hesitates to experiment new kinky things in bed and I can proudly say that the quality of sex we have each day has turned me into a good fucker in due course of time.
Most of the time we talk about different things and ultimately at the end we share our sex life in phone as we live in different place but whenever I visit to my native and we two friends meet each other in our Addas after 2/3 pegs of alcohol we come to our much awaited topic sex while discussing about our sex life.
I can see the lust in Samir’s eyes for my wife and that make him more frank to be open up about their sex life from his narration of his sex life and I come to know that his wife Sunita looks like shy and innocent but in reality she is a lioness in bed and so much horny and very much demanding when we started sharing our sexual move and wife’s reactions to these and the position we fuck each day.
I found it is more exciting and erotic and even I started thinking that we four are fucking in same bed in the mean time I have developed a high urge to give a merciless fuck to Sunita and ultimately I always burst it out in my wife’s pussy even I started sharing these things with my wife while fucking in a side to side position, though she always thinks that I must be whispering this just to fantasize in bed and make our sex life more spice up.
She also takes part in it and expresses her urges to have a steamy threesome with Sunita and believe me; we always have huge orgasm each and every day by thinking and talking these sex positions 2 years passed away. We usually visit our native in 4/6 months interval for several days and we both families visit each other’s and I noticed some changes in Sunita’s behaviour for me after my marriage.
I can say from the day we two friends started share each other’s sex life. She has started given me some extra notice all the time and always tried to be close to my body while talking eating and roaming around though it looks very casual to others/outside but being a man I can feel the closeness opposite sex. I can feel the hotness and the burnings in her behaviour.
I know her since last 6 years for my wife, it was all new so she was ignorant about all these things and she has built up an idea that these things are very natural in Sunita’s part. I think, Samir must have been discussing our sex life with his wife like me and that must have given the kick to Sunita’s urge to be fucked wildly or she is more eroticized by seeing both of us and must be fantasizing our sex life and have got wetness in her pussy.