Best laid plans are apt to go a stray. | straight story from The Planner

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I had my whole life planned out and it came crashing down when the woman I wanted to be my wife, came out as a lesbian and married a woman. I was 17 at the time and she was 23 and going to university and we had never dated, and we had known each other all of my life. I got a huge crush on her, when I became sexually aware of females. She was my perfect woman, and she knew nothing of my desires or my plans for our future, which was all in my imagination. Stunned at the outcome of my ideal perfect future, I became reclusive and withdrawn. But it only lasted 3 years and I was at university and saw my next perfect woman 25. My imagination started up again and it was soon dashed again, as she got married straight after graduating. I thought I wouldn’t ever find my perfect woman again, but I did within 8 months I was fixated on another woman. She at least was the same age as me and doing the same courses as me. I tried to get with her whenever I could and succeeded in not only dating her. But bedding her as well, I was delighted by my success. But she wasn’t as she and I were drunk, and I took advantage, and she wasn’t on any precautions, and I took done either. She feared getting pregnant and she was on a church scholarship, and it would be revoked on her getting pregnant. I’m self-funded due to trust fund and wealthy parents, my girlfriend only had her mother, and they were relying on the scholarship. I wasn’t worried as I known women in my family trying for years to get pregnant and thought not likely she would get pregnant. I very good at predicting the future and she got pregnant. But on her first missing her period I decided to act not wait as was my plan to marry her after we graduated. I asked her to marry me, and she was somewhat shocked. But it was a way to keep her scholarship going, the church couldn’t say she had loose morals if she was married and pregnant. I was batting a thousand they revoked her scholarship, but as they looked most likely to do that. I took over by paying my now wife’s tuition out of my trust fund and she of course had moved in with me on the family estate along with her mother, who my parents hired to assist the old housekeeper. On retirement of the housekeeper 3 years later due ill health, my mother-in-law became the housekeeper and my mother’s close friend. My father says they gang up on him to get their way, which amuses the family. My wife and I have 4 children now and good careers working together for my father, still live on the family estate and the children was watched by their grandmothers. My mother-in-law isn’t called or referred to as the housekeeper by the family. She does the job and gets paid but is part of the family and respected as such.

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