The Best Tuition Teacher

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Hey, guys, this is dabbu again from Mumbai. This story is my fantasy to which I have jerked off several times and now it’s your turn to put your hands in your pants and wiggle. So all the guys your hands on your penis and girls your fingers rubbing that clit.

When I was 18 I was doing BMS and it had an accountancy subject which was difficult for me. So I had to undergo tuitions. So here comes the busty woman of the story, I started going to a tuition teacher for that subject her name was Deepika, age 49, very busty and not too fit. She was known for how strict she was. I started going to her tuitions and it was group tuitions so there were other students from other colleges and schools and they were mostly girls who were hot as fuck. Many used to wear shorts, I used to try and have at the peak in the gaps of the shorts. Some used to wear skirts and again I used to try and peak. While I was at all this mischief my ma’am caught me and I saw her looking at me.

I got nervous and didn’t know what to do so I acted normal still I knew she had caught me. At that age, I had started masturbating and sitting around such hot women anyone could guess the number of times I could give my penis a shag. So I used to take a lot of washroom breaks. I used to go there jerk give my penis some jerk and come back but that day was the luckiest day of my life. As soon as I entered the washroom I so my busty teachers undergarments, they were blue in color and had wet patches on them.

I caught hold of one of them a started licking those patches ohh…god the taste was just mesmerizing. I came out of the washroom and because I had jerked my pants had wet patches near my penis area and it was visible. My ma’am saw it and gave me a cunning look. I went sat down on the sofa and started studying again. Time passed, students started leaving. It came down to just me and my ma’am alone in the whole house. Ma’am was very tired and so she asked me to learn all the rules and byheart them while she takes a power nap as she her whole body was aching. She slept on her stomach on another sofa next to me. I could see her big arse and she didn’t wear anything under it as she was wearing a nighty.

I don’t know what happened I just pulled my zipper down pulled out my penis and started giving it a jerk. After a while, suddenly ma’am woke up and asked me if I could just sit on her legs so she could get a massage there. I was very lucky as she didn’t see my jerking off and I agreed to sit on the calf muscles of her legs. I like a smart chap sat in between her legs near her thighs as if I was fucking her doggy style and ma’am didn’t know my intentions and nor did I know her. 10mins passed ma’am slept as she was snoring and I tried touching her arse to which I didn’t get any reaction which is why I thought she slept.

I had a rock hard penis and was in a position where I was virtually fucking her and so I couldn’t stop myself and started pressing my dick on her arse from behind. I did that for a minute and thought ma’am didn’t know what was happening as she was asleep but suddenly ma’am woke up and she was angry af. “How dare you do such an act with me ?”, “Don’t you have any manners you pervert how dare you to touch me without my permission ?”. I was bombarded with all such questions and I didn’t know what to do. Ma’am said, “you will have to pay for this I’ll call your parents right away”. As soon as I heard that I caught hold of ma’ams feet and started asking her for mercy and started apologizing. “Ma’am please don’t tell anyone I’ll do anything for you I’ll ask Mom to increase your fees, I’ll do anything if u don’t tell them.

As soon as I said that ma’am said: “Now you are talking business, I have conditions to which you have to agree only then I’ll not tell them”. I asked her what they were ?. To which she replied “Number 1 you will ask your mom to increase my fee by 5k every month” to which I agreed. “Number 2 you will be my personal servant and do whatever I want”, to which I asked her as in ?. She replied you were very horny na now u will work as a jiglo for me and fuck all the ladies I ask you to fuck for which they will pay me as I’m hungry for money. I got scared what is going to happen. She said “first I’ll take your test and see how much you know” as soon as she said this she removed my pants and took that dick in her mouth. Ohh, Lord ! That feeling someone doing that for the first time and that too so dry and rough. After 4-5mins she removed her nighty and the sight I saw big round melons looked so soft but I couldn’t touch as I wasn’t given the permission.

Her pussy was not so beautiful as it had hair, it was black and leaking. As soon as she removed her nighty just pulled me down and sat on my mouth forcing to suck her pussy and the taste was just maddening my tongue was exploring all the corners of her pussy sucked all the juices and she was not moaning but she was shouting that was how I sucked it. After 8-9mins she came on my mouth and it was dripping from my face. She took a min break sat beside me and ask me to lick her asshole. I happily started licking it but she wasn’t satisfied and so she pushed me on the sofa and sat on my dick and started riding it. Her boobs were bouncing on my face and I was on cloud 9 she didn’t even ask me to wear a condom as she was 49 and she didn’t have any pregnancy problem as she had already blocked those ways via an operation. She was riding me for 3-4mins and I came. Even after that, she continued and the cum made throbbing sound when her body hit mine.

She slowed her pace down and stopped after a time. She slept beside me and smiled like a villain and said “this is just the beginning I’m going to make a lot of money out of you and you are going to fuck a lot of ladies and the first one would be my very own sister”, I didn’t know how to react but had fun in that encounter.

So that was my story and I’ll repeat it was just an old fantasy. If any woman and when I say the woman I mean it guys please stay away and woman who wants to have a sexual relationship which would be private can mail me at [email protected] Please do mail me, ladies, we can do a lot of things and remember age is just a number.