Best Way To Loose Virginity

Hello N8story readers and this is Heat101 name hidden from Pune here with my true story how I lost my virginity to firungi girls in Germany. It’s a long read but I hope you find it interesting. First about myself and I am an Engineer and went to Germany for Studies and I was 18 years old when this incident happened since I was young and I was a very horny guy and could not stop thinking about sex when I was alone.

I grew up mostly alone because of studies and enjoyed company many Didi’s and Aunties and always had an eye for catching glimpses of cleavages and pubic hair every now and then and I even got to touch a didi’s boobs and chut but could not do real sex till I went to Germany for studies now the actual story. I was new in Bonn and went for a stroll in the night as I wanted to see the place where I just came to live for years to come.
Just near my university there was a small shop which sold household items and beer. I saw two beautiful girls drinking on a table and noticed one of them looking at me invitingly. I went near them and sat there waiting for more definite signs of interest. One of them came near me and said hi in German. I did not understand German back then and she understood that and asked me if I speak English and I said of course.
I do and we started chatting and the other girl also joined us and while talking I came to know that they were bisexuals as looking for Marijuana. I heard about a place nearby where some person sells it so I told I think we can get it there great she replied and we started walking first Girl was Mika and other one was Anna and Mika was more straight forward than Anna and she agreed to go in the shop and ask for Marijuana.
She went in and came out with a small plastic bag Anna was delighted then Mika said we live in a hostel and can’t smoke there and I while talking to them already told them that I rented an apartment near my University Mika proposed we go to my apartment and smoke it there and I agreed readily and now I knew what was going to happen while going Anna said something to Mika in German and Mika gave her a naughty smile and I asked what she said and Mika said nothing. 
I asked her again come on tell me what did she say to you and Mika finally told me that Anna was wondering if I am a Virgin and I guess being an Indian they knew we don’t get much action in India on top of it and they noticed my bulge in my pants and I said,” Yes I am a Virgin and Mika said today might be your lucky day then and I said I hope so! We reached my apartment and it was warm and comfy and municipality supplied heating system was working fine and it was relief from the cold snow outside.
We got comfortable inside and started smoking the pot and it was new experience for me and half way in middle of our smoking session and Mika kissed me and my never imagined my first kiss would be from a hot firungi girl it was heavenly then she placed her hand my throbbing cock over the pants and said She can’t wait to have it then Mika and Anna started kissing passionately and my I placed my hand on Anna’s Thighs and started going up to her pubic area.
Anna was in a mini skirt and my hand was already feeling her wet pussy from out of her panty. Mika then started caressing Anna’s breasts and Anna removed her tee and freed her breasts from her bra Anna’s breasts were perfect size with pink areolas and Mika also removed her top and bra and I got sight of her boobs which were smaller than Anna’s but perkier Mika asked me to removed my clothes and I did so in a flash.
I was always proud of my 7 ” thick dick and even though it was pretty average compared to German dick size I heard they are massive but Anna took hold my cock and started giving me a hand job her motions increased in frequency I spurted my hot cum all over her chest Mika took some napkins and wiped them. Mika said well that you blew your load now you’ll last longer second time.
Anna started massaging my dick and seeing the lust on Mika’s face my dick became hard again and started throbbing Anna spread her legs and said something in German which I later came to know meant get it inside me now and I pulled her waist near my cock and inserted my dick inside her pussy and it was so juicy wet and my dick inserted further in.
Mika stood up and went near Anna’s face bent so that her pussy was near Anna’s mouth and Anna generously started licking her as I pounded her pussy and caressed her breats soon Anna was gasping and said don’t stop please and I started moving faster Anna’s pussy was dripping juices and she was continuously moaning each moan louder than previous one.
I started feeling the momentum and soon I knew I was going to cum. I did not use condom as I was new to the whole thing but I started keeping condoms since this night. I removed and wet cock out of her pussy and exploded once more on Anna’s belly. Now Mika asked me to lick her pussy and lay down next to Anna and I went down on her and tasted pussy for the first time. I was new to it so she told me what she wants.
I located her clitoris and started licking it and inserted my two fingers in her vagina while doing to and soon enough she arched back and I realised Mika came. She asked me to keep doing it and she came twice again and then my dick was ready again and I inserted it in Mika’s pussy and started thrusting her and this time longer than before and I came in her pussy then we three had a smoke and laid next to each other and that’s how I lost my virginity and it is the most memorable time of my life that I will cherish. Let me know if you liked it.